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Handbook - Appendices

Release Date: 14 October 2013

A collection of 12 new tracks courtesy of Handbook. Upbeat, uplifting soul sampled classics, featuring a richer instrumentation to get under your skin. For the first time on a Handbook album, there are guest emcees. 
Faithful Servant and Supreme Sol make some devastating features and instrumentals of those tracks are there as a bonus if you download this release as a whole! 
Big love and I hope you enjoy. 

Thank you for the faith.

1. Sweet Coral 04:42
2. Clearer Definition 03:41
3. Holding Hands With Me (Feat. Supreme Sol) 03:18
4. Diamond Rings 03:41
5. Everyday 03:08
6. Kingdom (Feat. Faithful Servant) 03:14
7. Your Majesty 04:08
8. Believable 04:12
9. Strangers 03:51
10. Unnatural Forces 03:13
11. We Used To Live There 03:48
12. Inner Strength 04:32

Produced and arranged by: Handbook
Guest Emcees: Supreme Sol and Faithful Servant
Artwork: Tom Hill

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