sobota, 29 marca 2014

Fonope x Wezyr - #EP

"FONOPE ╳ WEZYR - #EP to album składający się z pięciu utworów nagranych w okresie czerwiec - listopad 2013 roku. Na projekcie nie pojawiają się żadni goście. Autorem wszystkich tekstów na płycie jest FonoPe, Wezyr natomiast jest odpowiedzialny za całą stronę muzyczną materiału. Zachęcamy do odsłuchu."

1. Nawet nie pytaj
2. Pamiętasz
3. Coś więcej
4. Entropia
5. Niepokorny

Atomic ElectroLab Feat. Anthony Poteat ‎– I Saw The Sun

Release Date: 17 March 2014

Winter has fallen under the horizon, taking away the shades of grey. Spring is
just knocking on the door. Bring the new life into our homes with these tracks.
Original wave interferes with saxophone tunes, which are slightly moving up
our minds. Remix by Francesco Burchini is filled with hypnotic sounds and
Anthony Poteat (USA) vocal. It will be the nice release for every house-head.
Get transfered from death again to life. It is indeed the greatest magic in the

1. Atomic ElectroLab – I Saw The Sun (Original Mix) (03:53)
2. Atomic ElectroLab – I Saw The Sun (Francesco Burchini Remix) (03:02)

wtorek, 18 marca 2014

Rės ‎– QaumanEq EP

Release Date: 23 February 2014
Label: Jisatsuken

After years of hiatus, rės delivers a 4-track EP entitled “QaumanEq”, which puts the lights on in a room too long locked in darkness, as we managed to extract rės’ promise for unprecedented output in the months coming.

Tx: Two minutes to self-organise, and settle into a no-rush, intricate pattern, clicking around a relentlessly filtered pad chord. Delayed opening, minimalistic treatment, but a true reward to be had, once “Tx” blossoms, before slowly fading away into half-entropy.

Rampjaar: Shimmering arpeggios penetrate the opening cinematic darkness, to form beautiful shapes of meaning. Celebrating duality, the honest “Rampjaar” is a throwback to years past, and simpler, optimistic times. A feeling of unresolvedness lingers on.

Tlnv: Once a tape recorded from TV, lost and found, digitally remastered. Shimmering city lights, tracing parallel lines far and away into  vanishing points left and right of this street corner. Still, against the city’s pretend bustle at dusk, a dream of water and tall trees. Time-lapse. Trust escapism. Everything will be fine.

Ita: The stray harmony of “Ita” finds itself amidst piles of lost chords, spare parts for beats, and still-cycling bass machines. It sets out to rebuild in full, growing more confident by the minute. There is ingenuity here, grace, and a real craving for optimism, lushness marching on, leaving a trail of pulsing particles. This is everything but an end. Press play again.

1. Tx 5:49
2. Rampjaar 6:24
3. Tlnv 5:16
4. Ita 4:58

poniedziałek, 17 marca 2014

Spacedtime - Manifest EP

Release Date: 16 March 2014

1. reality 02:54
2. thoughtandtime 03:02
3. so it is 02:45
4. jacknicholson 03:41
5. good to be home 03:16

niedziela, 16 marca 2014

Zamach/Tdk/Dj Jedediah - Album

Release Date: 16 March 2014

01. Introłęka 
02. Złoty MIC 
03. Rap (+ Bin) 
04. Skit#1 
05. Ogarnij morde (+ Lvk)
06. Słowo 
07. Skit#2 
08. Echo miasta (+ Kost) 
09. Tdk/Zamach 
10. Pamiętnik 
11. Futro 
12. Outrołęka

Rap: Zamach (
Muzyka: Tdk ( (prócz Skit#1)
Cuts/Scratches: Dj Jedediah (
Mix/Mastering: Tdk
Projekt okładki: Eloe. (

The Late December – May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness

Release Date: 24 January 2014
Label: Jisatsuken

“May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness” is an ambient release by “The Late December”, his first at Jisatsuken. It is inspired by the recent loss of someone Ryan loved, and with heart full of grief he has put the most beautiful sounds that could decipher his feelings about that person. What will attract you on the very first listen is the purity of emotions laid deep within each track.

“Hold My Hand” is an ethereal and heavenly piece of warm reverberating synths taking you on a journey through heavenly skies.
“End” takes off from there and takes clouds away so you can see majestic mountains and deep valleys on a landscape that could only exist in one’s dreams. Beat is constantly changing its tempo resembling how one’s breathing can vary when experiencing unearthly and surprising beauty.
“May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness, RIP” is one short but intensive ambient piece, where strings and piano bring back warm memories about people that had made their signature deep in your heart and then had gone for good. Cinematic memories arise when you close eyes while listening to this one, and you gain awareness that that particular somebody will also feel your thankfulness and gratitude for sharing their existence on this Earth with you.
“Garden Of Life” is calm and relaxing, inducing the listener to drift away from any worries and distractions and sail deep into their introvert ocean of love and devotion.

1. Whispers 1:48
2. Hold My Hand 1:47
3. End 2:50
4. May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness, R.I.P. 2:13
5. Garden Of Life 2:39

sobota, 15 marca 2014

A Blinding White Light ‎– Leah Betts Remixes

Release Date: 24 February 2014
Label: InoQuo

01 cocaine loop ( remix) 
02 dawn epics (hermético remix) 
03 choose life (substak remix)

Zorak - Suplement Świadomości

Release Date: 11 March 2014

01. Introview feat. Kliford (prod. Killing Skills)
02. Ważne feat. Kliford (prod. Killing Skills)
03. Jeszcze jeden dzień (prod. O.S.T.R.)
04. Historia zatacza krąg (prod. Killing Skills)
05. Suplement (prod. O.S.T.R. & Killing Skills)
06. Nie ma takiego numeru (prod. Killing Skills)
07. Permanentna inwigilacja feat. NTK (Zorak Kliford MaTek Foch) (prod. Killing Skills)
08. O dwóch takich feat. Kliford (prod. Killing Skills)
09. My feat. Sarius (prod. Salvare)

cuts: DJ Haem
mix & mastering: Killing Skills
09 – mix: Eprom Sounds Studio

Artwork: Maze & J.J.

czwartek, 6 marca 2014

Robak (Inflacja) - Klub Dwadzieścia Kilka

Release Date: March 2014

1. Klub Dwadzieścia Kilka
2. Zmyliły Mnie Sny (+ Fat Matheew/Chonabibe)
3. Nic Mnie Nie Czeka 
4. Moje Mordy 
5. Bi-Xenon 
6. Marzenia To Wszystko. Kropka (+ Diset)
7. Osiedlowi Biznesmeni 
8. Bagaż 
9. Wobec Siebie (+ W.E.N.A.) 
10. Tranxene 
11. Za...
12. Whiskey I Nikotyna 2 
13. Dam Sobie Radę (Pozdro Eis) 
14. Ethan Hunt 

wtorek, 4 marca 2014

Man Mantis ‎– Majestic Dimensions Vol. II

Release Date: 28 February 2014

1. Don't Wait Up 02:28
2. The Betrayer 02:59
3. Myself in the Sea ft. Terra Lopez 02:59
4. Mutant Leaves 04:26

poniedziałek, 3 marca 2014

Optical Frameworks ‎– Vibrant

Release Date: 24 February 2014

Optical Frameworks is one of the most secretive and talented artists on our label. He likes to walk in various places recording sounds. He makes his own microphones so he could record sound under water or under ground. He puts all these sounds on a magnetic tape with his old reel-to-reel tape recorders. And here is another one of his experiments.

1. Opening Winter 06:59
2. Vibrant Sound of Water 08:13
3. Ode for Wooden Piano 15:25
4. Soaked Trees 09:59

niedziela, 2 marca 2014

Mallow ‎– Green

Release Date: 18 February 2014

1. I'm Drinkin' Wine, In The Sky 05:38
2. Not Compatible 02:48
3. Space Rage (Something More) 05:36
4. AtS 00:49

sobota, 1 marca 2014

Massimiliano Peri ‎– Nudo D'acqua

Release Date: 08 February 2014

01. Ridondando (2014) (rock crystal bowls set and hyaline crystal bowls set) 06.36
02. Memorie (2014) (rock crystal bowls set) 06.26
03. Limpido (2014) (hyaline crystal bowls set) 02.23
04. Aria (2014) (rock crystal set bowls and hyaline crystal bowls set) 07.48

Man Mantis ‎– Majestic Dimensions Vol. I

Release Date: 31 January 2014
Label: Potholes Music

1. Oscelot 02:50
2. When You're Laughing in the Dark 02:59
3. Kalimba 03:30
4. Tracing Paper (ft. Nocando & Decomposure) 02:49