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Wicher x Diament - Róża Wiatrów EP

Release Date: 27 October 2013
Label: Vibe2NES

Prezentujemy pierwszą jesienną premierę Vibe2NES, czyli album "Róża Wiatrów" duetu Wicher x Diament. Jest to koncepcyjny projekt opierający się na motywie żeglarskiej róży kompasowej, nawiązujący do wielu miejsc świata. Wśród gości zaproszonych przez duet znajdują się znakomici podziemni artyści jak: Tymin, Golin, Kazzam, czy Junes. Mixem i masteringiem płyty zajęło się 3/4UDGS.

1. Róża wiatrów #1 (feat. Golin, Chok, prod. FOUX)
2. Meksyk (prod. BeJotKa)
3. Włoska Robota (feat. DJ Who?list, prod. Crime)
4. Cheick Kongo (prod. Efen)
5. Rosyjska Ruletka (feat. Beeres, prod. Kazzam)
6. Róża wiatrów #2 (feat. Tymin, prod. Młody)
7. Czeski Film (feat. Asteya, prod. Kazet)
8. Olimp (feat. Junes, prod. PTK)

Tammio - Alchemist (EP)

Release Date: 15 August 2013

After the debut Unknown Worlds LP, The Russian musician/producer known as Tammio is back with another serving of melancholic cinematic trip-hop filled with chilled profound atmosphere.

Alchemist's Laboratory

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Cyga - Czasy Stracone

Release Date: 27 October 2013

1. Gaszę Ciemność
2. 70327
3. Business Class
4. Curious
5. Crew Love
6. Wciąż Niepewność
7. Czasy Stracone
8. Urszula Piotr Pacak Ten Typ Mes bonus

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Slow Year - Slow Year

Release Date: 08 October 2013

1. Sparrow Crowned 04:26
2. Fleazy 05:52
3. Lord Pretender 04:10
4. Guts 03:01
5. Vermona Hiss 04:28
6. Blood Apple 04:53
7. Song You Liked Most (feat. Brian Binning) 05:12

All songs written by Edward Haller with additional production support by Brian Binning on "Fleazy," "Lord Pretender," and "Song You Liked Most." 
Mastered by Barry Corliss at Master Works. 
Artwork by Erin Kendig. 

Palmer Eldritch - Hum

Release Date: October 2013
Label: Skwer

1.Mantra Eldritch
3.Ray of Light
5.Into The Forrest
6.Sound of Your Footsteps

Production: Raph, digan
Artwork: Belanorqua

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Handbook - Appendices

Release Date: 14 October 2013

A collection of 12 new tracks courtesy of Handbook. Upbeat, uplifting soul sampled classics, featuring a richer instrumentation to get under your skin. For the first time on a Handbook album, there are guest emcees. 
Faithful Servant and Supreme Sol make some devastating features and instrumentals of those tracks are there as a bonus if you download this release as a whole! 
Big love and I hope you enjoy. 

Thank you for the faith.

1. Sweet Coral 04:42
2. Clearer Definition 03:41
3. Holding Hands With Me (Feat. Supreme Sol) 03:18
4. Diamond Rings 03:41
5. Everyday 03:08
6. Kingdom (Feat. Faithful Servant) 03:14
7. Your Majesty 04:08
8. Believable 04:12
9. Strangers 03:51
10. Unnatural Forces 03:13
11. We Used To Live There 03:48
12. Inner Strength 04:32

Produced and arranged by: Handbook
Guest Emcees: Supreme Sol and Faithful Servant
Artwork: Tom Hill

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Dust - Dust Raps the Blues

Release Date: 01 October 2013

All lyrics by Dust and Bulleit Rye. 

Good Morning, Pine Box Blues, Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues, The Devil's Sons, Jim Morrison, Oakland, California and November Trees produced by Dust. Playing God and Hello Loneliness produced by Dust and the Operator. Another Word and Travelin' Blues produced by the Operator. Flying High produced by P-Tronic. 

Guitar on Playing God, Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues, Hello Loneliness, November Trees, and bass on Jim Morrison, Hello Loneliness and November Trees by Rick Klaras. Harmonica by Allen Clayton. 

Recorded by the Operator and Boomer Something at Cloud City Studios in Portland, Oregon. Mixed by Dust. Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Mastering in San Francisco, California. All praise the Burl. Cover photo by Drew Martin, lettering by Nate Luna. 

Mighty Misc appears courtesy of UpperLeft Entertainment. Milc and Brill appear discourteously. 

Special thanks to Lightnin' Hopkins, Little Walter, Howlin Wolf, RL Burnside, Otis Rush, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Albert King, Big Joe Williams, Robert Johnson, B.B. King, and all the other great blues players that get me out of bed on cold mornings. 

Dust would like to thank the Operator, Rick Klaras, Boomer Something, Sir Misc-a-lot, Milcy Nevacaughtabody, Brillion, DJ Weather, Estebon, Carlos, Drizzle, Rick and Donnie at Superdigital, My Boo, all the Jews on a bus, Idan Meirson, Drew Martini, La Chill Crew, Boosen, Branton, X, Alex Hardin, Gilly, Dick Fingers, The Ac, DJ Z, Booty and Bass, We Out Here, UGS Mag, Ok Tho, everyone who plays my music really loud, listens to the lyrics, hates my voice, hates their job, drinks like a chimney or ever met a girl that made them think the world was going to be okay. This one is for you.

1. Good Morning 00:33
2. Pine Box Blues 03:53
3. Playing God 03:45
4. Another Word feat. Brill 05:54
5. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues 04:24
6. Flying High feat. Mighty Misc 03:51
7. Travelin' Blues 05:16
8. The Devil's Sons feat. Milc 03:38
9. Jim Morrison 03:05
10. Oakland, California 03:15
11. Hello Loneliness 04:45
12. November Trees 07:35

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Kill Emil - Broken (EP)

Release Date: 05 August 2013

"Broken" (EP) is the 5th solo release from the Athens based producer Kill Emil. It's a fusion of post rock and hip-hop, knocked up with psychedelic guitar riffs, deep basslines and synth lines layered over chopped up drum breaks.

Go Away
The Chords
Autumn Sun

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Marino69 ‎– Intergalactic

Release Date: 07 October 2013

Welcome aboard, buckle up and put your headfones on your ears. Spaceship
Melodica netlabel is ready to fly. Our target is intergalactic sound filled with a
lot of melodic areas and mysterious mood. Please sit back and enjoy the ride!

1 Transformation (Original Mix) 3:53
2 Apsychia (Original Mix) 3:02
3 Forest Is Our (Original Mix) 2:59

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Juan Baeza - Centerwave

Release Date: 15 October 2013
Label: inoQuo

Juan Baeza is a Chilean artist with a great style and minimal sound. He has played in a lot of venues, clubs and parties and has released his music under labels such as Schaermoments. He is very welcome on inoQuo with this two tracks single which shows his style and sound. To complete the release we have a remix by Hermético. Enjoy and share!!!

1 - centerwave
2 - growth vision
3 - centerwave (hermético remix)

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Warszawski - Nagrania Archiwalne LP

Release Date: October 2013

Strona A:
01. Intro (prod. Warszawski)
02. Ghostwriter (prod. Tomasz Piekło)
03. Za Długo (prod. PRM)
04. Wojna i Pokój (gośc. Mendoza, prod. Dj Kraz)
05. Róże (prod. ka-meal)
06. Nie Chcę Iść (prod. Steven)
07. Nagranie Archiwalne A
08. Kalejdoskop (gośc. HCP, prod. Dj Kraz)
Strona B:
09. Nagranie Archiwalne B
10. Pierwsze Kroki (prod. TheDrumaholikz)
11. Wracam Tam [01] (prod. PRM)
12. Przystanek [skit] (prod. Spear Oh)
13. Wracam Tam [02] (gośc. Jaco, prod. Dj Kraz)
14. Różne Drogi (prod. Be-Art)
15. Na Zawsze (prod. Dj Kraz)

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T.O.M.S - "FACE IT" [EP]

Release Date: October 2013

#01] All About Benjamins (prod. NbH)
#02] You (skit)(prod. NbH)
#03] BFF (prod. NbH)
#04] Basics (prod. doktorsamuel)
#05] (I'll be) Happy Man (prod. iMight)
#06] Don't Disturb (NbH Remix)

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Elien (PHFNG) - Promocja! 2 W Cenie 3. Mixtape

Release Date: October 2013

„Promocja! 2 w cenie 3″ to mixtape przygotowany przez Eliena, 
członka katowickiego PHFNG. Jest złośliwie, sarkastycznie, i z 
tendencją do komentowania zachowań homo (podobno) sapiens. 
Całość tłustymi cutami oprawił DJ Funky. Promujące mixtape video 
"Prawo 2013" jest, a jakże, inspirowane numerem Tetrisa, ale 
dotyczy zupełnie innego zagadnienia.

1. Elien - Stańczyk (ft. DJ Funky)
2. Elien - Prawo 2013
3. Elien - 1024. numer o tym samym
4. Elien - Kazimierz
5. Elien - Jan Kowalski
6. Elien - Mariusz Max Kolonko

Volor Flex & Encode - Altiplano [Free to Listen]

Release Date: 14 October 2013

Altiplano, Volor Flex’s effervescent collab with fellow Russian producer and good friend Encode, is yet another dateless - albeit state-of-the-art - immersion into the polyrhythmic, dense, visceral compositions that this prolific artist is constantly fine-tuning somewhere in the steppe of the Ural Mountains. 

There’s a lot of synced up emotional comfort and tension happening on both sides of the release, balanced-out, as ever, by artfully crafted elements of structure and style. Among them, the everpresent UK garage signature, the noise-drenched soundscapes, the sharp snares, the skittering beats, the melancholy vocals (especially on Altiplano, which easily competes with You In Me or Fake Love in unforgettableness), plus those entrancing moments of fervor followed by profound relief that Volor is such a master of. 

The main track and subsequently the EP were named after the highest and largest plateau in South America, and that’s how exalted and wide-reaching this music should feel. Both inner-city and otherwordly, both London and Syktyvkar, the 7-track, two-sided EP is going deep to get that right, raw vibe. The 12” comes with a wonderfully exciting digital perk, a sweet and soulful bonus track titled Avia.

1. Altiplano 04:07
2. Unbone 03:25
3. Entropy 04:07
4. Frontiere 04:29
5. Boring Apparatus 03:45
6. Sidewalk 01:36
7. AVIA 04:38

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Hot Hot Hawk - Afterhours Sessions 14

Release Date: 29 September 2013

It's unlikely that tomorrow headlines of Ural newspapers will printed with news that authentic synth-pop of Miami 80s recording now in the middle of Russian southern borders. Is far more likely, that carefree melodies of phenomenon duo Hot Hot Hawk will take a place in playlists of all endless summer music lovers. 

1. Over You (11.35 PM) 
2. Must Be Love (1.00 AM) 
3. Ouoo (2.25 AM)
4. Lucky Murder (3.55 AM) 

5:55 - Insomnia

Release Date: 03 October 2013

1. Rowlf The Dawg - Needed 03:20
2. Benncart - Za Sobą (feat. Ailo) 04:04
3. synth - less 04:13
4. Chloe Martini - Intuition 04:14
5. Mike Panda - Jello Pops 02:28
6. Moment - Brown Eyes 02:47
7. Billy Brown - Shag 03:49
8. Eufoteoria - Exosphere 04:37
9. Bitykradne - Twanyu 02:33
10. Zaspał - Pajęczyna on the Keys 03:55
11. Thostey - Shatter 04:08
12. Lux Familiar - Thug Girl 04:08
13. Taivan - The Look 05:01
14. NoTime - Death From Above 02:29
15. Igrekzet - Collapse 04:06