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HimeHime - Bath Texts

Release Date: 25 August 2017

"Hush Hush is proud to welcome Seattle-based electronic musician HimeHime into the fold with his transportive mini-album 'Bath Texts,' the most personal and accomplished release in the young artist’s already prolific career. 

The alias of Mackenzie Simon, HimeHime began his musical journey with the guitar when he picked up the instrument at the age of eight. His development progressed while working as a children’s guitar teacher as a teenager, playing in his high school’s jazz band, and later jamming out in multiple garage rock bands. Tommy’s Guitar Shop in Everett, Washington offered him a welcome respite from school, providing a home base for lessons as well as the opportunity to mess around with various types of pedals and effects. This growing awareness of sonic manipulation, combined with his lifelong fandom of retro video gaming and video game soundtracks, further cultivated his budding interest in analog electronic sounds and composition. 

His subsequent move into the heart of the city to attend Seattle University found his focus dive into electronic production, a newfound passion heavily swayed by the impactful early works of fledgling bedroom producers Baths, Shlohmo, and Hudson Mohawke. The cramped confines of a college dorm was the birthplace of countless late-night wide-eyed sonic experiments to find new ways to combine his early love of the guitar with his growing obsession with the vast capacities of electronic production. With a multifaceted sonic style that has steadily evolved over the last four years, HimeHime’s stacked back catalog offers glimpses into his bursting sonic imagination, serving up everything from early blockbuster chiptune anthems to shimmery heartbroken vocal-pop ballads to recent forays into aggressive club rhythms. 

HimeHime’s expansive sound reaches new heights on 'Bath Texts,' yielding eight tracks that zone in on a lush fusion of emotive post-rock, glitchy electronics, instrumental hip-hop, and textured downtempo beats. A reflection of his recent post-college shift into adulthood, the release’s title and mood stems from Mackenzie’s tendency to de-stress after work with long baths and messaging friends on his phone. This intimate and relaxing sentiment carries throughout the hypnotic instrumental-heavy release, propelled by HimeHime’s crystalline guitars, enveloping beats, skittering rhythms, wordless ethereal vocals, and rich atmospherics. Along the journey, HimeHime receives guest assistance from three fellow Seattle area electronic producers: WMD on blissful opening track “Contrail,” Hush Hush alum Shelf Nunny on “Rigid,” and lo-fi hip-hop beat producer Mr.Shn on “Influences.” A bold step forward for the constantly growing artist, 'Bath Texts' will be released on August 25th digitally, on cassette tape, and CD, and marks HimeHime’s debut release for Hush Hush Records."

1. Contrail (feat. WMD) 03:12
2. She Bought Me Line Stickers 03:41
3. Rigid (feat. Shelf Nunny) 04:04
4. Bath Texts Part 1 03:56
5. Bath Texts Part 2 03:11
6. Influences (feat. Mr.Shn) 03:00
7. Broken 03:43
8. New Life 05:06

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ultraboy - Once A Day/ Every Day

Release Date: 17 August 2017
Label: Insert

1. once a day/ every day (A side) 12:44
2. once a day/ every day (B side) 14:33

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Handbook - Devotion

Release Date: 21 August 2017
Label: Italdred

1. My Hands 03:08
2. Whipped Cream 03:19
3. Wanting You (Feat. Supreme Sol) 03:31
4. Psalm Reader 03:27
5. Gratification 03:18
6. It's Our Last Chance 03:52

piątek, 25 sierpnia 2017

Kid yumi キッドテオ - NEK047: tokyo_2​.​0

Release Date: 21 August 2017
Label: neκubι_

"A year after his first Tokyo installation, 
Kid yumi キッドテオ returns with his second imaginary trip of his 
wanders around the dreamy japanese landscapes! 
60 minutes of fresh 404 fueled material, inspired by the J pop & anime culture!"

oo. side.a 
//returning to japan// 
//ishigaki mountain// 
//ghost of hannya// 
//yōkai in disguise// 
//yokohama garden// 
//godzilla's void pt.2// 
//kochi market// 
//mt. yotei// 
//ryōan-ji temple// 
//fuji five lakes// 
//shōdo Island// 
//shuri castle// 
//atami beach// 
//red-light district_2// 
//ohori park// 
//sapporo snow// 
//nikku lights III// 
//nikku lights IV// 
//morioka leaf colors// 
//moshi moshi// 
//shinjuku gyoen// 

oo. side.b 
//nijō ruins// 
//kinkaku-ji temple// 
//harajuku district// 
//cheap curry// 
//nikku lights V// 
//nikku lights VI// 
//tokyo girl pt.2// 
//love hotels// 
//sakura's garden pt.2// 
//kyoto sagano walk// 
//miyakojima reef// 
//zen state// 
//oze park// 
//sendai city of trees// 
//mt. hakodate views// 
//takayama festival// 
//furano resort// 
//narita airport// 
//lake biwa// 
//leaving japan pt.2// 

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Two Tail & Quiett - Fountains

Release Date: 28 July 2017

"Hush Hush goes for an emotional dive into warm, woozy, vocal-laced disco/house territory with 'Fountains,' a confident 3-track collaboration between Manchester, UK-based DJ/producer Two Tail (Ted Scoltock) and Denver-based producer/vocalist combo Quiett (Sam Leffers and Kevin Hake), due out digitally and on cassette July 28th. 

The two members of Quiett originally connected over a decade ago as high school classmates and budding musicians in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While earlier projects from the pair showcased an evolving fusion of Sam’s love for hip-hop and jazz with Kevin's early forays in emo, folk, and Americana, their re-location to Denver and launch of the Quiett name signals a confident step forward into an effortlessly smooth and romantic vocal house sound. Their first official release finds them teaming up with Two Tail, the emerging 20 year-old DJ, producer, and edit maestro quickly making a name for himself in the underground disco and house community. Together, they’ve seamlessly created a loving and nostalgic ode to a melodramatic dancefloor. 

Hake's vocals showcase a whispery, restrained style that draws the listener close. Leffers and Scoltock share production duties, crafting lush and pulsing instrumentals filled with the kind of suitcase electric pianos, soaring saxophone leads and pillowy atmospherics you'd expect from a late 70s lounge record. Over the release’s three standout original cuts, Two Tail and Quiett consistently display a mature, sophisticated, in-the-pocket groove, enhanced with a touch of laid-back stoicism. 

All three musicians are part of the Outsourced Collective, a group founded by Scoltock and fellow Manchester native Aleks Zurawski that brings together a diverse range of blossoming international artists creating emotional, restrained sounds free of strict genre confines. This all-embracing mentality finds a kindred spirit within the labor-of-love, DIY ethos of Seattle’s Hush Hush Records."

1. Let Them Melt 04:35
2. Welcome Change 03:21
3. Wallpaper 04:21
4. Let Them Melt (Chevals Midnight Edit)

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Bokhari Records - VA - Swamp Tapes 008

Release Date: 14 August 2017

1. Ikpathua - The Mist 01:33
2. Sub Accent - Night Crystals 04:56
3. TF+ - Untitled 05:47
4. Salama - Golovu Kruzhit 03:49
5. TofuDJ - Voronina 10:14
6. Helter - Daisson 05:11
7. muroidea - Intet 06:18
8. El Choop - Via Thrashed Means 07:44
9. Dardiel Bohel - Bleached Eyes 05:07
10. Ecology - Growbxx 03:35

wtorek, 22 sierpnia 2017

Tekra - Orbital Penetration

Release Date: 10 August 2017

1. Simpatico 10:46
2. Orbital Penetration 07:39
3. Output 07:03
4. De-escalation 07:52

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Ischion - Under Pressure EP (SUB tl 023)

Release Date: 26 June 2017
Label: SUB tl

We have finally onboard Ischion’s first four tracker, effective and expertly crafted techno tools. 
-Across the Light relies on a relentless beat with panned hi hats and reververated percussive elements, while the main synth line apperas from above until it finds his place in the mix. A continuous and hypnotic arrangement distributes the parts intelligently to create a powerful mixing tool. 
-End of madness begins with the main elements up, micro drones, a scifi synth line and fat kicks... again the arrangement is almost linear, with only subtle changes and details to keep the flow. 
-Inside the Abyss works in the same procedure, micro sweeps, cabasas, a profound kick and lots of space using the reverb wisely. 
-Under Pressure sits on a broken beat with continuous sequences thet change constantly on top while percussive elemts come in and out. 

1. Across The Light 06:10
2. End Of Madness 06:26
3. Into The Abyss 06:21
4. Under Pressure 06:25

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The Marx Trukker - Peripheral Whiles

Release Date: 03 August 2017
Label: Noorden

"After »Jahreszwei« in 2012 and »Among Climetree Harbors« in 2015, the Berlin based producer is back on Noorden with his new album »Peripheral Whiles«. 
Ten tracks between leftfield-leaning Electronica, glitchy Minimal Techno and Ambient soundscapes with a dubby twist. 
For fans of Jan Jelinek & Farben, Pole, Oval, Fennesz, Monolake and Loscil."

1. Moll Eins 06:14
2. Petty Truths 06:52
3. Ballparking 06:51
4. Lading 05:29
5. Kalenderingen 06:48
6. Broken States Of Permanence 05:26
7. Noah Lasting Heights 06:04
8. Hardly A Flight Anymore 05:28
9. Fever Boarding 05:23
10. Off Possessions 07:14

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Irrelevant - Hemisfear

Release Date: 03 July 2017

"Irrelevant returns for his second release this year and his third studio album - Hemisfear. 
14 tracks of his signature melancholy electronica, two of which feature collaborations with Atsuko and Stompbox respectively. 
Hemisfear is a journey through darkness, hope, despair and love, ideal for late night headphone odysseys."

1. Eyes Wide (Intro) 01:06
2. Glass Prism 03:16
3. Nothing But Tears Feat. Atsuko 04:00
4. Only You Feat. Stompbox 04:48
5. End Less (Shun Fear) 04:00
6. Listen To Love 04:36
7. Hemisfear 05:16
8. Psyion 05:02
9. Reaper 03:46
10. The Search 03:41
11. Pharoah 05:25
12. Fallen Angel 03:50
13. Polar 03:42
14. Ghost Stories 04:08

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Irrelevant - Vague Memories

Release date: 7 April 2017

"After a 2 year hiatus Irrelevant returns on his own label with two emotional long players. Both tracks clock in at well over ten minutes and span ambient, future garage, jungle, electronica and soundscape. 
Immediately recognisable as his trademark sound - Vague Memories is a prelude of more to come from a producer that loves all things deep and melancholy."

1. Vague Memories 1 16:04
2. Vague Memories 2 12:51

piątek, 11 sierpnia 2017

Reso - Kodama

Release Date: 11 August 2017
Label: RX0

"For more than a decade Reso has deployed some of the sharpest drum programming skills in dance music to move dancefloors and transport listeners to new worlds. A quiet force in the trenches of the electronic dance music wold, Reso — the alias of Alex Melia — has been called on by a diverse array of contemporaries including Burial & Jamie Woon, for whom he has engineered, and remixes for guitar heroes Animals as Leaders, grime kingpin Wiley and dance music legends The Prodigy and Carl Cox. After a two-year break following his Ricochet LP for Hospital Records, during which he scored a new virtual reality game for PlayStation 4, Reso returns with four tracks of spirited dance music that mark the inaugural release on his RX0 label. 

The EP is driven by two upfront drum & bass productions that highlight Reso’s attention to detail and flair for music with an epic scope. ‘Kodama’ is an eight-minute long excursion of relentless drums, tight edits, and roaring bass lines that jolts you to action. On the flip side ’Tiberium’ plays with a bright, uplifting lead before plunging into a rolling break and warm bass offset by soft keys and female vocals. This is drum & bass as sweeping, cinematic compositions not just dancefloor music by the numbers. 

The EP also showcases other sides of Reso’s sonic world with the instrumental break of ‘Fluid Mechanics’ resetting the mood and contrasting against the rush of ‘Kodama’ with atmospheric tinges, floating keys, and soaring guitar riffs. The EP closes on another upfront note with ‘Mantis’, which swaps the frenetic breaks and tempos of drum & bass for houseleaning 4/4 rhythms and speeds while remaining just as effective."

1. Kodama 07:55
2. Fluid Mechanics 03:49
3. Tiberium 06:02
4. Mantis 03:32

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Mannella - Nebula Viator EP 1003

Release Date: 11 May 2016
Label: JTSeries

"After the previous collaborations with Blawan and Lucretio & Marieu (aka The Analogue Cops), Mannella is back with his first solo work "Nebula Viator". There’s no definitive recipe for his individual productions, but you can usually expect varying amounts of evolving pads, nostalgic rhythm and structured drums change that give to his productions a rich hot surge. 
In this four track EP Mannella is going back to his roots and main influences, showing us how essential is for him shaping them into his latest feeling: swaggering techno tracks powered by sleek house chords. 
Nebula Viator is a 24minutes EP crammed with slamming and chubby grooves set against a sprawling astral substrate."

1. MANNELLA - Pernod for Breakfast |Nebula Viator EP 1003 | 06:22
2. MANNELLA - Chip Knob | Nebula Viator EP 1003 | 05:28
3. MANNELLA - Aural Synthesis | Nebula Viator EP 1003 | 06:08
4. MANNELLA - Potion of a Druid | Nebula Viator EP 1003 | 06:08

Lagløs - NEK046: cosmic natives

Release Date: 5 August 2017
Label: neκubι_

"More than a beat tape, is a kind of short pieces 
that paint moments and people that marked an era of transitions 
and stays, handicaps and serendipities, using the cosmos as a metronome, natives as pigments and a sampler as the ocean. 

From Lonnie Liston Smith to Yuji Ohno, 
a set of amorphous algorithms. 

How far does the oscillating echo of our mind go? 
Waves of antimatter that twinkle waiting to be reinterpreted. 
Cosmic Jazz, Slow Jams from the Soul, Ambient from a distant place, Smooth drum breaks of Funk & Boom Bap. "

1. Le Petite Mort 03:40
2. Walking Through Space 01:40
3. Atmósferas Estelares 01:45
4. ∆ntimateria 02:48
5. Infinity Waves 01:43
6. Años Luz 02:00
7. Sirius 02:02
8. Exotic Beauty 03:57
9. Etérea 02:22
10. Cosmonauta 03:25
11. Funky World 02:48
12. Surrealistic Place 01:46
13. Bajo Los Cerezos 02:08
14. Lookin' Through Your Eyes 03:02
15. Bonsai 盆栽 01:52
16. Cosmogonía 02:36
17. Esencia 01:02
18. No Gravity 01:44
19. Too Many Ways To Die 01:39
20. Realidad Virtual 01:21
21. Karōshi 00:31
22. Océano de Óleo 04:16
23. Pigmentos Naturales 02:24
24. Weltklass 02:25
25. Exoplaneta 01:28
26. Tillsammans 03:03
27. Mujer Cósmica 02:31
28. Tribal Spirits 01:00
29. Fractals 01:32
30. Ciclos Cuánticos 04:09
31. Jay Stay 01:10
32. 8va Dimensión 03:09
33. Plasma 02:16
34. Timeless 04:12
35. cosmic natives (side.a) 39:56
36. cosmic natives (side.b) 40:00

środa, 9 sierpnia 2017

The Widdler & Otz - Outlaws EP

Release Date: 11 September 2017
Label: Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz

"Based in the US and run by DJ Sashwat, Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz has always helped emerging and established producers further their sound to the masses. With an extremely original-sounding catalog that focuses on a unique blend of bass-heavy sub-genres, Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz is a label that every bass lover should keep an eye on in the long-term future."

"The Dank 'N' Dirty Dubz OG, The Widdler, joins forces with German Producer/DJ, Otz (making his debut with the label). Together, they present the collaborative Western-influenced "Outlaws EP". This 4-track release is perfect for all the cowboy and cowgirl bassheads out there. The Widdler kicks things off with the title track "Outlaws" combining acoustic guitar/bass, piano, and harmonica for a seriously laid back feel. Otz continues the chilled out theme with his track "Once Upon A Time". The Widdler's "New Frontiers" takes the energy to the next level before things finally slow down with Otz bringing us the final offering titled "Before Dark"."

1. The Widdler - Outlaws 03:44
2. Otz - Once Upon A Time 04:54
3. The Widdler - New Frontiers 04:01
4. Otz - Before Dark 02:54

wtorek, 8 sierpnia 2017

Bmdmnd - Overwhelming

Release Date: 20 July 2017

"Bmbmnd is a project born in 2015 from the mind of Andrea Domeniconi. The ambient/dub/techno/celestial sororities accompany every Dark/Melancholic track produced by this undefined entity. 
Bmbmnd is a blend of atmospherics, grinding rhythms and perfectly positioned harmonies that together from Andrea's unconscious."

1. Breathe with my eyes 07:39
2. Not for her 06:24
3. Overwhelming 06:33
4. Transpiration blue 06:43

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LABEL - Cascade Records - Spotify Playlist

Country: France

"Cascade Records is an independent record label that is based in Paris, France 
created in 2008 by the duo brother as Sal Martin & Joe Art. 
Were pioneers of the emerging new beat scene post dilla with a sonic 
focus of hiphop, electronic & beat ~ 
Different phrases can be used to describe our style : 
"electronic, hiphop, downtempo, futur beats, jazz, soul, rap ...." 
But “Emotion, Sensation & Beats” these three words give the way of 
Cascade Records all days!"

More spotify playlists here

Kuna Maze - Gum

Release Date: 16 June 2017

"Kuna Maze is a young producer from Lyon France. Training 
trumpetist, his music oscillates between electronica, hip hop 
and jazz experimental to create hypnotic's melodies and broken beat. 
Influenced by artists like Jay Dee, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp 
Killer, Weather Report or Sun Ra, he designs his music with a new 
chill proposal. After the support of medias for his debut EP 
Tricky Part as Edm.com, Tsugi (Best EP 2015), 22 Tracks, 
Le Mellotron, NTS, Rinse.. and a second EP Postpone aslo 
acclaimed over worldwide (Trax, Bandcamp, xlr8r, Gilles Peterson, LeFto ...) he’s back in 2017 with a third new EP Gum."

1. Sloppy thing 03:37
2. Ditherer 03:08
3. Gum 03:20
4. Stage whisper 03:25
5. 3am 03:01
6. Gum (Nikitch remix) 05:33

SMA - Moment zwrotny

Release Date: 2017

01. Warto (prod Snobe Beatz)
02. Jestem ref. ValDeMar (prod. Cwany)
03. Znowu słysze o tym feat. ZaRaz (prod. !koS)
04. Zmiany ref. ValDeMar (prod. TRZYB∑ΔTZ)
05. Nie mów nic (prod. Cwany)
06. W dobra strone ref. ValDeMar (prod. Kozioł, klawisze: Snobe Beatz)
07. Nie wiem (prod. Kozioł)
08. Nie zrobie już tego feat. Nin’jah, DJ S-Master (prod. Cwany)
09. Dziś ref. ValdeMar (prod. TRZYB∑ΔTZ)
10. Powoli (prod. Ki-Tek)
11. Zbieram siły remix (prod. Kosa) Bonus Track
12. Opolska California Remix feat. Szczub, Obek, Katol (prod. Kosa) Bonus Track