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The Fucked Up Beat - The Situationists

Release Date: 24 September 2013

1. Schizogeography/ in the green automobile which I have invented imagined and envisioned on the roads of our metropolis 05:31
2. Unitary Urbanism/ the velocity of money as it whistles through windows of the lower east side to delighted skyscrapers on Broadway 04:53
3. Non-Linear Architecture/ we share an archangelic cigarette and tell each others' fortunes 05:04
4. Dérive/ we'll walk up the cloudy streets with anxiety toward the snowy horizon and scream out the engine 04:14
5. The Cult of Commodities/ observatories exhausted between the swells of sirens lined up scanning the wheat fields 03:50
6. Eastern Song/ in the wind and washing waves - lost in the flood 02:32
7. Noir Situationism/ boulevards crush pedestrians below euthanized buildings clinging to the sea in fear of the drought 03:10
8. The Situationists/ who set fire to weathered drums and old poems by the gaslamp fixtures listening to radio broadcasts of the past 05:24
9. Commodity Narcissism/ recalling famous dead talks of other cities learned in isolation 05:06
10. The Society of the Spectacle/ consumed by the invisible poem a memorial built out of our own bodies 04:23
11. The Isolationists/ lift your voices, we sing here in the darkness — fighting phantoms fighting phantoms 03:45
12. Deceptive Détournements/ auditory sleep starts and the contours of the city ruin the infrastructures of emotional paralysis 04:06
13. Minor Détournements/ mapping their routes to radio towers on desert hills dancing along the cactus fence 04:36
14. Mediated Abstraction and Abstract Mediation/ in Watts,Prague,Stockholm,Stanleyville,Gdansk,Turin,Port Talbot,Cleveland,Cordoba,Amsterdam,wherever the act and awareness of refusal generates passionate break-outs from the factories of collective illusion, the revolution of everyday life is under way 20:35

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