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Sun Glitters - It's snowing and the girls are singing

Release Date: 24 December 2012

Sun Glitters sound is an ocean of lush melodies, pitch-shifted vocal samples, ghostly digi-diva choirs, warm bass melodies driven by alternately dense and relaxing beatwork combinations.

This is a collaboration album produced between
January 2012 and December 2012.

1.Loving Poem by JemInEye vs Sun Glitters 02:31
2.He waits for me (feat. Deborah Lehnen) 03:21
3.Is it (feat. Nicole Millar) 03:56
4.Run (feat. CoMa) 04:14
5.As I Sleep (feat. And Then) 03:05
6.Koskaan (feat. Anna-Maria Marjamäki) 03:53
7.Inside (feat. Ours Ghost) 03:55
8.Breathe In (feat. bvitae) 04:42
9.Life In A Ferris Wheel (feat. CoMa) 04:01
10.Surullinen (feat. Anna-Maria Marjamäki) 03:44
11.Turning (feat. Steffaloo) 03:32

Various Artists - Session East Ep

Release Date: December 2012
Label: Freakyhouse

For our 8th release, we received works from 5 Hungarian producers. The first two tracks are from Banyek and OhmikRon, the two known dub representatives of the region. Banyek’s music was inspired by Kelenföld (a territory in the outskirts of Budapest), it’s a deeply pulsating 5 minute-long “dub wonder”, built by analog machines, while OhmikRon’s slowly evolving dubby chord play dandles us for 10 minutes.  We have got the thrid track from Direct and Range, it’s the ambient version of Radical Motion’s work titled Invasion. Mr. Fiel’s track transports us to Alaska. House grooves with a powerful bassline, and synths slowly building up in cold melancholy. The 5th track is from Dj Slow’s downbeat lab: fading chords, broken rhythms, and vibrating subs in the background frame this 4 minutes. Wishing you a good listening to the Eastern Block!

01. Banyek – Kelenfold
02. OhmikRon – Ridin the Lion
03. Radical Motion – Invasion (Ambient mix)
04. Mr. Fiel – Alaska
05. Dj Slow – Waves in the ocean (Deep Whale mix)

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Big Ben Beats - Soul Feelings

Release Date: 06 November 2012

1.Confusion 01:57
2.Pensiveness 02:13
3.Anxiety 02:12
4.Passion 02:13
5.Melancholy 02:11
6.Serenity 02:02
7.Sadness 01:20
8.Suffering 01:41
9.Anger 01:31
10.Nostalgia 02:14
11.Ease 01:47
12.Love 02:09
13.Hope 02:22
14.Joy 01:44

piątek, 28 grudnia 2012

Mr. Moods and Erik Jackson - A la Memoire des Freres de la Poussiere (EP)

Release Date: 27 December 2012

Dusted Wax Kingdom's knights Mr. Moods and Erik Jackson came up with a special christmas gift for our audience. Half an hour filled with warm atmospheric chilled jazzy grooves for your listening pleasure.

Down Beat (Intro)
For A Moment (Revisit)
Fly To Another Place
In Memory (Interlude)
For Us
Record Store (Interlude)
Whenever We Kiss
Strategy (Mr. Moods)
Past Days (Erik Jackson)
Down Beat (Outro)

czwartek, 27 grudnia 2012

Izzat Man - Deep Immersion

Release Date: 26 December 2012
Label: Energostatic

Signals from the future.The winter goes on, energy flows and life evolves. On this december day we share our enormous delight as Energostatic Records celebrates its birthday.
We would like to thank all of you and each in particular, as you are the ones that inspire us to continue spreading our soaring music further. 

But we would like to say special 'thank you' to:
Ryan Griffin @
Alexey Kolganov aka Kalgan aka 110ml
Devin Underwood aka Specta Ciera
Jameson Taylor aka Aurostore aka Jaymuhsin
Jimmy Myhrman @
Sage Taylor aka Textural Being
the guys behind and

We sustain our path with another visionary dub-techno-trance blending album from Izzat Man. The flawless spiritual reinforcement. 

We are two years old.Marimba
Robots are also sleeping
Density of volume
The morning
Behind reality
Emptiness of the mind
Road to rabbit hole

nuLOVE - Equinox Vol. 3

Release Date: December 2012

Emcee Boycott and producer Jharee, together known as nuLOVE, have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest street release, Equinox Vol. 3. 
The project features seven original jams from the Iowan duo, including reader-approved singles "Riki-Oh" and "Hearts Up." In addition to collaborations with fellow No State Backgammon Gang members Deon, Freakmite and Wally Left, the project features a guest appearance from IzEvry. All beats come courtesy of Jharee.

02.Hearts Up
03.Lust Angel (ft. IzEvry)
04.Tom and Jerry
05.Riki-Oh (ft. Wally Left, Freakmite and Deon)
06.Chanel (Remix)

środa, 26 grudnia 2012

DUBBEMO - Dub Welle EP

Release Date: 06 December 2012

DubCombe Records is back with another release from the dark side of the underground world of dub. A sensational mixture of classic sounds and electronic sonorities form this new and psychedelic creation of DUBBEMO. The Italian producer has fused analog warmth and digital sharpness into what we believe to be one of the nicest sounding products in this very moment in time.

1. Dubness Is Voodooism 5:49
2. 8 Bit Soldier 5:38
3. Dope 6:32
4. XY Dimension

Various Artists – Xmas Dub

Release Date: 25 December 2012
Label: Deep In Dub

A special gift for all of you dub techno music lovers !!!
eight tracks, eight different stories, eight different artists, for one hour of dub techno music!
A compilation vaporous signed deepindub!

01. Krisz Deak – Simple Life ( 9:06 )
02. Giriu Dvasios – Linguoja ( 5:04 )
03. Christoph Schindling – Terraforming ( 11:21 )
04. Ignacio Tardieu – Serotonina ( 7:20 )
05. Markus Masuhr – Shifted Modulars ( 7:45 )
06. Matias Bagato – A7 ( Filter Mix ) ( 5:55 )
07. Rob Velasquez – Echo Play ( 6:12 )
08. Zoltan Solomon – Bethlehem ( 6:27 )

wtorek, 25 grudnia 2012

A Bit Advanced Music – For Ever Eva

Release Date: December 2012
Label: Cuntroll

01. Awakening
02. Say my vale
03. Thinking on the way home
04. Perfect eve
05. Dinner for two
06. Mouth
07. Tomorrow starts again
08. It smells like spring
09. After the thunderstorm
10. Naphta
11. Sine
12. Derelict on Earth

Ribbonmouthrabbit - Follow The White Rabbit (LP)

Release Date: 20 December 2012

Here is the long expected debut album "Follow The White Rabbit" by Hungarian DJ/producer known as Ribbonmouthrabbit. 13 brilliant chilled instrumental hip-hop tracks built with love and dedication upon tasty samples and phat drum breaks will bring a more pleasant atmosphere in your holidays.

Follow The White Rabbit (Intro)
Not Such A Clear Day
Criminal Conspiracy
At The Strait Of Gibraltar
The Prideaux Manifesto
Nobody (feat. Thegntlmn)
Stop Breathing (feat. Innereyefull)
Not Till 10pm (feat. PSM)
A Man Of Dreams
The Prideaux Manifesto (Giyo's Remix)
Not Till 10pm (PSM's Vocal Version)
A Man Of Dreams (Mr. Moods' 50s Mix)

DFRNT - High Friends In Places EP

Release Date: 24 December 2012
Label: Cut Music

Taking a dub-style approach to this suggestively titled "High Friends In Places" he presents three tracks, each taking modern dub stylings in a different direction.

Turning Back opens with an up-beat synth-led brass-spattered 4-4 dub break. Remember When excercises his affair with super-low sub, fluttering basslines and filtered horns drifting in and out. Final track Free Dive finds more dubbed-out synth-led territory with a plodding bassline and vocal snippets.

Make what you like of this move back towards his roots in deeper dubstep territory, compared with his recent album and EP, but it's clear DFRNT is at home producing in a vareity of ways, and coupled with the Actaeon EP previously released on Cut he seems comfortable pushing the fresh young label in any direction he pleases.

1. Turning Back 04:20
2. Remember When 04:13
3. Free Dive 04:41

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Igrekzet x NoTime - Sznyty Spojrzeń EP

Release Date: December 2012

Igrekzet x NoTime, duet mc/producent z Bielska-Białej, prezentują "Sznyty Spojrzeń" - konceptualną epkę, hołd dla uczuć i emocji koloryzujących momenty w pasmie szarości bytu. Materiał wyreżyserowany od początku do końca, dopracowany w każdym calu. To przepełnione metaforami i follow-upami cyniczne przemyślenia. To bity oparte na samplach, płynących motywach perkusyjnych oraz dopieszczone oldschoolowymi syntezatorami, zaś ogniwem spajającym całość są wplecione pomiędzy utwory skity z filmu "Inwazja Porywaczy Ciał" Dona Siegela.

Teksty/rap: Igrekzet
Bity/produkcja: NoTime
Mix/mastering: Alien - 3/4 Underground Studio
Projekt graficzny: Zet Harris

1. Słyszę Głosy
2. Za Xy
3. Lucas Corso
4. Ynterludyum
5. Cherry Coke
6. Sznyty Spojrzeń Theme
7. Ej, Zaraz!

Cruz / Zaspał - Dada

Release Date: December 2012

Prace nad "Dadą" trwały stosunkowo krótko. Od pierwszego tekstu napisanego pod pierwszy bit minęły cztery miesiące. Wyobraźnia podeptała życie. Splunęła na twarz i zaczęła kopać leżące. "Dzisiaj nie piszemy tylko muzyki słuchamy i opowiadamy o swoim wariactwie", bo taki tytuł nosiła w głowach swych twórców kompozycja pierwotnie, nie przestaje ich bawić i zaskakiwać.

Album stworzony przez artystów nietrzeźwych, rozczarowanych tendencjami i powielactwem, naigrywających się z form i wybuchających ze śmiechu nad treścią. Album będący żartem idioty, podpaleniem muzeów i obaleniem pomników, tomografią mózgu jak "ulotna chwila złapana jak fotka", ulaniem bobasa, złotym strzałem heroinstki z przetłuszczonymi włosami kołysającej się w kącie zatęchłej piwnicy na subburbiach New York City czy Gdyni. Ziejący wykręceniem.

DADA - album, którego nie sposób postawić obok innych typowo rapowych produkcji ostatnich lat.
"Znaczenie niejednoznaczne. Z dużym prawdopodobieństwem otworzono słownik
i wybrano pierwsze przypadkowe słowo. Ruch artystyczno-społeczny cechujący się
sprzeciwem wobec współczesnej cywilizacji i sztuki,
totalną i anarchistyczną negacją dziedzictwa, odrzuceniem autorytetów i konwencji
w imię indywidualizmu i fantazji, skreśleniem względów moralnych, logicznych i estetycznych, zabawą i prowokacją - na szaleństwo można odpowiedzieć tylko szaleństwem."

1. Do ludzi
2. Banany
3. Bababa
4. Gagagaz
5. Strumień nieświadomości
6. Bez reszty oddany
7. Hometpoet - kościotrupy
8. Ometeotl
9. Hometpoet - jeleń
10.Król szczurów (prod. DMTR)
11.Szpetni dwudziestoletni (rmx Eufoteoria)
12.Ometeotl (rmx synth)
13.Strumień nieświadomości (rmx Zioło)

Esbe - Late Night Headphones (Volume 3) (LP)

Release Date: 17 December 2012

This is the third collection of the Late Night Headphones series by Esbe. It's a lovely almost two-hour-long chilled trip with the deepest & sweetest laid-back instrumental hip-hop grooves you ever heard.

Like This
Breakbeat Kids
Winter Solstice
Over The Universe
Vibes Up
Haiku (Nujabes Tribute, feat. Jenova 7 & Hal McMillen)
Where You Are
No Regrets
Jazz 'n' Stuff
Green Eyed
Thinking of When
Future Talk
New Life
Space In Stereo (feat. Groove Cereal)
Full Moon Sway

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Stereopathy – The Weight Of The Wisest

Release Date: 12 December 2012
Label: Deep In Dub

Hi peoples,
hi dub techno lovers … !!! I have the pleasure to present you a nice guy based in London called Stereopathy. The weight of the wisest is the first release by the new Stereopathy on deepindub netlabel. One ep where tracks are constructed as huge, imposing greyscale walls.
With these tracks, though he manages to embed a sense of swing and groove into his echoing, thumping beats. They form sonic chambers rather than solid barricades and are just that bit more inviting, that bit less relentless, though retain the same bottom-end punch !!!

1 – Scent ( 6:24 )
2 – Slow Excitement ( 5:23 )
3 – Glam Gloom ( 4:38 )
4 – Sensory Overload ( 7:39 )

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Missqulater – Elastic Fundamentals

Release Date: 17 December 2012

This album is for those who grew up in 90′s listening to electronic music. Breaks, acid, idm or just braindance. Enjoy!
Special thanks to Jelena Ura for cover art. Visit her on the web:

1.Ride On 01:37
2.Leading To The Winding Road 04:30
3.Spit Dino 04:07
4.Dark Matter 06:24
5.Hakubishin 04:54
6.Middle Eastern Holiday 04:01
7.Wirbel 04:26
8.Mitfahren 05:16
9.Easyman 04:43
10.Bonglar 2 04:48
11.Photoldies 02:24

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Dakta - Raindrops

Release Date: 16 December 2012

Remember Dakta's earlier projects? If not, go and check it right now. (Broken MusicSleepless Nightz).
Germany based producer is giving us another album, this time we can hear more electronic influences in his productions. 
Deep, atmospheric, sometimes abstract and nostalgic - that's how we can describe this project. It' a great instrumental hip hop with a lot of new ideas and sounds. 
You have to listen to this.

1.White In The Moon 02:52
2.Night After Night 01:58
3.Deceased 04:47
4.Water-Based 04:12
5.Vast 02:50
6.Quiet And Peaceful 02:43
7.Raindrops 02:43
8.Sight Draft 03:22
9.Lost And Found 03:24
10.Laugh Until You Cry 03:47
11.Underwater Love 03:50
12.Instant Center 03:32

Various Artists – Isquion EP

Release Date: 15 December 2012
Label: Cicuta

"Welcome to the reléase number 15 of Cicuta Netlabel. We leave 2012 hit by the crisis, suffocated in the challenge every day, but also with the hope that 2013 will bring some light to the situation that we are enduring. Techno is just techno, and it not feed us, doesn’t pay bills, can’t afford many of the dramatic situations that people live. But it is also true that music changes the mood, and a positive attitude creates positive actions around us. That's why we like to think that, in our own way, we are
helping to improve the system...

Open the EP with Ad.Lib, Swiss artist who may not be well known to the general public, but if we tell you that has played at Tresor and his music is in the suitcase of people like Luke Slater and Speedy J, few would have doubt about his quality...

We continue with the French group Minimum Syndicat, who is having a major impact in recent months. With a powerful techno and 90’s samples, reach Cicuta to give us a sample of why they succeed.

Another artist who visit us for the first time is Komabase, German artist who after going through labels like Naked Lunch, Labrynth or UTCH and having the support of Dave Clarke himself, brings a track quite introspective, full of shapes able to hypnotize the listener.

Then we travel to Lithuania for the first time, to present to Gediminas Rodmokas, better known as Rusk, artist with a long history (since 1998) under his belt and reaching Cicuta after going through some of the most active labels today (We Call It Hard, Dispired Industrials, ...)

We follow with Mslwte, pseudonym under which we can find the Subsekt’s blog boss, one of the busiest and most respected by most artists of the current techno scene.

Finally, from Drugstore put the icing on the cake with our usual track. We don’t want to miss this opportunity to wish you a merry Christmas and wish you a happy new year, full of happiness and in the company of your own."

01.Ad.Lib - Sihl
02.Minimum Syndicat - Fujita Scale
03.Komabase - Nobody
04.Rusk - Suicider Bunny
05.Mslwte - Remit4.2
06.Drugstore - Enoch

Thegntlmn - Earbuds (Volume 2) (EP)

Release Date: 13 December 2012

"After Earbuds (Volume 1), released earlier this year, this is the second installment in the Earbuds series by Thegntlmn. The Australian beatsmith came up with 8 instrumental hip-hop joints flavoured with tasty jazz samples and phat drum breaks."

Ohayou Gozaimasu
Peace, Love And Perfection
Dusted Knights (Interlude)
La Madeleine
Lunar Hypothesis
Atom & Eve
Take Me With You
Encores Forever

czwartek, 13 grudnia 2012

Radj - Saraksh (EP)

Release Date: 10 December 2012

"After Almanac, Canada-based maestro Radj drops another incredible EP for Dusted Wax Kingdom. The release follows his specific downtempo flavour, sprinkled with lovely folk elements, tasty jazz samples and ingenious drum patterns."

Raized In Zion

T-PSY - Behind The Mask EP

Release Date: 02 December 2012

1. T-Psy - Identify
2. T-Psy - Reaction
3. T-Psy & Salem - Behind The Mask

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MYK & Shirosky - Adaptation

Release Date: 04 December 2012

"Shirosky the self proclaimed "First Female Jazz Hip-Hop Musician/Producer in South Korea" has teamed up with rapper MYK. MYK hails from the Bay Area but moved to Seoul, Korea, where he was introduced to Tablo of Epik High. The two immediately connected and began writing music together. He was later made a honorary member of Epik High and has continued to collaborate with artists like Kero One, Dumbfoundead, Tablo amongst others. Together he and Shirosky teamed up to release this album to all corners of the world. From the artists and all of us at Cult Classic Records we hope you enjoy the album, we appreciate your support and please help us get the music heard by spreading it to forums, blogs, social media outlets...etc "

All music Arranged & Programmed by Shirosky
Words by MYK, Manifest
Lyric by MYK, Manifest
Accompanied by Manifest
Photographed by aether

Designed by emjay
Recorded by Shirosky at Triment factory, Snipersound
Mixed and Mastered by Pe2ny
Producer MYK, Shirosky
Executive producer : Cult Classic Records

1. Intro 02:20
2. TIME 03:50
3. Picasso (Feat. Manifest) 03:53
4. 5 Percenter 03:35
5. Cloud 9 (Feat. Manifest) 03:23
6. Last Present (Outro) 01:13

S L V - S L V EP

Release Date: 06 December 2012

"Nothing was planned in terms of sound or aesthetics when we set about making some songs together. We simply shared small audio clips with each other, and over time, these clips became the songs on the EP. The album was made between July and September of 2012." 
- S L V 

"... I have been dropping ‘Killers’ and ‘Clip Arp’ in my sets recently and each time I have had people ask me what tunes were (including Kode9!). " 
- Drunk Monk @Sub-Culture 

"...Taking cues from trap, hip-hop, trip-hop, glitch and IDM weirdness, S L V’s sound gels around reverb-soaked percussive leads, aggressively pitched vocals, and perfectly placed, perfectly fat kick drums." 
- Sam @TICT 

Music by S L V 
Hamacide & Downstate 

Artwork by Kim Laughton 

Mastering by Keith Reynaud 
at Heard City in New York City

1. Bonadventure 03:28
2. Tiger Bomb 03:39
3. Clip Arp 04:48
4. Killers 02:54
5. Lovin U 04:40
6. Toi 03:32
7. Faded Ghost - I Remember (S L V Remix) 04:12

Luqus - [shhht_18]

Release Date: 02 December 2012
Label: Silenced

"We've got quite something here for you. Not often does one capture dreams like LuQus does. See life as it should've been. Broken souls exhaling at dawn whilst staring at the sun. Maybe we are blind but thank god we can hear this beauty..."

1. until the ribbon breaks - pressure (luqus remix) 04:37
2. staring at the sun 04:50
3. luqus & r.i.t. - we are blind 04:11

piątek, 7 grudnia 2012

Golin - Katakumby

Release Date: 06 December 2012

"Na płycie raper porusza tematykę polityczno-społeczno-historyczną wykorzystując ciekawe metafory, nawiązania i punchline'y. Teksty były pisane przez okres dwóch lat - nie ma tutaj przypadkowych wersów. Na krążku znajdują się także trzy utwory opisujące żywot dziewięciu geniuszy, a każda z postaci jest opisywana z jej indywidualnej perspektywy.
Jeżeli chodzi o warstwie muzyczną produkcją zajeli się Szpalowsky (9 numerów) i Wallcut (2 numery). Bity oparte są głównie na samplach z muzyki klasycznej, co dobrze oddaje mroczny nastrój płyty."

1. Czarny (prod. Szpalowsky)
2. 3 Życia (prod. Szpalowsky)
3. Kalejdoskop Uczuć (prod. Szpalowsky)
4. Miasto Sprzedanych Dusz (prod. Szpalowsky)
5. Potrzebujemy Wojen (prod. Szpalowsky)
6. W Imię Zasad (prod. Szpalowsky)
7. 6 Żyć (prod. Szpalowsky)
8. Czasu Nie Cofnę (prod. Wallcut)
9. Tak Na Marginesie (prod. Wallcut)
10. 9 Żyć (prod. Szpalowsky)
11. 100 Gwoździ Do Mojej Trumny (prod. Szpalowsky)

Michał Szpala - executive producer/mix podkładów
Paweł Wolicki - executive producer
Wojciech Kocieniewski - producent
Jakub Bryndal - rejestracja wokali
Patryk Machola - szata graficzna
Robert Trepson - mix wokali/mastering

Vintage Beats - Throwbax (LP)

Release Date: 03 December 2012

After Saturday Night and Halley Comet, here is the third LP by American beatsmith Jeremy Wood, known as Vintage Beats. "Throwbax" contains 20 phat jazzy lo-fi instrumental hip-hop joints selected from his earliest productions, properly remastered for your listening pleasure.

Bloomers (feat. Roach Clip Mafia)
Vintage Stylek
I Keep Calling
Had To Do It
Some Jazz Cuts
Medley Of March 09
Vintage Soul
Quick Script
Gotta Love It
Interlude 1
Nice Widdit
La La
Organic Material
No Stress Allowed
No Tax
Take A Load Off

Joterpe / Nowik - Loveschool SP

Release Date: 01 December 2012

"Wielkimi krokami zbliża się premiera drugiego albumu duetu Joterpe/Nowik. Próbkę tego, co niesie z sobą to wydawnictwo mogliście sprawdzić już jakiś czas temu, kiedy do sieci trafił numer "Jazzschool” z gościnnym udziałem Dj'a Czarnego i Jacola na trąbce. Dziś prezentujemy Wam oficjalny singiel pt. "Loveschool", któremu towarzyszy możliwość darmowego pobrania!

Oprócz tytułowego numeru, gdzie swoje trzy grosze na gitarze basowej dołożył Paweł Stachowiak, singlowa paczka zawiera remix autorstwa Roux Spany (RSBT, UknowMe), a także instrumental i acapellę!

Za grafikę odpowiedzialny jest tiz /, natomiast miksem i masteringiem zajął się Toucanstyle."

1. Loveschool - main - bas Paweł Stachowiak
2. Loveschool - instrumental - bas Paweł Stachowiak
3. Loveschool - acapella - 89 bpm
4. Loveschool - remix Roux Spana
5. Jazzschool - bonus track - feat. DJ Czarny, Jacol

poniedziałek, 3 grudnia 2012

Cokebeatz - Wizja Sztucznego Raju EP

Release Date: 03 December 2012

""WIZJA SZTUCZNEGO RAJU EP" To kilka miesięcy kolekcjonowania inspiracji z muzyki na którą otworzyłem się jak nigdy wcześniej i inspiracji z życia z osobą bez której ta płyta nigdy by nie powstała. Choć koncepcja przez życiowe zawirowania zmieniła się drastycznie w porównaniu z tym jak miała wyglądać początkowo i historia którą mam nadzieje odczujecie słuchając płyty mimo faktu że to epka instrumentalna, nie ma dobrego zakończenia to była to historia warta przeżycia, mam nadzieje że Ty myślisz tak samo."

1. Droga
2. Iskry
3. Oczy
4. Oddech
5. Blizny
6. Bezsenność
7. Words (Remix)
8. Dotyk
9. Uciekam (feat Stochu) - Bonus Track

Shipovnik – Eery

Release Date: 03 December 2012
Label: Cuntroll

01  – A Man From The River Sabbo
02  – Dipsomania
03  – Wet Friday
04  – Scotl-radio’94
05  – Gunn Van Gasp
06  – Urbacobra
07  – Ms. Iron And Her Acid Refrigerator
08  – Otohp
09  – Aegeus

Ignacio Tardieu – The Day Before

Release Date: 01 December 2012
Label: Deep In Dub

"Hi peeps… December is arrived !!! I have the pleasure to present you this time a new artist for the deepindub family : Ignacio Tardieu.

He join the label with this ” The Day Before “, one album, takes a healthy slab of dub delays, a generous slice of techno pulses, a pinch of minimal atmospheres, with an infusion of deep dub techno and blends them together to form an incredible dubtechno album !!!"

01. Black Noise ( 9:03 )
02. Caleta ( 6:37 )
03. Dubbably ( 8:03 )
04. Rising ( 6:59 )
05. Single ( 5:23 )
06. The Day Before ( 6:38 )

Delayklinken - My Story

Release Date: 02 December 2012
Label: Melodica

"Get prepared for playful feelings and fine man vocal in the airy heart performed by interesting Swedih project. Let´s start the winter time with our release „My story“. But you don´t need your winter clothes, because Delayliniken together with the great remixes by Balkansky, Nev.Era, Foolk & Kallin embody the sunshine now."

1. My Story (Original Mix)
2. My Story (Balansky Remix) 
3. My Story (Nev.Era Remix)
4. My Story (Foolk Remix)
5. My Story (Kallin Remix)

Darian Reneé - Only the Beginning

Release Date: 01 December 2012

1.It's Not Me (It's You) 03:39
2.Darling 03:51
3.Hung Up 04:23
4.Gotta Be You 04:08

niedziela, 2 grudnia 2012

Rachel Edmondson - Princess in Shining Armour

Release Date: 26 February 2012

1.St Cecilia and the Dark Sun 02:08
2.Snow White at the Midnight Symphony 11:07
3.Feeling Good version (free) 02:07
4.The Calalai and the Golden Sun 02:05

αtμ - ♥​(​v)

Release Date: 03 September 2012

"A short extended play that consists of the reworking of songs belonging to a genre that I not only wanted to pay homage to, but one that I attribute my disposition to... "

1.'promise ya' 03:51
2.'soul child' 02:55
3.'the fall' 01:08
4.'morning' (interlude) 00:32
5.'silly games' 01:16
6.'bonus track' 02:16

Various - London Jazz Festival Compilation

Release Date: 07 November 2012

"To celebrate our very special London jazz festival treble bill we present this compilation featuring Nostalgia 77, World Sanguine Report and The Golden Age of Steam. 
All three bands were playing on 17 November at Bethnal Green working mens club. "

1.Nostlgia 77 and the Monster - Angels And Demons At Play 08:39
2.World Sanguine Report - Rot 04:02
3.The Golden Age Of Steam - Bat Country 10:21

sobota, 1 grudnia 2012

Żołnierz - Pod Bity

Release Date: November 2012

"Żołnierz - raper z Radomia, którego pierwsze nagrane zwrotki datuje się na rok 2004. Od początku ściśle związany z grupą Bezinteresownie z os. Południe, w składzie także: Iga, Niemy, Pcheła, Rusek, Wojtas, Zakonek. Ekipa przestała się udzielać na scenie w roku 2008 wypuszczając epkę "Dla Wspomnień" (wcześniej dwa LP grupy: "Pierwsza Fala" w 2005 i "Dlatego" w 2007). Ten sam rok był początkiem solowej drogi Żołnierza, który to od tamtej pory przekazał bezinteresownie swoim słuchaczom dwa długogrające albumy: "OwasOnasOmnie" w 2008 roku i "Pod Wpływem" w 2009, oraz kilka luźnych nagrywek i gościnnych zwrotek w międzyczasie (Tytuz "Miejski Sport Mixtape", Ster "25 Minut Z Muzyką"). Swoje wersy jak dotąd w znacznej większości kleił pod bity: PTK, Ruska i Tytuza. Obecnie kończy prace nad trzecią solówką, która ukaże się już w pierwszej połowie roku 2012! Artysta ten należy do dość rzadko koncertujących, co nie znaczy, że wcale - supportował Grubsona, Eldokę i Włodiego."

"Premiera Żołnierz Pod Bity (2009-2012)!!! Album w formie fizycznej do nabycia w Predator Skateshop Radom - CH "Korej" ul. Wernera 10 stoisko nr 22, sklep Spożywczo Alkoholowy Radom ul. Obrońców 10 oraz na Allegro. Cena to jedyne 15 zeta za 21 tracków (ponad 74 minuty muzyki). Całość spakowana jest w jednołamowy digipack, płyty duplikowane.

Dla zainteresowanych przygotowałem dosłownie kilkanaście zestawów specjalnych. W skład zestawu wchodzą albumy: Żołnierz Pod Bity oraz Bezinteresownie - Dlatego. Jest to jedyna możliwość zdobycia tego dość leciwego już krążka, przy czym zaręczam - płyty zostały przygotowane specjalnie na tę okazję, nie są to egzemplarze z 2007 roku. Cena zestawu to 25 zeta! Można je zdobyć w ww sklepach (poza allegro)."

01 Podbity
02 Pogoda dla biedaczysk + Iga
03 Na żywo (skit)
04 Ławeczka
05 Nie, zwykły dzień + Spalto
06 Dobrze czasem mieć z kim
07 Sobie ufaj
08 Dosyć nerwów
09 Yeoman of the Guard
10 Wszechwidzący, wciążdzwoniący + Voltron
11 Głupie pomysły
12 Siebie reprezentuj
13 Musiało odejść
14 Nieśmiertelny rap
15 Jak bit mojego serca + Sua Sponte
16 Przyjdą lepsze dni
17 Pani W.
18 Hardrockrap
19 Wytęż zmysły + Samuraj
20 Blitzkrieg
21 Do Następnego

Jason James x Rodney Hazard - Pyramids in Stereo

Release Date: November 2012

"Vancouver-based rhymesayer Jason James (aka WEB) and production partner Rodney Hazard (aka I.D.E.A.) have unleashed their latest collaborative opus, Pyramids in Stereo. The follow-to the DJBooth/RefinedHype-presented Marvelous World of Color, the 12-track digital-full-length comes heralded by reader-approved lead single "This Is My Rifle," "Forgetting How to Dream" and "Tomorrow." Guest appearances come courtesy of Adam Nigro, Mark McGrath and Raisin. "

01.Return To The Marvelous World
02.Life As We Know It
03.Marathon Man
04.This Is My Rifle
05.The King Is Dead
06.The Talented Mr. James
07.Good Times ft. Rodney Hazard and Raisin
09.Heavy Metal
11.Forgetting How To Dream
12.Bang Bang Boogie Men (HOME) ft. Mark McGrath and Adam Nigro

środa, 28 listopada 2012

Centz - Time Away (LP)

Release Date: 26 November 2012

"After The Inland Sea Collection and Multiverse, American beatsmith Centz drops his third LP for Dusted Wax Kingdom. 17 tripnotic samples-based tracks, cooked up with abstract ingredients, phat drum breaks and lovely psychedelic spices."

Time Away
Coming Back
Nomads Home
Just For Show
Tunnel Vision
When The Dog Bites
Underwater Circus
A Bit Of Nostalgia
Fading Out
Vanishing Act
Magnificent Bastard
Nine Lives
By The Second
Just Like Waves
Vanishing Act (Eufoteoria Remix)

Ruido - Randomness EP

Release Date: 23 November 2012

"Ruido presents his debut EP on PIR▲.MD Records; “Randomness”. This 9-beat EP is a collection of inedit electronic beats composed with analog instruments like Roland SP-404 sampler, turntables, drum machines, synths and field recordings. Ruido is an excellent architect of future beats. Enjoy it! "

1.Intro 02:05
2.Tortugas Hacia el Mar 04:04
3.Decepción 03:12
4.Consola 03:36
5.Pateame (Interludio) 02:07
6.Bones 02:51
7.Nos Vemos Luego 03:51
8.No Olvides Soñ▲r 03:22
9.Tercera Sección (Bonus Track) 02:55

OFRO – Fossil Feelings

Release Date: November 2012
Label: Cuntroll

Artist: OFRO
Name(album): Fossil Feelings
Country: Russia, Australia
Style: Dub, Hip-Hop
Format: mp-3, 320kbps
Label: Cuntroll
Catalog#: 057
Time: 18:24 min
Size: ~ 47 mb

01 Before I think
02 Fear not of Zen
03 Fossil Feelings
04 Workahontas

Mallow - Nimbus Land

Release Date: 20 November 2012

1.Together At Last 02:20
2.Geno Blast 04:32
3.Lullaby 1 01:27
4.Fish Hook 03:53
5.This Sh$$ is Min3 03:05
6.Lullaby 2 02:00
7.The Planets Are Smilling At You 02:20
8.Shocks, Locks, and Shambles 02:57
9.Giant Stroll 02:37
10.Soul pattern 2.5 01:44

Ibn Inglor - TheComp

Release Date: November 2012

"This December, emcee Ibn Inglor will release his debut street album, Gawdspeed, for free download at To help all of his prospective fans "catch up," the Altgeld Gardens, Chicago native has released TheComp, a collection of records that have either previously been released or that didn’t make the cut for the album. Included on TheComp tape are previously-featured selections "Heads Down," "XXX," "Lordy Lord" and "Colors." 

Joining Inglor on the 11-track project is fellow Booth buzzmaker G-Scott, as well as Jean Deaux, Joel Quentez and True Story. Original production comes courtesy of E.N.O.N Jacobs, G14, Kareem Virgo, PGMW and Sango."

01.Gold [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
02.XXX (ft. Joel Quentez and True Story) [prod. PGMW]
03.Lordy Lord (ft. G-Scott) [prod. Kareem Virgo]
04.Colors [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
05.Old War [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
06.Song for Bitches [prod. PGMW]
07.Clouds (ft. Jean Deaux) [prod. Sango]
08.Moon [prod. E.N.O.N Jacobs]
09.On My Life [prod. G14]
10.Hate on Me - Ibn Inglor and True Story
11.Heads Down [prod. Clams Casino]