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Dust - Dust Raps the Blues

Release Date: 01 October 2013

All lyrics by Dust and Bulleit Rye. 

Good Morning, Pine Box Blues, Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues, The Devil's Sons, Jim Morrison, Oakland, California and November Trees produced by Dust. Playing God and Hello Loneliness produced by Dust and the Operator. Another Word and Travelin' Blues produced by the Operator. Flying High produced by P-Tronic. 

Guitar on Playing God, Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues, Hello Loneliness, November Trees, and bass on Jim Morrison, Hello Loneliness and November Trees by Rick Klaras. Harmonica by Allen Clayton. 

Recorded by the Operator and Boomer Something at Cloud City Studios in Portland, Oregon. Mixed by Dust. Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Mastering in San Francisco, California. All praise the Burl. Cover photo by Drew Martin, lettering by Nate Luna. 

Mighty Misc appears courtesy of UpperLeft Entertainment. Milc and Brill appear discourteously. 

Special thanks to Lightnin' Hopkins, Little Walter, Howlin Wolf, RL Burnside, Otis Rush, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Albert King, Big Joe Williams, Robert Johnson, B.B. King, and all the other great blues players that get me out of bed on cold mornings. 

Dust would like to thank the Operator, Rick Klaras, Boomer Something, Sir Misc-a-lot, Milcy Nevacaughtabody, Brillion, DJ Weather, Estebon, Carlos, Drizzle, Rick and Donnie at Superdigital, My Boo, all the Jews on a bus, Idan Meirson, Drew Martini, La Chill Crew, Boosen, Branton, X, Alex Hardin, Gilly, Dick Fingers, The Ac, DJ Z, Booty and Bass, We Out Here, UGS Mag, Ok Tho, everyone who plays my music really loud, listens to the lyrics, hates my voice, hates their job, drinks like a chimney or ever met a girl that made them think the world was going to be okay. This one is for you.

1. Good Morning 00:33
2. Pine Box Blues 03:53
3. Playing God 03:45
4. Another Word feat. Brill 05:54
5. Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues 04:24
6. Flying High feat. Mighty Misc 03:51
7. Travelin' Blues 05:16
8. The Devil's Sons feat. Milc 03:38
9. Jim Morrison 03:05
10. Oakland, California 03:15
11. Hello Loneliness 04:45
12. November Trees 07:35

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