środa, 17 maja 2017

Le Martz, HD Substance - Indoinha EP

Release Date: 8 May 2017
Label: SUB tl

It’s time for our young argentinian agent to have his very own EP in the house. He offers three original cuts plus a remix by label boss Hd Substance. 
-Indoinha is an energetic number, fat kicks, heavy sub action, harsh synths and a clever arrangemet. 
-Quimera starts with a broken beat, spiced with white noise washes and panned drums until melodic synth lines take over the arrangement. An epic peak time mover away from conventional grooves. 
-Hd Substance reviews Indoinha, solid grooves, flanged analogue lines, reberverated drones and melancholic strings. 
-Almost the last closes the release with a solid beat made of heavy low frequencies and shuffled synthetic components until repetitive arpeggiated lines appear adding tension and energy talking to each other in a continuous fight.

1. Le Martz - Indoinha 06:45
2. Le Martz - Quimera 06:18
3. Indoinha (HD Substance Remix) 07:15
4. Le Martz - Almost the last 05:03

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wtorek, 16 maja 2017

Notilus - Notilus

Release Date: 12 May 2017

Notilus is the new project of five established French musicians combining cinematic soundscapes, energetic jazz and atmospheric live electronics. With a decent amount of performances at several French festivals the quintet presents its s/t debut album via Denovali in spring 2017. The cleverly compiled repertoire varies from positively trombone and sax driven jazz parts with a deep sense for sophisticated melodies to calmer, melancholic soundscapes back to beat driven, dynamic, buzzy sound cascades. Sometimes the albums delivers a feeling of a soundtrack for a 70s crime movie - sometimes it sounds like an intergalactic, retro-futuristic trip - always with an ironic and positive view on the own creative work.

With Notilus, the five musicians embark on a journey towards the centre of the Earth, towards the pentaquarks, towards the tips of Pluto's icy peaks and beyond. The spatio-temporal ship made some stops on the planets Jazz, Trap, 70 's, Bass, Dark and Psyche. The infectious smile creating live performance of Notilus captured in ten diversified and timeless pieces.

1. Tangerine
2. Behind
3. Pop Porn
4. Kuku
5. Green Smile
6. Alien
7. Sapin
8. Orgella
9. Valse a plumes
10. Ned

piątek, 12 maja 2017

LABEL - Stochastic Resonance - Spotify Playlist

Country: Italy

Stochastic Resonance is a network of electronic artists dedicated to research and experimentation of new forms of communication using multimedia, with the aim of proposing an augmented view of the artwork through a mix of grants and different incentives; as occurs in the physical phenomenon, from which SR takes its name.

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czwartek, 11 maja 2017

PIEK - Despertar

Release Date: 15 March 2017
Label: Sincopat

“Despertar” is one of the most intriguing and beautiful albums to emerge from the Spanish’s electronic music scene in 2017. A celebrated debut by the Elizondo (Pamplona) based artist Piek, one of a kind emerged from the most versatile musical scene, not in vain he creates inspired by the magic of great names such as Sigur Ros, Moderat or Bonobo. 
“Despertar” is the title chosen for the debut LP of this producer and dedicated music lover from Elizondo. One of a kind due to his versatility exploring into skittering beats and a magnetic electronic music. On the album no two tracks are wholly similar; each have their own distinguishing features and incredible songwriting. Are you awake for a unique journey into synth soundtracks, contemporary soul music, futuristic hip-hop rhymes and floating beats? 
One of the virtues contained in this album is when the artist builds his songs around guest vocals, adding a unique panache but also sacrificing total control. When Piek identifies and aligns his instrumental aesthetic with the emotive output of his guests - Ria, Ryan Roush, Cheney, Kash, Hokhok, Zebulon and Jim Hast- the results are just amplifying and electrifying. “Despertar” contains also an audible gold featuring by the music-composer Fabel and a Tony Phillips poem.

1. Intense Kiss 05:26
2. The Son With The Father's Gun (Feat. Ria, Ryan Roush & Cheney) 05:16
3. Breathe (Feat. Kash) 03:48
4. I Saw You (Feat. Hokhok) 03:40
5. F.R.E.E. (Feat. Zebulon & Ryan Roush) 04:26
6. That's Me (Trippin') (Feat. Jim Hast) 04:57
7. Despertar (with Fábel) 07:15
8. Avalanche (Feat. Hokhok) 04:38
9. Baztan (A Tony Phillips Poem) 01:28
10. Sous Les Étoiles 05:03

środa, 10 maja 2017

Bulp - Yrsa

Release Date: 10 April 2017
Label: Deadred Records

1. Yrsa 03:49
2. What Is Worth 03:57
3. Left Behind 04:26
4. On The Run 04:00
5. Bluma 04:44
6. Yours 05:05
7. Hollow 04:44
8. Mirror 04:03
9. Koto 04:07

sobota, 6 maja 2017

Nuage - WILD

Release Date: 5 May 2017

“WILD” is the most complete musical work by Nuage up to date. Following a thought-out plan from beginning to finish – with a real introduction, development, and conclusion – the album is influenced foremost by the sun, sea and tropics. The music slowly evolves from warm and uplifting songs towards colder and more mysterious realms. 

Taking a full year to finish the album, including the entire change of season from summer to winter, memories of trips to Mexico, the mountains, and the seaside fade away and are replaced by days at home and in the studio in cold St. Petersburg. At the same time the music itself goes through a very personal development from outgoing moments to parts of personal reflection. 

Without adding too much weight or philosophy to the music, the album is an easy and natural listening experience that explores contrasting and at times contradicting themes between summer and winter, cold and warm, introverted and extroverted and many layers in between, while also harmonizing the musical past, present and future of Nuage. 

Following his critically acclaimed “Neida” EP from 2015 (FACT, BBC Radio 1, thump, XLR8R, Clash, Ransom Note, among many others), “WILD” comes out worldwide in limited colored double vinyl and features such guests as his friend BOP, Brooklyn based BAILE, Olga Maximova (Harp), and Belle (of Left Rib)

1. Occur 02:51
2. Every PPL 05:53
3. Secret Jungle 05:03
4. WILD 04:29
5. Thunderine 04:59
6. In Between 01:50
7. Arrival 04:33
8. Canvas Feat. Baile 06:03
9. Habitat 03:54
10. Rivers Reverse Feat. Bop 04:44
11. Do You Feat. Belle 04:05
12. Catch Light Feat. Olga Maximova 03:27
13. Thirst 04:11

Brother Ali - All The Beauty In This Whole Life

Release Date: 5 May 2017

Over the past 17 years, Brother Ali has earned wide critical acclaim for his deeply personal, socially conscious, and inspiring brand of hip-hop. Under Rhymesayers Entertainment, he’s unleashed a series of lauded projects, establishing himself as one of the most respected independent voices in music. The latest chapter in that celebrated journey is All the Beauty in This Whole Life, a 15-track collection produced entirely by Atmosphere’s Anthony “Ant” Davis. 

"This entire album is based on the reality that beauty is the splendor of truth" says the Minneapolis MC. "Beauty in all of its forms is the outward manifestation of love and virtue. It soothes the soul and pulls it gently toward the truth it communicates. Every word and note of this album is intended to either reflect beauty, or expose the ugliness that blocks us from living lives of meaning." 

All the Beauty in This Whole Life is Ali’s first official release in five years and represents the newest and most refined chapter of his life's journey. "Each of my albums are the result of the pain, growth and eventual healing that I experience. Articulating the pain and navigating the healing allows the people who really feel my music to travel with me. It's not only that we hurt together, we heal together as well." 

Contrasting intensely heavy moments with joyous and grateful ones, All the Beauty in This Whole Life arrives right on time, to help heal a divided nation through the power of music. Ali wouldn’t have it any other way. "In times of great suffering in the outside world, the most important battles start from within."

1. Pen To Paper feat. Amir Sulaiman 02:38
2. Own Light (What Hearts Are For) 04:09
3. Special Effects feat. deM atlaS 04:51
4. Can't Take That Away 04:18
5. Dear Black Son 03:52
6. We Got This feat. Sa-Roc 03:01
7. Uncle Usi Taught Me 05:54
8. Pray For Me 03:43
9. It Ain't Easy 03:53
10. Never Learn 04:45
11. Tremble 03:09
12. Before They Called You White 03:36
13. The Bitten Apple feat. Idris Philips 04:23
14. Out of Here 04:31
15. All The Beauty In This Whole Life 04:47

poniedziałek, 1 maja 2017

Michał Tomasik - Save It For Yourself

1. One
2. Karma's a bitch
3. Adulthood feat. Emen
4. WeAlone
5. The Burden of Youth feat. Paulina Witkowska
6. The World feat. Marcin Kiraga
7. Classic
8. Shallow Song
9. Poor Me
10. Allergen feat. Adi Nowak, Paulina Witkowska

IUNA NIVA - Primeval Guilt

Release Date: 26 March 2017
Label: Noorden

A necklace of seven leftfield landscapes, oscillating between frustrated techno and dawning ambience. Arranged by a singer and a producer using the tools of our current epoch. Metaphorically it stands for an immolation offered to the spectral freedom of nature, in the hope of observing its apparition, once more. 

1. Stain 04:11
2. Sin 06:26
3. Vault 04:29
4. Primordial Clave 06:24
5. Bracelet 01:25
6. Vault (Ikpathua Remix) 05:00
7. Bracelet (Evitceles Remix) 03:27

Dark Miracle - Flowers

Release Date: 29 April 2017

1. hydrangea 01:42
2. lily 01:39
3. lupin 01:57
4. orchid 01:55
5. violet 03:17
6. aspidistra 01:25
7. jasmin 02:19
8. jonquil 02:12
9. phlox 02:01
10. aconite 02:00