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Centz - Time Away (LP)

Release Date: 26 November 2012

"After The Inland Sea Collection and Multiverse, American beatsmith Centz drops his third LP for Dusted Wax Kingdom. 17 tripnotic samples-based tracks, cooked up with abstract ingredients, phat drum breaks and lovely psychedelic spices."

Time Away
Coming Back
Nomads Home
Just For Show
Tunnel Vision
When The Dog Bites
Underwater Circus
A Bit Of Nostalgia
Fading Out
Vanishing Act
Magnificent Bastard
Nine Lives
By The Second
Just Like Waves
Vanishing Act (Eufoteoria Remix)

Ruido - Randomness EP

Release Date: 23 November 2012

"Ruido presents his debut EP on PIR▲.MD Records; “Randomness”. This 9-beat EP is a collection of inedit electronic beats composed with analog instruments like Roland SP-404 sampler, turntables, drum machines, synths and field recordings. Ruido is an excellent architect of future beats. Enjoy it! "

1.Intro 02:05
2.Tortugas Hacia el Mar 04:04
3.Decepción 03:12
4.Consola 03:36
5.Pateame (Interludio) 02:07
6.Bones 02:51
7.Nos Vemos Luego 03:51
8.No Olvides Soñ▲r 03:22
9.Tercera Sección (Bonus Track) 02:55

OFRO – Fossil Feelings

Release Date: November 2012
Label: Cuntroll

Artist: OFRO
Name(album): Fossil Feelings
Country: Russia, Australia
Style: Dub, Hip-Hop
Format: mp-3, 320kbps
Label: Cuntroll
Catalog#: 057
Time: 18:24 min
Size: ~ 47 mb

01 Before I think
02 Fear not of Zen
03 Fossil Feelings
04 Workahontas

Mallow - Nimbus Land

Release Date: 20 November 2012

1.Together At Last 02:20
2.Geno Blast 04:32
3.Lullaby 1 01:27
4.Fish Hook 03:53
5.This Sh$$ is Min3 03:05
6.Lullaby 2 02:00
7.The Planets Are Smilling At You 02:20
8.Shocks, Locks, and Shambles 02:57
9.Giant Stroll 02:37
10.Soul pattern 2.5 01:44

Ibn Inglor - TheComp

Release Date: November 2012

"This December, emcee Ibn Inglor will release his debut street album, Gawdspeed, for free download at DJBooth.net. To help all of his prospective fans "catch up," the Altgeld Gardens, Chicago native has released TheComp, a collection of records that have either previously been released or that didn’t make the cut for the album. Included on TheComp tape are previously-featured selections "Heads Down," "XXX," "Lordy Lord" and "Colors." 

Joining Inglor on the 11-track project is fellow Booth buzzmaker G-Scott, as well as Jean Deaux, Joel Quentez and True Story. Original production comes courtesy of E.N.O.N Jacobs, G14, Kareem Virgo, PGMW and Sango."

01.Gold [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
02.XXX (ft. Joel Quentez and True Story) [prod. PGMW]
03.Lordy Lord (ft. G-Scott) [prod. Kareem Virgo]
04.Colors [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
05.Old War [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
06.Song for Bitches [prod. PGMW]
07.Clouds (ft. Jean Deaux) [prod. Sango]
08.Moon [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
09.On My Life [prod. G14]
10.Hate on Me - Ibn Inglor and True Story
11.Heads Down [prod. Clams Casino]

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Fabolous - The Soul Tape 2

Release Date: November 2012
Label: Def Jam/IDJMG

"Rap veteran Fabolous returns to the DJBooth, once again on Thanksgiving day, with a follow-up to last year's The S.O.U.L. Tape. On the appropriately-titled new mixtape The S.O.U.L. Tape 2 the Brooklyn native is joined by guests J. Cole, Joe Budden, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor, Troy Ave, Wale and more. Previously-featured tracks include the StreetRunner-produced "For The Love." 
While discussing the new tape, Fab explained "[It's] different from some of the other music that I normally do or put out through my other releases. We kept the vibe and the music kind of soulful, sample-influenced. This one, I think I have a little bit more…" 
Fabolous plans to release his sixth studio album, Loso's Way 2: Rise to Power, sometime in early 2013."

02.For The Love [prod. Streetrunner]
03.BITE [prod. Teddy Da Don]
04.We Get High [prod. C Sick]
05.Diamonds [prod. Mally The Martian Hype]
06.Guess Whos Bizzack (ft. Broadway) [prod. Mally The Martian]
07.Louis Vuitton (ft. J. Cole)
08.Life Is So Exciting (ft. Pusha T) [prod. The Arsenals and Sarah J]
09.Only Life I Know (ft. Troy Ave) [prod. John Scino]
10.Diced Pineapples (ft. Trey Songz and Cassie) [prod. Cardiak]
11.Beauty (ft. Wale) [prod. AraabMuzik]
12.Want You Back (ft. Joe Budden and Teyana Taylor) [prod. Sonaro]

Michal Menert & Break Science - Twilight Frequency

Release Date: 13 November 2012
Break Science: Break Science Music
Michal Menert: http://michalmenert.com/

Michal Menert:
Colorado-based Michal Menert comes from a complex musical background of playing guitar, keyboards, and dabbling in a variety of other instruments giving him a unique approach to composing his own style. Menert co-produced the debut Pretty Lights album, Taking Up Your Precious Time, released his first solo album, Dreaming of a Bigger Life in the Spring of 2010, and most recently dropped the mega-LP, Even If It Isn’t Right in April 2012. He also performs with Paul Basic under the moniker Half Color. His sound combines obscure vintage samples from both Eastern European and Western vinyl with rich analog synthesis and organic hard hitting beats. It is a fusion of yesterday’s elements and tomorrow’s ideas. 

Break Science:
The Brooklyn based electronic duo, Break Science kick off 2012 with the release of their second EP entitled Monolith Code (Pretty Lights Music). As seasoned producers and touring veterans, Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee have produced and performed with everyone from The Fugees, Wu Tang Clan, and Talib Kweli, to reggae Lee Scratch Perry and Miles Davis collaborator, John Scofield. On Monolith Code, Break Science evokes a wide spectrum of electronic genres filtered through a musician's lens, all while moving people spiritually AND on the dance floor. 

1.Electric Touch 04:15
2.Out My Window 03:46
3.Throwback 02:48
4.All Eyes On You 04:07
5.Goin Down 04:10

Kognitif - My Space World (LP)

Release Date: 22 November 2012

"The French beatsmith/producer Kongnitif decided to unleash his debut (originally self-published) album "My Space World" through Dusted Wax Kingdom. The release contains 16 instrumental tracks composed of lovely jazz and swing samples, phat drum breaks, psychedelic progressions and scratches."

Strange Day
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Street Life
My Space World
Rock Lock
Silk Street (feat. Xta Knightsbridge)
Sexy Brown
Another Jungle
Soul And Blade
Light For My Missing
Blue Speed
Before Long
Global Issues
Rocket Trip
Wake Up
Toxic Shock

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Tammio - Unknown Worlds (LP)

Release Date: 19 November 2012

"Tammio is a one man music project (originally called Don't Core and started in 2007) by the Moscow based musician/producer Eugene Sonkin. His debut release "Unknown Worlds" is saturated with dark urban atmosphere, melancholic cinematic elements and heavy drum breaks."

Unknown Worlds
Andrei Rublev
Among The People
Russian Soul
City Lights
In Your Dreams
Black Ocean

Audiokonstrukte – Sending Echoes

Release Date: 19 November 2012

1.Andromeda 05:03
2.Blue Sky, Black Wave 04:57
3.Closer 04:13
4.Continuum 04:13
5.Credo 05:26
6.Lab 31 Am Wasser 06:08
7.Mandala 04:17
8.Relief 05:30
9.Solaris 04:15
10.Some Miles 04:55
11.Speed Alpine 04:05
12.Valley 04:16
13.We Chant The Dub 04:36

Father OhmikRon – Trivilation

Release Date: 19 October 2012
Label: Deep In Dub

"Hi peoples, I’m glad to present you this new release, of course dub techno music !
Misterious Father Ohmikron will be the driver to the planet trivilation, with warmed distorted chords, dubby structures, sometimes deep & smooht, sometimes more techno dub, spacey intros, dubby kicks…will take you to trivilation several time.
let’s go start listening and downloading to understand the soul of this dubby man from deepest Hungary !!!
This release is offered also in digital download to support label costs !"

01 – Defected ( 10:50 )
02 – Let Jah Come ( 10:48 )
03 – Plagi Dub Disko ( 7:39 )
04 – Trivilation ( 10:40 )

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Various - Taktsammlung #03

Release Date: 19 November 2012
Label: Gleichtakt

"The Netaudio Label Gleichtakt Records was founded by
Alexander Senge on August 17. 2009. With the Motto "music are feelings, don't
pay for feelings" our artists present you their music. Because our music
represents our feelings and we want to share them with you, regardless of your
financial situation. All works will be released in MP3 under the Creative
Commons License. Gleichtakt Records supports new and young talents.

The sound of Gleichtakt Records stays mainly within the Minimal range. But other genres
also get the opportunity to release on Gleichtakt Records. On special releases,
genres like Trance and Techno will be released."

#1   Pasquale Maassen - Wer die Sonne
#2   Hans Philippsen - Here i is
#3   Freshbass - Dark Descent
#4   Olive Martini - Strucky like
#5   Freakbox - Funland
#6   Adria Pearl - Kollektiv
#7   Karl Kobonir - Replaceable
#8  Fingers in the Noise - Zoom
#9   Christoph Schindling - Eierkuchendub
#10  Substak - Deimos

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Deep Shoq - Life of Swing (EP)

Release Date: 15 October 2012

"The second attempt to conquer the playlists of picky music lovers characterizes by the shades of mellow beats, electronica, neo-soul, soft dubstep, house and goes under the name of „Life of Swing“ (not Swag). 
You will hardly distinguish direct ties to the style of dancing from 1930s, but the atmosphere of „Life of Swing” definitely arouses some feet-tap and head-nod moves. 
Anyway, Deep Shoq conveys the idea of a swing – part of the world (including himself) is swaying ¬– ups and downs, hesitations between different moods, positions, styles, flavours. 
The new EP consists of 9 equivalent and orbicular pieces (+ 2 Bonus tracks) . 
Collaborations with local and foreign artists is the thing your ears must notice. It includes distinctive voice of London based mc/vocalist Joleon Davenue and Chantelle Nandi from Maverick Sabre’s band, Canadian singer Eric Nicholas and Lithuanian soulstress Kotryna. 

Sincere Thank you in advance for listening."

Sound engineering: Šarūnas Meškys
Cover art: Aistė Jakimavičiūtė

1. Desire (ft. Joleon Davenue) 04:03
2. Wulin Water 04:09
3. By the channel 03:46
4. Chrystal flashbacks 03:23
5. Redemption (ft. Joleon Davenue & Chantelle Nandi) 03:48
6. Need to feed (ft. Kotryna) 03:12
7. Fool without you (ft. Eric Nicholas) 04:02
8. Make dis choize (Need to flip) (ft. Kotryna) 03:29
9. Sip the heat 03:29

The Fucked Up Beat — Threnodies for Schizophrenic Seas

Release Date: 15 November 2012
Label: Haze

Written, Recorded, Produced by The Fucked Up Beat
Before, During and After A Storm in October/November
Mixed and Mastered in New York, NY.
Schizo Beats/Field Recordings by B.Zehner.
Sounds/Instruments by E.Palmer.
Released Under a Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0.
This Album uses samples in the public domain.

1. Schizophrenic Trees/ A Storm 03:11
2. Scorpio Weather Cult/ Who Walked All Night with their shoes full of blood on the Showbank Docks waiting for a door in the East River to open to a room full of Steamheat and Opium 04:09
3. Supermarket Goods Escape and Terrorize Local Shoppers/ and rose to build Harpsichords in their lofts 03:16
4. A Sea Shanty For Staten Island Ships/ Holy the Solitudes of Skyscrapers and Pavements! 03:12
5. The War Diary and Photographs of a Flying Steamboat Pilot 01:36
6. Nostalgia Poem for Deep Sea Forest/ who jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge 05:02
7. Wall Street Gas Panic/ who were burned alive in their innocent flannel suits on Madison Avenue 04:08
8. Dawn in New York has Four Columns of Mire and a Hurricane of Black Pigeons Splashing In The Putrid Waters 03:58
9. Dying Planet Sends Christmas Message to Earth/ whose soul is electricity! and banks 03:23
10. Mariner Dirge/ where we are great writers on the same dreadful typewriter, in the the western night 06:36

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Yan Olsen - Hydrostatic

Release Date: 18 November 2012
Label: Energostatic

1. Bodefields
2. Coral
3. Glacier
4. Rolling clouds

Meltphase - Ćmotyl EP

Release Date: November 2012
Label: Skwer

1. To samo uczucie, to samo piękno
2. Głupi ludzie
3. Nic
4. Ćmotyl

James Watts - Good/Grief EP

Release Date: November 2012

"Jersey emcee/producer James Watts has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Good/Grief EP. 
An autobiographical project chronicling his activities during his recent hiatus from the game, the six-track EP is his first release since 2010's The Very Worst Of... street album. Included is reader-approved lead single "All of the Way." Joining Watts on the guest tip throughout Good/Grief are Rocki Evans, Jason Caesar, Navegante and more. All production comes courtesy of the artist himself. "

01.All Of The Way (ft. Navegante)
02.Got To Explain (ft. Drea)
03.Beautiful Monster (ft. Jason Caesar & Miles Cody)
04.The Old You
05.Only Friend (ft. Rocki Evans)

Connor Evans - #GreenLightLife

Release Date: November 2012

"Redlands, California recording artist Connor Evans has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest project release, the #GreenLightLife EP. 
The project features five original jams from the up-and-coming rhymesayer, including singles "Apollo 2013" and "Home to the West." Evans rocks the mic solo throughout #GreenLightLife, which features production by BHB and TellingBeatz. "

01.Coastin' [prod. BHB]
02.More Like a Suggestion [prod. BHB]
03.Believe [prod. BHB]
04.Apollo 2013 [prod. BHB]
05.Home to the West [prod. Tellingbeatz]

Nye - Jackrabbit Ep

Release Date: 12 November 2012
Label: Yo! Netlabel

"Nye is a California Born Artist who's stylings originate in ambient and r&b coupled with
heavy stylings with synth music and intricate bass lines and heavy hitting riffs.
Originating in The underground electronic scene of Los angeles with albums like "A.M
Transmissions" and "Aquamarine"Nye during his formative years of producing music
had undergone a personal and professional change within his music changing tones
from high hitting bass to low synths and growling bass lines. Currently Nye is
Experimenting with multiple genres and collaborating with Chicago Rapper and
Producer Quays for a new album entitled "Squared" slate for release in early summer
of 2013. Nye draws his inspiration From a variety of Artist including mf DOOM, Flying
lotus and urban jazz classics."

1. Antennas
2. June of 95
3. Ruins
4. Lost signal

Bady - Wiesz co jest grane

Release Date: November 2012

"Bady - MC z Gorzowa Wielkopolskiego działający na rodzimej scenie od 2003 roku, ma on na koncie 6 albumów w podziemu w tym 2 projekty solowe. Należał on do takich lokalnych ekip jak BMP i KonflikT. W 2011 roku ukazał się pierwszy solowy album artysty "Przechodzę Do Sedna",  a rok później wyszedł jego drugi solowy album "Wiesz Co Jest Grane"."

1. Właśnie ja (feat Pelzone)
2. Gorzowski funk
3. Zostaniemy tu na zawsze (feat Erde)
4. Chcę
5. Dzisiaj wiem
6. Obojętne (feat Ostry)
7. Okno
8. Wpadłeś do gry
9. Wiesz co jest grane
10. Pieprzony hardkor
11. Bałagan w głowie
12. Rób co lubisz
13. Słodkie kłamstwa
14. Sami nie znaczymy nic
15. Kronika chwil (feat, Wujas, Enson)

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Kwartz – Spiral Of Silence EP

Release Date: 15 November 2012

"Welcome to the release number 14 of Cicuta Netlabel. From time to time, in all areas of life, there is a person who stands on the other by his extraordinary talent. Talking with them, you can perceive something special, a kind of aura that surrounds to the electeds. In this EP we really think we’ve hit one of those people, from Madrid, we want present you Kwartz…

Kwartz offers us three tracks, a perfect intro to start any set, and two super deep tracks, the kind of music that do not get tired of listening once and over in your music player…

About remixers, first we have the Swedish duo Scouts In Bondage, who one of this components is the legendary Mattias Fridell, with which we already have been working in our seventh release. This duo is characterized by making a very dancefloor techno, and despite having relatively not much time working, have gathered the support of the heavyweights of the global techno scene. Surely you will be surprised…

Another artist is CBTØ, artist with whom we already had in the eight release of Cicuta. Not much to add to what we told you about Jorge. Andalusian quality 100%…

Finally, from Drugstore, we don’t want to lose the opportunity to remix one of the tracks of Kwartz, giving it all the power and strength of our techno understanding.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel."

01.Kwartz - Introduction To Spiral
02.Kwartz - Spiral Of Silence
03.Kwartz - Silence Turns To Violence
04.Kwartz - Silence Turns To Violence (Scouts In Bondage
05.Kwartz - Silence Turns To Violence (CBT0 Deep Field)
06.Kwartz - Silence Turns To Violence (Drugstore Remix)

Artwork: David Collado
Photography: Remoto

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Anitek - Extralocal (EP)

Release Date: 12 November 2012

""Extralocal" EP is a collaboration between two NJ musicians: producer Anitek & guitarist Eric Condevaux; recorded overseas in Switzerland in less than a week. You will hear a variety of jazz, blues, & reggae progressions mixed with occasional funk and layered with a mellow trip-hop backdrop."

1. Square One
2. Outlandish
3. Natural Form
4. Float
5. Seasons
6. Counterpart
7. Paudex
8. Kodocha
9. In Route
10. Dobro Wax

D1 - Political Love Story EP

Release Date: 05 November 2012

"Ohio singer/songwriter/producer D1 has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Political Love Story EP. 

The follow-up to March's Soul Blue tape, the EP is a conceptual project telling the story of teenager inspired to enlist in the military after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Included among its six tracks is reader-approved lead single "A Patriot's Act." Fellow Columbus native Copywrite joins D1 on "Fall in Line," as the project’s only guest feature. D1 produces the entire project, enlisting instrumental support from guitarist Jorge Gavidia, bassist G Koop and keyboardist Kate Hillson. 

Not pushing the political agenda of Democrats nor Republicans, Political Love Story is a call to arms on rallying the public to seek truth and putting an end to blind patriotism. "

01.Bricks (Introduction) [prod. D1]
02.A Patriot's Act [prod. D1]
03.The Fox and Hound [prod. D1]
04.Change [prod. D1]
05.Fall In Line (ft. Copywrite) [prod. D1]
06.Revolt [prod. D1]

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Hermético - Isaku

Release Date: 11 November 2012
Label: inoQuo

"InoQuo's label owner, Hermético, strikes back with Isaku EP, three techno tracks totally focused on the dancefloor. From his latest tracks, his music is getting harder, and this is another step in that direction. So, play it loud at the club and enjoy dancing this new inoQuo release."

1 - warm-up!
2 - isaku
3 - daisy daisy

Various - Radio Juicy presents: Fear And Loathing In Beats

Release Date: 07 November 2012

"The good folks at Radio Juicy (Heidelberg, Germany) brought us this unbelievable 80 minutes cassette tape compilation. The roster, mostly made of German producers, is absolutely delicious. Offering a contemporary view on independent beat-making, bringing Old School and modern spaced out hip hop vibes together. Fear And Loathing In Beats is an ode to that eerie feeling you have when high on music. "

Curated by Radio Juicy (DJ WooD, DJ Timix und Phoube)
- soundcloud.com/radiojuicy
Artwork by Alexander Brade
- alexbrade.de
Cassettes made at 100AKRES
- 100Akres.com

1. Funkbademeister - Lifesaver Techniques 02:45
2. Knowsum - Blöderbeat 02:49
3. Lazy Jones - Zoot 03:03
4. Wun Two - nodini 01:52
5. Flitz & Suppe - GoldenDisk 02:49
6. SNKA - Purple Pills 01:46
7. Budd Hello - Viel zu kalt 03:43
8. !ngvar - Flashback 02:25
9. MC Eiht - Life I Chose (Je$u$ remix) 03:08
10. Amin PaYnE - Let Down 02:18
11. MettphoniC - Protohype 02:53
12. Mono:Massive - Keep Relaxin 03:26
13. BlaZzCo - fearundso 02:30
14. FunkaHolic - Back to the Roots 04:22
15. Figub Brazlevič - Come Get Some 03:11
16. JA:KOVA - Munchies 01:51
17. Hazeem - Yantraflower 02:17
18. MecsTreeM - Supreme Stromtrooper Edition 02:49
19. Lukitoloko - Force Sleep 02:00
20. BEN BADA BOOM - Pitch Blake 02:37
21. Melodiesinfonie - Atonalkonflikt 03:45
22. Toetensen - Mescal Springs - Under My Skin 03:31
23. Peter Thermometer - Toys 03:00
24. MCV - F.A.L.S.E. 03:11
25. Phoube - Variation der Konstante 02:31
26. JimboMATSUMOTO - Space 01:53
27. JayLotus - End Of The Line 02:15
28. Ol' Dirty Bastard - I Can't Wait (Je$u$ remix) 03:47

Potatohead People - Kosmichemusik EP

Release Date: 06 November 2012

"The Vancouver/Montreal duo Potatohead People (Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical) display some of their most refined work on the third installment in their catalogue, "Kosmichemusik EP". Continuing with their signature mellow synth-jazz hip-hop sound, Kosmichemusik features Detroit rapper Frank Nitt (Frank N Dank), Vancouver veteran Moka Only and vocalist Claire Mortifee. Contributors lend their unique vocal styles to tracks composed of samples, live instruments and hard hitting drums. "

Available FREE for one week only, dont miss out!

Produced by Potatohead People
Mastered by Dave Pimentel

Cover Art by Matt Andres

1. Kosmichemusik 02:50
2. It Gets Good ft. Moka Only 02:23
3. Blossoms ft. Claire Mortifee 03:30
4. Love Hz 02:25
5. Back To My Shit ft. Frank Nitt 03:07
6. Journey 02:28

Nora Naughty - Parts Of My Life (EP)

Release Date: 08 November 2012

"Five years after the debut My Diary EP, the Hungarian DJ/producer Nora Naughty is back with another release for Dusted Wax Kingdom. "Parts Of My Life" is saturated with her specific melancholic cinematic sound, vigorous drum patterns and unique sampling technics."

1. You And Me
2. All Time Love
3. Walker
4. Deep Down
5. Comming Up
6. All You Need Is Love
7. What You Are To Me
8. The Lovers
9. He Is Gone
10. The Help

poniedziałek, 5 listopada 2012

Beta Hector - Morning Train EP

Release Date: 01 November 2012
Label: Tru Thoughts

"This free EP features the original version of Morning Train, an acoustic version and the Simonsound Remix, as well as a bonus cut; Boi Peixe Theme.
The original song, featuring Rosi Lalor on vocals, is re-imagined by The Simonsound as mythical adventure story, told using analogue synthesisers, Optigan orchestra, home made percussion, pre recorded flute replayed and performed on reel to reel tape machine, and a scattering of voices plucked from the ether."

1. Morning Train feat. Dionne Charles 03:56
2. Morning Train feat. Dionne Charles (Acoustic) 03:11
3. Trust Me feat. Rosi Lalor (The Simonsound Remix) 04:43
4. Boi Peixe Theme feat. Boi Peixe 04:26

Bones The Beat Head - The Repertory (Volume One) (EP)

Release Date: 05 November 2012

""The Repertoary (Volume One)" is the first one of planned instrumental album series by the German producer Bones The Beat Head. The release contains 15 amazing instrumental jazzy boom-bap beats, outcome of deep digging and skillful production."

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Third3ye - Earth Raps EP

Release Date: 02 November 2012

The Earth Raps EP is our first official compilation of music, and marks the beginning of our journey as a collaboration of like-minded artists, musicians, and free spirits. 
The EP largely reflects our views on spirituality and life, and will hopefully serve as motivation for the free-thinkers of society to join our cypher on the multiple theories that make up our existence. 
Peace and love from the Third3ye crew: 
Angelo King // MelowDownz // Edward Waaka // SwervinMervin // DJ Toru

Third3ye has been humbled by the feedback on our music to date, so we want to spread peace and love and say thank you to all who have pushed our music, lended us a hand or an ear, and helped us in any way possible to further our journey. 
A big mention must go to the hours of work put in by our man Edward Waaka on producing, mixing, and mastering the Earth Raps EP, and also to SwervinMervin for his masterful production skills in creating our unique Third3ye sound. 
We would also like to thank all the musicians, artists, and radio djs we have met along the way. In particular, Liam Moore aka City for our amazing EP art, Jason Turuwhenua for his contribution to the EP, Edgar Mahon for his belief and support in the Third3ye movement, Tony Douglas for the work he has done in helping us get our visuals out there, and to the people of Base FM and bFM for having us onboard. Also love to Reuben Grey for his work in filming us, and to Tess Rose and Elise Wilson for welcoming us into their homes on a weekly basis! 

Most importantly, love to Buddha, the Creator, and to Mother Earth. 
Peace be the journey.

1. Activation 02:28
2. Dreamtime 03:10
3. P3ace (feat. Edward Waaka) 03:41
4. Moments 03:38
5. Heart Decide (feat. Edward Waaka) 03:21

Frenchfire - [shhht_17]

Release Date: 02 November 2012
Label: Silenced

"A rare talent, waiting for your recognition, this is FREnchfire. How this guy is still bubbling under the radar is a mystery to us. His music is so striking, it seems obvious there's a big audience out there looking forward to these smooth hypnotic sounds. Every song on the 5-track EP is a masterpiece, up for free download. Get yours!

all songs made by Alex Lowther-Harris, 
vocals for "junkie" by ill chill"

1. plejj 04:07
2. prime 03:31
3. junkie 03:53
4. delerious 04:44
5. current girl 03:52

DJ Racy A.J - Cypher 8812 (LP)

Release Date: 01 November 2012

"From the forgotten underground outskirts of Kiev here comes the fourth album by DJ Racy A.J. "Cypher 8812" is an incredible bouquet of love, dedication, perfect harmony and emotions; the magic of entire universe reproduced in 90 enchanting minutes."

czwartek, 1 listopada 2012

8prn - Time Waste

Release Date: 30 October 2012

"Jellyfish Recordings is proud to present 8prn's debut EP Time Waste which will be available for free download for one week only 

8prn is Vancouver based producer Patrick Holland. He mixes a clean digital sound with the over driven grit of analog, offering downtempo IDM filled with field recordings, off-kilter beats, lo-fi samples and tweaked vocals. "

1. About me ft. Francesca Belcourt 03:24
2. Woman 04:20
3. King of 03:35
4. DWT 04:24
5. Solow 05:42