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Jenova 7 - The Sounds Of Sector 7 (LP)

Release Date: 21 January 2013

This is the exclusive Dusted Wax Kingdom edition of originally self-released "The Sounds Of Sector 7" LP by Jenova 7. A dusted and melancholic beat collection of post-apocalyptic trip-hop fashioned in the deepest, darkest parts of the city. The origins of the sounds were lost with the collapse of the city, but the tapes still survive as a relic of those who once dwelt in the abyss.

1. Ocean Of Sand
2. Journey The Sunlit Earth
3. Trainspotting
4. Magicka (Alternate Version)
5. Slum Ballerina
6. Hardware
7. Chasing Tomorrow
8. Edge Of Slumber
9. Suspended In Memory
10. Velvet Volix
11. An Unfinished Dream
12. Midgarian Sunset
13. One Winged Butterfly
14. Adrift The Boundless Ocean
15. Zone Tripper
16. In Transition
17. Materia Drift
18. Diamond In The Rough
19. The Flower Girl
20. 7th Heaven Blues
21. Heartless
22. Long Time Boy
23. Sector To Sector
24. Footchase Through The Train Graveyard
25. Steel Dystopia
26. The Machine
27. Life Beneath The Reactor
28. Climbing The Wall
29. Lifestream
30. The Honesty Test (Bonus)

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