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Iminazole – Osaka and Manipulated Loops

Release Date: 28 January 2013

This dub techno/ambient techno album was written during Iminazole’s vacation in Osaka, where he was also taking pictures of various places in the city. The album contains some of those pictures. Each photo goes with a certain track from the album, to help you to experience the Osaka.

1. Shoyedo 03:46
2. Hotel Shinosaka 06:18
3. Miyako 05:00
4. Daybreak 06:04
5. Sunny 05:09
6. Ryuno 05:03
7. Quiet Presence 04:52
8. Red Fog Over Dotonbori 04:45
9. Tobitashinchi 05:49
10. Warm Morning 05:05

Frenklah - The Slow And The Furious (EP)

Release Date: 28 January 2013

After the debut "New Antics" EP, the Austrian producer known as Frenklah is back with another head-nodding beat tape. "The Slow And The Furious" contains 16 raw instrumental hip-hop joints made on MPC with delicious soulful samples.

Time Has Come
Away Team
Golden Heart
The Blue Green
Bad Idea
Lost Something
Flying Duck

czwartek, 24 stycznia 2013

Maz x Chok x Zielichowski - Długa Deszczowa Jesień

Release Date: 24 January 2013

1. Jesień (feat. Marta Wólczyńska)
2. Czas Mnie Poznać (feat. dj Nambear)
3. Lustra
4. Nie próbuj Mnie Zrozumieć (feat. Laikike1)
5. Najlepszy (feat. Deobson, Marta Wólczyńska)
6. Zwykły
7. Bez Pożegnania (feat. Deobson)
8. Kartka z Kalendarza

Raca - Pamiętniki ludzi nienormalnych

Release Date: 24 Januaty 2012

18.PÓŹNIEJ JUŻ NIE MA NIC (PROD. N.O.W.Y., mix mastering: OER)

JodSen - AudioBuch MXTP

Release Date: 21 January 2013

Ten materiał jest dokumentacją kolejnego etapu mojego rozwoju. Dzięki godzinom spędzonym w studio wypracowałem swój styl i odnalazłem właściwy przekaz, który chcę zaprezentować na nadchodzącym albumie. Większość z tych numerów straciło na aktualności, ale warto je puścić w eter

wtorek, 22 stycznia 2013

Ta-ku - Make It Last EP

Release Date: January 2013

Within everything we do here at LFTF, there's still nothing more satisfying than to witness an artist we know deserves it finally see their rise. For Perth, Australian beatmaker Ta-ku, the climb to the top has been a long time coming. In 2008, Ta-ku was invited to attend the esteemed Red Bull Music Academy in its Barcelona chapter—an undoubtedly prestigious feat that is sure to kickstart any budding artist's career. But afterwards, while fellow RBMA classmates Teebs and Onra went on to take over the music word, Ta-ku's ascend, although coming with just as impressive works, didn't come as quickly. He realized that if no one was going to give him the credit he deserved, he was going to have to go out and take it. Today, Ta-ku is one of the hardest working beatmakers in the game, releasing project after project—from compilations to bootleg packs to dedication mixtapes—not letting a moment go by without new music in his fans' ears. 2012 amounted to Ta-ku's most impressive year to date, not only artistically but also becoming one of the most buzzing beatmakers around.

The only way to go is up for Ta-ku in 2013, and we couldn't be more excited to start him off in the right direction with his stunning Make It Last EP, complete with four tracks that see the artist medling his hip-hop and soul roots into uncharted arrangements and ideas. Download now below, and let it be known that Ta-ku is here to stay.

1. Brokeas
2. Make It Last feat. JMSN
3. Tell Me Twice
4. Sweat Like Keith

poniedziałek, 21 stycznia 2013

201 Soundsystem - Broken Days EP

Release Date: 21 January 2013

Cool down and clear your mind. Close your eyes and sense the atmosphere of instrumental break-down days, which show you the emotions from other side of the story. Music graduated with melancholic female vocal in down-beat and trip-hop tempo is the right one just for you! 

1. Sleeping Demon (Original Mix)
2. Roads (Original Mix)
3. Reaching (Original Mix)
3. Break the Chain (Original Mix)
4. Lizard Queen (Original Mix)

Jenova 7 - The Sounds Of Sector 7 (LP)

Release Date: 21 January 2013

This is the exclusive Dusted Wax Kingdom edition of originally self-released "The Sounds Of Sector 7" LP by Jenova 7. A dusted and melancholic beat collection of post-apocalyptic trip-hop fashioned in the deepest, darkest parts of the city. The origins of the sounds were lost with the collapse of the city, but the tapes still survive as a relic of those who once dwelt in the abyss.

1. Ocean Of Sand
2. Journey The Sunlit Earth
3. Trainspotting
4. Magicka (Alternate Version)
5. Slum Ballerina
6. Hardware
7. Chasing Tomorrow
8. Edge Of Slumber
9. Suspended In Memory
10. Velvet Volix
11. An Unfinished Dream
12. Midgarian Sunset
13. One Winged Butterfly
14. Adrift The Boundless Ocean
15. Zone Tripper
16. In Transition
17. Materia Drift
18. Diamond In The Rough
19. The Flower Girl
20. 7th Heaven Blues
21. Heartless
22. Long Time Boy
23. Sector To Sector
24. Footchase Through The Train Graveyard
25. Steel Dystopia
26. The Machine
27. Life Beneath The Reactor
28. Climbing The Wall
29. Lifestream
30. The Honesty Test (Bonus)

niedziela, 20 stycznia 2013

Broke For Free - Gold Can Stay

Release Date: 04 December 2012

1. Budding 03:52
2. 942 Miles 04:48
3. The Gold Lining 05:11
4. Things To Come 04:05

Mark Edwards on guitar for all tracks but The Gold Lining
Mastered by Brian Hazard

czwartek, 17 stycznia 2013

Nick Wisdom - Big Shiny House EP

Release Date: 15 January 2013

Big Shiny House is the third solo offering from Vancouver producer Nick Wisdom. Using his Fender Rhodes, dusty samples and mellow synth tones, Nick creates a smooth jazzy vibe perfect for late nights or sunny afternoons. This is mood music...

1. Pollenate ft. Noble Oak 02:30
2. Raindrops 02:15
3. For The Love ft. Dan Jenn & Maggz 02:17
4. Snowflakes ft. AstroLogical 01:44
5. Evacuate 00:56
6. Pulse 02:02

Produced by Nick Wisdom
Mastered by David Pimentel
Track 3 mixed by Nate Drobner

środa, 16 stycznia 2013

Komplex - Resurrection

Release Date: January 2013

Treacherous Records in-house producer Komplex has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest instrumental tape, Resurrection.
A 16-track collection of "previously forgotten" beats, the street album comes complete with newly-released cuts "Bethlehem" and "Apocalypse."

05.North Star
06.Angels and Demons
07.The Universe
08.The Journey
12.Noah's Ark

wtorek, 15 stycznia 2013

Various Artists - Urban Waves 2012 Single Series

Release Date: 07 January 2013

If you have been following us all year long you're probably familiar with these tunes. But if you are just discovering the label and want a quick view of our artists and activities this is a good place to start.

In 2012 we presented a single series through Soundcloud by diverse upcoming producers which started working with Urban Waves during that year. Some track are exclusive to the series and other were taken from released albums on Urban Waves Records.
We thought it was proper as a starting label to pay respect to analog and physical formats. While we are progressing into the digital era classic formats as the vinyl and cassettes are getting more and more forgotten. But we don't know many who would openly declare they prefer how the cold perfection of digital music sounds compared to the warm uniqueness of analog formats.

During 2012, we started offering physical releases as cassettes and hopefully vinyls will follow this year!

1. Exit! - Grendizer 02:05
2. nappychan - gone 02:46
3. A Sol Mechanic - Etrnl Infnte 04:13
4. Lingvisto x Jo Twist x George Soul - MoonDew 03:11
5. Markets - Sleeping Pods 03:07
6. INFNTLP - Signals 04:46
7. YARVY - Sniff 02:22
8. Fakear - Morning In Japan 03:06
9. Mallow - Geno Blast 04:32
10. S L V - Killers 02:54
11. Downstate - Mist 04:34
12. Blameful Isles - Prosper Coldron's Chamber 03:47

Sr.Click - Un avio va dividir el cel

Release Date: 13 January 2013
Label: inoQuo

Sr.Click strikes again with 'un avió va dividir el cel', a new EP that shows once again the evolution of this artist. Five tracks that works perfectly in the dancefloor.

1. El problema
2. No future
3. Un avió va dividir el cel
4. Vais a grabar al revés
5. Soundtrack for a porn movie

poniedziałek, 14 stycznia 2013

Romo - Listen, Love (Vol. III) (LP)

Release Date: 14 January 2013

This LP is the final installment of the "Listen, Love" trilogy.
Addictive jazzy piano riffs, funky bouncy basslines and phat hip-hop rhythms bring an enchanting chilled atmosphere to listen and love.

1. Reflect
2. Cloudy
3. We're Through
4. A Happier Place?
5. Home For The Holidays
6. Love Letter
7. Wet
8. Midnight
9. How I Feel (With You Remix)
10. Reflection Eternal (Nujabes Tribute)
11. But What About The Stars?
12. Can't Say Goodbye
13. Gone

niedziela, 13 stycznia 2013

Hannibal Stax - The Honorable Mixtape

Release Date: January 2013

Brooklyn rhymesayer and GangStarr Foundation member Hannibal Stax has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, The Honorable Mixtape. 

Hosted by DJ Premier and mixed by PF Cuttin, the project packs 25 tracks' worth of original records and freestyles from the underground emcee. Included is previously-featured lead single "Str8 Smashin." Joining Hannibal Stax on the guest tip throughout The Honorable Mixtape are Afu Ra Guru, NYG'z and Torae. In addition to production by Primo, the project features beats by Marco Polo, Mike Rone, PF Cuttin and Si Spex.

01.DJ Premier - The Honorable Intro
02.Str8 Smashing [prod. Marco Polo]
03.HoodTuff [Freestyle]
04.BK All Day [Freestyle]
05.Live and Let Die [prod. Marco Polo]
06.Last Dayz [Freestyle]
07.DJ Premier Interlude 2
08.Same Team, No Games - Gang Starr (ft. NYG'z and H Stax) [prod. DJ Premier]
09.Salute To The iLL Kid [prod. DJ Premier]
10.Trilogy Of Terror - Afu Ra, H Stax and Guru [prod. Mike Rone]
11.Field Nigga [prod. Marco Polo]
12.Gwap [prod. PF Cuttin]
13.DJ Premier Interlude 3
14.Warriors Drumz - H. Stax and Marco Polo (ft. Torae) [prod. Marco Polo]
15.Regardless [prod. Mike Rone]
16.DJ Premier Interlude 4
17.Itz a Set Up - Gang Starr (ft. H. Stax) [prod. DJ Premier]
18.Get Off The Ground [prod. PF Cuttin]
19.DJ Premier Interlude 5
20.Proper Dosage [prod. DJ Premier]
21.Turning Point [prod. Si Spex]
22.DJ Premier Interlude 6
23.At It Again (Regardless 2012) [prod. Marco Polo]
24.DJ Premier The Honorable Outro
25.Dirt [Freestyle] [prod. DJ Premier]

piątek, 11 stycznia 2013

Black Chamber - Black Chamber

Release Date: 10 January 2013

Black Chamber is a Portland, Oregon-based trio playing music that blends the improvisational sounds of modal jazz with the moods and rhythms of downtempo electronica. 

1. Other Days 03:35
2. Sidewinder 05:12
3. Difference Engine 05:13
4. Winchester 04:42
5. Teleology 04:25
6. Red Dawn 06:03
7. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Cover) 04:39

Black Chamber members: 
Brian McCauley – drums 
Chris Gustafson – upright bass 
David Binnig – trumpet and samples

czwartek, 10 stycznia 2013

Mario - Bardziej

Release Date: 07 December 2012

Zapraszamy do sprawdzenia nowej płyty MARIO pt. "bardziej". Gościnnie na niej pojawili się Czes, TrzyBe, Aro, Krakers, Pewny oraz Iwona Nowogrodzka. Za warstwę muzyczną odpowiadają Biz, Coke, Kudel, Babek, Glice, Hajdzik, KPSN, Nu wajb i zwycięzca konkursu na najlepszy remiks Lecki. Dodatkowo płyta została ozdobiona przez Dj. Te oraz gitarę elektryczną w wykonaniu Haloka. Za nie szablonową okładkę odpowiada Maciej Malik 

01. Wejście (Prod. Glice)
02. Nie czuję nic (Prod. Glice) 
03. Nie myśl (Feat. Czes, Aro/Prod. Biz)
04. Kilka prostych prawd (Feat. Krakers/Prod. Hajdzik)
05. Najwyższy czas (Prod. Kpsn)
06. Bardziej (Prod. Coke)
07. Mój świat (Gitara: Halok/Prod. Biz) 
08. Hipotermia (Prod. Nu Wajb) 
09. Lepsze dni (Cuty: Dj. Te/Prod. Coke)
10. Prawdziwa Miłość (Feat. TrzyBe, Pewny/Prod. Babek)
11. Nie pozwól (Feat. Krakers, Iwona Nowogrodzka/Prod. Babek)
12. Coraz Lepiej (Prod. Kudel)
13. Hipotermia (Lecki remix)

Meta Force - Orion 7 (LP)

Release Date: 07 January 2013

Meta Force is an instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop project by Germany-based producers Astronut and Dario Scenario. After about 2 years of work, their debut album "Orion 7" comes into the world. It contains 11 frisky tracks cooked up in early 90s hip-hop manner with delicious jazzy samples and phat drum breaks.

1. Live From Mars (feat. Johnny Fisher)
2. What You Wanna Know (feat. Charly Bless & Jules Jefferies)
3. Keepers
4. This Is Today (feat. Lorenzo Dolce & Johnny Fisher)
5. Ci Sarrano Sogni Per Noi
6. Cherchez Doom (feat. Charmie Pfeffer)
7. Matrem Colere
8. Related
9. If You
10. There Is Love Underwater
11. Good Things

środa, 9 stycznia 2013

SoulSonic - Joy of Being

Release Date: 07 January 2013

This collection of tracks was made in quite a short period of time. It was during two months in the summer of 2012. I was feeling very well at that moment, i was in a state of harmony with everything around me, and my creativity was flowing effortlessly. I was in a state where i could make a new track every day. And i was feeling very well mentaly and physicaly. So i thought i have to move to a capital city where i could use my full potential to achieve something in music. So i moved to live in a capital city, a lot bigger city. I lived there for two months, and during that time my harmony with nature was destroyed, my creativity was down, my mental state became horrible and i was ill physicaly. So i saw no other option than to go back to my home town. Since i came back, i’m trying to restore my self to that state of harmony. So this album is where i’ve been, and where i’m coming back.
The cover art of it features images of water crystals made by a Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. Water from which these crystals came up from was exposed to various positive things, like positive emotions, positive words of gratitude, compasion. Some of these crystals represent water being exposed to prayers of monks or beatiful music, some of it naturaly forms these crystals if they’re taken from a natural environment, which is not distrurbed by a human. Water which was exposed to negative things couldn’t form any crystals, only chaos. This is very important to know, because it tells us that everything we create or express has an impact on our environment including other people. Also it tells you that you rather not expose your self to negative things. After all, our bodies consists mostly of water.

1. There is Hope 06:56
2. Mantra 07:18
3. Who Is She 06:50
4. Bless Your Soul 05:15
5. Air 05:15
6. Faith 06:11
7. Everyone Has a Sad Story 05:46
8. After Many Times 05:20

wtorek, 8 stycznia 2013

Sibot - Magnet Jam

Release Date: 05 January 2013
Label: Jeffree's

Africa is a hub for some of the most out there Hip-Hop and Sibot has been a huge staple in the scene. From doing projects from Ninja (Die Antwoord) to Spoek mathabo and others to winning the SA DJ Battle Championship in 2002, he’s done it all. He now see’s his first Jeffree release packed with weird but catchy futuristic beats from a maniacal beathead genius. The title track “Magnet Jam” and “No Question” sound like Q-bert’s “Wave Twisters” for the next generation, weird spacey reverse suction cup beats for droids and punk rock robots. The final track is a lost tune from an unheard Cantina band from Star Wars, its like future funk for midget aliens that dance on the bar tops for bit coins. This said Sibot has clearly lost his mind, these are sounds are sounds you’ve never heard before that make you dance in unthought of ways.

1. Magnet List
2. No Question
3. Tronarist

TrzyBe/Kosaaa - Pierwiastek: Emocje

Release Date: 07 January 2013
Label: ComeOut Label

"Pierwiastek: Emocje" to klasyczny duet mc/producent. Po wielu zawirowaniach udało nam się ukończyć pracę nad płytą w stu procentach. Nie chcemy koloryzować zawartości materiału, ściągnij i sprawdź sam. Będzie również wersja fizyczna Pierwiastka, jednak konkretne info o tym podamy wkrótce, kiedy będziemy pewni wszystkich szczegółów. Fizyk ukaże się nakładem COMEOUT LABEL.

1. Jeszcze udowodnie im (feat. Dj Te)
2. Punkt X (feat. Dj Te)
3. Płynę jak chcę (feat. Dj Te)
4. Zamknij oczy
5. Czasem warto wątpić (feat. Kuban, Duchu)
6. Pierwiastek: Emocje
7. Pożegnania (feat. HuczuHucz, Dj Te)
8. Nie zapomnij o nas (feat. Bros)
9. Znamy Się? (Bonus track)

Emen - Przedmieścia

Release Date: 01 January 2013

"Przedmieścia" to płyta którą robiłem ponad rok. Większość bitów na tym albumie wyprodukowałem sam i to chyba zajęło mi najwięcej czasu, ale na płycie udzielili się również Totepady, Kryhoo i Nowik a Marcin Kiraga dograł gitary do 2 utworów. Gościnne zwrotki dograli Duchu, Ebro i Joterpe a całość zmiksował Jakub Wypler.

01 Parę miast (prod. Emen)
02 Tulipany.mp3
03 Może kiedyś (prod. Totepady, ft. Ebro)
04 To smutne (prod. Emen)
05 Pozłacana jesień (prod. Emen, ft. Joterpe)
06 Przedmieścia (prod. Nowik, ft. Sandra Biedacha)
07 Trzy godziny po północy (prod. Emen, ft. Duchu, gitary Marcin Kiraga)
08 Wyniki (prod. Kryhoo)
09 Trochę dłużej (prod. Emen, gitara Marcin Kiraga)
10 Szkoda, że (prod. Emen)
11 Uśmiech i mróz (prod. Emen)
12 +48 (prod. Nowik)

poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2013

Numonics - The (Instru)Mentalist

Release Date: December 2012

South Floridian beatsmith Numonics, whose has produced records for Freddie Gibbs, J NICS, and Ras Kass among others, has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his debut solo album, The (Instru)mentalist. Executive Produced by J57 of the Brown Bag All-Stars, the 17-track beat tape sees the Pompano Beach resident expanding his signature, sample-oriented sound through the use of synthesizers and live instrumentation. According to the artist himself, The Instru(mentalist) is a "journey through the creative depths of the mind of Numonics." 

01.What The Lick Read
03.Song Title
04.SunG0D Saves
05.My Other Love
06.Getting Open
07.Tobacco Road
08.Been Reading The Gospel
09.9th Day
13.Fuck Em All Big and Small (What up Bigz!)
14.Time Is Love
15.From My Soul To Yours (RIP Fred Hampton)
16.The Existential Pressures
17.954 Ways to Die [Bonus]

Various - Prologue (ii) [FarFetched]

Release Date: 03 January 2013
Label: Farfetched

We here at FarFetched, pride ourselves on innovative progressive music, and we can safely say that Prologue II, is nothing short of the usual. Prologue II is the second installment of our annual label compilation, showcasing what you can expect for the upcoming year.

1. Black James - Adagio Slime 04:59
2. Air Haze - Last, First 02:41
3. Remi Sorbet - #PRAISE 04:05
4. Cave of Swords - Sands 03:12
5. Thelonius Kryptonite + LooseScrewz - Come Over 03:56
6. Standing Sleep - Blue 02:49
7. Adult Fur feat. Tef Poe - A New Set of Eyes 03:26
8. Blank Generation - Keep It Goin 03:14
9. Wino Willy - Green Eyes 04:00
10. SNS - Slow Motion 03:18
11. Mathias and The Pirates feat. Black Spade - Go With Me 03:42
12. Elementone17 - Lunar Plains 03:01
13. 18andCounting - 1st Fall 02:48
14. Scrub - Grind 03:24
15. Michael Franco - Fall Blues 03:12
16. Nick Menn - Billboards 03:35
17. Prospect - Take Care of You 02:49

sobota, 5 stycznia 2013

Orson Throb - OT

Release Date: 30 December 2012

1. OT-02 8:27
2. OT-03 5:55

czwartek, 3 stycznia 2013

Poldoore - Dreamworks (EP)

Release Date: 03 January 2013

After the marvellous Lush Life EP, Belgium-based DJ/producer Poldoore is back with another release for Dusted Wax Kingdom. "Dreamworks" is a 5-track EP, providing inconceivable melancholic winter-chilled dreamscapes painted with vivid, soulful and jazzy elements.

1. Oakheart
2. Antimatter
3. Lynchpin
4. Starburst
5. Solstice

wtorek, 1 stycznia 2013

Phlo Finister - Poster Girl

Release Date: 21 December 2012

Phlo Finister is a Los Angeles-based R&B singer, and here is her debut EP, titled 'Poster Girl'. When talking about this project she described it as the results of an outer-body experience, in which she painted her self-portrait. The 10-track project offers chilling instrumentals with moody lyrics, accompanied with captivating vocals. The sole feature comes courtesy of Robb Bank$, with production from SpaceGhostPurrp, King David, Benny Cassette & more. Download the offering below.

1. Hitta Lick
2. Dopeman
3. A Million Flowers
4. Mod Flowers ft. Robb Bank$
5. Hotel Miami
6. Mod God
7. Leopard Print Coat
8. Poster Girl
9.  Diamond Planet
10. Last Winter

Aes Dana - [ Pollen ]

Release Date: 07 December 2012

French composer Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana follows up on his highly acclaimed [ Perimeters ] album released in 2011 with a vibrant and powerful opus titled [ Pollen ] which presents 10 tracks fusing IDM / Downtempo, Deep Tech and Progressive Trance.
A cinematic album which offers new perceptions of the work of the composer who weaved symphonic pads into deep bass grooves and haunting themes while bringing out a certain melancholia brushed by stratified rhythms.

Passionate about the concept of pollination and how it transposes with music, sounds, technology and humanity, the artist recorded and gathered moments of his life as he walked through cities, fields, seaside and airports. Back in the studio, he introduced these field recordings in his electronic compositions to yield tracks that are eclectic yet retain a common essence. 
In this configuration, man and machine are both pollinators and pollenizers; music is the pollen.

1.Jetlag Corporation 05:44
2.Borderline 06:10
3.Conditioned (album edit) 07:49
4.Tree.Some 07:13
5.A carmine day 08:50
6.101 clouds 07:44
7.Riven (free) 07:24
8.The meeting point 07:07
9.Horizontal rain 08:28
10.Low tide explorations 11:06


Reef The Lost Cauze - Reef The Lost Cauze Is Dead

Release Date: 25 December 2012

All Tracks Except Track 10 Produced By Caliph-NOW
Track 10 Thought Control Produced By Dumhi
Recorded & Mixed By Caliph-NOW
Mastered By Phillee Blunt of The Illvibe Collective
Artwork By Caliph-NOW

Vida Killz + elhuana - Alchemy EP

Release Date: 31 December 2012

Born and raised up inside the rhythms of San Jose’s streets. Vida Killz is no stranger to struggles. Vida works to challenge herself to be grounded in understanding the cycles of life. Having the unique gift of orchestrating words, she articulates her emotions in a way that gives a direct glimpse into her heart.

1. Saluia 02:28
2. Inordinatio 02:31
3. Interlude 01:21
4. Amare 01:52
5. Nubes 02:30