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Me?How? - Instrumentals 2002​-​2012

Release Date: 29 September 2012

"Collection of instrumentals and instrumental version of tracks released since I started producing in 2002 till now. The selection was done based on the availability of any, also mp3 versions in the recently reviewed "beats", "projects" etc. folders. Some beats are heavily injured by the lossy compression and some need some proper mix and master. 
Most of the tracks are available for free under the Share-alike CC license. 
Feel free to share and use non-commercially. 
If you want to download the album or particular track, simply set your price or enter 0 to download for free. 


Various - Team Olympique

Release Date: 17 September 2012

""All I've done is run fast. I don't see why people should make much fuss about that".
Thus spake Francina Elsje Blankers-Koen, Dutch athlete best known for winning four gold medals at the 1984 Summer Olympics in London. The compilation «Team Olympique» consists of twelve tracks whose authors, as a great sportsman, have no boundaries but the eagerness to conquer new peaks.
«Team Olympique» is the collaboration between Ritmo Sportivo label and Big Echo blog, a research about the integration of young producers of post-Soviet space to a powerful team in series of musical arts. Glo-fi, ambient, ghostly two-step, the rhythms of future and the melodies of past come together in a massive collection which will remain in the memory as a photograph of unusual team, for which there is no jury except the audience."

efen/figovsky - bootleg2012

Release Date: 30 September 2012

01. efen/figovsky - midnight
02. efen/figovsky - skarga (+Franky)
03. efen/figovsky - rytm serca (+3czwarte sukcesu)
04. efen/figovsky - baw się dobrze (+Falu)
05. efen/figovsky - incepcja (+Mic)
06. efen/figovsky - jazzy power
07. efen/figovsky - bez spin (+Famson, Matys, DJ DMN)
08. efen/figovsky - above the clouds
09. efen/figovsky - my heart cries

Skratch Bastid & The Gaff - SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP!

Release Date: 17 July 2012

Skratch Bastid & The Gaff Present:
"SOUL SISTERS, STAND UP!" (PART 1/2 and 2/2)
"This Is A Journey Into Sound: Listen! Love! Learn! A Nonstop 80-minute Mix From 2 of Canada's Most Sanctified Selectors"

**100% Female Funk, Soul, R&B & Breaks**

Both Part 1 & Part 2 mixed, scratched, blended & sequenced by Skratch Bastid & The Gaff. Split into 2 parts for easier Soundcloud Enjoyment

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Blu Mar Ten Music Podcast - Episode 2

Release Date: 29 September 2012

Music we love, music that influences us & tracks from our label, Blu Mar Ten Music;
Visit and for more info.

Stray - Contract
Mr Projectile - Love Here
Deaf Centre - White Lake
Tuff Little Unit - Join the Future
Dice Factory - Zout
P'taah - Touch
Earl Grey - Soul's on Ice
Loney, Dear - Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl
Heidi Berry - Up in the Air
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis
Kate Rusby - My Young Man
Cliff Martinez - First Sleep
Future Sound of London - Hazey Day Girl
Pedestrian - Hei Poa (Frederic Robinson remix)
Ry Cooder - Theme from Southern Comfort
Bonobo - Change Down
Sakanaction - Native Dancer
Planetary Assault Systems - The Parting

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Frenic - Mongolia

Release Date: 27 September 2012

"The Bristol based DJ and producer Frenic is back with something really special! "Mongolia" EP is an enchanting fusion of Mongolian folk music samples layered over heavy boom bap rhythms. The tracks are made as part of a commission for the BBC program "Toughest Place To Be A Miner"."

1. Wolf Falcon Deer
2. Ulan Bator
3. Eternal Plains
4. The Tumen Horsemen

Umoja - Palago

Release Date: 27 September 2012
Label: Budabeats

"The 23th Budabeats release "Umoja - Palago" (BUBE-023) - from dutch producer duo - compiles a serie of 6 re-edits with a focus on African flavours. Nigerian highlife, funk from Ghana, Mali music, Carribbean heat, it's all in the blender. Combining modern production with feel and groove of the originals, this collection offers delight for both listener and dancer. Let's go!"

01. Fiya! 4:30
02. Iku Aka 3:57
03. Ghana Hima 5:53
04. Amou Baleke 4:47 
05. Ou Bél Fi 5:09
06. Inyanga 4:29

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Textural Being – Stories

Release Date: 25 September 2012

1 Trajectory 6:32
2 Algebra 4:40
3 Lasers 5:24
4 Lighthouse 9:25
5 Raincloud 9:14
6 Telluric 6:06
7 Trajectory, Pt. 2 8:11
8 Fractal Beach 6:48

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Cixxx J - Acknowledge EP

Release Date: 14 September 2012
Label: NoisyBeat

"Noisybeat netlabel is showcasing Cixxx J with this surprise release, three big tunes which have been kept unreleased for too long. Noisybeat has taken them at last to bring them to you, for free, as usual. “Outlook“ is the opener, pure electric funky, as swingey and dirty it can get. Tune was made by Cixxx J the night before he left for that festival in Pula to play his set in 2011, and for sure you can feel those warm festival vibes by listening to it. After many free download links yet countless expired, not working and dodgy ones, the tune is finally and officially made available to the public. Backpassband is technological funk, elevated to the stratosphere, a tune which will make you dance and float you to the clouds like a balloon. With a lot of radio plays on stations like SubFM and gathering early support coming from a broad range of DJs like Cal Cutta, BunZer0, Alis/Subeena, SimonOff, EshOne, Valta/Kievbass, Bombaman, Dubray/Mousai Radio and many others, BackPassBand is definitely an all-time and all-styles winner! Cixxx J says goodbye with “bandLOW“ then, the ruffest and darkest one in the collection. The tune features a sub bass which can tear your speakers up dominating the whole, and sleazy and dirty sounds to make it even more intense. For all of you music lovers, djs and producers in the constant struggle to find new fresh current uncompromising yet good tunes, this is what you`re looking for. So go get it because its free!"


1. Outlook
2. BandLOW
3. BackPassBand

Vintage Beats - Halley Comet (LP)

Release Date: 24 September 2012

"After the debut Saturday Night LP, Vintage Beats is back with another full length album named "Halley Comet". The release is a wonderful mixture of deep basslines, delightful crispy jazzy samples and bouncing boom bap rhythms."

1. Backtrackn
2. Night Ride
3. Look
4. Riffspart Dos
5. Affirmative
6. One
7. Dream
8. Brainwaves
9. Go
10. Oceans
11. Jazz Cats
12. Just A Test
13. Rooftops
14. Haze
15. Theatrical Status
16. Rainy Dayz
17. Part Three
18. Someday
19. Raw Vault

Will Brennan - Prodigal Son

Release Date: September 2012

"Florida underground spitter Will Brennan has come together with The DJBooth, DJ Burn One and The Wayward Minds to bring listeners his latest release, the Prodigal Son EP. 

The follow-up to Booth-sponsored debut EP Rite of Passage, the project features 11 original cuts from the Palm Beach phenom, including reader-approved cuts "Everything I Want," "Once Upon a Time," "All That I Got," "RNR" and "Forgive Me." Brennan rocks the mic solo throughout Prodigal Son, flowing over beats by Andre Gitt Brown, Burn One, Julian Cruz, The Showboiz, SMKA, Somong, SkuFL and Stroud. "

01.RNR [prod. SkuFL]
02.Everything I Want [prod. The Showboiz]
03.Once Upon A Time (ft. Elea Palmer) [prod. Julian Cruz)
04.Sustain [prod. Julian Cruz]
05.Fall In Love (Seeing Sounds) [prod. DJ Burn One]
06.Bass [prod. Andre Gitt Brown]
07.Prodigal Son (Interlude) [prod. Somong]
08.All That I Got [prod. DJ Burn One]
09.Forgive Me [prod. Stroud]
10.Breaking Your Heart [prod. SMKA]
11.Ryder Girl [prod. Julian Cruz]

Quite Nyce x Ill Poetic - On Some Bullsh*t EP

Release Date: September 2012

"Cincinnati rhymesayer Ill Poetic and Maryland spitter Quite Nyce have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their brand new collaborative street release, the On Some Bullsh*t EP. 

The project features three original records from the underground emcees, who met while on tour. On Some Bullsh*t comes in the wake of Ill Poetic's signing to Empire Distribution, as well as the June release of Nyce's Booth-hosted Cautious EP. Punchline and Wordsworth make guest appearances on the set, which is produced entirely by Ill Poetic for Sounrzn. "

01.Bullsh*t (ft. Piakhan)
03.Over (ft. Punchline and Wordsworth)

Marcus Banks - Sunday School

Release Date: September 2012

"Miami-based producer Marcus Banks has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his debut instrumental tape, Sunday School. 

The project comprises 10 original tracks from the up-and-coming beatsmith previously heard lending his production stylings to cuts by Add-2 ("Modern Day Coons") and Fuze the MC ("Super Music"). All samples throughout the project are drawn from vintage gospel records. "

01.For Me
02.Going On
04.We Fall
05.Speak To You Lord
06.Total Praise
07.Learn To Let Go
08.Worship The Lord
09.My Steps

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D.BAB ‎– Sotano

Release Date: 24 August 2012

In Betanol Records we are pleased to present a new member - D.BAB Temperley, Buenos Aires. D.BAB, is giving us a 4 track EP with the purest, dark and groovy techno. You can also enjoy remixes by Matias and Claudio Coccia Bagato.
From start to finish, just Techno.

             1 Sotano
       2 Dasvenia
           3 Black Garden
           4 Redepmtion's place
      5 Sotano -Remix – Matias Bagato
    6 Dasvenia - Remix – Claudio Cocci

Paolo Veneziani - 204

Release Date: September 2012
Label: Test Tube

"«test tube proudly presents Paolo Veneziani, an italian sound composer and experimentalist and a well known name in the netaudio scene. He has been releasing royalty free music since 1996 (so far 16 years and going...).

'204' - Paolo's first release since 2008 - is a new collection of tracks where harsh and rhythmic sounds are predominant, but where ambient experimentalism and sinewave modulation also have some room to sprout and thrive.
This is not something for every ear out there, but if you let it grow properly, you will end up loving every second of it. 'Erratic steps' is a true gem.
One of our favorites releases for 2012.»"
- test tube

01 Frenetic indecision
02 Dove
03 Slender
04 Orange drops
05 Serial killer
06 From the past
07 Erratic steps
08 (next life)

Wicher - Efekt Motyla

Release Date: 15 September 2012 (CD), 23 September 2012 (Digital)

"Nadeszła w końcu ta chwila. Przed Wami moja najnowsza płyta pt. "Efekt Motyla". Postała w niecały rok po premierze poprzedniego materiału. W moim życiu to masę zmian, uczuć i emocji, które usłyszycie na tym krążku. Zostawiam Was z cząstką mojego życia, miłego słuchania."

1. Intro (prod. Jimmy Kiss) - Clip:
2. Serce (prod. Kret)
3. Unieś ręce (prod. Biz)
4. Kilka słów o marzeniach (feat. Dj Who?list, prod. Voskovy) - Single:
5. Efekt motyla (prod. Jimmy Kiss)
6. Ikebana (prod. Biz)
7. Jesień (feat. Oliwia Nazimek, prod. Pewuo)
8. Nie pozwól (feat. Dj Ike, prod. Kret)
9. Spacer (feat. Paweł Wu, prod. Biz)
10. Anatomia (prod. Biz)
11. Architekt (prod. Biz)
12. Czas rewolty (feat. Stillo, Dj Klasyk prod. Shymuon)
13. Oddech (prod. Cyga)
14. Natchnie?nie (prod. ZeroJeden)

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Somepling - CloudLoad EP

Release Date: 20 September 2012
Label: stillmuzik

"Chopping and slicing samples, MPC, beatstrumentals, classy, analog, soulful layers, hip hop music…Here are some of the keywords for Somepling’s new EP called « CloudLoad ». 
You’ll be invited to travel around those 6 tracks, on a jazzy journey, where everything is smooth and peaceful.  Sometimes darker (« Sunday Suite », « Silentolium »), but always midtempo-ish cool-ish, it’s the work of a complete artist. 
Through those smokey joints, « CloudLoad » will leave you far away… 
you’ll go to a place where smoke-clouds equal music, and where communication turns into a poetic-indian-dance. 
We are very proud to make this release at stillMuzik… so we decided to make a limited edition CD, and also a few extra limited vinyl postcards for a beat souvenir to be sent (or not) to someone you appreciate. 
Because classy music needs classy objects, don’t you think?"

All tracks composed on MPC2000XL sampler by Somepling
Digital mastering by Mr Licious
Artwork by Somepling

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Bisz - Wilk Chodnikowy - Odsłuch

Release Date: 20 September 2012

"Bisz to wyjątkowa osoba na polskiej scenie muzycznej. To wyjątkowy raper, ewidentnie wyróżniający się na tle wielu innych, podobnych do siebie. Niecodzienne łączenie obserwacji otaczającego go świata z  jego zamiłowaniem do poezji, filozofii i kina tworzą wypadkową, którą łatwo zaszufladkować w kategorii "rap alternatywny"... Jednak nic bardziej błędnego. Bisz to raper kochający klasyczne brzmienie. Brzmienie, po które słuchacze rapu sięgają najczęściej. Bisz to „nowa klasyka” w hiphopowym nurcie. Jako członek formacji BiszOerKay, debiutując krążkiem "W stronę zmiany", zgromadził potężne grono słuchaczy. Decydując się na solowy album, dwoma pierwszymi singlami - "Pollock" i "Banicja", oraz gościnnymi występami na tak uznanych i udanych projektach jak „Prosto mixtape Dj Kebs” czy „Aloha 40%”, narobił sporo zamieszania i pokazał, że będzie to płyta wyjątkowa, która już przed premierą aspiruje do miana jednej z najlepszych tego roku...

Za warstwę liryczną tego albumu odpowiada tylko i wyłącznie on – nie zaprosił nikogo, choć bez wahania takie zaproszenie przyjęli by najlepsi wykonawcy w kraju. Muzykę stworzyli jedni z najlepszych producnetów w kraju, Oer i Bob’Air."

1. Zew
2. Wilk chodnikowy
3. Jestem bestią
4. Carrie
5. Wnyki
6. Zawleczki, nakrętki, kapsle
7. Niech czas stanie
8. Trainspotting
9. W biegu
10. Role playing life
11. Indygo
12. Głupiomądry
13. Pollock
14. Banicja

Blazej Malinowski ‎– Echoes Of The Past

Release Date: 14 September 2012
Label: Minicromusic

"Finally, the 10th Minicromusic's release landed! We proudly present You LP by Blazej Malinowski, musician, DJ, based in Warsaw, Poland. "Echoes of the Past" - it's a tasty, delicate example of how modern techno can sound - full of beautiful pads on one hand and deep bass on another. We believe, that You'll enjoy these sounds - the calm, mysterious, a little bit melancholic side of techno music."

Minicromusic Rec. crew

1. Not Only
2. Echo of the Past
3. Ants Under My Skin
4. After Three Cups of Coffee
5. One of These Days
6. Dirty Butterfly
7. Sea of Broken Thoughts

Krzho - Control Alt Delete

Release Date: 17 September 2012
Label: inoQuo

"After the hot summer inoQuo is reactivated with this new release, the first signing for us by slovenian artist Krzho. He has published several releases on various netlabels and now reaches inoQuo to release this fantastic EP. We complete this work with three remixes from three guest artists, Benavid, Drugstore and Sr.Click. Enjoy it!"

1 Control
       2 Alt
        3 Delete
4 Control (Benavid Mental Control Remix)
  5 Alt (Drugstore Remix)
 6 Delete (Sr.Click Remix)

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eL-Cookizo - Na peryferiach wszechświata

Release Date: September 2012

01 - Intro prod. Stona
02 - Witaj feat. DJ Domel prod. The Cratez
03 - Na peryferiach wszechświata feat. Lonely Cat prod. Stona
04 - Właśnie tu feat. Martyna Czech i DJ Morda prod. Przemyśl
05 - 7iedem prod. Stona
06 - I nigdy nie przestać feat. CMK prod. Przemyśl
07 - W świecie marzeń prod. Lonely Cat
08 - Antyk feat. DJ Morda prod. Stona
09 - W fotelu prod. BobAir
10 - Porcelana feat. DJ Domel prod. BobAir
11 - Ironia losu prod. adeiLhp
12 - Gwiezdny pył feat. Vszu prod. Lonely Cat
13 - Moment prod. The Soulists
14 - Nie bądź zły feat. Skorup i Martyna Czech prod. Stona
15 - Koniec prod. BobAir

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Blak Madeen & Tragedy Khadafi - Militant Minds EP

Release Date: 10 September 2012

"Boston underground crew Blak Madeen and Queensbridge rhymesayer Tragedy Khadafi have come together with The DJBooth and Leedz Edutainment to bring listeners their new collaborative EP, Militant Minds. 
Al-J and Yusuf's second project released via the DJBooth (The acclaimed Divine Power Culture hit our front page back in March), the project finds the two trading hard-hitting, politically incisive bars with Khadafi over the course of nine original records. Included are "Ready for War" and the Booth-approved title track. Joining the collaborators on the guest tip throughout Militant Minds are Blacastan and Reef the Lost Cauze. Production comes courtesy of Miestro Da Semi Conductor, Skin Ced and Teddy Roxpin. "


1. Intro
2. Militant Minds
3. Remain Calm
4. Ready For War Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze & Blacastan
5. Trials and Tribulations
6. Millennium Movement
7. Step Into My Zone
8. Nothing I Can Do
9. Militant Minds Remix

V.A. – One Year Ago EP

Release Date: 15 September 2012

"Today Cicuta Netlabel turns one year old. One year full of work, joys, and, why not, some distaste. But above all it has been a year full of numbers: we've published music of 45 artists from 16 countries, accumulating more than 8,500 downloads and over 26,000 tracks on Soundcloud. These numbers are more than satisfactory, and make us extremely grateful to all those people who have relied on our understanding of techno. We also want to thank all the artists who have donated their music for free and disinterested, and our colleagues David and Xavi, a key part of the team of Cicuta, and without whom none of this would be possible.

Start the EP with Dutch Ritzi Lee, one of the most active artists on the European hard-techno scene, with years of experience behind them, and with great success on labels as important as Theory, Labrynth, Planet Rhythm or Naked Lunch. An honor and a luxury to have him on this anniversary.

We continue with the Czech based in Holland Oliver Kucera, who already participated in the eighth Cicuta release, and with whom we share a special friendship. His quality is more than proven in his releases at TMM Records, Planet Rhythm and Kucera Records (their own label).

Here we present the Irish Diarmaid O'Meara, co-manager of Gobsmacked Records label with Luke Creed, and that brings us a track full of groove and pressure, ideal to dive into the atmosphere and sounds...

We returned to Spain, to present one of the artists who possibly has progressed in this 2012. Rafa Fijo, better known as RFS or RF:Sound, despite his short career, has gotten the attention of the techno scene, and for example, playing on the mythical Florida 135...

We remain in Spain to make known to the Sigma Zigurat duo, formed by Hyo and Discknocked. We know Hyo too well after posting the fourth release of Cicuta, a success. As a duo we have a powerful track, mental, perfect to ignite a dance floor...

Finally, and as always, Drugstore close the EP with our own track. In this case, as the occasion merits, ration of dancefloor techno.
Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel."

01.Ritzi Lee - Hotfixx (Panic Edit)
02.Oliver Kucera - Stand Your Ground
03.Diarmaid O'Meara - Revolving Around A Crisis
04.RFS - Endh
05.Sigma Zigurat - Mechanic
06.Drugstore - Horus

Artwork: David Collado
Photography: Remoto

Chok & Zielichowski - Zapach Szkła SP

Release Date: 14 September 2012

"Oficjalny download "Zapachu Szkła", miał to być singiel promujący nasz przyszły long play, jednak na horyzoncie pojawił się pomysł stworzenia wspólnego projektu, razem z dwójką konkretnych MC (czekajcie na to;)) przez co, kolejny projekt Chok/Zielichowskii niestety pojawi się nieco później. Dzięki, za zainteresowanie, wielkie 5 !"

01. Zapach Szkła
02. Zapach Szkła (instrumental)
03. Zapach Szkła (acapella)

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Mr. Moods and Erik Jackson - Sur la route du jazz

Release Date: 08 September 2012

"Dirty, Dusty, Jazzy, Soulful breaks. Enjoy. 

This is a collaboration of live instruments and sampled sound; 
MPC, Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone, Upright Bass, and a Jazz drum kit."

Christian Denis
Erik Jackson
Skip Warren

Dayspired - Wrapped In Sound (EP)

Release Date: 10 September 2012

"American beatmaker duo Dayspired drop their "Wrapped In Sound" EP for Dusted Wax Kingdom. Prepare yourself for a lovely sound journey with additional late summer mood, arranged with refined jazzy samples, ambient background sounds and moving drum breaks."

niedziela, 9 września 2012

Anitek - Calm & Collect Vol.3

Release Date: 01 September 2012
Label: Dusted Wax Kingdom

1 Rooftop Serenade 3:15
2 Moonstruck 3:06
3 Semantics 3:07
4 The Formless 2:59
5 Cynical Being 2:26
6 Chamomile 2:31
7 Learning Curve 2:15
8 Dogma 3:36


Entertainment For The Braindead - Postcard #1: Songs for the Apocalypse

Release Date: 01 September 2012

"An island. 
A room to myself for seven days, far from everything, detached from motorized traffic, from city noises, from the entire world. The only sounds being the sea and its boats, horse carriages and birds in the heath. 

I spend the days climbing over rocks and dry bones of sea gulls, collecting flint stones and shimmering shells of dead beetles, lost in thought about how they are all tiny traces of lived life, discarded and left there to dry and weather, just as a song is always a piece of slough, slipped off the moment it‘s written and left as a trace, a piece of the past being cast into some kind of graspable artefact. 

But the instruments I brought remain silent for most of the time. While I had hoped that the peace of an island would give my wry mind enough space to unwind, instead it feels muffled and all that it spits out are fragments, loose thoughts and musical miniatures that I scatter across my apartment‘s floor like the flint stones and shells I brought home. 

I‘m not really there. Not really anywhere at all. 

Well, these are the few sounds I managed to harvest. A sense of absentmindedness. A peace. A yearning. The sea and the gulls.v 

Hiddensee, August 2010"

Innereyefull - Moving On (EP)

Release Date: 3rd September 2012

"Innereyefull is back! The English meastro of downtempo grooves drops his third release for Dusted Wax Kingdom. "Moving On" EP contains 9 head-nodding tracks of delicious trip-hop jazziness in oldschool Ninja Tune style. Limited CD edition available on Innereyefull's bandcamp store."

Produced & Mixed by Andy Kent
Track 8 Co-Produced by Mr Moods

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Patokalipsa - Zamknij Morde Jak Rap Gra Bootleg

Release Date: 01 September 2012

"Piątka z wagi, ciężki ładunek luźnych tracków Eripe oraz Patokalipsy i przyjaciół, nagranych w latach 2009-2012. W różnej jakości i długości, luźne, życiowe i bragga, gotowe numery oraz brudne, zmelanżowane wokale. Są goście, są producenci, obczaj sobie. Słuchaj, ściągaj, podawaj dalej, albo nie, jak chcesz."

01. Patokalipsa - Zamknij morde jak rap gra
02. Eripe - Pierdolę
03. Eripe - Chuja wiesz o rapie
04. Eripe, Penx - Kim ty jesteś, żeby nas uciszać
05. Eripe - Blitzkrieg
06. Eripe - Wszystko mnie wkurwia
07. EsZet, Delekta, Penx - Gdy wracam (Jan Taxky remix)
08. Eripe - Mógłbym
09. Eripe, Zygson - Co u ciebie
10. Eripe, Zygson, Maldini - Umieram z ciekawości
11. Eripe - John Stockton
12. EsZet, Zygson, Oxon - Co słychać
13. Eripe - Nigdy nie mów mi nic
14. Eripe - Bez wczuty (prod. Sewek)
15. Eripe - Miłosne historie
16. Penx - Mafuria (prod. YaQb)
17. Eripe - Ballada o Marianie
18. EsZet - Kto to
19. Zygson, Eripe - To dla ciebie kotku
20. Delekta, Oxon, Penx, Zygson - Mam 2 km dystansu
21. Penx, Kojot - Znamy
22. Eripe - Krzyk
23. Zygson, Eripe - Chcę żyć
24. Eripe - Niecny skurwiel
25. Penx - Rytm serca (konkurs Aptaun Support)
26. Penx - Rozkurw na stricie
27. Zygson, Eripe - Po co
28. Eripe - Siewca nieczystych zamiarów (prod. Bodzio)
29. Eripe, Penx - Fundament
30. Zygson - Masz to miejsce
31. Eripe - Uliczny ślub
32. Zygson, Eripe - Pamiętam dobrze ten dzień
33. Oxon, Kizu, EsZet - Młode koty (prod. Marsan, 2008)
34. Zygson, Eripe - Marysia była lekko sztywna
35. Eripe - Zapomniałem po co żyję
36. Eripe - Zniszczenie
37. Oxon, EsZet - Jeden melanż (prod. PeWuO, 2008)
38. Eripe - Mic check
39. Eripe - Ćpam powietrze
40. Eripe, Profesor Patoxon - Patologika
41. Eripe - Otchłań
42. Zygson, Kojot - Jeżeli ty
43. Eripe - Eric Djemba-Djemba
44. Zygson - Tak to bywa
45. Eripe, Zygson - Nie toleruj nas
46. Eripe, Zygson, Delekta - GieTA
47. Zygson - Jeśli robisz rap
48. Eripe - Gruby pierdolnik
49. Penx, Zygson - Zajawka
50. Eripe - Kochaj/Nienawidź

Guatemala ‎– Grey Literature

Release Date: 30 August 2012
Label: Duskdarter

"Grey Literature, Kurt Maroske's first official release under the Guatemala moniker, is an exploration of texture and acoustics combining instrumental melodies, subtle broken beats and crackling samples. Three of the songs, originally appearing on a demo recording, were labouriously reworked alongside two new flowing ambient pieces. Grey Literature seamlessly blends acoustic melodies made with ukuleles, melodicas, harmonicas and glockenspiels with mellow synth sounds layered with minimalist beats and archival recordings to produce something both beautiful and haunting."

Built From Sticks ‎– Half Steps

Release Date: 30 August 2012
Label: Duskdarter

"Duskdarter is an independent music label based in Brisbane. The label aims to bring together a community of like-minded musicians interested in, but not limited to, ambient and instrumental music. The primary focus of this label is to build an audience in Brisbane and around Australia and open the doors to the international community.

Recorded in early 2012, Half Steps is the follow up to Built From Stick's quietly well received I'm Not Finished Yet release. His fourth album sees the artist further explore both his fascination with intricate instrumental music and his love of slowcore. Opening with delicate guitar instrumentals and gradually moving into more traditional folk territory, the album continues to guide the listener into new and unexpected places. The title track, a soft guitar piece featuring accompanying trumpet from ghost notes bandmate Luke McCallum, is followed by a waltz driven piano piece with Jamie's unique vocal stylings. Throughout the album, guitar and piano are occasionally accompanied by drums (by Cam Smith), violin (by Jamie himself) and any other instrument he can get his hands on. This variation leaves every track it's own uniqueness."

Songs by Jamie Curran
Recorded at home in early 2012
Cameron Smith - drums on 2,8 and 10
Luke McCallum - trumpet on 4 and 10
Artwork and design by James Alley
Thanks Cam, Luke, James and Adrian

Amatorzy Kwaśnych Jabłek - Pokoj nr.8

Release Date: August 2012

"Amatorzy Kwaśnych Jabłek przedstawiają trzecia oficjalną płytę zatytułowaną 'Pokój Nr 8'. Produkcją zajął się WZK Beatz [Ełk] oraz Bonny Larmes [Giżycko]. Gościnnie pojawiły się dwie wokalistki: Agnieszka Woźniak (AAcovers) [EŁK], Dominika Chmielińska [Ruciane-Nida] oraz jeden MC - TrzyBe [Ełk/Poznań]. Za skrecze i cuty odpowiedzialny jest DJ Junskee [Giżycko]. "

01. Mayday (prod. WZK)
02. Złote czasy (prod. WZK, scr. DJ Junskee)
03. Lata temu (prod. WZK)
04. Należymniesię (prod. Bonny Larmes, scr. DJ Junskee)
05. Nie szukam tanich rozrywek feat. TrzyBe (prod. WZK)
06. Pamietam dni 2 feat. Dominika Chmielińska (prod. WZK)
07. Krok w przód (prod. WZK)
08. Pokój nr 8 (udzwiękowienie WZK)
09. Zamki feat. Agnieszka Woźniak (prod. WZK)
10. Nie zostawie rapu (prod. WZK, scr. DJ Junskee)
11. W góre (prod. WZK, scr. DJ Junskee)
12. O.n.s. (prod. WZK, scr. DJ Junskee)

Wszystkie wokale zostały zarejestrowane w domowych warunkach.

Mix/Mastering: WZK Beatz
Grafika/Projekty graficzne: Biger (
Teksty/Rap: Biger, Dorian, WZK

Future Primitive - Zero Gravity EP

Release Date: 01 August 2012

Cat # NOBUSS041

1. Future Primitive - Difficult Situation

2. Future Primitive - Zero Gravity

Follow Future Primitive on Soundcloud: futureprimitive