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Kuna Maze - Gum

Release Date: 16 June 2017

"Kuna Maze is a young producer from Lyon France. Training 
trumpetist, his music oscillates between electronica, hip hop 
and jazz experimental to create hypnotic's melodies and broken beat. 
Influenced by artists like Jay Dee, Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp 
Killer, Weather Report or Sun Ra, he designs his music with a new 
chill proposal. After the support of medias for his debut EP 
Tricky Part as Edm.com, Tsugi (Best EP 2015), 22 Tracks, 
Le Mellotron, NTS, Rinse.. and a second EP Postpone aslo 
acclaimed over worldwide (Trax, Bandcamp, xlr8r, Gilles Peterson, LeFto ...) he’s back in 2017 with a third new EP Gum."

1. Sloppy thing 03:37
2. Ditherer 03:08
3. Gum 03:20
4. Stage whisper 03:25
5. 3am 03:01
6. Gum (Nikitch remix) 05:33

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