wtorek, 30 kwietnia 2013

Pobedia - Ascorbin

Release Date: 28 April 2013

1. Acid Dreams 05:36
2. Ascorbin 06:11
3. Reaction 05:06

poniedziałek, 29 kwietnia 2013

Various - Σclipse

Release Date: 26 April 2013

Every six lunar months – when Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned – we experience a partial or total lunar eclipse that can be observed anywhere on the night side of Earth. Lunar eclipses can only occur at full moon, that time when the moon is directly opposite Earth in relation to the Sun. Many ancient civilizations cultivated a multitude of myths surrounding these astronomic events, most of them depicting wild animals or mystical creatures eating the moon or crossing it’s path. Tibetan Buddhists say that during a lunar eclipse, our actions, whether good or bad, are multiplied one thousandfold, whereas, in ancient egypt, a lunar eclipse was considered to be the precursor of natural disasters, catastrophes, wars, and diseases and the biggest possible harm would be cast upon the earth if Isfet, the manifestation of the total eclipse and god of injustice and violence, would make the sky fall onto Earth and therefore bring chaos upon it. 

As the soundtrack for the lunar eclipse during the night of the 25th of April, we selected some exclusive and unreleased songs from Robot Koch, Submerse, Rain Dog, Sieren, Daisuke Tanabe, Lomovolokno, KRTS, and Daixie on this mini-compilation.

1. Submerse - Quiet Lights 03:13
2. Sieren - The View 05:06
3. Daixie - Days Like Them 04:43
4. Robot Koch - Gorom Sen Returns 02:49
5. Rain Dog - Like A Lame Man Stepping 05:57
6. Daisuke Tanabe - LaLa 05:07
7. Lomovolokno - Eena (KRTS Eclipse Edit) 04:11

deeB - Thru Nature (EP)

Release Date: 29 April 2013

After the great success of his debut "Daydream" EP, the Dutch beatsmith deeB is back with an amazing new release. "Thru Nature" is a half-hour-long summer-vibe experience of enchanting jazzy instrumental hip-hop beats.

1. Thru Nature
2. Khaf
3. Have We Met
4. Paradise Architect
5. Chanell
6. Yacht
7. Blown Out
8. Downtown
9. Thru Clouds

środa, 24 kwietnia 2013

Enervant – Palescent Tints

Release Date: 22 April 2013

1. On Her Eyelashes There Still Glistened A Tear 13:08
2. Light From A Pale Sun 08:10
3. A Mournful Regret For Vanished Illusions 10:01
4. Her Grace Is All She Has 08:35
5. Alarming Fascination 09:06
6. Palescent Tints 11:04
7. Fake A Smile 10:04
8. THETA 09:38

wtorek, 23 kwietnia 2013

Coco Bryce - Royal Bootlegs Volume 2

Release Date: 22 April 2013
Label: Myor

All Hail The King!!
One of the acapellas was ripped from YouTube and another is one of those home-made acapellas which, needless to say, sounds equally rubbish as the YouTube rip, but it's a free release, so don't complain alright. The Wu Tang acapella sounds ok though.. It's just the music that's shite on that one. Enjoy.

1. Violin 02:15
2. Pac Man 02:47
3. Da Mystery Of Liquid 03:01

poniedziałek, 22 kwietnia 2013

Erik Jackson - Remember The Night (Special Edition Vinyl Rip) (LP)

Release Date: 22 April 2013

Here is the special vinyl rip edition of previously self-released "Remember The Night" by the maestro Erik Jackson. 45 minutes of refreshing nu-jazz, jazz'n'bass, and lo-fi grooves; perfect for a night walk in the town.

1. Remember The Night (Side A)
2. Remember The Night (Side B)

Original Tracklist:
1. 12:05 (Intro) 00:19
2. Old Pictures 03:50
3. Moonlight 05:02
4. City Street 04:30
5. Travels ft. Mr. Moods 03:23
6. Well Folks... (Interlude) 00:09
7. In The City 05:34
8. Taking It Back 04:23
9. My Time With You 03:16
10. Time Was 04:41
11. The Get Down 04:53
12. Good Day (Carmelita) 04:55
13. 20th Street 02:24
14. John Boy (Outro) 01:30
15. Persuation (Bonus Vinyl) 04:38

Many hours, headaches and heartache went into this album. It took about a year to record and I am very happy with it. This album is for a night out on the town. Reflecting and celebrating moments in life. Each song has it's own story.

niedziela, 21 kwietnia 2013

Bambino - My Ribs Are Poking Through And I Feel Like Hell

Release Date: 18 April 2013

1. Us Anymore 03:30
2. To Eat My Mothers Cancer 03:56
3. We Sunk Low Together 03:14
4. Cavalier (feat. Adeem) 03:31
5. Father Enigma 03:17
6. Goodbye, Goodbye 02:54
7. Smile 03:46
8. Frederick Treves (feat. Sam Weeks) 03:42
9. Omoiyari (思いやり) 03:22
10. Elephant Man 03:27
11. An Hour Away 03:41
12. My Ribs Are Poking Through And I Feel Like Hell 01:31

czwartek, 18 kwietnia 2013

Elektrabel – Turing Test EP

Release Date: 15 April 2013

Welcome to the release number 18 of Cicuta Netlabel. Experts say that good wine improves with age. We think also some techno artists do too. This is the case of the Czech Tomas Hartl, aka Elektrabel. Authentic globetrotting of techno, active in the scene for over 10 years, and always linked in one way or another to the netaudio scene, reaches Cicuta Netlabel to offer an EP which shows its repertoire, themes acids, dark, mental…

Looking back on his career can find releases on labels as important as UTCH, Pohjola or Subsist. In netaudio world has offered its music in netlabels as Antiritmo, Edensonic or Transporta.

As if this were not enough, the release has joined the British George Lanham, label manager of Pareto Park and one of the most active artists in the European underground techno.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

01. Mutma
02. RJ3
03. Juvas
04. Chronical Objector
05. Hoban
06. Paterdrom
07. Adron
08. Hoban (George Lanham Remix)

Thallus - Truly Yours

Release Date: 11 April 2013

A year later, still truly yours...One of the main experimentators in hip-hop and broken rhythm' music, german lo-fi scientist Thallus is coming back with his new full-lengh instrumental project. Here is the music in it's not classical meaning, it's a pure emotions which wrapped in sounds. Followin' his unique style, during recording process, Thallus creates a new detailed story with an every track. And you believe in this magic because it's honest and sincere. It's flowing from his SP-404 buttons and vintage keyboards strictly to the notes of your soul. Behind all these material things - an immense inner world. Behind these 12 records - it's becoming yours. Truly yours.

1. Awesome Oxygen 03:33
2. Get 03:11
3. Complete 05:49
4. No Matter What 02:57
5. Schnelles Tschack 03:23
6. Herzkasten 04:45
7. Sleep 03:26
8. Breath 04:52
9. Awake For Some Minutes 03:33
10. Yours Truly 03:10
11. Mind (Bonus-Track) 02:04
12. Downstairs (Bonus-Track) 03:59

środa, 17 kwietnia 2013

Gloom - Subliminal Fortress

Release Date: 15 April 2013
Label: Broken Bubble

Written, performed & produced by Britt Thomas Brady
Remixes: Peter Mohnen, Guy Thompson & Derrick Curtis
Mastered by Sandy Finlayson
Artwork: Britt Thomas Brady, Spencer Scudder, Skyler Edwards, Thaddeus Moore

1. Sore Throat 02:56
2. Broken 03:48
3. Streams 03:18
4. Strong Alone 03:54
5. Weep and Rattle 03:38
6. Peacocks and Periwinkles 04:19
7. Streams (Fedbymachines Remix) 04:33
8. Strong Alone (Cogi Remix) 05:06
9. Peacocks and Periwinkles (Deflon Remix) 03:58

wtorek, 16 kwietnia 2013

Rose - Konkret Gastro

Release Date: April 2013

01. Brylant (gramofony Dj Danek, prod. Snoopy)
02. Dodaj Komentarz (prod. Klimek)
03. Obudź Mnie (feat. Kadoen, prod. Snoopy)
04. Mistrz Boksu (feat. Mentor, Adm, Eripe, Quebonafide, prod. Rose)
05. Makarena Po Amarenach (gramofony Dj Garfield, prod. Tdk)
06. PLEBS (prod. Bristol)
07. Rosekmina (gramofony Dj Peksi, prod. Werda)
08. Przerwa Na Wiadro (skit) (prod. Melon)
09. Jumbo Jet (feat. Cira, Młody Fresz, prod. Klimek)
10. Strefa 11 (feat. Kisiel, gramofony Dj Gugatch, prod. Blaze)
11. Nocny Marek (prod. Hz)
12. Dzień Świra (gramofony Dj Danek, prod. Tdk)
13. Konkret Gastro (gramofony Dj Gugatch, prod. Snoopy)
14. Ukryta Prawda + Trudne Sprawy (feat. Werda, prod. Tdk)
15. Związki, Pary, Pantoflary (prod. Samplowany)
16. Student (prod. Melon)
17. ZzZzZz Outro (prod. Werda)

mix: MixTer (03, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16); Pierwsze Piętro Studio (01, 04, 05, 06, 07,
09, 13, 14), Rose (02), Melon Hcc (08), Werda (17)
mastering: Pierwsze Piętro Studio

Ihy - Cosas Del Amor

Release Date: 15 April 2013
Label: inoQuo

It is not known why, but when you jump the spark and found two people arrive, the 'Cosas del amor'. And the environment asks: and what? and is usually respond, because 'Conociéndonos'. Later, in a slightly more intimate contact, will come the 'Preliminares', a space of learning for both parties and prelude to “El Acto '; at this point, binge seizes the relationship and there is only one output, ' El Climax ', ecstasy for the senses. ¿Y después el cigarrillo? Yes, the reward, relax and the satisfaction of a job well done. Are 'Cosas del amor'.

01 conociéndonos
02 preliminares
03 el acto
04 clímax
05 y después, el cigarrillo

poniedziałek, 15 kwietnia 2013

Soker / Tyno - Ponad Miarę

Release Date: 15 April 2013

Premiera albumu "Ponad Miarę" autorstwa duetu MC/producent, czyli Sokera i Tyno - reprezentantów 83-200. O brzmienie krążka zadbał Tyno, który znany jest ze swoich klasycznych produkcji, opartych na samplach. Zaś za mikrofonem mamy przyjemność sprawdzić młodego i zdolnego rapera - Sokera oraz zaproszonych przez nich gości, takich jak: PeeRZet, czy Boxi (834), a także Chudini, Mazik, Mel. Jak przystało na hip-hopową produkcję nie mogło zabraknąć jednego z podstawowych elementów, czyli DJ-ingu, za który odpowiadają: DJ Ike, DJ Te oraz DJ Gugatch. Wypuszczeniem oraz dystrybucją wersji fizycznej zajmuje się wydawnictwo Vibe2NES.

Wojtek Soker, czyli po prostu SOKER, jest reprezentantem 83-200 - Starogardu Gdańskiego. Udzielał się jak dotąd głównie na lokalnej scenie, ostatnio można było go sprawdzić w teledysku m.in. u boku Grubego Mielzkiego w "Wizji Lokalnej: Starogard Gdański". Album "Ponad Miarę" jest pierwszym poważnym (po setce spontanów) projektem w którym uczestniczy od początku do końca. Mało kto na niego liczy, więcej osób go nie zna, lecz wspólnie uważamy, że to idealny czas i miejsce, aby pokazać się szerszemu gronu!

TYNO jest producentem, pochodzącym z tego samego miasta co Soker, lecz obecnie mieszkającym w Trójmieście. Dał się on już poznać szerszemu gronu dzięki swoim muzycznym produkcjom, gdyż wyprodukował m.in. bity na płyty PeeRZeta (w tym także na najnowszy krążek "Z Miłości Do Gry"; Aptaun 2012), Chudiniego, Mazika, Gedza, Jody, czy Racy. Zajmuje się także mixem i masteringiem, co możemy usłyszeć chociażby na albumie Spec & Grucha "Goście". Dodatkowo zachęcamy do sprawdzenia jego mixtape'u pt. "The Greatest".

01. Intro
02. Kiedy Idziesz Po Swoje (cuty DJ Te)
03. Najwyższy Czas (feat. PeeRZet, cuty DJ Gugatch)
04. Eldorado
05. Dobre Mordy (cuty DJ Te)
06. Wiem Co Jest Grane (feat. Chudini, Mazik)
07. Kto Ma Lepiej (feat. Boxi)
08. Ponad miarę (cuty DJ Ike)
09. Nie Ma Co Się Oszukiwać (feat. Mel)
10. Jedno Życie (feat. Karla, cuty DJ Te)
11. Żyje Z Tym (feat. Tyno)
12. Outro

Erik Jackson - The Road Less Traveled (LP)

Release Date: 15 April 2013

"The Road Less Traveled" is the second solo album from the American producer and sound maestro Erik Jackson, self-released back in 2011. 10 tracks of fascinating fusion of acid jazz, drum&bass and lo-fi.

Lifes Interlude
Lonely Road
Meditation In Blue
Saved Me
Feeling Loss
In Blue
The Road Back Home
For Brittney
One More Record
Midnight Thoughts

BostonBeatdown - HNP [Hiss​.​Nod​.​Pop​.​]

Release Date: 27 March 2013

Reflect on times past and look towards a positive future. With a laid back style, HNP possesses an in-your-face calm that nods heads without a doubt. Perfect for a Sunday drive, taking a nightly street stroll, or even kicking back with your feet up in your moms comfy basement.

1. Bluesy 01:50
2. Bump It 01:31
3. Rhylynn 01:38
4. Moonchild 01:43
5. Piece [interlude] 00:43
6. Baleen Morning 03:02
7. Creativity 02:24
8. Premier Inter-view/lude 00:28
9. Always 01:31
10. Dinky Donuts 01:44
11. It Ain't Hard To Tell 01:59
12. Large Pro Inter-view/lude 01:13
13. Catch Me If You Can 02:17

niedziela, 14 kwietnia 2013

Konik & Kuoter - Parę Przemyśleń

Release Date: 12 April 2013

Krążek został stworzony przez toruńsko-warszawski, klasyczny hip-hopowy duet MC/producent, w którym rolę rapera pełni Konik, a produkcją muzyczną od początku do końca zajął się Kuoter (znany m.in. ze współpracy z Pyskatym, Pariasami, czy Roverem). Za mikrofonem, oprócz toruńskiego gospodarza, usłyszymy Junesa (Rap Addix), Rovera i Ensona, a za gramofonami takich jak DJ-ów: Kebs (HIFI Banda), Ace, Klasyk, Who?list!

KONIK jest dwudziestoczteroletnim reprezentantem Torunia. Albumem "Parę Przemyśleń" postanowił zadebiutować na polskiej scenie rapowej, co nie oznacza, że przed mikrofonem stanął dopiero w tym roku, gdyż już przed paroma laty dał się poznać jako uczestnik bitwe freestyle'owych. Nawiązywał współpracę z takimi twórcami jak Enson, Junes, Małpa, Rover, DJ Ike, DJ Ace, czy DJ Kebs.

KUOTER to warszawski producent, rocznik ’89. Muzyką zajmuje się od 7 lat i do tej pory współpracował/współpracuje/bądź będzie współpracował z takimi raperami jak: EMAS, Enson, Pyskaty, Parias, Rover, Spec/Grucha, Leh, Junes, Diset, Czeski, Reks, Hades, Miki (JWP/BC), PRO EBT, Chudini/Mazik, Śmiech, Oldas, Wiciu/Ładzik, Mel, Szyna, Juras, Głowa, Brahu, DJ Ace, DJ Klasyk, DJ Who?list, DJ Kebs, DJ Danek. Na scenie debiutuje wspólnie z Konikiem płytą pt. "Parę Przemyśleń”, której premiera w wersji elektronicznej zaplanowana jest na 12.04.2013 r. (wersja fizyczna w maju).

01. intro (+ Dj Klasyk)
02. Kto mnie zna ten wie
03. Boże czemu (+ Dj Who?List)
04. Czasem
05. 2020 (+ Rover, Enson, Dj Ace)
06. Oni wiedzą lepiej (+ Junes, Dj Klasyk)
07. Serce bije dla nich
08. Twarzą w twarz (+ Dj Klasyk)
09. Parę przemyśleń (+ Dj Kebs)
10. Outro - Zapowiedź (instrumental)

sobota, 13 kwietnia 2013

Vanilla - For What It's Worth

Release Date: 07 January 2013

'For What It's Worth' is a collection of 20 outtakes and loose instrumentals made over the past year that I felt could use a home. There's a slightly jazzier vibe here than my other stuff but overall there's no real unifying theme. I am working hard on the proper follow up to Soft Focus as well as some other major projects so hopefully 2013 should be an eventful year... 

1. Intro (Feat. Bagul) 00:41
2. Azure 03:02
3. Days 01:41
4. Breezy 02:40
5. This Time 03:03
6. Travels 01:40
7. 2gether 02:46
8. The Mood 00:44
9. Wishiknew 02:21
10. Stuff 01:31
11. DSR 02:27
12. Kalimba 02:06
13. Rashida 03:44
14. To Me / Soiree 01:36
15. VLNTN 02:22
16. UrLuv 00:53
17. Moonbeamz 02:10
18. Mind Ctrl 00:43
19. Better With U 01:33
20. Touch 02:46

piątek, 12 kwietnia 2013

Substak ‎– Mutant

Release Date: 11 April 2013

1. Mutant 1
2. Mutant 2

Torus - Yard Sale EP

Release Date: 12 March 2013

To celebrate both the one year anniversary of Sonic Router Records and the milestone of our first release, the young Dutch producer, Torus, returns a year to the day with a brand new 5 track EP. Made up of three original tracks and remixes from Parisian producer Dream Koala and Californian artist Spaceghost, it’s the freely downloadable/pay-what-you-want bridge between his first self-titled EP and his follow up, the Feeel EP which is currently slated for a June release.

Across the original tracks Torus builds deftly on the sense of mood he created with his first release. At first sprawling himself over ‘2mrrw’ and ‘Leaves’ - two tracks who’s strength lies in the way they stretch themselves out through slow builds and found sounds – he hits harder than ever before with the pronounced kick drum of ‘Shallow Depth’, showing a different, more club focused, side to his production.

1. 2mrrw 06:11
2. Leaves 03:06
3. Shallow Depth 03:16
4. 2mrrw (Dream Koala Remix) 03:58
5. Shallow Depth (Spaceghost Remix) 03:51

czwartek, 11 kwietnia 2013

Mista 93 - Hypnotic Boom Bap (LP)

Release Date: 08 April 2013

"Hypnotic Boom Bap" is the 5th album from the monstrous producer/beatsmith/emcee Mista 93 for Dusted Wax Kingdom. Another collection of mind touching phat boom bap beats with uplifting power and mellow chillness.

1. A Tzar & Autocrat
2. Abstract Visions
3. Sado Mazo
4. Zen Stamina
5. Defendin' The Crown
6. I'm Ur Mellow Fellow
7. Hash & Blunt
8. Parabolic Jazz Production
9. Hypnotic Boom Bap
10. ADI (Ad Infinitum)
11. Spiritual Hypnosis
12. As Time Passes
13. Hopeless
14. One Soul Hungry For A Whisper
15. Horror & Moral Terror
16. Betrayal
17. Remember Me

środa, 10 kwietnia 2013

Mistik / Opiat - Światmistyka

Release Date: March 2013

Album młodego wrocławskiego rapera Mistika to w głównej mierze hołd oddany w kierunku klasycznie brzmiącego rapu. Na płycie, oprócz pełnoprawnych studyjnych tracków, znajdziemy również freestylowe sety, dzięki którym autor dał się poznać lokalnej hip-hopowej społeczności. Za warstwę muzyczną odpowiedzialny jest OPIAT (Studio Pali Się).

01. Intro Dirty Sounds
02. I Love you So
03. Wiem czego chce feat. LOGIC
04. Flow ( Freestyle )
05. Ja
06. Vinyl vs Mp3 Freestyle Skit
07. Stal feat. HEMO, KRUK
08. Tydzień
09. Czy sa tu moi ludzie ?
10. Pasjonaci feat. KRUK
11. Outro

wtorek, 9 kwietnia 2013

FloFilz - Keineideeistneu

Release Date: 07 April 2013
Label: Radio Juicy

1. Gitdown 03:55
2. Keineideeistneu 02:42
3. MVP 03:05
4. Rotblau 03:37
5. Sippin 04:05
6. Gitdown (Instrumental) 04:05
7. Keineideeistneu (Instrumental) 02:42
8. Rotblau (Instrumental) 03:37
9. Sippin (Instrumental) 04:05

poniedziałek, 8 kwietnia 2013

Decade - Shatterpoint EP

Release Date: March 2013

Decade has kindly decided to give away yet another release of his, this time in the form of a 5 track EP!!

1. Re-Enter
2. Shields
3. Tell Her
4. Tiger Face
5. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam BONUS TRACK

niedziela, 7 kwietnia 2013

Co - Horizon EP

Release Date: April 2013
Label: Skwer

1. The Skyland Seeker
2. Everybody's Gone
3. The Empty Fridge
4. Shut Up! You're Talking Nonsense
5. The Pep
6. X (feat. Wojtek Cichoń)
7. Hidden Horizon

piątek, 5 kwietnia 2013

Ogi Feel The Beat - Lately (EP)

Release Date: 01 April 2013

The Serbian beatsmith and producer known as Ogi Feel The Beat debuts on Dusted Wax Kingdom with his "Lately" EP. 7 tracks of delightful trip-hop/instrumental hip-hop mellowness with bright spring aroma.

1. Life Is A Sea (feat. Angel Dee)
2. Lagoon
3. Too Loud
4. Lately
5. Love Is A Vibe
6. Same Situation
7. Throw The Past Day

Odjbox & Pierre - Birth​/​Bin' Thinkin'

Release Date: 04 April 2013

1. Birth 06:05
2. Bin' Thinkin' 04:04

czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2013

Rowlf The Dawg - Ova EP

Release Date: February 2013
Label: Skwer

1. Owner
2. Blur
3. Lost

BLEE - BLEE Project

Release Date: 31 March 2013

BLEE Project is dedicated to all the music collectors out there. One of my good friend "Aki" of Cosmos Record in Toronto Canada is owner of the shop. His record shop is known as one of the 
best record shop in north america. Aki owns super rare records that no one can ever find. One day, Aki and I started to talking about making an EP by using his collection. . 
Since then, we started to gather samples and started to making tracks for it. Even though, this is not a full length album, this project was very special and gave me whole lot of motivations to work harder and continue to collect great music records. 
Collecting music albums are not easy to do these days. There are just too many ways to download as mp3 and also just stream it without buying the album. 
I just wanted to show some respect to all the collectors and I am glad to start the year with project like this. 
Much love to Aki for giving me this opportunity! 

1. Intro ft Soul Natural 02:23
2. Guilty by Association featuring Jas Mace of The 49ers 02:51
3. Hiphop Globe featuring ABD, Zillah, Soul Natural 03:49
4. Freedom 01:35
5. Posses Remix featuring Prince Po, Othello, Poems 04:31
6. Give it all you got featuring Soul Natural 02:32
7. Outro 01:02
8. Guilty by Association [Instrumental] 02:51
9. Hiphop Globe [Instrumental] 03:49
10. Posses Remix [Instrumental] 04:31
11. Give it all you got [Instrumental] 02:32

środa, 3 kwietnia 2013

Hary - Jeśli My Tego Nie Zniszczymy, Nikt Tego Nie Zniszczy

Release Date: March 2013

01. Rurki (prod.El Presidente)
02. Lejdi$ feat. Stochu (prod.Hary)
03. Głód (prod.Hary)
04. Spokój w bloku feat. Lejzihood (prod.Hary&MP)
05. Gwiazdy (prod.Hary)
06. Rykoszet (prod.El.Presidente)
07. Mur (prod.Hary)
08. Zielone jabłka feat.Duchu (prod.Hary)
09. Dumny (prod.Hary)
10. Bez słów (prod.Hary)

wtorek, 2 kwietnia 2013

Zoomo - Stance

Release Date: 01 April 2013

1. 1luv 01:12
2. Bluecandy 01:11
3. War 01:26
4. Lamp 01:17
5. T(x) 01:24
6. Jobs 01:06

poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2013

Feyorz - Luvxplrers

Release Date: 28 March 2013

1. my eyes were made for u 04:12
2. nevaleav ft. boho fau 02:29
3. young & lovely 03:32
4. if I had a chance 04:15
5. in the moonlight 03:12
6. need4u ft. gillepsy 03:23
7. table dance 02:20
8. reason 02:55
9. satisfaction 04:05
10. away we stay 02