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Nanna.B - Vitaphone

Release Date: 29 October 2012

"Danish singer Nanna.B is ready with her debut Vitaphone, a 12 track album, all created throughout 2011 and early 2012. The title is inspired by a Basquiat painting, and consists of the two words "Vita" and "phone", meaning "life" and "sound". As Nanna writes in the album booklet, Vitaphone: "is a testimony as to where i've been, where i am and where i'm going; South, North, inside, outside, inner 
space, outer space, somewhere in between and somewhere out between". The sound of the album is organic and warm with dusty beats and Nanna's voice as the two main elements . Most tracks 
are with live instrumentation, but a few more electronic and some all-vocal tracks also contributes to the 40 minute musical journey, where the more experimental sides of soul is also being explored. This is a result of the collaboration with the main producer of the album, Damp, and with an ambition to create an album sounding like a soul concert taking place on a trip to the moon, the two spend most of 2011 in an homebuild analogue studio in the countryside of Denmark. 

When downloading the entire album you will also get the bonus track "Arrows""

Produced by Damp
Executive Producer: Nanna.B
Mastered by Mads Oustrup at NEST,
(except track 12, mastered by Al Benedict)
Photography by Carsten Bundgaard
Graphic layout/Cover by Jacob Birch
Art direction by Nanna.B

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