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Beta Hector - Morning Train EP

Release Date: 01 November 2012
Label: Tru Thoughts

"This free EP features the original version of Morning Train, an acoustic version and the Simonsound Remix, as well as a bonus cut; Boi Peixe Theme.
The original song, featuring Rosi Lalor on vocals, is re-imagined by The Simonsound as mythical adventure story, told using analogue synthesisers, Optigan orchestra, home made percussion, pre recorded flute replayed and performed on reel to reel tape machine, and a scattering of voices plucked from the ether."

1. Morning Train feat. Dionne Charles 03:56
2. Morning Train feat. Dionne Charles (Acoustic) 03:11
3. Trust Me feat. Rosi Lalor (The Simonsound Remix) 04:43
4. Boi Peixe Theme feat. Boi Peixe 04:26

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