piątek, 11 listopada 2011

Nocow – Ruins Tape

Rok: 2011
Label: G5 Music

"Once again, Gimme5 takes you further than humanly tolerated, squeezing through your ears the magnificent unknown still sleeping in your brain. With this 'beat tape' release from Nocow, the listener is yet one step deeper, not only into the music, but into the process itself that brings life to it. These short songs are a glimpse into Nocow's vision of the world, a brief sigh through the immensity of the 'possibles', snatched from some underlying world and compiled inside this tape which, by the way, is free. Yes, you heard well. This is so totally free that you have no excuse not to get it and prepare yourself for Nocow's debut LP soon to come.

Each track is like a pearl, born in the shell of an ugly oyster but shining bright, beautiful in its special own way. In fact, this beat tape pleads the beauty to be found in even the ugliest thing, the ruined and desolated elements that compose the realm of reality. Just take a look at the artwork cover to get a visual clue of what we mean. The rust is feared and scorned, but if you look close enough, it will
start revealing to the spectator its delicate ornaments that make it beautiful. The eye needs to listen for the ear to see clearly, and this beat tape is the perfect argument to prove it. Did we mention it's free ? Yeah. We're like that at Gimme5. We give the beauty for the mere sake of spreading it. Round in circles, we dispel the wind overnight, up on a roof, and we allow a thorny path to be our long way home, though in doubt, the moonlight flit over the gill. If you don't understand this last sentence, then you should probably rewind the tape and play it again - that is, if you bought the tape version, which you most definitely will, just cos a tape is the hypest item in this digital world. Then you'll know, and you will be impatient, like us, to hold Nocow's debut full-length LP. Soon !"

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