wtorek, 28 maja 2013

Derlee - Mellow Morning

Release Date: 27 May 2013

This release is a special selection of previously self-released two volumes of "Mellow Morning" by Derlee.
9 tracks of cheering downtempo soulful instrumental hip-hop for your listening pleasure.

Familiar Faces
Mellow Morning
Midnight Snow
Echoes In My Mind
Home For The Holidays
Dex Back At It
The Night
New Day

Stroon - Krakow

Release Date: 09 April 2013
Label: Exitab

Although his very well received latest EP Triple Farewell is still relatively fresh, we decided to release a new couple of tracks by Bratislava based enemy of procrastination. The new single from Stroon is dedicated to the city of Krakow. It was inspired by the moments he spent there during its must-attend festival three years in a row. Stroon sounds strangely positive here, mainly thanks to uplifting synths and pitchshifted vocal motives which also lighten up otherwise a bit darker soundscapes of the second track Aloof. Enjoy this year's first spring release! 

produced and written by Stroon 
mastered by Ink Midget 
coverart by Matúš Hnát 

1. Krakow 05:58
2. Aloof 05:06

Infected Lab - From The Moon

Release Date: 22 May 2013
Label: GV Sound

1. Intro 02:10
2. UFO Contact 02:25
3. In Troat 09:20
4. Dark Souless 09:20
5. Cosmic Noise 05:06
6. Dark Corners Of Universe 04:37
7. Entrance 05:40
8. From The Moon 05:40

czwartek, 23 maja 2013

Cyga - Without Me

Release Date: May 2013
Label: Skwer

001 Cyga - She said she loves me
002 Cyga - Ile razy feat. Kbps instrumental
003 Cyga - Podróż feat. BaFlou Ober Alicja Kolska instrumental
004 Cyga - Lewiatan feat. Kidd instrumental
005 Cyga - Pan śmieć remix instrumental
006 Cyga - Cloud
007 Cyga - 04x27
008 Cyga - Without Me
009 Cyga - Tylko słowa feat. Lidwin instrumental
010 Cyga - Podróż 2 feat. Diset BaFlou Beeres Planet Duchu instrumental
011 Cyga - Razem feat. Lidwin instrumental
012 Cyga - Spal moje zdjęcia remix instrumental

środa, 22 maja 2013

Raca - Kruki Nad Miastem EP

Release Date: May 2013
Label: Stay True

Stay True z dumą prezentuje projekt Raca - „Kruki nad Miastem”. Album w limitowanym nakładzie 500 sztuk  Za warstwę muzyczną całości odpowiada JACA, a szatą graficzną zajął się Marcin Boomer Antonowicz.
Kruk koegzystuje z ludźmi od tysięcy lat, na niektórych obszarach rozmnożył się tak bardzo, że uważa się go za szkodnika. Zawdzięcza to swojej wszystkożernej diecie. Stwierdzono, że kruki nadają sobie nawzajem imiona i mogą się wołać za ich pomocą." Przed nami historia, którą łączy jedno imię - Śmierć. Opowieść o moralności i zarazem jej braku. Kolejny wieczór, znów kruki nad miastem... 

1. Kruki nad miastem
2. Palimpsest
3. Ostatni dzień w którym żyjesz
4. Bieguny Moralności
5. Rozwiązanie
6. Konsekwencje rozwiązania

Anitek - Lily (LP)

Release Date: 20 May 2013

"Lily" is dedicated to the Anitek's beloved little daughter, Lily. The album is a cheering bouquet of funk, soul and hip-hop, blended with wise spoken words and turntable cuts.

One Way Ticket (feat. Tab & DSpliff)
The 3rd
Lefty Loosey (feat. Tab)
In Utero
Time Tellers
Sinister Souls
Hotel Rodeo (feat. DSpliff)
NeedleLess To Say
Strange Sensations
Club Soda
Lazy Susans
Last Stop

101 – Desires

Release Date: 20 May 2013

1. Soulmates 03:49
2. Pure Pleasure 03:42
3. Every Ending Is A New Beginning 03:36
4. Will You Ever Be Mine 05:09
5. Don't Go 03:36
6. You've Always Been Close 03:16
7. Confusion 03:40
8. Represent The Truth 04:00
9. Too Funky For You 04:05
10. Exploration 03:51
11. Sunday 04:18
12. You've Always Been Close (Missqulater Remix) 05:14

wtorek, 21 maja 2013

Daniel Düsentrieb - Der Schutzheilige der Eitelkeit

Release Date: 01 May 2013
Label: Radio Juicy

1. My Stylo Weighs A Ton 2:00
2. So Amazin 3:15
3. In Die Röhre Gucken 1:59
4. Nonnemol 2:12
5. Extace Bounce 2:27
6. Downsouthrelaxtion 2:47
7. Du Nase 1:45

poniedziałek, 20 maja 2013

Item Caligo - The Place That Was Not There

Release Date: 19 May 2013
Label: GV Sound

1. In Former Times 14:31
2. There Was A Haven 09:04
3. There's Laughter Of Those Whom Were Not 10:16
4. Quiet Haven 05:42
5. It 07:57
6. Forget It 07:25

niedziela, 19 maja 2013

Lifeblood – Stairway To Destiny EP

Release Date: 15 May 2013
Label: Cicuta

Welcome to the release number 19 of Cicuta Netlabel. We live in an unjust world by nature, where are prevailing values that have nothing to do with art. The music scene is a clear example of this. We are saturated with marketing products, while real artists from your own room at home, are creating real wonders that deserve to be appreciated by the general public.

From our point of view, the artist who signed the reference of this month is one of those artists, one of those underrated by the scene who fights and make real wonders. This artist is Bran Lanen.

In this reference, shows his most hypnotic and experimental face, under his aka Lifeblood. He offers 6 cuts ranging from techno to ambient, with a sound reminiscent of the best times of Jeff Mills. A sound that is catching and wrapping you up to take you to a state of altered consciousness.

It is not the first (and sure it’s not the last) time we bet on this artist, so if you want to hear more of his works, take a tour by our catalog, you will find real gems. You can also listen to his work on labels like Zimmer, Labrynth or Geometrika Netlabel and on his own label, newly emerging, Ibyat.

1. The code
2. Forerunners
3. Legacy
4. Legacy (Bran Lanen’s interpretation)
5. Expressions
6. Gravitational Force of the Destiny

piątek, 17 maja 2013

Breezewax - What Matters Is Now

Release Date: 02 May 2013

The motivation for creating my last album 'Native Sun' and the motivation for completing this EP could not have been more different.
There is a clear change in mood and sound here which I'm all the more pleased with because it felt raw, natural, and I was able to create something positive from what was personally a very negative period.

1. Reset 02:46
2. Bokeh Brite 04:12
3. Endless Flux 02:35
4. Letting Go 04:45
5. Halo 02:28

czwartek, 16 maja 2013

Rap Addix - Nie Uciekniesz EP

Release Date: 16 May 2013
Label: Skwer

01. Rap Addix - To Znowu Rap Addix (ft. Dj Ace)
02. Rap Addix - Zupełnie Obcy
03. Rap Addix - Kiedyś 2
04. Rap Addix - Spierdoliłem To
05. Rap Addix - Jestem Sam
06. Rap Addix - Właściwe Proporcje 2
07. Rap Addix - Pijane Bloki
08. Rap Addix - Nie Uciekniesz

Rap: Junes, Laikike1, Jeżozwierz, Kidd
Produkcja: Soulpete

Grafika: Michał Święcicki (http://cargocollective.com/hotjakdog/Michal-Swiecicki)

Mix/Master: Oer (21 Music Studio) // oprócz "To Znowu Rap Addix" (Zbylu/NADstudio)

wtorek, 14 maja 2013

Kecaj - Liga Niezwykłych Dżentelmenów

Release Date: May 2013
Label: Skwer

1. Chris Gardner, muz. Palmer Eldritch, scratch: Dj2Najz
2. Adaś Miauczyński, muz. Raph
3. Leon Zawodowiec, muz. Goldi
4. David Helfgott, muz. Goldi, scratch: Dj2Najz - KLIP
5. Paulie Bleeker, muz. Palmer Eldritch
6. Forrest Gump, muz. Raph
7. Malcolm Crowe, muz. Cyga
8. Billy Pilgrim, muz. Elmer Bookz
9. Good Will Hunting 2, muz. Lucas, bas: Man from Sound, gościnnie Wyraz
10. Guido Refice, muz. Goldi
11. David Helfgott Szpalowsky Remix , muz. Szpalowsky

poniedziałek, 13 maja 2013

Marco Polo - Newport Authority 2

Release Date: April 2013
Label: Soulspazm

With his latest full-length, PA2: The Director's Cut, slated for release this July via Soulspazm Records, veteran beatsmith Marco Polo is tiding fans over with the release of free album Newport Authority 2. 

Mixed and mastered by Joey Nardone, the set is composed of 13 records which didn't make the former project's tracklist due to "politics [and] industry bullsh*t," among them DJBooth-acclaimed singles "What's Wrong" (featuring Rakim), "Nite & Day" (featuring Big Daddy Kane), "Back to Work" (featuring Artifacts), "Fame for President" (featuring Lil Fame) and "Stand Up (Remix)" (featuring Adrian Younge & the Delfonics). Additional guest appearances include Das EFX, Ruste Juxx and Torae. DJ Shylow provides cuts throughout. Watch for the vinyl version of Newport Authority 2 to drop soon via Fat Beats. 

01.Intro (ft. Shylow)
02.Fame For President (ft. Lil Fame (of M.O.P.)) [Scratches by Shylow]
03.Double eXXecution (ft. Torae and Ruste Juxx)
04.Terrified (ft. Big Gutta and Jaysaun)
05.Gospel Rap (ft. Malcolm and Martin)
06.What's Wrong (ft. Rakim)
07.Back To Work (ft. Artifacts) [Scratches by Shylow]
08.Nite and Day (ft. Big Daddy Kane) [Scratches by Shylow]
09.Long and Winding Road (ft. First Division and Large Professor)
10.BK 2 NJ (ft. Das EFX) [Scratches by DJ Revolution]
11.That Sh*t (ft. MidaZ The Beast)
12.Stand Up (Remix) (ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Lil Fame (of M.O.P.), Adrian Younge and The Delfonics)
13.CurSed (What's Wrong Remix) (ft. Rakim and Reggie B.)

niedziela, 12 maja 2013

Eddy B. - HopeLess Act

Release Date: April 2013

North Carolina rhymesayer Eddy B, formerly of Eddy B & Tim Gunter, has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his first solo street album, HopeLess Act.

The project, a heartfelt display of pain, struggle and rising above any situation, features 13 original jams from the Southern emcee, among them reader-approved singles "Hope," "Paper" and "Trouble." Eddy B. rocks the mic solo throughout HopeLess Act, which features production from B. McCraw, Nu Vintage and Young Dubb.

Coined by Eddy B, HopeLess Act means "when you feel hopeless, you should hope Less and Act upon your dreams."

01.Intro [prod. Young Dubb]
02.Hope [prod. Nu Vintage]
03.R.U.N [prod. Nu Vintage]
04.Could Be [prod. Nu Vintage]
05.Paper [prod. Nu Vintage]
06.Interlude (ft. IShine) [prod. Nu Vintage]
07.Trouble [prod. Nu Vintage]
08.I Got You [prod. B. McCraw]
09.Project Mona Lisa [prod. B. McCraw]
10.A Purple Ribbon [prod. Nu Vintage]
11.I Wish [prod. Nu Vintage]
12.Chris Dorner [prod. Nu Vintage]
13.Outro [prod. Young Dubb]

Flowmakers - Brudnopis EP

Release Date: May 2013

Flowmakers - skład z Rybnika, który reprezentują dwaj MC: eFi (AziziHustlazz) oraz JotBe (Eufonia).
Ich charakter, przekonania oraz spojrzenie na świat najlepiej oddaje ich muzyka.
EP „Brudnopis” to ich pierwszy projekt, który składa się z 8 utworów oraz skitu, oparty na muzyce pełnej sampli, cutów i skreczy. 
Gościnnie na płycie pojawili się Dekim (PomaU), LonelyCat oraz Kacper Skoneczny (Tabu).

01. Intro
02. Brudnopis
03. Pasjonaci (feat. LonelyCat)
04. We krwi
05. Dotykam nieba (feat. Kacper Skoneczny)
06. Męczący dzień ( Skit)
07. Chcę poczuć spokój
08. Nigdy nie wiesz (feat. Dekim)
09. List do M (feat. Kacper Skoneczny)

dustmotes - Horror Vacui (LP)

Release Date: 09 May 2013

After the amazing equilibria and None For The Crow, Paul Crocker (a.k.a dustmotes) drops another LP for Dusted Wax Kingdom. "Horror Vacui" is a fascinating trip-hop/lo-fi fairytale full with chilled melanchlic ambient track-stories.

Horror Vacui (feat. Madeleine Bloom)
Via (feat. Jared Smyth)
Dead Wax
Little Show
Odd Numbers
Under Arches
Curtains Drawn
Dead Inside
Cube Steak
Horror Vacui - Sparse Mix (feat. Madeleine Bloom)

piątek, 10 maja 2013

Another Music - Tangled

Release Date: 07 May 2013
Label: Another Music

New from the Another Music imprint is a collection of twisted beats from London-based producer, Beatoven. Beatoven’s musical credits include Diverted, a breakbeat outfit known for their long- running monthly live band residency at Cargo, and a three-piece electronica project called LAskA. His music has seen him tour across countries such as Australia, Spain, Russia, Hungary and the US.

On ‘Tangled’, his first release on Another Music, Beatoven plays with both hard and soft textures. This is music made out of tough beats and gauzy melody. This is music to fill your headphones on a bright spring day.

“I guess I would describe my sound as weighty beat-led music with deep bass, intricate rhythms and interwoven textures and synth lines all writhing around in a sea of uncomfortable anticipation.”

The EP wades in deep and glitchy with “Tangled” leaving even the most poker-faced amongst us struggling to suppress a head nod or foot tap. “Falstaf” then stumbles to the fore, with brash beat trickery and staccato vocals from Palestinian MC Boikutt (Tashweesh/Ramallah Undergound). “Ground Born” slows the pace, moody, with a hint of sci-fi from some retro synth sounds and radio fuzz. Then for the spine-tingler, jaw-clencher, 4 a.m. foot stomper, “Soul Cold”, featuring vocals from long-time collaborator Amy Hiller. Finishing on a high, “A Silent and White” is easy-going and cheeky; a straight up feel good track with a generous helping of signature Beatoven glitch and oozing bass.

1. Tangled 03:20
2. Falstaf ft. Boikutt 03:42
3. Ground Born 03:20
4. Soul Cold ft. Amy Hiller 03:21
5. A Silent and White 03:06

Jesse Futerman - Exquisite Basement EP

Release Date: 06 May 2013
Label: Jus Like Music Records

Third EP from Jesse Futerman on Jus Like Music Records.
Jesse Futerman returns once more to complete his trilogy of free digital EPs for Jus Like Music Records with his Exquisite Basement EP. Following on from Super Basement and Fuse The Witches, the new EP, Exquisite Basement exudes a grown sound from Jesse. Commencing with the house-like 'Trouble Man' - a glimpse into his more uptempo material - the EP showcases that typical Futerman dusty, jazz breaks soulful sound, but with more body and soul than ever before.

1. Trouble Man 03:34
2. One For Dan Zacks 03:26
3. Don't Grecko Your Brother 01:56
4. Broken Glass 02:44
5. Disappear 03:37
6. Used To Be Thinkin' 02:18
7. For My Parents feat. Jon Foster 03:40

środa, 8 maja 2013

Estragon & Palmer Eldritch - Olbrzym

Release Date: 07 May 2013
Label: Skwer

"Olbrzym" to płyta, gdzie spotkają się drogi duetu producenckiego Palmer Eldritch i Grzegorza "Estragona" Bruszewskiego. W wyniku takiej kolaboracji powstał oniryczny koncept album łączący progresywną elektronikę i spoken word.
Estragona kojarzyć można z organizowania comiesięcznego slamu poetyckiego w Warszawie. Występował na wielu scenach tak w Polsce, jak i za granicami naszego kraju, m.in. w Wielkiej Brytanii, Niemczech, we Francji, a nawet w Japonii. Prowadzi również warsztaty spoken word razem z Wojtkiem Cichoniem, z którym współtworzy grupę Teges Szmeges.
Palmer Eldritch to z kolei duet producencki, złożony z Rapha i digana. Chociaż obaj w połowie minionej dekady byli jeszcze blisko hip-hopu, z biegiem lat coraz bardziej oddalali się od tego gatunku, przechodząc przez takie gatunki jak post-rock czy dreampop, a ostatecznie trzymając się blisko szeroko pojętego eklektyzmu gatunkowego.

1. To oślepiające nieobecne światło
2. Galapagos
3. Bzzz
4. Potencjalnie
5. Ćma pawica
6. Chodźmy tańczyć

wtorek, 7 maja 2013

Digital=Divine – Interstellar Veins

Release Date: 05 May 2013
Label: Deep In Dub

I’m very glad to present you Digital=Divine, with his latest production for us : Interstellar Veins.
With this mini album, Digital=Divine share his sonic talents through the dubtechno sounds and structures on it.
Prepare yourself to listen dubtechno mixed in the right way with new rhythms and sounds… deep & smooth and aggressive @ same time !
Timeless structures will capture your mind from the first listening, to take you by the hand into a magical world full of positive energy at the same time.
Enjoy this summer gift 2013, directly form Digital=Divine located in Kyoto, Japan !!!

01. Interstellar Veins ( 06:08 )
02. Dimensionless Life Form ( 05:27 )
03. Deeper Suspension ( 07:05 )
04. Kurama ( 04:27 )
05. Naivete ( 06:19 )

Statiq Cradle – Polarity

Release Date: 01 May 2013

Polarity EP is a piece of world, where black side is suddenly chnged by coloured rainbow.  The place, where the ocean of happiness is sunk into the dust of melancholy. You have a great chance to explore it and set tunes in your ears in the different manner.

Statiq cradle, real name Alexey Tsarev, Russian experimental
composer from Samara city. His journey through sound waves
began in 2006. First he was a techno & hardtechno musician and dj.
But music as life – never stand still, and in 2008 his stuff changed
from hard techno beats on easy sound. Love of avant-garde and
abstract art is defining the name of the project and leading genres in
his sound. These are: ambient, idm, dubstep, glitch and noise.
Melancholic atmosphere and glitch sound the most common
attribute of tracks. Main idea of his work is that sound should speak
with listener, it must carry a sense, because music is not just a
sound waves in headphones or in speakers, music is life, and life cannot be meaningless.

1. Astra (Original Mix) (02:24)
2. Hence (Original Mix) (04:16)
3. Hope (Original Mix) (03:44)
4. Melway (Original Mix) (05:02)
5. Mirach (Original Mix) (02:27)

poniedziałek, 6 maja 2013

Fredo - First Movements (LP)

Release Date: 06 May 2013

"First Movements" is the debut album from the UK-based producer Fredo. 12 chilled instrumental hip-hop joints built upon delicious vinyl bits and pieces with dextrous sampling techniques.

First Movement
Lover's Lament
Miles Away
Fooled For Thought
Long Road Home
Sleep Away (Interlude)
Day Dreaming
Second Movement

piątek, 3 maja 2013

spiel​:​feld Compilation Vol​.​1​-​VA​-​Thirteen Ghosts

Release Date: 01 May 2013

1. Der Mandant - Alpenwind 07:15
2. Vytis - Whirlpool 07:56
3. Deni Diezer - Mood In Two Stages 09:03
4. Esko Barba - Floating 06:53
5. Stereopathy - Struggle 09:41
6. Martin Nonstatic - Close Encounters 08:28
7. Fingers In The Noise - El Key 06:52
8. Aura Fresh - Retrigger 08:32
9. S_EncE - Light Grey 08:02
10. 1Way - Kaneda (Live Mix) 07:14
11. Andrea Porcu - Fever 09:56
12. Fabio Scalabroni - What You Feel Is What You Get 06:11
13. zuurb - Portia 0

środa, 1 maja 2013

Zoomo - Thankyou

Release Date: 30 April 2013

1. Cottages 01:02
2. Swordfish 00:52
3. Paper.cuts[inter] 00:28
4. Bags 01:08
5. I.needanswers 00:40
6. Krisp 00:43
7. no.refunds 00:58
8. elf 01:08

Various - Atlantics Vol. 3

Release Date: 20 April 2013
Label: Astro Nautico

One year ago from today on April 20th, 2012, we released Atlantics Vol. 2 - a sprawling collection of tracks by talented friends and artists from around the world. This year, we asked a completely different group of fresh faces to contribute, and the result is something special.

Not quite as ambitious in scope as the previous installment (although pretty damn close) Volume 3 is a more concise and understated compilation, but no less engaging by any means.

Spanning genres as disparate as hi-fi footwork and grainy new wave, it is another diverse and soulful collection of tunes that is sure to have something for everyone. Hopefully in addition to recognizing familiar names, you are also able to discover new talent, as showcasing the underground is something we continually strive to accomplish.

Peace and love to our listeners.

1. Morgan Hislop - Small Rooms & Nocturnal Thoughts 04:33
2. Photay - Communication 03:40
3. 813 - Dote 03:07
4. htrspltn - dance, laugh, fight 01:08
5. Phil Gerus - In The MInX 03:31
6. Jacob 2-2 - Videolympics 02:56
7. C.Z. - Mary J 04:13
8. Sesped - Say You Are Gonna 02:47
9. Yung AOL - Wineup 03:28
10. Seafloor - Your Symphony 04:53
11. Ventla - Ventlatlantico 01:38
12. Ryuei Kotoge - Absent 03:04
13. Julien Mier - If You Are 03:54
14. Kon - Ness Bike 03:32
15. Cosmic Revenge - The Arrival 04:38
16. Principal Dean & Snakefoot - Gissie 04:08
17. Morpheground - All Knighter 02:45
18. Kloud - Mood Swings 04:27
19. Prince Jean - Rhodes Fountain (Le Prelude) 01:28
20. Druid Cloak - Summoning Stone 04:12
21. Seapoint - Dream Crisis 03:14
22. Michael Jukeson - Bound, Torn 04:26
23. Rimar - All We Have 01:36
24. Feral - Rain Dance 03:37
25. Tom Richman - Franklin 03:08
26. Cakedog - Cake Pon De Flo 03:24
27. Nangdo - C'mon 03:56
28. Archie Pelago - Hasid Dash 07:11
29. Big Voyage - Cora Pearl 04:48
30. Dunes - U Know How 03:48
31. Lotide - High Grass, Looking Glass 04:33
32. Mother Ganga - Best of Times 02:33

Various - Intergalactic Travels Volume 2

Release Date: 30 April 2013

Various Artists - album curated by Urban Waves Records

Captain Weedo finally took the old spaceship out and recruited 47 fine artists to do the honors and join on this second Intergalactic Travels expedition! Brace yourself as the cruise will be full of marvels and wonders. Hopefully we installed a tape recorder in the control station for the purpose of documenting this space adventure with a journey of no less than 2 'musical' hours! The music is to chill, thrill & dance to as you are given a front seat to experience the amazing trip with us. You'll be able to enjoy each artist own vision of a beautiful space escapade. As the journey goes on you'll be invited to chill out and enjoy the view then get up and move on the catchy flow. Hurry up and hop on as the engines are firing! Listen carefully and let your imagination go wild. 

1. Shatter Hands - Godzillatheremin 04:02
2. GO SAVANT! - AURIGA 02:42
3. INFNTLP - Gravity Phone 03:42
4. Mallow - Teleport Where! 02:13
5. Nosmo King - Guess What 03:13
6. Karaoke Tundra - Hellacopter feat. Bleubird (Dnte remix) 02:46
7. simp - Shine feat. Soia 02:55
8. BEN BADA BOOM x Amin PaYnE - little mission 02:16
9. Mute Speaker - Cosmic Shit 03:45
10. A Sol Mechanic - ƒloat pt. 2 03:10
11. FLOYDCHEUNG - Another Planet 03:36
12. SertOne - Vangelis Kush (Cream) 04:25
13. Zack Christ - Platinium 03:17
14. Wandering Mayor - Halcyon Days 02:43
15. Blameful Isles - Giants From The North 02:38
16. Lingvisto - Morning on the Moon 02:52
17. 3LLL - Levitate 02:51
18. canooooopy - 踊る幽霊が1800匹 02:44
19. MEN AT AMPS - Zentramentra 01:54
20. Jacques Jupiter - Planète Vidéo 01:56
21. Bounce Brothas - Journey 03:36
22. Mute Speaker - Teleport 03:28
23. Bmoody - Voyage Ralos 02:50
24. Downstate - Falling 03:28
25. POGFLIPPER - multi coloured love bubble 02:21
26. Headshotboyz - glow job 04:00
27. Melodiesinfonie - backtothewonkyera 03:06
28. SNK∆ x Babel Mètis - Télégraphe 01:46
29. Lidly - shut your eyes 02:45
30. oddlogic - She Screams Through the Static of a Plain White Room 04:31
31. Handbook - The Milk Turns 03:01
32. iરнуtнυм.韵律 - Final Destination 02:17
33. Exit! - Eyes On Your Favorites 03:00
34. JimboMatsumoto - Growl 01:31
35. Alaclair Ensemble - Vire de Bow (Zomb. remix) 03:25
36. Hamacide - Infomercial 02:30
37. Dr Kwest - Hold On To Your Love 03:26
38. Dan Matic - Cloud World 02:37
39. nappychan - astralvisionary 03:46
40. Je$u$ - Elzhi - Colors (Je$u$ RMX) 03:34