piątek, 20 marca 2015

Fanu - Strange Lights

Release Date: 21.03.2015

Few weeks ago I've finally manage to buy one of my beloved dnb albums - Homefree on 3LP.
Today, Fanu dropped free package with some of the new stuff. 
I'm just delighted :)

1. Sleepwalking 05:08
2. Dreamers' Union 04:59
3. Beetroots And Felt Boots 04:29
4. Jive 05:58
5. Plaisir 04:48
6. Neverending 05:28
7. Frost Flower 06:20
8. Dunes 04:35

czwartek, 19 marca 2015

Paul Kikuchi - Bat of No Bird Island

Release Date: 28.03.2015

Paul Kikuchi is a percussionist, composer, and sound artist whose work explores a wide range of styles – from chamber music to soundscape ecology – while also considering specificity of site and material, differences in awareness and intention, along with aspects of history, experience, and community.

Bat of No Bird Island blends the textured and fragile sonic landscapes of Japanese 78RPM records, static and feedback generated by old walkie-talkies, and traditional instrumental composition in an exploration of identity, displacement, culture, and belonging.  In re-imagining songs from his great grandfather’s collection of Japanese 78rpm records from the 1940’s - and exploring and interpreting his written memoir - Kikuchi has created a work that is a modernistic homage to early Japanese immigrants in the United States. 

Released as a CD, limited edition 10” vinyl record, and website, Bat of No Bird Island is a multi-faceted project that combines narrative, artifact, and sound. Each release format provides a unique insight into the process and inspiration of the work, and a different view of the work itself. The CD and digital download feature the full studio recordings from the project. The 10” record (limited to 100 copies) pairs two of Kikuchi’s re-imaginations with the two original Japanese songs from which they drew inspiration. Finally, the website provides more context in the form of memoir excerpts, photographs, and recordings from the original 78rpm records, while also deconstructing music from the album into short vignettes that are paired with photos and writings. 

1. Ko Ni Mayou 06:23
2. Four Seasons of the Childhood 07:43
3. Seki No Oiwake 04:38
4. Asazuki Yuzuki 06:16
5. Aizen Yakyoku (part 1) 02:28
6. Aizen Yakyoku (part 2) 01:17

niedziela, 1 lutego 2015

Blameful Isles - The Forgotten Continents EP

Release Date: 01.02.2015

Here's a bonus Digital EP by Blameful Isles made as a sophomore to all of you who liked last year's album "Then It's Not The End". A short yet powerful experience that will free your mind and help you think, meditate, love and explore your inner self like a journey through time and space. Remember that in dire times we thrive through spirituality. Stay true, be yourself, enjoy the ride and we'll see you on the other side.

1. Orbital Stardust 03:32
2. Light Parade 04:08
3. Odysséen 08:48
4. Aberrant Life-signs 01:44
5. Essence of Love 03:01
6. The Temple Watcher (Malignant Presence) 07:13

Roni - Zimny Błękit

Release Date: 01.02.2015

01. Roni – Bez odwrotu (feat. DJ Te) prod. WZK Beatz
02. Roni – Mylne wyobrażenia (feat. Junes, Chok, Dj Gugatch) prod. Jaca
03. Roni – Duchy (feat. Patrycja Fabjańska, Dj Simple) prod. Klimek
04. Roni – Co widzę prod. SB
05. Roni – Więzi (feat. Dominika Kobiałka) prod. Fazi Jr
06. Roni - Nic do ukrycia prod. Samplowany
07. Roni - We mgle prod. Szur

deeB - A Day In A City (EP)

Release Date: 29.01.2015

Intro (feat. Noumenom)
Morning Rituals
Pop Up Horizon
Or Else
The Wrong Part Of Town
Pedestrian Flow (feat. DJ Dash)
Thru City Lights (feat. Mitchell Rivers)
Call It A Day

Shogun Spy - Maidin

Release Date: 01.02.2015

1. Isteach 05:38
2. Maidin 07:27
3. Cainel 06:39
4. Dyflin 05:31
5. Scamaill 07:18
6. Sliabh 06:01
7. Sreabhadh 05:15
8. VaderFjordf 05:12

The Nothing - Junk Space

Release Date: 20.01.2015

1. Esbjorn Song 03:01
2. Tokyo Intermood 02:23
3. From the Ice 01:57
4. Muslimgauze Tribute (Looking back Intermood) 01:44
5. Cash on the Barrelhead ft. Goldenhorn and Heath Walton 02:44
6. After Thoughts 02:04
7. Some of these Poems are Serious ft. Charles Bukowski 03:22
8. Bored Will Walk 02:11
9. Fellini Watches Vertigo ft. Goldenhorn 03:06
10. Oakland Intermood 01:52
11. Coffee 02:14
12. Love Sick Song 03:03
13. My Choice ft Lord Cromwell 02:43
14. Willful Intermood 02:13
15. Otaku Minded 04:05
16. Going Legal ft. J-Focus 02:52
17. Grasshopper Airplane 03:24
18. Live Well Sam Bell 04:30
19. Schenectady Song 03:48
20. Home 02:40
21. Byrne's Lost Beat 02:56

Yayati - 000

Release Date: 22.01.2015
Label: Fuselab

1. Acoustic 03:05
2. L'Orife 04:13
3. Scuba-Trip 02:40
4. FAAFWIT 03:31
5. Destroy 03:59
6. Tantantannn 02:29
7. The Kingdom of Light 04:00
8. Mono-Web 03:01
9. 66ioie 04:26

środa, 28 stycznia 2015

Item Caligo - Go away, I Want To Sleep

Release Date: 28.01.2015
Label: GV Sound

1. Intro 05:18
2. А Monster Without a Name 11:09
3. Yuki 07:25
4. No Sense 06:33
5. Johann 08:20
6. Die, make others happy 12:19


Sgt. Penarlaster - Retro Trip Train (Part Two) (EP)

Release Date: 26.01.2015

Grim Reaper
Black & White Shoes
Goodbye Gino

Rosinski - WONDERFUR

Release Date: 11.01.2015

1. Tigers Prepare For Battle 03:57
2. Airport Rush 04:09
3. Bucuresti 05:28
4. Over The Alps 04:49
5. Home Hunting 02:45
6. Lonely Smoking 06:27
7. Breakdown 04:07
8. First Snow 03:27

poniedziałek, 26 stycznia 2015

ejmatt - Napad na bubel EP

Release Date: 26.01.2015

1. Napad Na Bubel
2. Rytm nocy ale nie do końca (prod. Copywriterr)
4. Nobody knows
5. Sięślizgam
6. Record breaker
7. Powiedz_koniec
8. Mogę_dzięki
9. Kolej rzeczy ft. illpejn, Junes (prod. Copywriterr)

czwartek, 22 stycznia 2015

Estragon & Palmer Eldritch - Golem

Release Date: 22.01.2015
Label: Skwer

1. Lucian Freud
2. Golem
3. Charlie Brown
4. Mikael
5. Pin I Zielony
6. Ostatni Dzień Lata
7. Rzeczy, Które Robię Będąc Martwym
8. Suicide Girl
9. Nareszcie Jesteś
10. Jazz

Sgt. Penarlaster - Retro Trip Train (Part One) (EP)

Release Date: 22.01.2015

Living Dead


PZG & Dubsknit - We Rob Rave LP

Release Date: 12.01.2015
Label: Polish Juke

At some point in 'I'M TRYNA TELL YA’, a documentary on Chicago footwork scene by Tim & Barry, DJ Spinn talks about the difference between Juke and Footwork. Juke - the genre stemming from Ghetto House - is a club music. On the other hand Footwork - the next evolutionary stage of House music was created for rivalry and dance battles. When DJs played footwork tracks dance floors would be taken over by competing in circles footworkers limiting at the same time the number of clubbers. In order to reconcile the two trends - entertaining and competing, the producers started mixing the two styles. Thus, juke-footwork hybrid was created as a natural consequence of dance music development. A similar pattern was observed in the case of another hybrid - footwork-jungle, or when Trancework compilation was released last year featuring footwork remixes of trance tracks. 

'We Rob Rave' album by two Polish producers - PZG and Dubsknit - is a similar experiment, an attempt at creating yet another style niche on the border of juke and footwork, and (in this case) rave. PZG and Dubsknit are reaching for the rave classics from the first half of the 90s enriching them with energy, humour and footwork lilt. 'Blame Kills You' is an epic reference to the Blame’s track released in Moving Shadow - 'Music Takes You'. 'Desirave' refreshes another classic hit by Ellis Dee - 'Desire' with its classic vocal sample 'Feelings of desire to go out and dance, Come take my hand boy' taken from Ruffneck and Cheri Williams’ ‘The Power - The Rhythm’. Break core sounding 'Forced Mass' is a reinterpretation of 'Take Me higher' Force Mass Motion. Genuinely footwork style - 'I Deal This Way' - reincarnates M&M and Rachel Wallace’s 'I Feel This Way'. 'Lenny Is A Hooligan' is a DJ Hooligan’s sample ‘Rave Nation’ compilation and Lenny Dee’s ‘The Dreamer’. We get a similar music jigsaw puzzle (together with the history of dance music) with 'The Juke Experience'. 

'We Rob Rave' is filled with quotations and reminiscences but is also something more than a well-concocted sentimental sample puzzle. It’s a genre bridge between two crucial places for the history of dance and electronic music, namely America and England, which once again became an active transfer of mutual exchange of idea and inspiration. PZG and Dubsknit’s Ravewerk pictures this situation perfectly. 

1. Blame Kills You 03:42
2. Desirave 03:55
3. Forced Mass 03:46
4. I Deal This Way 03:30
5. Lenny Is A Hooligan 03:28
6. Pacific 808 03:48
7. Sign Of Seven Life 05:28
8. Sorry Josh 03:51
9. Tell Me Why 03:28
10. The Juke Experience 03:12
11. Trip 4 Tha Moon 04:06

niedziela, 18 stycznia 2015

School of Fish - Deep Cuts

Release Date: 13.01.2015

School Of Fish, Deep Cuts is a creation of writer/vocalist Mike Fish and beat producer The Nothing (Matt Fisher). The beats and rhymes are a mixture of mellow moods and meaningful hypeness. The words and sounds could be described as poetic and stimulating. Strap on your hat and take a ride with this experimentally familiar hip hop adventure.

1. Cycle of Life 03:30
2. The Climb 03:17
3. Pretty Chaos 04:02
4. Charisma ft. Abacus, Adam Strange 03:19
5. Dark and Dingey ft. Lord Cromwell 01:43
6. Immunity 03:41
7. Poe 02:58
8. What I Been Up To 04:19
9. Cypher Song ft. Skinny Man, Karen Less 03:10
10. SOF Spoken 02:32
11. After Shocks ft. Adam Strange 03:02
12. Comin From 02:57
13. Broke Off 02:04
14. Steve Dosia 04:31
15. Mars Leftovers 03:21
16. Distant Memory 05:50

czwartek, 15 stycznia 2015

JHAS - Uknow

Release Date: 14.01.2015

1. Exordior 02:00
2. Uknow 03:16
3. November Clouds 03:57
4. Space In Pseudocolor 03:44
5. Do 04:40
6. Uknow (Moose Dawa Remix) 02:18
7. Uknow (B3NBi Remix) 03:10
8. Uknow (Tall,Drk Remix) 01:24
9. Uknow (Dünga Batidas Remix) 02:20
10. Uknow (Gabonano Remix) 04:18

niedziela, 11 stycznia 2015

Młody Zgred - Jebać Ten Bootleg

01. # Hot16Challenge
02. P.O.R.N.O.
03. Melancholia 2.0 (prod. JSVDRUM)
04. Ski mask (prod. Utkowski)
05. Cyklon B
06. Riotmaker (prod. Utkowski)
07. CH▲OS (raw)
08. DWV011 (prod. AlexDaGreat)
09. Blunt after blunt (remix)
10. Skrawki
11. Gummo (prod. ShortyUnInc)
12. R.C.H.B.
13. Pierdole to!
14. Fuck em All (Niezależni jak chuj JSVDRUM/Młody Zgred Instrumental)