niedziela, 23 kwietnia 2017

Parov Stelar – The Burning Spider

Release Date: 21 April 2017

New Parov's album is out! Although I still prefer his work from older albums like 'Coco', 'Shine' or 'Rough Cuts' (probably just a nostalgic thing related to the fact that thanks to those albums I discovered such music style, right now more songs are just another similar tunes...) new songs are as always worth checking. Of course we don't find a revolution in the style which was more or less the same throuhout past years but for any 'electro swing' enthusiast this is another must have to put on the shelf.

3. Soul Fever Blues
4. Everything Of My Heart
5. By MAn
6. All Grown Up
9. Beauty Mark
10. Cuba Libre
11. Black Coffee
12. The Ride

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