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Third3ye - Earth Raps EP

Release Date: 02 November 2012

The Earth Raps EP is our first official compilation of music, and marks the beginning of our journey as a collaboration of like-minded artists, musicians, and free spirits. 
The EP largely reflects our views on spirituality and life, and will hopefully serve as motivation for the free-thinkers of society to join our cypher on the multiple theories that make up our existence. 
Peace and love from the Third3ye crew: 
Angelo King // MelowDownz // Edward Waaka // SwervinMervin // DJ Toru

Third3ye has been humbled by the feedback on our music to date, so we want to spread peace and love and say thank you to all who have pushed our music, lended us a hand or an ear, and helped us in any way possible to further our journey. 
A big mention must go to the hours of work put in by our man Edward Waaka on producing, mixing, and mastering the Earth Raps EP, and also to SwervinMervin for his masterful production skills in creating our unique Third3ye sound. 
We would also like to thank all the musicians, artists, and radio djs we have met along the way. In particular, Liam Moore aka City for our amazing EP art, Jason Turuwhenua for his contribution to the EP, Edgar Mahon for his belief and support in the Third3ye movement, Tony Douglas for the work he has done in helping us get our visuals out there, and to the people of Base FM and bFM for having us onboard. Also love to Reuben Grey for his work in filming us, and to Tess Rose and Elise Wilson for welcoming us into their homes on a weekly basis! 

Most importantly, love to Buddha, the Creator, and to Mother Earth. 
Peace be the journey.

1. Activation 02:28
2. Dreamtime 03:10
3. P3ace (feat. Edward Waaka) 03:41
4. Moments 03:38
5. Heart Decide (feat. Edward Waaka) 03:21

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