wtorek, 30 grudnia 2014

Various Artists - Oh Oh Oh!

Release Date: 25.12.2014

Here's a fine wrapped up gift at the feet of the tree from the Urban Waves family. For this holiday season we thought we'd bring you something to enjoy in the warmth of your home with a hot drink. 

This is a completely spontaneous album, only started gathering tracks about in the evening of 24th December. And would like to thank all the artists who could participate in such a short notice! We did not expect so many to come around and it's very heartwarming that they did. 

Let's share the holiday spirit together from anywhere you might be and from any culture you might come from. Happy Holidays everyone and thank you for your continuous support! 

This is a gift for the holidays so we expect you to download it for free, individual tracks are also available to download on our Soundcloud and we left the option open on Bandcamp if you desire to tip us just so you can add the album to your collection but it's totally optional you can very well insert 0$ and we will be happy to provide you with our loving sound. 

1. Nosmo King - Stick My Flu In A Turbine For Geoffs 02:22
2. Pawcut - Loveradar 02:22
3. Rkwhy - Life 02:26
4. Jay Alpha - No Presents 02:06
5. Dave Sparkz - Barb n Earnie 02:01
6. vertiqua & p.tah.ya - Happiness 02:29
7. Bluestaeb - 10.12 01:24
8. Iller The Abstract Giraffe - Babylon 02:34
9. Downstate - Saturn of 95 02:30
10. Blameful Isles - Odysséen (Short Version) 03:57

My Emptiness - The Lost Lighthouse

Release Date: 23.12.2014
Label: GV Sound

1. Anxiety 03:05
2. When all the stars turn into dust 03:12
3. Not alone, even if one 05:15
4. HOPE 03:25
5. Nothing 03:26
6. The Lost Lighthouse 03:52
7. When summer is gone 03:38
8. Calm 02:14

Bsd.u ‎– [Late Night Bumps 3]

Release Date: 26.12.2014
Label: Radio Juicy

Last year we discovered bsd.u a 21 year old beatmaker from Victoria, British Columbia in Canada. We were very impressed by his first releases like the late night bumps or his lighter case tape. So we're really glad to be able to bring you his 3rd installment in the Late Night Bumps series and we thought it would be the best Holidays gift we could offer you! The eleven rare and exclusive beats make a fine tape with chilled beats and smooth melodies that provide the unique sound of bsd.u. Enjoy this digital tape while waiting for our releases next year as we have many gems planned. 

1. ooo 00:54
2. miles. [no.where] 00:58
3. pyramids 01:04
4. muju style 01:06
5. ah. [ _quicky] 00:59
6. crystals 01:30
7. cup.noodles_ 01:31
8. within [ft. tkdwn] 01:24
9. the G.O.D. 01:19
10. hoodie weather 02:04
11. _and.i.smoke 02:01

czwartek, 25 grudnia 2014

Bop Alloy - Winter Breaks

Release Date: 09.12.2014

‘Winter Breaks’ compiles 6 sonically vintage Hip Hop tracks. Producer, Marcus D handles the live instrumentation mixes masterfully while infusing jazz, soul and a pinch of Afro beat samples. Lyrically, Substantial touches on the personal, social, and economical effects of the Holiday season, using thoughtful lyricism, wit, and a variety of flows to paint a different portrait of Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s. 

“I wanted to do something that wasn’t a traditional Christmas/Holiday album. I celebrate Kwanzaa as well and I set out to make songs that give you a peek into this underexposed, wonderful world”, says Substantial. 

“Regardless of how you celebrate, what you celebrate, and/or who you celebrate it with, this is the best time of year, and I think ‘Winter Breaks’ embodies that sentiment without the cliche "holiday raps factor”, says Marcus D. The ‘Winter Breaks’ EP is sure to be the only holiday music you’ll be playing from now through February.

1. Let The Flakes Fall Where They May 03:00
2. Hottest Christmas On Record 03:36
3. Resolutions Per Minute 04:54
4. Spent 04:08
5. Longing For Nia 04:04
6. A Celebration 04:13

nico luminous - Love is Waiting

Release Date: 21.12.2014

1. Love is Waiting 06:14
2. Mini Nova 05:09

sobota, 20 grudnia 2014

The Neighbourhood - #000000 & #FFFFFF

Release Date: December 2014

Indie rock outfit The Neighbourhood, who have been teasing readers with their left-of-center rap collaborations since May, have finally unveiled their monochrome-inspired #000000 & #FFFFFF mixtape.

The 18-track body of work, whose title is made up of the HTML color codes for black and white, includes Booth-approved selections "Jealou$y," "Hate Machine" and "Warm."

The Neighbourhood handle production duties through the set, which includes guest appearances by Casey Veggies, Danny Brown, Dej Loaf, French Montana, G-Eazy, OG Maco, Raury, Skeme, YG and more.

01.NSTYNCT (ft. Skeme and OG Maco)
03.Ye Interlude
04.Warm (ft. Raury)
05.Jealousy (ft. Casey Veggies and 100s)
06.1 Of Those Weaks
07.Dangerous (ft. YG)
08.Phone Call Interlude
09.When I Get Back (ft. G Eazy)
11.Rain Interlude
12.icanteven (ft. French Montana)
14.Givin N Takin (ft. Danny Seth and DeJ Loaf)
18.H8M4CH1N3 (ft. Danny Brown)

Tayyib Ali - Keystone State of Mind III

Release Date: 25 November 2014

01.Intro [prod. Ben Pramuk]
02.No Other Way [prod. Ben Rosen]
03.Carmelo [prod. DJ Grumble]
04.Bills 2 Pay [prod. DJ Grumble]
05.Never Understand [prod. Ben Rosen]
06.Drop (ft. ASAP Ant and Lil Uzi Vert) [prod. The Beat Brigade]
07.In My Pocket [prod. Aksel Toft]
08.Put You On Game (ft. Pizzle) [prod. The Beat Brigade]
09.Like Dat [prod. 52 Kings]
10.Like Dat Part II [prod. 52 Kings]
11.Smoke Break [prod. DJ Grumble]
12.Rod Strickland [prod. Thelonius Martin]
13.Im 4 Real [prod. DJ Grumble and Croup]
14.Lobby Interlude [prod. DJ Grumble]
15.Travelin [prod. Matthaus Beats]
16.Came Up [prod. 3rdeyelover]
17.Hit My Line (ft. P Wild) [prod. The Beat Brigade]
18.100 Pounds [prod. Nik Nikateen]
19.Roadtrippin [prod. Ben Rosen]
20.A Place To Hide [prod. The Official]
21.Put Ya Hands Up [prod. Teddy Roxpin]
22.I Want It All [prod. Vokab]
23.Till I Die [prod. Adam Snow]

czwartek, 18 grudnia 2014

Germany Germany - Reconnect

Release Date: 01.01.2014

1. On Your Own  04:01
2. 1978  03:34
3. Ennui 03:43
4. Bright Lights 02:36
5. Crusher 03:33
6. All Of Your Love ft. Kotomi  03:47
7. Run ft. Brothertiger  05:49
8. _interlude_ 01:19
9. Frost 03:09
10. Visions 03:48
11. Autumnal 02:52
12. Reconnect 03:47
13. Becoming Human 14:32
14. Run ft. Brothertiger (reprise) 03:21

środa, 17 grudnia 2014

Junes / Młodzik / DJ Danek - Acrux

Release Date: December 2014
Label: Skwer

01. Powiedz mi
02. Trafiam w próżnię
03. Hipoteza
04. Lifter
05. Walking dead (feat. Jeżozwierz, Kidd)
06. Ardous Huxley (feat. Laikike1)
07. Nigdy nie jest za późno

nie-raper ej matt - moreau. EP

Release Date: December 2014

1. omnipresence
2. quo
3. koryfeusz
4. moreau

DJ Ace - Cut Addix

Release Date: December 2014
Label: Skwer

1. Introduction
2. Ace is back
3. Modern warfare
4. Turntablist brothers 
(feat. DJ VaZee, DJ Noriz, DJ Danek, Dj Ike)
5. Classic
6. Represent represent 
(feat. DJ Falcon1)
7. Cut Addix 
(feat. Rap Addix)
8. In deep concentration 

Produkcja: No Name Full of Fame (1,5); Man of Few words/ K!ck Douglas (2); Bodziers (3,4,6); Soulpete (7); Młodzik (8).

Gościnnie: Dj VaZee/ DJ Noriz/ DJ Danek/ DJ Ike (4); DJ Falcon1 (6); Junes, LaikIke1, Kidd, Jeżozwierz (7).

Miks/ Mastering: Michał "Meduz" Dworzyński (Cyklon Studio).
Opracowanie graficzne: Lemonade Design / Seba300.

Veron - Bootlegging

Release Date: December 2014
Label: Skwer

1. Veron - FAŁ /muz. 2SZ
2. Veron - Wiszę /muz. Zaspał
3. Veron - 2014 /muz. Arabe
4. Veron - NIE gość. Cruz /muz. Czarny Cricket
5. Veron - Twórca /muz. Palmer Eldritch
6. Veron - Wędrówka /muz. Zaspał
7. Veron - Napisy gość. Kidd / remix Zapałki