środa, 30 listopada 2011

Dave Greening - Canvas

Release Date: 29 November 2011

    "Hi, all, I hope you enjoy this one. This features some of my first orchestral sounds, which I really hope you enjoy! It was a lot of fun branching out, and trying new things.

    Again I have collaborated with some fantastic musicians to bring you this sound :) Most notably, Owsey, an up and coming artist has contributed two tracks to the album. There's a link to his glorious music below!

    Album art work is by Marianna Santikou: hqheart.deviantart.com
http://www.hqheart.deviantart.com "

Mike Garson, Alex Boyd - The Sonnets

Release Date: 29 November 2011

"What happens when one of the worlds most respected pianists pairs up with an up and coming photographer?
The answer is 'The Sonnets' - Mike Garson's response to the landscape photography of Alex Boyd. A minimal soundtrack which both complements and explores the contemplative imagery of the 'Sonnets' series of images created by Boyd in his native Scotland."

The Jazzment - After Soul

Release Date: 27 November 2011 

The Jazzment - Lonely Soul

Release Date: 14 August 2011

"The Jazzment is an instrumental piece created by a duo MARWZ + Noire from The Netherlands. Jazzy, spacey sounds experimentally combined with neosoul."

Matias Bagato - Some Dub EP

Release Date: 18 October 2011


wtorek, 29 listopada 2011

CityFunk Recordings - CFUNK001

"We are a new free netlabel based in Wolverhampton UK. Our mission is to release a high quality drum'n'bass music such as neurofunk and techstep. All tunes will be avaliable for free download under Creative Commons Licence."

First Cityfunk release:
Release Date: 22 November 2011

Free download tracks:

CFUNK001 FREE DOWNLOAD by CityFunk Recordings

Karwan - Fabryka Snów - Coś się kończy + LaikIke1 (prod. Bob Air)

Jest kolejny singiel z nadchodzącej płyty Karwana "Fabryka Snów". Będzie to jego druga płyta po wcześniejszym "Wielkim Sercu".
Znamy listę gości, będą to W.E.N.A., Ras, Zkibwoy, Lilu, LaikIke1. 

Tracklista prezentuje się następująco:
 01. Mogę sobie pozwolić + Dj Ace (prod. Rav)
02. Selekcja + Dj Slip (prod. Quiz)
03. Fabryka Snów (prod. OnlyOne)
04. Znam te miejsca + W.E.N.A., DJ Slip, ref. Quiz (prod. Quiz)
05. Lepsze Życie + Dj Slip (prod. Westone)
06. Zawijam stąd + Ras, Dj Slip (prod. Quiz)
07. Na scenie (prod. 2sty)
08. Jak pytasz (prod. Kudel)
09. Kłamstwa + Zkibwoy, Lilu (prod. Reno)
10. Za najlepsze akcje + TłustyKot & Dj Bidi (prod. 2sty)
11. Spostrzeżenia + Dj Ace (prod. Bobair)
12. Coś się kończy + LaikIke1 (prod. Bobair)
13. Outro

Karwan - Coś się kończy + LaikIke1 (prod. Bob Air) 


Dla przypomnienia poprzedni singiel oraz promomix:

Karwan - Potrzeby (prod. 2sty) 



poniedziałek, 28 listopada 2011

Σ-Fly (Sigmafly) - Tetrachrome EP

Release Date: 27 November 2011
Label: Cut Music

"Sigmafly (Σ-Fly) is Manchester based Tom Holmes. Fresh from his incredible free EP on Essáy's Warminal label he's put together a blinder of an EP for Cut.
Taking the musical aesthetics from the likes of Boards Of Canada, Lapalux, Burial and some of our previous Cut producers like Great Skies or Essáy, Tom envelops all the great parts and ultimately produces his own emotive, melodic and beautifully deep take on the style.
With carefully considered layers of intricate sound, chimes, piano, vocal snippets and echoing percussion these truly crafted pieces of outstanding audio make for great individual pieces, but combined, as an EP you can really appreciate the value of his aesthetic."

niedziela, 27 listopada 2011

Dejoe - All Samples Cleared 3

Release Date: 26 November 2011

In mix:
Willie Hutch - Hospital Prelude Of Love Theme (Motown)
Ted Taylor - I Can't Fake It Anymore (MCA)
Creation - Wastin' My Time (ATCO)
Eugene Record - Here Comes The Sun (Warner Bros)
The Temptations - Gonna Keep Tryin' Till i Win Your Love (Tamla)
The Dramatics - Ocean Of Thoughts And Dreams (ABC)
The Escorts - Look Over Your Shoulder (Alithia)
Buddy Miles - Pain (CBS)
Bobby Caldwell - Carry On (Clouds)
Tom Brock - I Love You More And More (20TH Century)
The Imaginations - Because I Love You (20TH Century)
Astrud Gilberto - Who Can I Turn To (Verve)
Billy Paul - Let The Dollas Circulate (Philadelphia International)
The Trammps - Rubberband (Buddah)
Tommy Tate - For The Dollar Bill (Juana)
Switch - A Brigther Tomorrow (Gordy)
ZZ Hill - That Ain't The Way You Make Love (United Artists)
LTD - Love Ballad - (A&M)
Teddy Pendergrass - Easy, Easy, Got To Take It Easy (Philadelphia International)
Jermaine Jackson - Sitting On The Edge Of My Mind (Motown)
Ahmad Jamal - Ghetto Child (20TH Century)
Curtis Mayfield - No Thing On Me (Curtom)
Keith Mansfield - Soul Thing (CBS)
Dorothy Moore - Dark End Of The Street (Malaco)
Honey Cone - Innocent Til Proven Guilty (Hot Wax)
Hubert Laws - Family (Columbia)

All Samples Cleared 3 by the professionals

piątek, 25 listopada 2011

IV the Polymath - Push IVward EP

Release Date: 07 January 2011

"IV the Polymath's "Push IVward EP" is an album where you can turn out the lights, lay down, put on your headphones and just zone out as you turn up the volume." -DJ Jazzpants 

Produced by IV the Polymath
Cover Art by GroundMedia
Vocals mixed by Jondis

IV the Polymath - Never Sleep II

Release Date: 19 February 2010 

"An excellent blend of classic hip-hop beatmaking and some elements of the new-school that is sure to get your head nodding." -Vinyl Meltdown

Produced by IV the Polymath
Cover art by Cory J. Peak 

Ayqix – Manuyux

Release Date: 24 October 2010

Track List:
01 Ayataki
02 Paschi
03 Manuyux
04 Unqukuy
05 Ayataki (Abstract Ballet Deep Version)

Deepindub Podcast 038 - Temiong Recordings Netlabel Mix

Release Date: 11 November 2011

Mixed by Maurizio Miceli : http://www.facebook.com/miceli.maurizio
for deepindub netlabel podcast series. 

Cały set składa się z utworów wydanych w netlabelu Temiong Recordings (http://www.temiongrecordings.com.ar/)

Deepindub Podcast 038 - Temiong Recordings Netlabel Mix by Maurizio Miceli

czwartek, 24 listopada 2011

1000names - Perception Of Color + Album Snippet

Release date: Dec 9, 2011 

"The Invisible Architect is the third full-length album by like minded production duo and long-term friends 1000names. Unlike their previous releases, which focused more on technology and machinery, they drew their inspiration for this album from the unconscious moments that just happen during live shows or studio improvisations, those happy accidents when the music emerges out of the chaos with no traceable origin. In these unconscious moments, it seems, the invisible architect - a mysterious natural power - creates this untouched and raw music, almost like the geological formation of rocks in a mountain or the trees in a forest are formed by the fundamental forces of nature.

In their own words: "It's a mystery where the music comes from and why it sounds the way it does. We look for the answer in the garden of the invisible architect - and try just to be..."

1000names "Perception Of Color" (Invisible Architect 2LP/Digital - Project: Mooncircle, 2011) by Project Mooncircle

Album snippet:

PMC092 - 1000names "Invisible Architect" 2LP/Album snippet by Project Mooncircle

środa, 23 listopada 2011

Insom - Air Cave + Fetch Down

Release Date: 28 October 2011

IDJRFREE031: Insom - Air Cave + Fetch Down by In Da Jungle Recording

Mineral- Promomix 2011

Release Date: February 2011
Official website: http://mineral.fi/

"I’m proud to present the fresh “Mineral – Promomix 2011″. This drum’n'bass mix includes 20 tunes by myself and remixes & collaboration tracks by featuring artists."

Mineral - Promomix 2011 by DJ mineral

01. Mineral – Other Life (Trisector remix) [forthcoming lightless digital]
02. Seba – Painted Skies (Mineral remix) [knowledge magazine remix contest]
03. Mineral – Reach For The Stars – Ben Kama remix [forthcoming indajungle]
04. Mineral – Lukumo (Audite & Wintermute remix) [forthcoming trust in music]
05. Resound & Mineral - Below Zero [dub]
06. Esc – Lost And Found (Mineral rmx) [IDJR110]
07. Mineral – Jupiter (Fanu’s smelly kitchen remix) [forthcoming lightless]
08. Mineral - Martial Arts [dub]
09. Mineral – Everytime You Are Near [dub]
10. Mineral – Need Your Love [IDJR121]
11. Mineral – Lost Signal [dub]
12. Mineral – God’s Symphony [IDJR121]
13. Mineral – Spider (Naraka rmx) [IDJR121]
14. Taajuus & Mineral – Four Years Later [dub]
15. Mineral – One Still Remains (Defence remix) [forthcoming indajungle]
16. Mineral – Step [mineral.fi_free_012]
17. Mineral – Rushing Girl [dub]
18. Mineral – Free Drum [dub]
19. Esc – Kongo Tune (Mineral 2010 VIP) [mineral.fi_free_008]
20. Mineral – Twisted Dream [forthcoming lightless digital]

wtorek, 22 listopada 2011

Eugene Levitas - The Button

Release Date: 17 November 2011

"The soundtrack from Yosef Bar-Yosef's play "The Button", directed by Alexandr Bargman & Michael Teplitsky. Stage design by Polina Adamov (Kontekst Theatre).

Critically acclaimed composer Eugene Levitas belongs to a new
generation of young composers. He is fluent in the diverse languages
of classical, contemporary, jazz, electronic and even pop - rock music. Eugene's compositions and arrangements can be heard in concert halls, CD recordings, movie theaters and on television.

Levitas' concert music has been performed by many leading
orchestras and artists including the Israel Chamber Orchestra,
Rishon LeZion Orchestra, Chen Zimbalista, Roberto Paternostro,
Tel - Aviv Brass Quintet and many others. Jerusalem Post wrote
about some of his concert: "... Levitas' Concerto was a celebration of sounds rarely heard in concert halls..."

As a film composer, Levitas scored acclaimed documentaries such as:
"Human Weapon" by Ilan Ziv for ARTE channel,
"Rescue Helicopters" (Gold Award in the Houston International Film Festival) directed by Elan Frank for National Geographic,
"Star Trek - The Next Generation" trailer for Star World TV.

Producer and Arranger Eugene Levitas has been involved in many multi platinum and gold records by leading Israeli artists such as Rita, Shlomo Artzi, Rami Kleinstein and Kathy Ben HaRoush.

With his brother Dmitry Levitas, (first trumpet of Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra), he formed Levitas Brothers and have recorded two albums "Ocean" and "Whispered Thoughts" were he experiment with different sounds and styles of music.

A graduate of the Music Academy of the Tel Aviv University he is in the beginning of his musical career. Ruth Gutman Ben-Zvi (regular contributor to the "HaTzofe") wrote: "... Levitas not only have a charm ..., but knowledge and rhythmical / melodic gift to write modern, daring and beautiful music.""

D. - Dusky Room

Release Date: 20.11.2011
Label: inoQuo

"With a career as a Light-Jockey and DJ in different clubs (Barçalles, Atlàntida, Fibra Óptica ...) D. (David Sáez) presents his work as producer with this "Ep dusky room," five tracks which range from deep, minimal techno and house."

    01 move your body
    02 sreaming at the moon
    03 room with 3 minds
    04 storm of desire
    05 stanley milgram’s sounds (experimental & psychological mix)

piątek, 18 listopada 2011

AbJo - Obrigado!

Release Date: 18 November 2011 

"Welcome to Obrigado!: a brazilian inspired beat "mixtape", full of released and unreleased beats of mine that fit in the category of beats coming from minha alma (my soul, for the natively english speaking folks).

This mixtape is my prequel to a long awaited, much anticipated, thoroughly contemplated KC.93/Midnight Kids released beat tape, which, still untitled, should be released early spring next year. Until then, take your soul (alma) on a ride and let this be your early reminder that another summer soon comes, and that this is one of many soundtracks to that summer madness... "

Qmare & Iron - Soul Destroyer EP

Release date: 18 November 2011

Najnowsza EPka w Nocid Business. Autorami jest dwóch polskich producentów: Qmare oraz iRON.
Gatunkowo standard w labelu. Bardzo mocne, neurofunkowe brzmienie.

Qmare & Iron - Soul Destroyer EP [NOBUSS024] by Nocid Business Rec.

czwartek, 17 listopada 2011

Jesz & MOFW - Sprawdź EPke - Odsłuch

Rok: 2011
Label: Re4mat

"Jesz to raper związany muzycznie z grupą Korporacja - Głównie szczecińskim zespołem łączącym funk / jazz i innych ojców rapu ze swoim dużo młodszym dzieckiem. Man of Few Words to producent ze Szczecinka mający na koncie płytę producencką "Go Behind My Sounds" wydaną na winylu. W tym momencie kończy drugi winyl."

środa, 16 listopada 2011

Bugseed - Bohemian Beatnik LP

Rok: 2010

Bugseed x Ill.Sugi - SILLA Beattape

Rok: 2011

"bugseed (/tokyo) x ill.sug (a.k.a ill.sugi/kanagawa) 2nd collaboration beattape.

we made these 24 beats in a day when bugseed went to ill.sug's home. these beats were created by fl studio x sp404"

Bugseed x Ill.Sugi - Flipping Formats Beattape

Rok: 2011

Bugseed x Ill.Sugi collaboration beattape.
Ill.Sugi is beatmaker/mc from Kanagawa.
Bugseed beatmaker from Tokyo, Japan.

wtorek, 15 listopada 2011

Various - Ajana EP

Rok: 2011
Label: Cicuta

"In November the weather turns cold and darkness begins to gain ground, leaving behind the sunny days. That’s why Cicuta Netlabel stirs the fire to counteract these phenomena, bringing a third reference full of strength and dark in equal measure. Of course, without losing our usual flirting with slower techno.

EP began with Ukrainian Stanislav Tolkachev, one of the most prolific and most quality in the techno scene. His works, always mental and acid, carry a seal of authenticity that makes them easily recognizable. A luxury for Cicuta to have him on board.

We continue with Kuniaki Takenaga, artist that was already present at netaudio scene of the hand of mythical netlabel Offaudio, and which many consider a pupil of Takaaki Itoh. Others even think that the student has surpassed the teacher…

We continue with German Andreas Florin, an old known in netaudio scene under the pseudonym Frequenzkiller, who this time comes with his best known aka to Cicuta to offer an eclectic and hypnotic track equally. Below is the Spaniard Zair, one of those emerging national products that we like to support from Cicuta, with a simple but direct track, focused directly to the dance floor.

The counterpoint in this case is provided by two great artists and friends, Loisan and My Name is Pinxo, who join forces to bring Cicuta Netlabel his taste for groove and quality music. His work on labels like Soundfate (owned by Dosem) or Raccoon Records so cherish.

Finally, as usual, we close the EP with an own work. From Drugstore we present a less conventional sounding track, closer perhaps to hard-trance of yore, but we hope you enjoy it also.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

[CICUTA 003] V.A. - Ajana EP (free download @ http://cicutanetlabel.com) by Cicuta Netlabel


poniedziałek, 14 listopada 2011

I-Tone – Good Day

Rok: 2010

    "Second instrumental EP by our man I-Tone dropped directly from beautiful Pacific Ocean coast. Warm sound, smooth beats, trombone solo, a little melancholy and atmosphere of endless summer day-sometimes instrumental hip-hop sounds just like this. We don’t know about which one of these days was presented the inspiration for I-Tone to record these 9 tracks. But only one thing we know: it was a good day.
    released 06 August 2010
    all tracks produced by I-Tone

    artwork by feyorz
    original photos by Duncan Holley"

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2

Jimmy Flamante - Hip Beats Vol. 01

Rok: 2011

    "Juan Medina, aka Jimmy Flamante, is a laptop musician and music producer from Caracas, Venezuela.

    Hip Beats Vol. 01 is his new EP. It's a body of work that reunites various styles within the same genre. Hip-hop beats that go from post-dubstep to much more classical techniques, in which there are only samples and drum hits used. Then finishing as a sort of hybrid between Wu-Tang style beats, basslines and melodies composed with synthesizers, mutant cuts and textures.

    "This is flippin' sick bro! Feeling this!" - kidkanevil (First Word)

    "Really feeling this one. Played two of the joints on the show. Good shit!" - DJ Still Life (East Village Radio)

    "Every single JLM release is spot on! Another killer EP and 'The Ninja' featured on the Basic Soul Show." - Simon Harrison (Basic Soul)
    released 14 November 2011
    (J. Medina)
    Label: Jus Like Music Records
    Cat No.: JLMDE008
    Artwork: inkclear"

niedziela, 13 listopada 2011

I-Tone - Late Night Flights

Rok: 2010

Pierwszy materiał w rosyjskim wydawnictwie Ritmo Sportivo. W dniu premiery był udostępniony za darmo, tak też zostało do dziś. Za EPkę w całości odpowiada rosyjski producent I-Tone (jest to jego pierwsze z 3 dotychczasowych wydań w tym labelu).
Na EP przypada 9 utworów oscylujących w granicach instrumentalnego hip hopu. Od dziwnych kosmicznych dźwięków, poprzez przyjemne melodie, na funkowych bitach kończąc.

Download Mirror 1
Download Mirror 2

piątek, 11 listopada 2011

DJ Ike - Listen - Odsłuch

Rok: 2011
Label: Stay True

Jedna z najciekawszych płyt w tym roku miała wczoraj swoją premierę. Słowa uznania należą się za sprawną wysyłkę płyt. Raczej większość doszła do ludzi właśnie w czwartek. Wydanie to dwuskrzydełkowy digipak.
Jeśli chodzi o płytę to po takich przelotnych odsłuchach tylko pierwszy numer jest raczej słaby (i to głównie ze względu na gości, sam instrumental byłby lepszy), reszta po prostu wyśmienita. Zapowiadana strona elektroniczna, czyli między innymi drum and bass, to wg mnie bardzo wysoki poziom i warto zapoznać się szczególnie z tymi utworami.
Na plus na pewno również wszystkie wokalistki, świetnie wpasowują się w klimat utworów i dodają swoją cegiełkę do brzmienia całej płyty.


DJ IKE - Chaos, Eksplozja, Cisza, Śmierć ft. Prykone, Flint & Udar

DJ IKE - Caissa Theme

DJ IKE - We could happen ft. Hanna Drewnowska

DJ IKE - Pokaż Zajawkę ft. Starszy Brat

DJ IKE - Between the lies ft. Joanna Fostiak

DJ IKE - Pozic mamo raz REMIX ft. Bałkany Śpiewają

DJ IKE - Czasoprzestrzeń ft. Textura

DJ IKE - I Want you back ft. Olga Szomańska & Tomek Busławski

DJ IKE - Znaki ft. Peerzet, Kojot & Ania Sokołek

DJ IKE - Always there

DJ IKE - Be ft. Ellen Tift & Tomek N

DJ IKE - Inner Peace ft. Stone

Nocow – Ruins Tape

Rok: 2011
Label: G5 Music

"Once again, Gimme5 takes you further than humanly tolerated, squeezing through your ears the magnificent unknown still sleeping in your brain. With this 'beat tape' release from Nocow, the listener is yet one step deeper, not only into the music, but into the process itself that brings life to it. These short songs are a glimpse into Nocow's vision of the world, a brief sigh through the immensity of the 'possibles', snatched from some underlying world and compiled inside this tape which, by the way, is free. Yes, you heard well. This is so totally free that you have no excuse not to get it and prepare yourself for Nocow's debut LP soon to come.

Each track is like a pearl, born in the shell of an ugly oyster but shining bright, beautiful in its special own way. In fact, this beat tape pleads the beauty to be found in even the ugliest thing, the ruined and desolated elements that compose the realm of reality. Just take a look at the artwork cover to get a visual clue of what we mean. The rust is feared and scorned, but if you look close enough, it will
start revealing to the spectator its delicate ornaments that make it beautiful. The eye needs to listen for the ear to see clearly, and this beat tape is the perfect argument to prove it. Did we mention it's free ? Yeah. We're like that at Gimme5. We give the beauty for the mere sake of spreading it. Round in circles, we dispel the wind overnight, up on a roof, and we allow a thorny path to be our long way home, though in doubt, the moonlight flit over the gill. If you don't understand this last sentence, then you should probably rewind the tape and play it again - that is, if you bought the tape version, which you most definitely will, just cos a tape is the hypest item in this digital world. Then you'll know, and you will be impatient, like us, to hold Nocow's debut full-length LP. Soon !"

czwartek, 10 listopada 2011

Nameless Dancers – Fluteman

Rok: 2011

Najświeższy materiał od rosyjskiej grupy Nameless Dancers wydany w White Art Studio, które łączy ze sobą kilka netlabeli, wytwórni płytowych oraz projektów muzycznych.
Materiał został nagrany właśnie w White Art Studio w roku 2010 przez Nameless Dancers oraz K-Drocka. Przy m.in. aranżacji całości brał również udział EugeneKha.

1. Fluteman (Funky Disco Mix) (7:28)
2. Hot Funky Body (4:09)
3. Nameless Dancers feat. K-Drock - Fluteman (Unplugged Studio Jam) (6:07)
4. Hot Funky Body (DJ Jazzy Remix) (4:09) 

Wicher - Mozaika EP

Rok: 2011

Tomasz Wichrzycki (Wicher) - jego EP - "Mozaika" wychodzi właśnie pod patronatem ślizgu. Uwagę przyciągnąć może na pewno kilku ciekawych producentów, m.in. Voskovy, Szatt czy Beeres. Z gości usłyszymy tylko Oliwię Nazimek.
Autor pisze o swoim materiale tak:
Ten 7-mio trackowy materiał to zlepek światopoglądów, przekonań i części mojego charakteru.

sobota, 5 listopada 2011

TriaMer - Terminate EP

Rok: 2011

Najnowszy release od Nocid Business. Mocna dawka potężnego, hardcorowego, momentami neurofunkowego drum and bassu. Klimatyczne cuty, charakterystyczna perkusja i świetny bass dają bardzo dobry efekt.
TriaMer - Terminate EP [NOBUSS023] by Nocid Business Rec.

Dustmotes - None For The Crow EP

Rok: 2011

  1 Saudade
  2 Go To Sleep
  3 Never Right
  4 Malaise
 5 In Here
  6 Gangs
  7 Lethargy

Sunny June - Babylon Musique

Rok: 2011

1.Twins Step Out (4:49)
2. Monkey Island (3:27)
3. Hindustani (3:34)
4. Magic Space (4:01)
5. Sitar Dream (1:48)
6. Escape From Babylon (3:16)
7. Quiet Storm (4:04)

Kisszanto - Slowjazz EP

Rok: 2011

01. How I Do That EP Intro
02. Space War In The Future, Bassist Is Still Playing In The Background
03. Step Back On Drums
04. This Is The Left-Jazz. Am I Right
05. Creating Mental Atmosphere
06. Is How I Done This

piątek, 4 listopada 2011

Azja/Dj Bajer - Z Dala Od Zgiełku

Rok: 2011
Label: EverySound

Album "Azja/Dj Bajer - Z Dala Od Zgiełku" to 14 kompozycji wyprodukowanych przez 6 producentów - Kudel, Kroz, Jarza, Oer, Mr. Ed oraz Dj Bajer. Na krążku można usłyszeć taki ludzi jak: Asia Voo, Kosa, Pafarazzi, Wergawer [Projekt Ganges] oraz Bisz [BOK]. Oprócz tego w kawałku "Serwus" beatbox wykonał Dżemas, a w utworze "Z Dala Od Zgiełku" solówki na flecie syntetycznym [EWI] zagrał Łukasz "Benon" Łukowski. Wokale nagrano w "After Joint Studio" oraz "21 Music Studio". Wydaniem oraz promocją płyty zajmuje się bydgoski NetLabel Everysound [http://www.every-sound.pl].

Okładka: Jarza
Mix/Mastering: Oer
wokale nagrano w: After Joint Studio, 21 Music Studio

01. Serwus [ft. Dżemas] [prod. Kudel]
02. Po Prostu Piszę [ft. Asia Voo] [prod. Kroz]
03. Gringo [prod. Jarza]
04. Małe Piwko [prod. Dj Bajer]
05. Taki Nawyk [ft. Pafarazzi, Wergawer] [prod. Jarza]
06. Rytm [prod. Kroz]
07. W Drodze [ft. Kosa] [prod. Oer]
08. Znalazłem... [prod. Dj Bajer]
09. Z Dala Od Zgiełku [ft. Łukasz "Benon" Łukowski]
10. Pod Ciężarem Nieba [ft. Kosa, Bisz] [prod. Mr. Ed]
11. Złudzenia... [prod. Dj Bajer]
12. Nic Więcej [prod. Dj Bajer]
13. Serwus [Oer RMX]
14. Nic Więcej [Mr. Ed RMX]

Flajs / ZeroJeden – Backstage [EP]

Rok: 2011

01. Flajs /ZeroJeden – Otwarcie Sezonu (feat. DJ Smak)
02. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Kocham Nienawidzić Życie
03. Flajs / ZeroJeden – System Lokalny
04. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Jeden Talent (feat. DJ Smak)
05. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Inaczej (Skit)(feat. DJ Olin)
06. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Ona To Ja (feat. Natalia D)
07. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Krople
08. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Wariacje # 1
09. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Jeden Talent (Kret Remix)
10. Flajs / ZeroJeden – Ona To Ja (feat. Natalia D) (ZeroJeden Remix)

rap / słowa : Flajs
produkcja : ZeroJeden, Kret (10)
klawisze : Michał “Nerwus” Buczek (6)
mix/master/aranżacje : ZeroJeden i Michał “Nerwus” Buczek

ARK - Dreamin' EP

Rok: 2011

ARK to osiemnastoletni raper z Działdowa (war-maz.). Swoje pierwsze kawałki datuje na rok 2008. Epka "Dreamin'" będzie jego debiutem.
Producent epki, Baribal a.k.a. BRB ma na swoim koncie album producencki pt. "Zapowiedź Mixtape". Podkłady Baribala są mocno zróżnicowane. Potrafi mieszać gatunki, tworzyć newschoolowe, jak i te klasyczne, samplowane bity.

ARK - "Pomysł na projekt powstał spontanicznie. Zadowoleni z efektów wcześniejszej współpracy przy mixtapie producenckim, na zajawce zdecydowaliśmy się stworzyć coś wspólnego. Pierwsze bity dostałem jakoś w marcu, ostatni niemalże tydzień temu. Prace nad płytą traktowaliśmy luźno, teksty powstawały raczej spontanicznie, pod wpływem emocji, niż wytrwałej pracy i długiego siedzenia nad kartką. Każdy kawałek jest wynikiem przeżyć, doświadczeń. Premierę płyty przewidujemy na sierpień, jednak nie daję sobie głowy uciąć, że nic się nie przesunie, ponieważ chwilowo zostaliśmy bez miejsca do nagrań, a i wakacyjny leń daje się we znaki."

1. Intro
2. Dreamin'
3. Jeden (ft. Stochu)
4. Sen
5. Wyrzucam myśli
6. Kolejka po szarość
7. Póki mam funk
8. Hołd
9. Zaszyjmy się
10. Outro 

środa, 2 listopada 2011

Thefft - The Primer EP

Rok: 2011

2 listopada label Cut Records prezentuje nam ich najnowsze EP. Thefft to jakaś mocno anonimowa postać bo nie mogłem się dogrzebać jakiś konkretnych informacji na jego temat.
Muzyka to mroczne kawałki, głównie charakteryzujące się dość niskim BPM jeśli chodzi o tego typu style muzyczne. Jest raczej ciężko, technicznie i minimalistycznie.

1 No Match For She 4:44    
2 Gammy Crazy 4:54    
3 Stares 5:32

JOT - Odliczanie EP - Download

Rok: 2011

Tidal - Darmowe utwory

Z Soundclouda brytyjskiego producenta drum and bass Tidala możemy pobrać 3 remixy:

Xperiment x B.Lewis - See​-​Saw Kids (2011)

Rok: 2011

Najnowszy projekt, którego współtwórcą jest producent z Kaliforni B.Lewis. Wydał do tej pory kilka instrumentalnych materiałów i można powiedzieć, że posiada on bardzo ciekawy i charakterystyczny styl. Dużo interesujących, funkowych i soulowych sampli miesza się tutaj z abstrakcyjnymi i nowoczesnymi dźwiękami kojarzącymi się z tak odległymi stylami muzyki elektronicznej jak space sounds.
"See Saw Kids" można odsłuchać oraz za darmo pobrać na bandcampie.

wtorek, 1 listopada 2011

Nameless Dancers - End Of Night

Rok: 2011

Projekt powstał w roku 2009 w Moskwie. Ich muzyka to połączenie Jazzu, nowoczesnych syntezatorów i momentami housowych rytmów. Daje nam to świetne chilloutowe utwory z bardzo ciekawym doborem dźwięków i przyjemnymi wokalami.

1. Intro (1:05)
2. Moscow Snow Lounge (5:29)
3. Solito (3:28)
4. End Of Night (EugeneKha Mix) (5:07)
5. Winterend (0:58)
6. Moscow Snow Lounge (Aeonikal Drum'n'Base Remix) (4:42)

(CICUTA PODCAST 001) Dj L’Embrouille

Rok: 2011
Label: Cicuta

Po dwóch EPkach wydanych w Cicucie, otrzymujemy ponad 80 minutowy mix zrobiony przez DJa Embroullie.
Niestety nie można go odsłuchać na soundcloudzie i jest tylko podany link do downloadu.

01.Hiss – In Der Hey [DOMA 009]
02.Alexx Wolfe – Mind Clutter [FRONTNET 013]
03.Pablo Denegri – Tonight Was [UNFOUND 060]
04.Kamika – Used (Ixel Remix) [SLXR 005]
05.Zzzzra – Mecanographie Phase 2 (Toni Latenz Access Granted Rework] [SCHALL 033]
06.Diego Palacios – Decisions (Bruno Sacco Remix) [INOQUO 058]
07.Hoerautomat – Is This [ISC 012]
08.Drugstore – Deimos (Kwartz Remix) [ZIMMER074]
09.Johnny Peraza – Metamorphis [SE 024]
10.Drugstore – Udayan [CICUTA 001]
11.Groovycosta – Imaginarium [SM 017]
12.Skirt – Collider [TRUST 001]
13.WorkLeft – McLovin [SOMO LP 01]
14.Bam Spacey – Resan Mot Det Stora Morka [BUMP 161]
15.Camy – Alucinaba [SOMO LP 01]
16.Brausebruder – Fiepobratz (Paulice Tool Edit) [MINIATURA 054]
17.Nico Raffo – Chezen [ABKT 009]
18.Drugstore – Night Dream [CICUTA 002]
19.Lowbard – Fidget One (Bonus Mutant Horse Short Mix) [BLPSQ 014]
20.SeQ – Tryppy frogs [KOLLEKTIV ARTISTS]
21.Pasquale maassen – While You Are Cooking [OMARAMUSIC 033]
22.Drugstore – Shadai (Gabeen Remix) [CICUTA 002]
23.Kwartz – Still Dead [ZIMMER 074]
24.Drugstore – Phantom [SM 017]
25.Sublime Porte – Red Apple (2011 Rework) [SP 10]
26.Akamaka – Brainstorm [SE 028]
27.Kike Pravda – Quantum [CICUTA 001]
28.Roberto Ayensa – Dible [ZIMMER 076]
29.Vegim – Librium [CICUTA 001]
30.Deadsound – Realists Reality [TRUST 001]
31.Dan Mute – Shiny (Doryk Remix) [AE 046]
32.Tomohiko Sagae – Torture [TRUST 001]
33.RF:Sound – No exit [AE 044]
34.Siege – Resume Contact [TRUST 001]
35.Tony Silver – Naomi [TESLA 155]
36.Unorace – Holocaust [ZIMMER 078]
37.Hoth System – Melting Point [AE 048]
38.Roberto Ayensa – Gaba Hey [ZIMMER 076]
39.Ulf Kramer – Wailing Wall [OMARAMUSIC 030]
40.Lolo – Evolution [ZIMMER 077]
41.Inigo Kennedy – Power [TRUST 001]
42.Furz – Nice Try [DOMA 07]