sobota, 28 września 2013

Cly​/​Suva - In The Wind Ep

Release Date: 27 September 2013

1. In The Wind 06:24
2. Until The Road 05:57
3. Last Voyage 06:08
4. Midnight Industry 06:08

niedziela, 22 września 2013

The Fucked Up Beat - The Situationists

Release Date: 24 September 2013

1. Schizogeography/ in the green automobile which I have invented imagined and envisioned on the roads of our metropolis 05:31
2. Unitary Urbanism/ the velocity of money as it whistles through windows of the lower east side to delighted skyscrapers on Broadway 04:53
3. Non-Linear Architecture/ we share an archangelic cigarette and tell each others' fortunes 05:04
4. Dérive/ we'll walk up the cloudy streets with anxiety toward the snowy horizon and scream out the engine 04:14
5. The Cult of Commodities/ observatories exhausted between the swells of sirens lined up scanning the wheat fields 03:50
6. Eastern Song/ in the wind and washing waves - lost in the flood 02:32
7. Noir Situationism/ boulevards crush pedestrians below euthanized buildings clinging to the sea in fear of the drought 03:10
8. The Situationists/ who set fire to weathered drums and old poems by the gaslamp fixtures listening to radio broadcasts of the past 05:24
9. Commodity Narcissism/ recalling famous dead talks of other cities learned in isolation 05:06
10. The Society of the Spectacle/ consumed by the invisible poem a memorial built out of our own bodies 04:23
11. The Isolationists/ lift your voices, we sing here in the darkness — fighting phantoms fighting phantoms 03:45
12. Deceptive Détournements/ auditory sleep starts and the contours of the city ruin the infrastructures of emotional paralysis 04:06
13. Minor Détournements/ mapping their routes to radio towers on desert hills dancing along the cactus fence 04:36
14. Mediated Abstraction and Abstract Mediation/ in Watts,Prague,Stockholm,Stanleyville,Gdansk,Turin,Port Talbot,Cleveland,Cordoba,Amsterdam,wherever the act and awareness of refusal generates passionate break-outs from the factories of collective illusion, the revolution of everyday life is under way 20:35

sobota, 21 września 2013

Romo + SincJack - Chase The Universe (EP)

Release Date: 05 August 2013

"Chase The Universe" is a collaborative EP by 2 US-based producers, Romo and SincJack. The format of the album features instrumental hip hip tracks, working together to tell a story with the help of samples from a lecture ("Chasing Yourself") given by philosopher, Alan Watts.

Romo - Chase
SincJack - Cosmos
Romo - Thinking Of...
SincJack - Patterns 'n' Stuff
Romo - Perspective (feat. Esbe)
SincJack - Time(Youth Left Me Behind)
Romo - One
SincJack - Buddhas (Have A Drink On It)

Vytis - Deepchord Avenue

Release Date: 16 September 2013

1. Enchanted Valley 05:52
2. Summer Haze 05:30
3. Deepchord Avenue 09:02
4. Deepchord Avenue Part 2 06:11
5. Cambodia 13:10
6. Alluring Aspects 10:16
7. Chill 08:10
8. Saturn 07:34
9. Mitas 06:11
10. Soundscape Song 03:07

One day of February - Dances on glass

Release Date: 16 September 2013
Label: GV Sound

1. Bottom 03:15
2. Dances on glass 04:34
3. The asking 03:15
4. Silent shadows 03:04
5. Lost 03:43
6. Temple 03:58

wtorek, 17 września 2013

Kidd/Zaspał/Zioło - Rap i Jego Sobowtór

Release Date: 17 September 2013
Label: Skwer

1.Coś tam coś tam
2.Pcham wam fikcję gość. Jeżozwierz
4.i Jego Sobowtór
5.Ill Communication gość. Goldi, LaikIke1
6.Runaway Slave gość. Faczyński
7.Midnight Express
8.The 18th Letter 

Muzyka: 1-4 Zaspał, 5-8 Zioło
Texty: Kidd, Jeżozwierz, Goldi, LaikIke1, Faczyński

poniedziałek, 16 września 2013

David Meiser – Uncompromising Sound EP

Release Date: 15 September 2013
Label: Cicuta

Welcome to the release number 22 of Cicuta Netlabel. This month, we meet 2 years from the creation of the label. Two years of hard work, a lot of joy, and, why not, some occasional disappointment. There have been many artists who selflessly have given us their work, 71 artists from 24 different nationalities who have believed in our project, which we are extremely proud. But if really have been a key part of the journey of this project, have been you, the listeners, which keep alive our flame. More than 46,000 listens and more than 18,000 downloads of our EPs require us to work hard for you. THANKS, in capital letters, to each and every one of you.

For this special occasion we have an old friend, David Meiser. The Spanish, based in Zaragoza, is perhaps one of the most improved artists in this year 2013, and it is certainly one of the producers with the greatest projection at short-medium term. The quality and good reviews of their work will certainly portend a great future, and here in Cicuta we’re proud of belonging to our catalog.

He brings us three spectacular tracks, varied. The first 2 correspond to his more industrial face, his most recognizable sound. The third track, DNA, is a special track, with a melodic progression… For sure we will see some of these tracks soon on lists of important artists.

As for the remixers, we started from the U.S. talking about Rick Allen, better known as RRKS. Veteran who comes to Cicuta backed by the support which are getting their latest productions by Dave Clarke, which is not surprising us after hearing his remix, highly recommended…

Another artist who has joined the EP is the Spanish The Outlier, old friend of David, which gives us his vision of track DNA, remembering us those drums of the golden age of hard-techno.

Finally, from Drugstore team, we did not want to lose the opportunity to remix a track of this great artist, so, we offer our offbeat version of Inner Fight theme.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. Uncompromising Sound
2. Inner Fight
3. DNA
4. Uncompromising Sound (RRKS Remix)
5. Inner Fight (Drugstore Remix)
6. DNA (The Outlier Remix)

środa, 11 września 2013

ProleteR - Feeding The Lions (EP)

Release Date: 29 July 2013

"Feeding The Lions" is the second release from the French producer ProleteR with Dusted Wax Kingdom. 9 cheerful bouncy joints with a charming oldschool jazzy, funky and soul feel.

It Don't Mean A Thing
Valentine's Day
Sometimes (Int.)
Nothing At All
Romance (Int.)
Street Boyz
Can't Stop Me

poniedziałek, 9 września 2013

Elo Method - Afterhours Sessions 13: Elo Method

Release Date: 06 September 2013

""Hello. My name is Elo Method" - behind this simple message it's not an easy music. Having come from an absolutely different music genre one and half year ago, St. Petersburg-based producer has found himself in the sounds of deep atmospheres and broken drum parts. In process of developing his own sound, Elo Method doesn't lose the very important thing - that substance which in Russian language is referred as "soul". It's easy to feel during one night of Afterhours Sessions project... "

1. Tell Me (10.00 PM) 04:48
2. All This (2.00 AM) 05:17
3. Ashes (5.20 AM) 0

Night of August, 15 
10.00 PM - 6.20 AM session 
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

All drafts produced by Elo Method 
producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia 

niedziela, 8 września 2013

Somepling - Finally Lost

Release Date: 03 September 2013

"Consider this short album as an experiment. 
After the two "self-released" vinyl projects i did this year, i wanted to escape... 
Just try new things, work freely without restrictions. 
I truly think the MPC sampler is "Only Built For Escaping". 

It's not about the trip or the destination, it's about getting lost... 
"Finally Lost"." 

1. PaperWashed 03:28
2. Cylatha Map 04:41
3. Flowering Gram 03:31
4. Melt Kownia 04:11

1618 - Afterhours Sessions 12: 1618

Release Date: 24 August 2013

"Having survived after bass, footwork and trap music epidemics, 20-year old Dmitrov-based lo-fi cat under moniker 1618 remains true to himself and continues returning hip-hop on cassette tapes. Toolkit of "Dirty Tapes" label resident during this August night - maximal compression, Roland effectors and some unknown dirty loops."

1. Noga (1.11 AM) 01:49
2. Port-fik (2.22 AM) 01:11
3. Korobki (3.33 AM) 01:25
4. Noski (4.44 AM) 01

Night of August, 8 
0.00 AM - 5.55 AM session 
recorded in Dmitrov, Russia

All drafts produced by 1618 
producer from Dmitrov, Russia 

Thriftworks - Deviation

Release Date: 05 September 2013

1. Untrue 04:24
2. Fits the Bill 04:15
3. Feeding Time 03:39
4. Someone ft. Oriel Poole 04:32
5. The Touch 05:14
6. Metal Tho 04:11
7. Terminally Chill 02:50
8. Nanometer 01:46

czwartek, 5 września 2013

F.L.O. – Summer Nights

Release Date: 19 August 2013

1. Gleiter 06:52
2. Ison 06:37
3. Summer Nights 06:17
4. On The Sandbar 04:57
5. Nordstern 05:50
6. Red Dwarf 06:12
7. Pollution 06:31
8. Brown Sugar 05:59
9. Spending My Time With You 06:22
10. Rain On My Skin 06:23
11. Still Missing You 06:05
12. Still Missing You (Dubatech Remix) 07:20
13. Still Missing You (Minimal Boffin Remix) 04:29

środa, 4 września 2013

Random Walkers - View From The Outside

Release Date: 16 July 2013
Label: Deep In Dub

1. Somnambula 07:00
2. Phantasm 08:58
3. The View From The Outside 06:01