środa, 17 maja 2017

Le Martz, HD Substance - Indoinha EP

Release Date: 8 May 2017
Label: SUB tl

It’s time for our young argentinian agent to have his very own EP in the house. He offers three original cuts plus a remix by label boss Hd Substance. 
-Indoinha is an energetic number, fat kicks, heavy sub action, harsh synths and a clever arrangemet. 
-Quimera starts with a broken beat, spiced with white noise washes and panned drums until melodic synth lines take over the arrangement. An epic peak time mover away from conventional grooves. 
-Hd Substance reviews Indoinha, solid grooves, flanged analogue lines, reberverated drones and melancholic strings. 
-Almost the last closes the release with a solid beat made of heavy low frequencies and shuffled synthetic components until repetitive arpeggiated lines appear adding tension and energy talking to each other in a continuous fight.

1. Le Martz - Indoinha 06:45
2. Le Martz - Quimera 06:18
3. Indoinha (HD Substance Remix) 07:15
4. Le Martz - Almost the last 05:03

Check the spotify playlist with SUB tl releases Here

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