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Pheo. - They Soulection EP

Release Date: 30 March 2012
Label: Soulection

"As promised, here we are at the end of the working week with our 2nd release by a MC/Vocalist who goes by Pheo. All the way from Moreno Valley, CA -- Pheo has been on our radar ever since we heard a few collaborations between him & AFTA-1 over this past summer. After listening to his music, playing his tracks on Soulection Radio, and getting a huge response from our listeners, we knew that this guy was something special.

Within a short span we were in contact with Pheo and from that point on is why we are here today! In this music culture there are so many MCs and artists in general who are up and coming and who claim to be next-level and on to something different. However, too many artists miss that reality by far and don’t make it past a certain sound barrier or audience. In this case, we feel that Pheo’s direction is universally great! From his lyrical content, delivery, voice, beat selection, and presentation, Pheo can reach all audiences.

Beyond MCs just bickering and talking themselves up, Pheo manages to express his vision with style and ease. His flow is so smooth as he speaks about his experiences with women, adversity, and just every day occurrences . They Soulection EP displays plenty of depth and features some brilliant production from artists such as: AFTA-1, Christoph El Truento, S-X, Mo Ellah, Tek Nalo G, Alf Alpha, and others. Download and take this one within yourself. Enjoy and spread it.

"From the ear to the soul is They Soulection. Who are they? They are WE, and WE are US. That's really all WE have left.. hopefully WE can learn and appreciate that before WE are no more. Let YOUR soul select what is destined, for that's really all that YOU have. Yall stay black." -Pheo

Track list
01. Picky Eaters (Prod. By Tek Nalo G)
02. This All Been Vintage (Prod. By Mo Ellah)
03. Who Unplugged YOU Halo ft. Nikko Gray (Prod. By 24Karrotts)
04. Drop (Prod. By S-X)
05. How Eye (Prod. By AFTA-1)
06. Go Get It ft. Cashius Green (Prod. By Alf Alpha)
07. Blackman Magnificent (Prod. By Yung Miss)
08. Real Old Cigar (Prod. By Christoph El Truento)
09. Nyquil (Alpha Cover) 

piątek, 30 marca 2012

mmpsuf - Retina

Release Date: 18 March 2012
Label: Sutemos

"Mmpsuf could be plainly labelled as an electro-acoustic project. It is made of layers of vocals, harmony, electronic off-beat and steady rhythms, all of which strangely make sense. But the beauty behind this lies in the imagery, spaces and stories, which emerge with it -- all so simple but so real.

Music is visible. Together with other objects of the outside world, it reaches the light- and beauty-sensitive cells, and surges its way to the mind. The mind, this light- and beauty-sensitive system, is always waiting.

I say I don't believe in Gods, but I think I can hear them. In the crowds, in your pain and in this music inside us. I say I don't believe in Gods, but when they want us to meet them, they're screaming so loud trying to remind us the fog we are in.

We are the light - and beauty-sensitive system, we are the sensitive network: Gods' retina. mmpsuf album *Retina* is dedicated to beauty. No mater how sad.

Egle Sirvydyte and Aivaras Ruzgas"

Cadence Collective - Cadence Sampler

Release Date: 30 March 2012
Official project website:

"Cadence collective is a group of artists & friends who strive to create, and spread positive energy. community over competition.

The cadence sampler is our debut album showcasing the talented musicians that are part of the cadence collective."

Bwana- Can't You Just

Release Date: 29 March 2012
Label: Jefree's

"Bwana, a 20 year-old producer hailing from Toronto, CA and currently residing in Leeds first hit our radar with his Ciara sampling underground bass hit “Baby, Let Me Finish” and soon after released “Over & Done” a 12” EP  of classic R&B vocal samples alongside melodic, bass-infused backdrops. We’re excited to present his latest single “Can’t You Just” alongside a brand new b-side “This Is Real”, both expanding and building on the young producers growing  bass music presence."

Bwana- Can't You Just (JEFF013) by Mad Decent

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Mista 93 - Mystic Renaissance LP

Release Date: 28 March 2012

"After the great debut of Da Boom Baptizum, Mista 93 returns with another boom bap head nodder. "Mystic Renaissance" LP is injected with solid dose disorderly apocalyptic moods and doesn't skimp on sub basslines, jazzy horn riffs and heavy phat drums" 

Apocalyptic Master
Vacuum President
Generators ov Evol
Lost Island
Mystic Renaissance
Madd Izm
Jungle Ambiental
Hybrid Stiloz
B.B.B.B. (Boom Bap Be Bop)
My Way

wtorek, 27 marca 2012

Ryan Stinson - Futura

Release Date: 27 March 2012

"Members of the Henry Hudson Elementary School Choir are featured on tracks 2, 4 and 5

Ghettosocks appears courtesy of Droppin Science Productions

All tracks produced by Ryan Stinson for Phonographique

Tracks 2, 4 and 5 co-produced by mikedecline for Phonographique

This project was made possible with financial assistance from the Saskatchewan Arts Board" 

Liar - Undance

Release Date: 26 March 2012
Label: Farver Music

"Farver Music is a Denmark based electronic music label.
Mixing up quality peak points from any of the fields involved is both a purpose and a plan for our label.
The current shortlist of widely-used genre names will probably apply tags such as Electronica, Techno or Chillout/Ambient. As eclectic as it may sound, Farver Music will try making a varied yet tasteful and appealing palette of 'colors' through our releases.
We find any further statements or descriptions to be unnecessary. We can only be as personal and subjective as our listeners are, hence in their heads and hearts shall lay our etiquette - not within ink or pixels."

""Undance" is Liar's exploration in the realm of emotional melodic techno. The selected originals are a prime example of his subtle trademark sound applied without a concern for genre borders. From a mystical point of view, as Liar puts it himself, the EP is antagonistic in its nature, "Divorce" being inspired by and paying a tribute to love, "Liar" blossoming from his quest for truth and "Origami Bound" acting as a statement of boundless freedom.

Coming to aid on remixing duty, Flourish (aka
Jesse Somfay) and Morris Cowan deliver seemingly related reworks, both of them taking the originals from musically uncharted territories to hopefully charted status within the electronic music community. In Farver's tradition, the material rounds off in a highly eclectic manner at 7 tracks through Hello Invaders' dark yet playful 'tape massacre' remix and Dual Shaman's ethereal dubby affair.

With more than two dozen tracks scheduled for various releases throughout 2012, "Undance" might not be a proper teaser of what you can expect to hear from Liar, but then again nothing will ever be for such a prolific, genre-crossing artist.

Prod.B - Simple Melodies

Release Date: March 2012

""Simple Melodies" to projekt tworzony przez Prod.B, znanego wcześniej jako Biegaj. Po wielu kłopotach związanych z utratą sprzętu i projektów, udało się go ukończyć. Jest to połączenie różnych stylistyk. Od hiphopowych beatów, po elektroniczne kompozycje. Nie patrząc na szufladki, czy granice jakie narzuca dany gatunek powstała płyta różnorodna, i wolna od wszelkich ramek. Choć poszczególne utwory nie są ze sobą powiązane i jako całość nie trzymają spójnego klimatu, klamrą która zamyka ten projekt jest styl w jaki są ubierane. Przeplatają się utwory senne i mroczne, których najlepiej słuchać nocą, czy mocne i szybsze, które pozwolą pobujać głową."

First Single: Prod.B - Say goodbye
Prod.B - Say goodbye (Single) by Prod.B
Second Single: Prod.B - Simple melodies
Prod.B - Simple melodies (Single) by Prod.B
1.Start time.
2.Bad dream.
4.Simple melodies.
5.Always in my head.
6.Last hour.
8.Say goodbye.
Bonus: Run!!!
Bonus: Every day

Christoph Schindling - A Dubby Summer

Release Date: 23 March 2012

"You may have already had the chance to find him! With an amazing discography, in structures such as Schall-Netlabel, Deepindub, Section 27, Dreiton, Load and Clear and many others, all equally stunning!

Christoph Schindling drops us now this amazin'EP


The Studio Stereo (2012)"

poniedziałek, 26 marca 2012

Ghost - A Tale of Life in VI Parts

Release Date: 19 March 2012
Official Website:

"When you import this into iTunes don't forget to make this a gapless album...

They say the best music is created in times of hardship. Hardship can be many different things in many different ways but everyone experiences hardship in one way or another over the course of a lifetime.

We all know music has the ability to influence the way people feel and for musicians it can be a way for them to deal with situations in life. Countless artists have produced music reflective of what’s happening around them, inside them, it’s the expression that’s important.

Now we’ve set the scene lets talk about the release..

As an artist Ghost has released 3 albums, multiple EP’s, singles, mix CD’s and remixed the likes of Benny Tones, Nicole Willis, Jehst, The Heavy, Coldcut, Bonobo, Verb T. His music has featured in films, he’s had remixes on PS3 games (The Heavy), he’s DJ’d and toured all over Europe and the UK, played Glastonbury, Hip Hop Kemp and DJ supported the likes of Public Enemy. He regularly gives away music as a thank you to the army of fans who have brought up more than 10,000 copies of his releases over the last 7 years.

If you’ve listened to the music or seen any of the hundreds of reviews for those albums you’ll know Ghost has the ability to draw the listener into his multi layered beats and engage them on a deeper level than most. 2nd album ‘Freedom of Thought’ was critically acclaimed and took him out of his straight Hip Hop listenership into a wider audience without sacrificing his trademark melodic beats.

So December
2011, Ghost, now a proud father of 2 boys (one 2 years old and the other 5 months old) heard the news that his love and partner had a rare form of cancer. Although treatable, ahead lies 6 months of treatment and
hopefully a happy outcome.

‘A Tale of Life in VI Parts’ was started when it became clear something might be wrong and tracks the emotional

journey of contemplating life whilst waiting for results. Taking inspiration from composer Philip Glass, Ghost takes
you to deep and dark places but maintains a strength of character throughout its 22 minutes. Heavily orchestrated strings, pianos and drums are the backdrop to the EP giving it a genuine cinematic feel.

‘A Tale of Life in VI Parts’ was made for the listener to enjoy from start to finish without pause, so we highly

recommend you find a spot of quiet time in your schedule and turn off your mobile volume, switch the TV off, maybe even grab the headphones and enjoy.

This is ‘A Tale of Life in VI Parts’

This is a name your price release, the emphasis being to raise awareness about cancer and the importance of seeing your doctor if you’re worried about a lump anywhere, do not think it will go away it won’t.

Figub Brazlevič - Oldschool Future

Release Date: 23 March 2012
Label: Sichtexot

Elegant, relaxing, atmospheric, and very powerful beat-tape is a journey through the last 3 years of Figubs work in Berlin.

piątek, 23 marca 2012

Madeaux – Song #2 / Running Up That Hill

Release Date: 19 March 2012

"Sidestepping the confines of genre, Madeaux makes a grand entrance into the world of electronic music. The first official Madeaux single release has an original A-side track and a Placebo remix on the B-side. The elusive newcomer, whose chopped and screwed electronic soul has been gaining recognition around the globe, is a breath of fresh air in the future of electronic dance music. With thoughtful basslines, delicately mangled vocal samples and modulations, and gorgeous melodies, Madeaux pays homage to pop, IDM, hip-hop and garage, yet manages to transcend them all."

1. Song #2
2. Running Up That Hill (Madeaux Remix)

Lee Spacey - Remix EP

Release Date: 16 March 2012

1.PLF (Maximoe Remix) 04:29   
2.PLF (NICKLOGISTIK Remix) 03:35   
3.TIMED (Mute Speaker Remix) 03:38   
4.TIMED (Mezzo remix) 02:55   
5.TIMED (Oddlogic Remix) 03:40   
6.Thrift Store Piff Gang - Money & Molly (Remix) (Prod. Lee Spacey) 03:41
7.SupaSmashBruthaz - Set Trip (Prod. Lee Spacey) 01:23 

czwartek, 22 marca 2012

ProleteR - Curses From Past Times LP

Release Date: 21 March 2012

"After the self-release in late 2011, the French producer ProleteR drops his "Curses From Past Times" for Dusted Wax Kingdom with 4 extra bonus tracks. The beat tape features heavy-weight boom bap beats cooked with sprightly chanson samples."

April Showers
Downtown Irony
Soul Key
A Million Dollar
U Can Get It
Back Home
Muhammad Ali
The Misfit Song
May Flowers (feat. Taskrok) [Bonus]
Faidherbe Square (feat. Mister Colfer & DJ Crabees) [Bonus]
Do A Stupid Little Dance (feat. Taskrok) [Bonnus]
That's Life (Frank Sinatra Tribute) [Bonus]

Esbe - Sweet & Sour 3rd Collection (Volume 2) LP

Release Date: 14 March 2012

"Welcome to the second volume of "Sweet & Sour 3rd Collection" - another sexy portion of addictive phat drums, jazzy samples and fascinating ambience. In case you missed, feel free to check out Sweet & Sour 3rd Collection (Volume 1)!"

Once Upon A Time (Pt. 4)
Lo-Fi Interude
Rhythm of Life
Wheel of Fortune
The Full Package
Sudden Change
Whatever Tomorrow Brings
Stereo Field
Thank You

środa, 21 marca 2012

Antony Raijekov - See U

Release Date: 07 December 2006

"Antony Raijekov is a bulgarian musician who is working in field of music since 1991. He is studing jazz piano at Vienna Konservatorium, Austria and before that he was studing classical piano in Sofia, Bulgaria. He compose music for several theatre perfomances: The Fireplace, NightSongs, Return, etc. He was invloved in several musical bands in Bulgaria: POPARA, Acoustic Sound Lab. and colaboration with V. DIkov. Currently he is based in Vienna, Austria.

For his work he has been awarded Electronic Music Award in the category ‘Electronic and computer generated music’ on the 16th international competition
ComputerSpace 2004, ‘Musician of the month’, July 2004 by the music community. Award for MEDIABOX - interactive audio-visual installation artwork under creative commons licese - ComputerSpace 2007 / OpenIdeas Company.
He is member of Jamnedo, CCMixter CC portal,

Few tracks with different feeling. The "Be Brave (TripHop RMX) " track is result of collaboratoin with Norine Braun trough"

1 When Waves Trying to Catch a Marvel 3:41
2 Be Brave (feat. Norine Braun) 4:06
3 Lightin 3:06

wtorek, 20 marca 2012

Slownoise - Dark Matter

Release Date: 20 March 2012

"Dark dub techno EP by Slownoise, inspired by astronomy. Includes remixes by Soap (a.k.a Pembls), Moonwalker, Brickman and Giriu Dvasios."

1.Dark Energy 07:08  
2.Dark Flo 07:01  
3.Dark Matters 06:36      
4.The Great Attractor 09:37  
5.Dark Energy (Soap Remix) 06:36  
6.Dark Flo (Moonwalker Remix) 06:46  
7.Dark Matters (Brickman Remix) 05:52  
8.The Great Attractor (Giriu Dvasios Remix) 07:28

poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012

AbJo - This Is Just A Test.

Release Date: 18 March 2012

"Old&New. Wild&Smooth. Should hold ya'll over until the next couple projects drop soon. Remember, this is just a test..."

piątek, 16 marca 2012

LuvJonez - Worry Worts

Release Date: 15 March 2012

"A collection of beats for the early Spring season. Many of these beats were crafted from themes of chilly winter weather and the anticipation of Spring and Summer. Some are sketches, some are complete, but you can sit and back and chill out with all of them if you like.

I am always looking to collaborate with MC's and singers, so please feel free to contact me if you want to build.

I fully support and encourage fan videos or remixes or demos of any of my songs. If you create anything as a result of downloading the music, please send me a copy so I can post it or check it out.

Feel free to share links to Bandcamp, Soundcloud and videos from Youtube anywhere you think it will be appreciated."

Zomblaze - Dronk Noise

Release Date: 16 March 2012
Label: Budabeats

"The new Zomblaze LP 'Dronk Noise' is a fine mixture of classic and newschool hiphop, glitch and trip-hop. Despite of the rather dark atmosphere- it fits perfectly into the Budabeats catalogue: due to the good old sample based production style on the album you can hear new interprations of songs from Marlena Shaw, Kati Kovács or even Clint Eastwood and General Saint. Zomblaze got support from well known MC's like Kemon and Ponza (S10 Records) and expect some guitar action from Vanis."

01. In 3:17
02. Bakkinadayz 4:20
03. Fokkthatrain 3:42
04. Drunk And Stoned 2:12
05. Michael 1 2:20
06. Beat 1 0:46
07. Mind Op 3:45
08. Straight InnaDi Face 4:25
09. Beat 2 0:39
10. Polycycle 2:05
11. Beatige feat. Ponza & Vanis 5:20
12. Van Jó Minden Rosszban 3:48
13. Lovizoke 5:21
14. Yes No Sleep 4:54
15. So Far Fart Away feat. Kemon freestyle 3:46
16. Out 4:34

Wes P - The Wes Polo Collection

Release Date: March 2012

"Chi-town beatsmith Wes P has joined forces with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, The Wes Polo Collection.
The precursor to forthcoming debut studio album The Polo Club, the project features the producer’s most notable work over the past year and change. Included on the tracklist is reader-approved leak “Big Faces.”
Scheme, Lungz, Astonish, Neak, Grumpy Old Men, Dee Goodz, Lennon and E-Class Eppi make appearances throughout The Wes Polo Collection , which is produced entirely by Wes. P."

01.Samo ft. Astonish, Scheme and E-Class Eppi
02.Role Models ft. Dee Goodz
03.One For The Road ft. Grumpy Old Men and Scheme
04.Billion Dollar Dream ft. Scheme and Lennon
05.Rearview ft. Grumpy Old Men
06.Easy As It Looks ft. Neak
07.Inception ft. Grumpy Old Men and Scheme
08.Bag Move ft. Lungz
09.Me VS You ft. Lungz
10.We Get High ft. Dee Goodz
11.Big Faces ft. Lungz

Soul Khan - Wellstone EP

Release Date: 12 March 2012
Official Website:

"NYC rhymesayer Soul Khan has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest digital release, the Wellstone EP.
The artist’s raw and uncut expression of what inspires him, agitates him and concerns him in contemporary affairs, the project features five original jams from the Brown Bag All Stars member. Included is the previously-leaked, reader-approved title track.
Joining Soul Khan on the guest tip throughout Wellstone are Akie Bermiss and Sene. All beats come courtesy of DeeJay Element."

03.American Made ft. Sene
04.Not Like That ft. Akie Bermiss
05.About Something
06.Wellstone ft. Akie Bermiss

czwartek, 15 marca 2012

Defazed - Acid Shadows EP

Release Date: 15 March 2012

Defazed - Acid Shadows EP (NOBUSS032) by Nocid Business Rec.

CruzZzZaspał - Zeszyt Rymów + Dj Ace (SP)

"Dłubaliśmy i dłubaliśmy. Prace nad „Sztuką Naiwną” dobiegły upragnionego kresu.
Prezentujemy wam singiel!

„Zeszyt Rymów” został zapisany na początku prac nad albumem.
Oskreczował go Dj Ace. Remixy wykonali Zioło, Atlon i Młodzik,
współpracujący aktualnie nad wspólnym materiałem z Cruzem.
Dziękujemy im wszystkim za bezinteresowne wsparcie i kreatywność.

1. Zeszyt Rymów
2. Zeszyt Rymów (Zioło Remix)
3. Zeszyt Rymów (Młodzik Remix)
4. Zeszyt Rymów (Atlon Remix)

V.A. - Axon EP

Release Date: 15 March 2012
Label: Cicuta

"After three months immersed in the deepest darkness (with three releases that have penetrated deep into the minds of hard techno lovers), and as before the arrival of spring, from Cicuta Netlabel return to the fray with a release reflective, elegant, leisurely. Reference to taste, no doubt...
We open the EP with Swedish Mattias Fridell, one of the artists with more experience and more respected in the European techno scene. He left behind his most aggressive and powerful face that he exhibited in the middle of the last decade on labels like Audio Assault or ARMS, but still has techno in his veins and a lot of quality in his mind. A luxury and a pleasure for Cicuta's crew to have him on board.
We continue with English based in Barcelona George Lanham, owner of blog and talented producer, who has drawn the attention of Dave Clarke. His latest project involves creating Pareto Park label, which has raised great expectations in its first reference, who signs George himself.
We continue with two artists who are in fashion in recent months in the techno scene. We speak of the Spanish duo Surit and Samot, recently consecrated after the success of his new label, Nexe Records. This time we bring a cut by each one of this deep techno that is catching on all the European elite.
The counterpoint in this case is provided by one of the artists who has reached more impact on the scene netaudio with his releases. Kill Minimal is one of those artists recognized by many of the artists and promoters in this country for its quality and good work in the field of production. His stay in Berlin and the influences that have acquired there has been perhaps one of the distinguishing features of this great artist.
Finally, as usual, from Drugstore we present one own work. This time we bring a track atmospheric, quite different from what we usually do, very much in line with the rest of the release.
Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel."

środa, 14 marca 2012

Various Artists – Choose Ur Way

Release Date: February 2012

    Vector AA. Ambient
    01 Wallwerk – Lingleep
    02 Wallwerk – Teaby
    03 Kalgan – Enduring Memories
    04 Kalgan – Everyday Silence
    Vector AB. Dub Techno
    01 Qumesht – Sad Noise
    02 Qumesht – White Diagram
    03 Jimmy Myhrman – Subway
    04 Jimmy Myhrman – Shadows
    Vector AC. Chillstep
    01 MNSN – From My Soul
    02 MNSN – Yearning
    03 Vital – Only For A Second (Tim Angrave Momentous Remix)
    04 Vital – Fragments
    Vector AD. Drum & Bass
    01 Marc Atmost – Aural Objects (Rework)
    02 Marc Atmost – The Dnieper River (Edit)
    03 Koss – Stars Above Us
    04 Koss – Red Wine

Shortcircles - Mapzzz EP 04

Release Date: 15 March 2011
Label: Mapzzz

"Mapzzz is an Oakland, Ca based blog/digital label for creative music. We try to bring our readers music that is both engaging and entertaining whether it be for the bedroom or the dance floor (or both!).

The music of Matthew Tammariello (a.k.a. Shortcircles) has had a bit of a fabled past with the Mapzzz crew. Tammariello’s productions seem to have carved themselves into a unique place between instrumental hip-hop (think Teebs, Bonobo, and the likes) and blissful techno (think Four Tet, Gold Panda, and the likes), incorporating dense soundscapes and sparkling melodies along with deep bass and starkly minimal beats. Vocals come in the form of chopped and pitched samples, mostly revolving around the theme of love in such an ambiguous way it’s hard to tell whether they are intended to be inspiring or melancholy. "

wtorek, 13 marca 2012

Obie Trice - Watch The Chrome

Release Date: March 2012

Obie lets the chrome speak for his latest mixtape properly titled, Watch The Chrome. Hosted by DJ Whoo Kid, the 17-track tape will serve as an appetizer before Obie’s forthcoming Bottoms Up release on April 3rd.

1. Hood is Wild
2. What You Need
3. Black Bitch
4. New Day
5. Any More
6. Eminem Skit
7. Dum
8. Proof Skit
9. Big Proof Back
10. Tease Me Love Me
11. Making Dough
12. Terrel Owens Skit
13. Popped Off
14. Hustle Detroit Remix
15. No Hands
16. Lovin No More
17. She See Murder

poniedziałek, 12 marca 2012

Koloah - Love EP

Release Date: 12 March 2012

Koloah steps up to the plate for the eleventh Cut EP. The curiously titled Love EP is a three-track collection of deep stompers. Vocal hooks, solid skipped-up beats and slabs of synth.
The producer from Kiev has a real knack for catchy tracks featuring strong rhythmic elements, solid synth work, loopy vocals and deep bass tones.
Both deep and dancefloor fans alike should find something here, wether it's the rolling starter "In The Beginnin'", the hyped up stomp of "I'm In Love With U" or the more relaxed considerations within title track "Love".

Joachim De Lux - Mosaïque EP

Release Date: 05 March 2012

"NeuroPlastic is a netlabel specialising in music from the future, omphaloscopy, post-stepcore, monkey-hop, trousergaze, jazz-step, nostalgitronica, jukefunk, ethereality, unreality, deep-sea soundtracks and sonic narcotics. And synths."

CloZee – Dubious EP

Release Date: 01 March 2012

"NeuroPlastic is a netlabel specialising in music from the future, omphaloscopy, post-stepcore, monkey-hop, trousergaze, jazz-step, nostalgitronica, jukefunk, ethereality, unreality, deep-sea soundtracks and sonic narcotics. And synths."

K.S.T.K. & DJ Bajer - R.E.T.R.O Mixtape

Release Date: March 2012

"Niektóre z instrumentali uzytych na R.E.T.R.O znane są bardziej szerszej publiczności,
jak choćby Instrumentale Ostrego, Dilated Peoples, czy Statika.Jest to zabieg celowy
by pokazac iż mozna to zrobic inaczej, może nie lepiej,ale inaczej.
Materiał jest tylko wstępem i nadaniem smaku temu co nadejdzie.Z uwagi na to, by nie było niepotrzebnych
nieporozumień podkreślamy gdzie swoją rękę dołożył Bajer.Początkowo cały materiał miał byc zmixowany
przez Maćka jednak przybrał on obecną formę. 5

3.Kiedyś to znałem + Dj Bajer
4.Zabierz Mnie + Dj Bajer
5.Zależy, co mówisz
6.Pamiętasz (ft.Korek)
8.Matka mówiła nieraz ( ft Gontar)
9.Nie mów mi więcej (ft Awi)
10.Karty na stół + Dj Bajer
11.Nie zadawaj mi + Dj Bajer
12.Outro + Dj Bajer

How Green - The Walking Deaf EP

Release Date: 02 March 2012

"NeuroPlastic is a netlabel specialising in music from the future, omphaloscopy, post-stepcore, monkey-hop, trousergaze, jazz-step, nostalgitronica, jukefunk, ethereality, unreality, deep-sea soundtracks and sonic narcotics. And synths."

ZiD - Adapt to Society EP

Release Date: 25 February 2012

"NeuroPlastic is a netlabel specialising in music from the future, omphaloscopy, post-stepcore, monkey-hop, trousergaze, jazz-step, nostalgitronica, jukefunk, ethereality, unreality, deep-sea soundtracks and sonic narcotics. And synths.
NeuroPlastic is proud to present the Adapt to Society EP from 17 year-old producer ZiD, for a little peace at the end of your day."

Nocna Zmiana - Do Góry Dnem EP

Release Date: March 2012

"„Do Góry Dnem” to projekt o spójnym klimacie i oryginalnym brzmieniu. W przypadku muzyki - podkłady konstruowane przez Wrocławskiego producenta Teriona to muzyka inspirowana wieloma nurtami muzycznymi nie naznaczona żadną barierą więc wielobarwna i oryginalna. Założeniem tekstów , było wzbicie się ponad codzienne sprawy i przekształcanie ich za pomocą wyobraźni. Finalny klimat współpracy Teriona i Moca to spójna 5 składowa Ep'ka , uzyskany oryginalny klimat poprzez prace i dbałość o każdy szczegół kawałków i przede wszystkim wielka duma i radość z tworzenia muzyki w naszym mniemaniu ambitnej.
Tekst zostały w pełni stworzone przez Moca. Muzyka zasilająca "Do Góry Dnem" to również wyłączna praca Teriona.
Ep'ka na celu ma zapoznać słuchacza ze specyficznym stylem Moca i Teriona. Idea pięciu kawałków to również sposób na serwowanie , krótkich spójnych historii liryczno-muzycznych .
Projekt "Do Góry Dnem" to dopiero początek drogi przebytej przez wyobraźnie.
Zachęcamy do uważnego przesłuchania płyty.

01. Do Słuchacza
02. Do Góry Dnem
03. Homosapiensanarium
04. Fort Knox
05. Skutki Myślenia

Nocna Zmiana - Do Góry Dnem Ep 2012 by Nocna Zmiana

GNs Compilation - Empty Shadows

Release Date: 12 March 2012

"To celebrate the 5th birthday of Good Netlabels, a site devoted to the promotion of noteworthy endevours within the underground scene, we have decided to release a new album in the GNs Compilation series. It is the third project in the series, but for the first time ever the contributions have been selected in the course of a contest. Over the last three months we have collected entries that would then undergo a careful selection. In order to make the process as fair and unbiased as possible, music journalists, visual artists as well as musicians have been asked to make the selection.
This newest part of the GNs Compilation series, entitled Empty Shadows, is an international project that marks a shift in the approach to and the preparation of the compilation. While Jazzy Puzzle and Break Asymmetry were collections of recordings created specifically for these compilations by artists invited to these projects, this time it is Good Netlabels readers that contributed to the compilation, by the same token showcasing the underground scene.
Once again the author of the cover is Justyna Bielecka. All translations have been done by Ola Górska, and the sound and mastering have been done by Cuefx."

01 Fakear - 1985
02 Aske - Eight Days of Floating
03 Bogart - Empty Shadows
04 Lupid Ocampo - Elephant Mountain
05 Niteffect - Loop For Life
06 Vaginia Ludwigia - I tried to kill myself, but it didn’t work
07 Synnc - d400
08 Ears - Awake
09 Cactophage - Tesselation
10 Superpoze - Death On A Falling Star
11 Creep Crawl Flash - Vantage Point
12 Prod.B - Always in my head
13 CNK - Noir
14 DJ Friss - Make something
15 Eufoteoria - Terapia
16 evolv - September 1937
17 Alexander Chereshnev - Parfois (feat. MiElle)

Duke Hugh - The Sound

Release Date: 12 March 2012

"The Sound is a collection of ideas created between 2006 and 2011, released to celebrate my 500th follower on Soundcloud.
All songs written and produced by H. Veeger. Photo by T. Oldenburger."

Krts - Subway Rush Hour

Release Date: 12 March 2012

"Anyone that lives and works anywhere in these 5 boroughs knows what rush hour on the trains is like. It's a pure rush running into and through people. A constant on-the-go. It's not till you finally get to either sit down in the train or get at a point where you can lean against something and feel at ease that you can collect yourself. This mix tells a story about just trying to get home...

31st mix in ritmo sportivo series
mixed by Krts, producer from Brooklyn (NY), US"

sobota, 10 marca 2012

The Only Michael – Someone Else’s Fur

Release Date: 06 March 2012

"The music on this EP was originally composed as part of the multimedia project 'Goat Boy and Other Journeys', written and performed by Susannah Gent, Fay Musselwhite , Linda Lee Welch and The Only Michael. The titles 'Someone Else's Fur' and 'I Let Them Call Me
Goat Boy' are taken from the poem 'Goat Boy' by Fay Musselwhite"


Giriu Dvasios – Visa

Release Date: 21 Fenruary 2012

A review from
So deep. Dub opens the doors for many experimentation, this Giriu Dvasios release is one of them. Much more than experimental. You will feel deeply stereo-blowed with Gera and all of those spacy effects, the beat will just lift you up as well. Gulasi is pretty deep, but nice in its style. Visa sounds like you may need to try to decrypt the sense. Misko Regis is slow, pure dub. All track will let dub addicts to in a state of no return. Lets your mind go. So far. So deep.”


Mr.Stylus - Something On The Beach EP

Release Date: 09 March 2012

"Deep-X Recordings is a net label based in Yekaterinburg, Russia.Our preferences are the following sub-genres of techno: Experimental Techno, Dub Techno, Deep Techno, Minimal Techno, Detroit Techno, Tribal Techno, German Techno, Swedish Techno, Italian Techno, Latin Techno, Jtek, Ambient Techno. As well as Dark House, Brit House, Progressive House, Tribal House, Acid House, Deep House, Funky House, Tech House, Microhouse.
The music that is presented on our web-site is distributed for free, according to the Creative Commons License."

01. Mr.Stylus - Nice Ride (5:44)
02. Mr.Stylus - Something On The Beach (7:25)
03. Mr.Stylus - Immersion (6:25)

piątek, 9 marca 2012

Ubik - My Room Is The World

Release Date: 09 March 2012

"We return with a very interesting EP, We have no tags for this work, as usual, but we can appreciate complexity and innocence. Ubik, the A. K.A. of Marco Bonini, an Italian producer and guitarist, is the name that he uses to sign his first release on Música Vermella!
Pic from cover by our friend: Cris Romagosa."

Radial Glia
Arachnoid Trabeculae
Desoil 2.0
Bohemian Cremation
I'm not myself

czwartek, 8 marca 2012

Thrupence - Voyages EP

Release Date: 05 March 2012
Official Website:

"Jack Vanzet is a 21 year old creative director, illustrator, designer and producer of Thrupence. Jack approaches the creative industry holistically by working in multiple disciplines and not restricting himself stylistically. Jack recently graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Design and was awarded the 'Best Illustrator' prize. Visit Thrupence on Soundcloud or Bandcamp."

Nice Icles - Shiverburn

Release Date: 28 February 2012
Label: Dagabot

this is Nice Icles first official Dagobot release...... at least one he is pretty proud of... enjoy.... 

Rbe - Afterhours Sessions 03

Release Date: 08 March 2012

Night of February, 20
11.55 PM - 6.10 AM session
recorded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  All drafts produced by Rbe
26-year old producer from Togliatti/Saint-P, Russia 

Sr.Click - Nocturna

Release Date: 07 March 2012
Artists Label: inoQuo
New set mix by Sr.Click.
Sr.Click - Nocturna by Sr.Click