piątek, 28 kwietnia 2017

Frequent - Dream Recall

Release Date: 24 March 2017

1. Alpha State 05:36
2. Descent 02:09
3. Lucid (feat. Jan Amit) 03:25
4. Broken 02:54
5. Sleep Spindles (feat. Sumak) 04:33
6. DEILD 03:57
7. Memory Den (feat. Clockvice) 05:53
8. Moth Chamber 04:37
9. Dream Recall (feat. Babokon) 11:24

środa, 26 kwietnia 2017

Various Artists - White 01 [NFRWD02]

Release Date: 25 April 2017

1. Vonshk - Last Breath 06:53
2. Impulse Array - Phosphorescence 06:56
3. Concept of Thrill - Xanthus 06:15
4. Muzmin - Schorl 04:44
5. mimmo - Contradiction 06:55
6. Wegmann - Roses In Rémy 06:07
7. Eloim - Alumet 07:20
8. Animal Holocaust - Journey Around Eternity 05:51
9. A R D - In The Prescence Of A Purist 04:52

wtorek, 25 kwietnia 2017

Pensees - Sleepaway

Release Date: 25 April 2017

1. intro 04:06
2. karine 03:57
3. streetwear 04:20
4. laguna 05:45
5. pinccanyon 05:56
6. flavour 04:08
7. morray 03:48
8. eclipse 04:20
9. hubba bubba 04:34
10. lunamoth 05:25
11. lonely stone 03:48
12. panic room 03:41
13. dereal (bonus) 06:04
14. monotone (bonus) 04:01

Phattcut - I​/​O Vert

Release Date: 15 April 2017

Łukasz "Phattcut" Golabek: guitarist and music producer from Kłodzko, Poland. Studied guitar at the institute of Jazz and Pop Music in Nysa, in Poland. Producer on Mocha and RUNO band. In June 2014 he released “Raices” EP. In November 2016 he released mini EP „Ganesha” with polish producer Essex. He has worked with Teielte, Meeting by Chance (Skalpel), En2ak, Random Trip and many others.

1. Intro_Vert 02:40
2. Ugh 02:42
3. Dao 04:24
4. Lootus 02:57
5. Tree of Life 02:51
6. Outro_Vert 03:09

Naphta / Braki - Under The Face

Release Date: 24 April 2017

We are mainly seeking emotions in the faces of those whom we talk with, but after crossing the skin line the absorbed emotions dissolve and spill all over the brain. ‘Under The Face’ is trying to capture this very moment - when we do not understand yet, but we already feel. Naphta - a Wroclaw musician and producer, known for more regular musical forms is responsible for A side (‘Cerebral Cortex’ track). This time he focused on the exploration of the sounds on the border of being awake and the sleeping state. Side B belongs to Braki - a trio which includes Naphta, Jan Stulin and Kasia Konachowicz. ‘Thalamus’ tells the story of the mystery of dreams, the freedom of daydreaming and the gentle disengagement. 

Braki - an exploratory trio from Wroclaw consisting of Jan Stulin (synthesizers), Kasia Konachowicz (synthesizers) and Paweł Klimczak (guitar, fx). Their specialty is mystical cavities and intuitive travel on sonic texture and the creation of almost tangible sound space. 

Naphta - producer, musician and DJ from Wroclaw. His debut album - ‘7th Expedition’ - has been released in Transatlantyk. Besides that he has published vinyl EP records in such labels as Studio Barnhus, OMENA or Father & Son Records And Tapes. In music, he is primarily seeking escapism conquered by polyrhythms, by that means it is easy to trace the African, Asian or spiritual-jazz themes in his works.

1. Naphta - Cerebral Cortex 14:15
2. Braki - Thalamus 16:25

Released on a cassette:

LABEL: SUB tl - Spotify Playlist

Country: Spain
Website: Bandcamp
Genre: Techno

Here comes another techno Label from Spain. 20 releases so far and according to the short description on facebook every month a new one will be out.

SUB tl is a new record label of techno from Madrid created by Leandro Gámez and Hd Substance. 
Focused on futuristic techno, SUB tl will edit their work on a monthly basis in digital format alternating with limited vinyl releases.

More spotify playlists here

poniedziałek, 24 kwietnia 2017

LABEL: Circular Limited - Spotify Playlist

Country: Spain
Website: Bandcamp
Genre: Techno

Recently I started to create spotify playlists with all releases from a specific label. 
I have a quite big list of techno lables and the target it to have all of them on spotify. I started with Spain based techno label - Circular Limited and Today I finished the playlist. Not 100% of the albums available on bandcamp are on spotify but it's almost complete.

niedziela, 23 kwietnia 2017

Various Artists: Observations Longways The Time

Release Date: 11 April 2017

The vision of techno is presented by seven producers from electronic music scene of Poland. 
The well-known artists - Blazej Malinowski i Michał Wolski, who work intensivly over new productions, promote polish scene abroad with liveacts ans dj sets, are resposible for radio broadcasts on which they bring valuable information in relation to electronic music to the listeners. 
ISNT, a very well know female dj and promotor, who has recently started producing hypnotic techno productions. 
Less known, and deeply dark, developing project - the OBKT, which is the result of the cooperation of two well-known dark techno producers Milena Kriegs and Eastern Renaissance. 
Together with them on the compilation, the lesser-known producers are completing and emphasizing the character of the compilation, Nternal Bserver (read: Internal Observer), who has already released several EP’s and single tracks abroad, and who focuses on playing varied and heavier 
sound during liveacts. TRNAH, a female producer with a lot of experience on musical collaborations, who shows with her charming song, that a techno album containing more powerful and hypnotic sound can also be filled with nostalgia and exceptionally captivating sadness. 

Label has plans to work on next releases. The idea of supporting less known producers together with their more experienced colleagues will be preserved. 
Those plans are just takes shapes for the young record label, but the great support that accompanies both the label and its anonymous creators from Unknown Timeline brings closer the time of subsequent decisions.

1. Blazej Malinowski - Confinement 06:22
2. ISNT - Ten Towers 06:04
3. OBKT, Milena Kriegs, Eastern Renaissance - Item Zero 06:17
4. Michal Wolski - The Wind The Flag 07:58
5. Nternal Bserver - Legal Fiction 06:05
6. TRNAH - Thend 05:40

Parov Stelar – The Burning Spider

Release Date: 21 April 2017

New Parov's album is out! Although I still prefer his work from older albums like 'Coco', 'Shine' or 'Rough Cuts' (probably just a nostalgic thing related to the fact that thanks to those albums I discovered such music style, right now more songs are just another similar tunes...) new songs are as always worth checking. Of course we don't find a revolution in the style which was more or less the same throuhout past years but for any 'electro swing' enthusiast this is another must have to put on the shelf.

3. Soul Fever Blues
4. Everything Of My Heart
5. By MAn
6. All Grown Up
9. Beauty Mark
10. Cuba Libre
11. Black Coffee
12. The Ride

Ill Clinton - Hermetic

Release Date: 22 April 2017

Among the great Masters of Ancient Egypt there once dwelt one of whom Masters hailed as "The Master of Masters." This man, if "man" indeed he was, dwelt in Egypt in the earliest days. He was known as Hermes Trismegistus. He was the father of the Occult Wisdom; the founder of Astrology; the discoverer of Alchemy. The details of his life story are lost to history, owing to the lapse of the years, though several of the ancient countries disputed with each other in their claims to the honor of having furnished his birthplace--and this thousands of years ago. The date of his sojourn in Egypt, in that his last incarnation on this planet, is not now known, but it has been fixed at the early days of the oldest dynasties of Egypt--long before the days of Moses. The best authorities regard him as a contemporary of Abraham, and some of the Jewish traditions go so far as to claim that Abraham acquired a portion of his mystic knowledge from Hermes himself.  

1. OnMyWay 01:32
2. FlatsOn476 02:27
3. Innocuous 03:14
4. Musil Schols 02:24
5. Dreeem 02:11
6. Kundersage 02:22
7. Storems 03:11
8. Thyme Traval 02:38
9. Txtrism 03:05
10. Dutches in Deutschland 01:16
11. Vaipors 01:51
12. Stance 01:57

Released on a beatiful white c29 cassette.

The Fucked Up Beat - Insomnie

Release Date: 13 April 2017

Sadly (or not, depends what Brett Zehner and Eddie Palmer will present to us in the future) The Fucked Up Beat project has been terminated. As a goodbye gift, those two gentleman are giving away for free (or for 'name your price' option via bandcamp) this compilation named 'Insomnie'.
I have a physical copy of a 'Hunting A Schizophrenic Wolf' which was released in 2013 and I still listen to it once a few months, I think it would be a good idea to also make a physical version of this compilation (cassette/cd would be nice). I encourage everyone to check it and also to download earlier works of The Fucked Up Beat.

1. 1/4 01:14
2. Come Back To New Orleans 04:18
3. Schizophrenic Wolf A 01:45
4. Night Moves 04:53
5. The War Diary 01:36
6. Junction City Fields 03:45
7. Strange Creatures 02:35
8. Nostalgia 02:09
9. Astral Dunes 02:41
10. Across the U.S. In Dream Auto 02:55
11. Train Whistle Forget Me Nots 04:39
12. The Sound of Snow 03:13
13. The Slow Death Of Irony 05:25
14. Theme From Rust Belt 02:01
15. Sleep 03:33
16. I Should Have Never Left El Paso 01:44
17. Refugees of the Drought 02:52
18. Trapdoor To Escape Floods 03:24
19. You : Coma : Marilyn Monroe 02:30 

sobota, 22 kwietnia 2017

Early00 - Kanagawa

Release Date: 22 April 2017
Label: Nekubi

After his Ashikaga release on Fuzzo Scope, 
Toronto based beatmaker Early00 returns with Kanagawa, 
a brand new conceptual tape inspired by the producer's adventures in Japan.

1. Tito 03:20
2. The Sumo 03:27
3. Going 01:30
4. Next Predator 03:12
5. Tripwire 03:43
6. Skate Board(-ing) 03:02
7. I Know 03:06
8. Never Could've Been Worse 01:37
9. Evaporator 01:34
10. Humidifier 01:25
11. Doors Closing 02:10
12. Something 02:53