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The Echelon Effect - Field Recordings

Release Date: 28 August 2012

"The Echelon Effect came to life amid the long winter nights of February 2009, born from a burning desire to fall in love with music again. It started with a laptop and an idea: write a track, and make it huge. But one track became four, an EP that needed an audience. The tracks were posted on MySpace. And people began to listen. After 2 years and 8 more releases this the result so far.

This album is about flying"

Recorded Summer 2012, London UK

David Walters - Everything
Additional Drums - Steve Tanton
Cover Art - Joe Morsman
Field Recordings - David Walters, Chris Evans, Marc Byers, Stephen Perez, Donna Longstocking, Fabian Uribe
Extra Samples - Soundrangers

How Green ‎– Lany

Release Date: 30 Augist 2012
Label: Neuroplastic

"Words are restricting and never seem to come out right, if i had a backing track play every time i spoke to her i think this is how it would sound... and maybe it would expose the substance that simple words truly hold." 

A cheeky, fun, moody and experimental EP over 5 tracks, 'Lany' by How Green soundtracks an unspoken love.

Production / mixing / mastering: Jesse Schuppan

Black Sun Empire - Delorean (From The Shadows)

Album release date: 15 October 2012
Single release date: 29 August 2012

"Black Sun Empire are set to release their new album 'From The Shadows' on their own label BSE Recordings in September 2012. 
'From The Shadows' is a 100% Drum n Bass album and features collaborations with Noisia, Foreign Beggars, Audio, State Of Mind, Nphect Rido and more. Black Sun Empire DJ sets will continue to be a mix of Drum n Bass with a hint of Dubstep. 
* 'From The Shadows' will be preceeded by a remix EP due in August which will include remixes by Mindscape, Jade, Neonlight, & Telekinesis.
* Black Sun Empire's 'Blackout' events enjoy packed venues across Europe including recent events in Holland, Berlin and a sell out debut London event at Cable Club in January. Follow up events in Brussels and at their new residency in London this Summer look equally promising 
The 'From The Shadows' album tour is available with Black Sun Empire solo or as a 'BSE present Blackout' branded album launch with selected guests.
Black Sun Empire's last album tour was in high demand. Bookings are now being taken for the 'From The Shadows' album tour. Promoters should get in early to ensure securing a date."

This is a track we're giving away to promote the future release of our 5th album "From the Shadows". which will be out on the 15th of October.

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The Fucked Up Beat - Rust Belt (1961), The Fucked Up Beat - Rust Belt (1968)

Rust Belt (1961)

Rust Belt (1968)

Release Date: 01 September 2012

"Experimental Schizo Noir Trip Hop. The Fucked Up Beat. A sound project by Eddie Palmer of New York, NY and Brett Zehner of San Diego, CA created in October 2011. Songs are recorded through e-mail using keyboards, experimental percussion and field recordings. Beats/Field Recordings by B.Zehner. Sounds/Instruments by E.Palmer. Music for Non Fascist Living. Capitalism Is An Abusive Relationship."

Written, Recorded, Produced by The Fucked Up Beat
Mixed and Mastered in New York, NY.
Schizo Beats/Field Recordings by B.Zehner.
Sounds/Instruments by E.Palmer.
Released Under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0.
This Album uses samples in the public domain.
Photo by R.Frank

Yumø - Echelon EP

Release Date: 21 May 2011
Label: YFH Audio

"YUMØ is the culmination of everything new and young within modern day music. An ambition for self driven electronica coupled with his determination to be different has resulted in an artist who doesn’t look to follow or replicate, opting instead to create his own niche in an ever crowded market. Its these very traits that made him the perfect candidate for YFH Audio’s first release, slated as a free download for May 21st. The Echelon EP features six tracks from within the Yumø labyrinth, all complimenting one an other in a bass and funk infused harmony. “I’m inspired by a lot of shit from hip hop, club music, electronic, jazz, Pacific percussion and my tribal roots” he told us in an interview late last week, further explaining “Even the weather can help shape the sound of something I could be thinking about”.

The first track on the EP, Yumøcean, combines favorable vocal sampling with pulsing white noise, beautiful percussing and a saxophone centerpiece, making for a track that would sit as suitably in a jazz bar as it would a nightclub. Moving on to ‘Midnight Social’, one really starts to get a feel for the direction of the EP. A combination of pitch shifted percussion and ambient elements culminate in a well constructed piece of audio even the most placid would struggle to sit still to. ‘Purple Lady’ offers a similar vibe with a unique twist, before ‘Shotta’ comes in with a flurry of hi hats and a kick thicker than a Kardashian, putting a 2am spin on the whole release. As if to bring it all back to reality, ‘I Woke Up In The Pacific’ uses a quirky synth and tightly placed drums to serenade listeners, before the insanely blissful ‘Smokescreen’ submits them into an audible sense of well being."


01. Yumø – Yumøcean (Original Mix)
02. Yumø – Midnight Social (Original Mix)
03. Yumø – Purple Lady (Original Mix)
04. Yumø – Shotta (Original Mix)
05. Yumø – I Woke Up In The Pacific (Original Mix)
06. Yumø – Smokescreen (Original Mix)

Killeralien - Clot EP

Release Date: 24 August 2012
Label: Noisybeat

Catalog# Noisybeat 044

1. East Son
2. Clot
3. Prospect hill
4. Nerve
5. Best Court

All tracks produced and composed by Killeralien.


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Minoo - All The World

Release Date: 01 August 2012
Label: Mad-Hop

"All the World it's new Minoo album released on young label Mad-Hop . On his second album, the producer from Krakow follows the path he marked out on his debut "White Mice" (Asphalt Records, 2011). Outcome oscillates on the border of experimental hip-hop and electronics introducing a consistent climate. A novelty for fans of Minoo may be invited guests. We can hear not only great Polish MC's and producer (O.S.T.R., Teielte, ZBRKLKU) but also from those from other countries (Jon Kennedy, 3ck, Oh-Neco, Pixelord). All the World is released in two versions - digital , which you can download for free with Bandcamp, and on exclusive transparent vinyl, which you can buy directly from Mad-Hop Label. After official vinyl premier (1.08.2012) you can bay it also Asphaltshop, and in many music shop around the word (actual list is in Mad-Hop site). "

Cover project: Łukasz Piskorek

Cover photo: Bartosz Szadurski
Mix & Mastering: Gargle & Expel

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♕I◌ ◌ ○ ◯ ◦ ◦ ◯ ⃝ ⃝ ⃝♛ - ANY OCTAVE VOL. 1

Release Date: 20 April 2020 :)

"Any Octave is a subterranean screw-music mix series helmed by DG crew member Citymouth. Composed of cassette and vinyl RnB jams reclaimed from the badlands, the material on Any Octave occurs in the liminal space between screwed-and-chopped edits and fully original production. Sonically, the compositions are ”of and about” the deep zone, heavily lo-fidelity and psychedelic, intended for your headphones or car or mountaintop, mainly designed for staring off into the distance. The first installment of this series features two 15-minutes mixes, Side A by Citymouth and Side B by DJAO. The pair form a breaking news report from the zoner subculture bubbling just beneath the surface of the internet. This mix is Vol. 1 of 99."

Source: Dropping Gems


Release Date: 24 August 2012

"LAKRITZE is a mysterious entity residing somewhere in Berlin.
There's not much info to be found, and he likes to keep it that way.

The music itself is a gloomy trip to the dark side of Berlin,
with a sound that speaks for itself... Enjoy it!

This release is a free "Pay-What-You-Want" download for a limited time. "

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The-Drum - Sense Net EP

Release Date: 17 July 2012

"A New York City fixture since 2003, Мишка (“Mishka,” or “bear cub” in Russian) clawed their own path through the often homogenous streetwear world, beginning humbly as a small t-shirt upstart and maturing into a full blown cut & sew powerhouse."

wtorek, 21 sierpnia 2012

Snacs - Whenever​.​EP

Release Date: 06 August 2012

1.Secret Hiding Place 04:14
2.Missing (bug) 03:19
3.Nothing to Say 04:24
4.Limited 04:03
5.Wilde Woman 04:19
6.Daydreams at Night 03:37

Żyt Toster - 5 Miejsc Po Przecinku

Release Date: August 2012
Label: Aptaun

"Płyta "Pięć Miejsc Po Przecinku" jest spójnym muzycznie materiałem poruszającym wiele tematów począwszy od śmiesznych, sytuacyjnych historii jak w przypadku "Infolinii", przez historie mniej zabawne traktujące o życiu, uciekającym czasie, przemyśleniach i planach na przyszłoćć jak w "Zaniedbania" czy "Mamy", a skończywszy na mocno energetycznych bangerach takich jak "Wyłącz to" czy "Possecut".

Jak mówi sam Żyt Toster: "Tworząc materiał starałem się oscylować wokół tematu płyty. W założeniu miał on wskazywac na działalność gdzieś z tyłu sceny, na bocznym planie -  stąd właśnie "5 Miejsc Po Przecinku". To stan rzeczy, w którym wytrwała praca i konsekwencja w dążeniu do celu przynosi zamierzony efekt. W końcu: 'słowa zawsze wyjdą na pierwszy plan' ..."

Album "Pięć Miejsc Po Przecinku" wydany jest w stylowym i estetycznym 3-szkrzydełkowym digipacku. Autorem oprawy graficznej płyty jest Tomasz Bilak."

01. Infolinia (prod.Wallcut, cuts Dj Krug)
02. Mamy (prod.Galus, cuts Dj Krug)
03. Nie ogarniam (prod.S-back)
04. Dziennik (prod. SB)
05. Jeszcze raz feat. Diset, HuczuHucz, Rak Raczej (prod.Wezyr)
06. Odliczanie (prod.Kazet)
07. WIdzę maski feat. Supermleko (prod.Wallcut)
08. Zaniedbania (prod.Eigus)
09. Zmiana gry feat. PeeRZeT (prod.Wezyr, cuts Dj Krug)
10. Pięć miejsc po przecinku (prod.Galus)
11. Znam swoje miejsce (prod.PTK)
12. Tanie dranie feat. Szokaz (prod.Wezyr)
13. Possecut feat. Deszczu, Szokaz, Oxon, 2sty, Supran, Kot Kuler (prod.Bonny Larmes, scratch Dj Krug)
14. Wyłącz to (prod.Wezyr, cuts Dj Krug)

SoulSonic - Hope

Release Date: 21 August 2012

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Il Leprotto - La Belle Epoque

Release Date: 20 August 2012

"Time for summer hits and so time for the punishment by Il Leprotto. His debut with the netlabel Sostanze Records is one of those that leaves the mark. The original mix comes along with several remixes by the best producers of the netlabel which offer different intepretations and styles of the track, from dubstep to drum 'n' bass. The experience lived in clubs through the last year has pushed him to test sounds typical of his background without leaving aside the current trends of the present days. We bet that the dude from Cremona is only at the beginnig of his run, even though he's already dazing us. Follow the hare if you can."

1 La Belle Epoque (original mix)
2 La Belle Epoque (digital monkey Remix)
3 La Belle Epoque (incomprensibile FC Remix)
4 La Belle Epoque (kobra Remix)
5 La Belle Epoque (bebop Remix)
6 La Belle Epoque (nerter Remix)
7 La Belle Epoque (randy marsh Remix)
8 La Belle Epoque (flux Remix)
9 La Belle Epoque (brokenspud Remix)

deeB - Daydream (EP)

Release Date: 20 August 2012

"Originally released from the Phonophanatic collective of beatmakers, here comes the debut EP by the Dutch producer deeB. 10 tracks of melodic acid jazz and instrumental hip-hop magic taking you to new relaxing dimensions."

Kaees - Red Cabrio EP

Release Date: 25 June 2012

"Kaees jest producentem z Zagłębia. Rapującym producentem. Miłością do kultury hip-hop zarażony od niepamiętnych czasów, gdy w jego rodzimym Będzinie nagrywały jedne z pierwszych zespołów w historii, jednak aktywnie zaczął działać nieco później. Dotychczas w granicach swego regionu i czasami poza jego obrębem. Być może wypłynie na szersze wody jak Jack Sparrow w poszukiwaniach źródła młodości, pracując nad EP, której premiera planowana jest na 23 czerwca. ‘Red Cabrio EP’ – bo taki nosi tytuł – jest pierwszą częścią serii, której kolory są nierozerwalnym elementem. A poza kolorami? Odpowiedź znajdą żądni słuchacze. Jego celem jest granie live actów, złożonych z własnych produkcji. Sprosta, gdyż ‘gdzieniegdzie koncertował’ to mało powiedziane. Zainspirowany jest J Dillą (do granic obłędu, lecz na przekór dzisiejszym ‘fanatykom’, którzy nadal czekają na ‘rzekomy’ jego występ w Polsce), Flying Lotus’em, Milesem Davis’em oraz newbeatową sceną prosto z Los Angeles (znajomi donoszą, że również g-funkiem oraz Wu-Tang Clan’em, o czym nie wiedzieć czemu, nie wspomniał)."

Produced by Kaees (09.By-Lane produced by Kaees and NCGY)
Mixed by Kaees (09.By-Lane mixed by NCGY)
Cover by Projekt eS

Bambino - Overseas

Release Date: 17 August 2012

ZdunO - Kilka Moich Przemyśleń

Release Date: August 2012

01. Kilka Wyrwanych Kartek feat.Rover (Prod. R-Ice)
02. I Tak Tego Nie Zrozumiesz feat.PieciaPTK (Prod.DAW)
03.  Inny feat.TMK aka Piekielny & Skaaj (Prod.K0rb0l)
04. Słyszysz Tato 2 (Prod. R-Ice)
05. Kilka Moich Przemyśleń II feat.Endriu (Prod.DAW)
06. Krople Deszczu (Prod.Gregor)

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Soulpete - SoSoulSynergy EP

Release Date: 16 August 2012

"Nie jest to ani album ani singiel ani nic co zapowiadałoby większy projekt. Nazwałbym to "treningową minizajawką". To 2 dni zabawy z soulowymi samplami, czyli powrót do korzeni. Ci którzy spodziewali się albumu z prawdziwego zdarzenia mogą czuć się zawiedzeni natomiast Ci, którym przypasowały skity z Rap Addix mogą ściągać spokojnie. Na krążek długogrający - ode mnie/EtRecs - trzeba będzie poczekać do 2013. Z pewnością będzie BARDZIEJ dopracowany, rozbudowany, brudny, mroczny i co najważniejsze - pojawią się na nim wykonawcy spoza Polski. Myślę, że jest na co czekać, a to czekanie mam nadzieję choć trochę umili ten mini materiał."

01. Guess Who (intro)
02. Always You
03. Jealous Man
04. All Falls Down
05. You've Got Me Girl
06. Let's Stay Together
07. Time Is A Runaway
08. Take A Step
09. Never Talk To Strangers
10. Escape Plan
11. Should I Go...

Worldwide / Polish releases by

Tony Mahoney - Nightmares (LP)

Release Date: 16 August 2012

"After Product of A Dying Breed LP, Tony Mahoney drops his second full length album for Dusted Wax Kingdom. "Nightmares" is filled with minimalistic boom bap beats skillfully made of tasty vinyl samples and head-bobbing drum breaks. To support/purchase/donate, feel free to visit Tony Mahoney's bandcamp store."

Vidual & Inward Phase EP

Release Date: 16 August 2012

1. Inward Phase - Hypno

2. Vidual - Bloodline

Like Inward Phase on Facebook: 

Like Vidual on Facebook:

Cat # NOBUSS040

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Ghosts - Judge

Release Date: 18 July 2012

1.Goodbye Now 04:16
2.Judge 04:17
3.It Still Hurts 04:56
4.Sniper Wolf 05:06
5.I Walk Alone 03:15
6.Grief and Sleep 06:54

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Chairman Maf - Dusted (EP)

Release Date: 13 August 2012

"The UK based producer/beatsmith Chairman Maf debuts on Dusted Wax Kingdom with a special EP. "Dusted" contains 4 chilled instrumental hip-hop joints done in old school manner with tasty smoky samples and lusty boom bap rhythms."

Notion - The Built Arrangement L​.​P

Release Date: 07 August 2012

"It’s not often that you get an artist giving away their entire first LP. Sometimes it is just one track off of it, or an older track to promote the forthcoming LP, but the whole thing? Thank you very much Notion! "

Nuclear - Snakes & Blaggers

Release Date: 16 July 2012

"UK based, Underground artist........ Nuclear first started to write lyrical poetry and work with Drum n Bass in 2002. Despite the few years he’s spent on the scene he has progressed a great deal since when it all began. A lot has changed for this talented lyricist in the past few years, from hosting local nights and house parties to standing on stage controlling the crowd at raves.
Snakes & Blaggers, an album focused on the world that we live in today. With 16 tracks and 3 bonus tracks consisting of Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Dubstep. An album less about the choruses and more fixed on the raw lyrics of an underground artist. 


iLL-Haze, Keytones, Pennyless, Audiotik, M1, SniteVille, Mercia, Redhook Noodles, 2Deep, Double 0, Sem 1, Danja, YdotC, Lady Bex Dynamo, Eaga"

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Mr. Mann - 14 Hour Places EP

Release Date: 10 Augist 2012
Label: PIR▲.MD

"Mr. Mann presents his debut EP on PIR▲.MD Records; “14 Hour Places”. In this EP Mr. Mann take us to the downtempo and IDM lands, mixing electronic and organic sounds with great creativity and versatility. Mr. Mann is an experienced producer who has spent years into the drum and bass and electronic scene, so each one of his pieces are synonymous of quality. Please, enjoy it."

1.Statistician 03:39
2.AAADC 03:11
3.14 Hour Places 03:45
4.Elevator Blues 03:28
5.Math Effect 04:43

ZamoT - Brzeskie Brzmienie

Release Date: August 2012

"Siema, mamy dla Was najnowsze Brzmienie od Koleżki z Brzegu pod pseudonimem ZamoT ''Brzeskie Brzmienie" jest to płyta producencka nagrana tylko i wyłącznie z dobrymi znajomymi z rodzinnego miasta Brzeg.Wszystkie bity na tą płyte wyprodukował ZamoT, wokale zostały nagrane w studio Enter, cutami zajął się DeeF, a okładką Deenair.Ponad 40 minut muzyki!"




01.Brzeskie Brzmienie Intro
02.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. SOPEL
03.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. ROB S
04.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. ES
05.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. HAOS
06.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. STILLO
07.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. GRYGIEL
08.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. DEEF
09.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. PECZU
10.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. BWC
11.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. STAFF
12.Brzeskie Brzmienie feat. ZBROJA
13.Brzeskie Brzmienie Outro

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Various - DBA Unreleased Vol. 1

Release Date: 02 July 2012

1. Claws For? - Magic Message
2. Mr. Beatnick - A Momentary Escape
3. Semtek - To Be Continued
4. Photonz - Hashishin

Pobedia - We Leave At Dawn

Release Date: 08 August 2012

"Temiong Recordings is born in Zárate’s city (Buenos Aires / Argentina) as alternative, independent response to the musical industry. Betting principally for the artists’ diffusion and the free and free distribution of his works.

Without be basing on the censorship of content, the auditory form ó visual of the project, but on his free expression; Temiong Recordings works as that of a record stamp at the moment of producing and to promote musical projects (such as álbumes or summaries). Supporting in turn the difference with the traditional stamps of the free distribution of the musical projects, under Creative Commons’s license."

Peach Stealing Monkeys - Addiction (LP)

Release Date: 09 August 2012

"Addiction" LP is a special release for Dusted Wax Kingdom by the mysterious multi-instrumentalist, beatmaker and producer Peach Stealing Monkeys. It's a pure trip-hop in its definition, with wonderful lo-fidelity sounds, old vinyl noises, heavy-weight drum breaks and powerful melancholic mellow atmopshere.

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Cyga - Koniec Dowodzi Czynów

Release Date: 06 August 2012

001-Cyga - Uwikłani (feat Franky)
002-Cyga - Klucz (feat Ober)
003-Cyga - W trosce o świeżość (feat Człowień)
004-Cyga - Podróż (feat. Ober, BaFlou, Alicja Kolska)
005-Cyga - Ile razy (feat. KBPS, DJ Hard Cut)
006-Cyga - Regenci (Feat BaFlou & HuczuHucz)
007-Cyga - Lunar Valley (feat Dj PawuloNe)
008-Cyga - Lewiatan (feat. Kidd)
009-Cyga - Szkic życia (feat. Arski & Majkel)
010-Cyga - Nienawiść z miłości do życia (feat. Ober)
011-Cyga - Vanitas Vanitatum (feat. Bogu Bogdan & Smoku)
012-Cyga - Von mir zu dir (feat. Czes & Smut)
013-Cyga - Knebel (feat. K.S.T.K, Krissu, Pedezet)
014-Cyga - Co się dzieje (feat. Lidwin)
015-Cyga - Outro (feat. Franky, Klasiik)
016-Geno x Enson - Nawet jak (cyga remix) Bonus track

Mr. Moods - The Strings Of Life (LP)

Release Date: 06 August 2012

""The Stings Of Life" is another incredible full length album by the well-known Canadian beatsmith and producer Mr. Moods.
It contains 18 marvellous tracks bringing together addictive jazzy samples, heavy hip-hop rhythms, light mesmerizing pads and orchestral strings. To support/purchase/donate, feel free to visit Mr. Moods' bandcamp store."

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Eufoteoria - Expoet

Release Date: 05 August 2012
Label: Export

Export Label presents the newest release in the label’s catalogue – Expoet by Eufoteoria. It is the third album in the career of this Polish producer, who debuted at the beginning of 2011, immediately receiving recognition from the critics and following from the audience. It is with the audience in mind that we present this new album, Expoet.
The material consists of several compositions arranged on a ten-track album. The first track, entitled ‘Terapia’, was released six months ago as a part of GNs’ compilation Empty Shadows. Today this track, alongside other compositions and skits, contributes to the coherent sound of Expoet. Eufoteoria has invited two other artists to cooperate with him on this album: Technikal Development, a UK rapper published by a Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, and Maed, Polish producer, co-author of the album Figures released by Export Label.

Ryan Helsing - Dreams of Color EP

Release Date: 05 August 2012

 Produced & Mixed By: Ryan Helsing

Mastered By: Thomas Prime for Cult Classic Records
Artwork: Sara Stansell 

Louie Gonz x Quite Nyce - Who’s The Man??

Release Date: August 2012

"Coming off the July release of his Booth-hosted Cautious EP, emcee Quite Nyce has joined forces with emcee/producer Louie Gonz for a brand new collaborative project. Having long been fans of each others work, the Worcester, MA natives decided to create Who's The Man??, a six-track EP of all original material, which includes their previously-released title track."

01.Who's The Man
02.Our Time
04.Y Not
05.On The Rise
06.Mario Nigretti

sobota, 4 sierpnia 2012

Ras & Tort - Pogadajmy o Niczym

Release Date: 04 August 2012

""Pogadajmy o niczym" to drugi singiel z „MAUi WOWiE" EP od Rasa i Torta. Zapraszamy na grille, plaże, jeziora, ławki, boiska, głośniki w oknach i słońce. Pogadajmy o bzdurach. Przyjemne zabijanie czasu. "

Autor okładki:

Rap/Tekst - Ras
Muzyka/Talkbox - Tort
Mix/Master - Puzzel

Mar - Seeing Her Naked - FS Green Reworks

Release Date: 03 August 2012

FS Green gives us the summer vibes thru his latest reworks of the
 "Seeing Her Naked" EP by Mar.
This music is made for dancin', so make sure u do.

Endorsement by Nalden
Background Design by Nepanto
Cover by Angela Tellier & Masta Lee
Identity by Paul Orzoni & Dolly Rogers

1. Some To Remember (FS Green Rework)
2. Her Past (FS Green Rework)

piątek, 3 sierpnia 2012

Clonki – Based on imaginary story

Release Date: 30 July 2012
Label: Cuntroll

01 – airborne
02 – sponge coke
03 – daybreak
04 – wet blanket
05 – hungry
06 – ili
07 – adrift
08 – retro smoke
09 – thisis
10 – michael jackson
11 – steppe
12 – war of attrition
13 – three units
14 – hangover
15 – fail me now

Stępel - Relacje

Release Date: July 2012
Official Facebook Profile:

"Po dwóch singlach jakie otrzymaliśmy od Stępla przyszedł czas na cały materiał elbląskiego producenta.
Relacje to projekt, na którym udzieliło się 14 osób: Rover, Chudini, Boxi, Werbel, Flojd, Pikers, Skinner, Duży oraz członkowie składu Dawajhajs. Cuty powstały z pod rąk Dj Klasyka, Dj Te, Dj 2Najz oraz Wira.
Cały materiał do darmowego pobrania oraz odsłuchu.

01. Intro
02. Nic nie jest tu przypadkiem (feat. Amster)
03. Relacje (feat. Rover, Chudini, cuty Dj Klasyk)
04. Ujrzeć światło (feat. Werbel)
05. Co mogę zrobić (feat. Skinner)
06. Raz
07. Waka'11 (feat. Skibaz, cuty Dj 2Najz)
08. Hejtend (feat Boxi, cuty Dj Te)
09. Dwa
10. Wiatr w żagle (feat. Flojd, cuty Wiro)
11. Druga szansa (feat. Werbel, Pikers)
12. Ortodoks (feat. Duży)
13. Outro

Smolak/Tofik - Wyczekani

Release Date: 2011

"Smolak/Tofik to duet mc/producent z Jeleniej Góry. Na cd gościnnie udzielili się DJ Qmak (Wałbrzych/Wrocław), TomB (WWA), Kaiteu (Rzeszów), Zamar, Pery (Jelenia) oraz Dapit (Kamienna Góra). Całość wypuszczona w bardzo limitowanej serii digipacków. W razie pytań o digipack mail: "

1. Wyczekani (ft. TomB, Zamar, Dapit, DJ Qmak)
2. Widziałem wiele
3. Nie umiecie tak jak my (ft. Kaiteu, Pery)
4. I nic poza tym
5. Resztki dnia (ft. Dapit)
6. Fruwaj
7. Podnieś je (ft. Zamar)
8. Reasumując

Mix/mastering: Bejotka, Esbes
Projekt digipack: Diask
Teksty: Smolak
Produkcja: Tofik

Impuls - Leaf (LP)

Release Date: 02 August 2012

"Here is the long-expected new album by the German meastro Impuls. "Leaf" (LP) is a spectacular fusion of high quality acid jazz, funky hip-hop rhythms, beautiful ambience and thrilling trancy vibes. To support/purchase/donate, feel free to visit Impuls bandcamp store."

środa, 1 sierpnia 2012

Bionick - Atlantis EP

Release Date: 01 August 2012

Cat # NOBUSS039
1. Bionick - Tesla
2. Bionick - Atlantis
3. Bionick - Witch

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