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Groove Gravity - Groove Gravity

Zespół Groove Gravity powstał w 2012 roku. 
Założycielami projektu byli Maciej Mono Bartoszewicz (rap i teksty) i Arek Pawlak (saksofon i muzyka). 
Zespół nagrał swoją debiutancką płytę i udostępnia ją w internecie. 
Muzyka którą wykonują to połączenie rapu z muzyką inspirowaną  jazzem, 
oldschoolem oraz muzyką etniczną. Całość wykonywana jest na żywo. 
Skład zespołu to piano, bas, perkusja i sekcja dęta - trąbka i saksofon.

Groove Gravity w składzie:

Maciej "Mono" Bartoszewicz - teksty & rap, 
Arek Pawlak - muzyka & saksofon, 
Michał " Majk" Mike - trąbka,
Maciej "Simson" Simiński - klawisze, 
Mateusz "Cheło" Chełstowski - bas, 
Jacek "Chemik" Wilczyński - perkusja

studio nagraniowe - Happy Light Toruń
realizacja -  Adam Mazurkiewicz i Mateusz Borkowski
mix i mastering - RATstudios - Adam Mazurkiewicz
produkcja - Adam Mazurkiewicz i Arek Pawlak

Płyta nagrana i wyprodukowana w 2013r.

1. Cześć
2. Tu I Teraz
3. Kameleon
5. Mam Czas
6. Daj Lajka
7. Kubaro
8. JLL
9. Lot
10. Nie Wracam

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esta. - Paradise

Release Date: 28 November 2013

1. Paradise (ft. Alina Baraz) 03:32
2. Baddie$ 03:38
3. Undress(YourMind) 03:39
4. ycarT 03:12
5. Chandelier 03:20
6. Delicacy 03:28
7. Moet (Ft. JBird) 03:23
8. ForYou(&HerToo) 04:03
9. El$ewhere 02:42
10. Dot$ 03:16
11. WhateverUNeed (ft. JBird) 02:55
12. Beautiful Torture 03:11
13. Tajan x FWDSLSH - Beautiful (ESTA. Edit) 02:56

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Isolation - Things For a Close Room EP

Release Date: 13 November 2013
Label: Doppt Zykkler

The reference number 28 at the expense of Isolation of Andalusia, where it contributes three tracks of music of very soft dance, with brushstrokes Lounge, creaking sounds and hypnotic atmospheres. In this occasion we possess the remixtures of Arkustic and Jocknof from Barcelona. Where they appreciate that the musical textures determine a species of Ceiling, but wing very dance time.

1. Close 06:08
2. Seven Things 06:18
3. Two Rooms 06:56
4. Close (Jocknof Remix) 07:28
5. Close (Arkustic Remix) 05:17
6. Close (Arkustic & Jocknof Chord Remix) 05:14

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Various - All Stars: Volume 1

Release Date: 21 November 2013
Label: Origami Sound

We celebrate reaching the digital milestone of 10.000 facebook followers through the first freely available volume in our All Stars compilation series. 

While our focus is slowly shifting towards club-oriented releases we're keeping the emphasis on what sets us apart - high quality eclectic electronic music. We proudly present 10 of our favorite tracks courtesy of artists that we're extremely honoured to have in our discography. 

As we're heading into our third year of activity we're really excited for the releases and clubnights to follow and regardless of where you're from you should be too. :)

1. HIGH JET - barp simpson (ft. Pieton) 04:05
2. Henry Saiz - Not Of This Reality Remix 11:52
3. Clap! Clap! - Hold On (feat. LSWR) 02:58
4. Dominik Eulberg - Nightfall Remix 11:40
5. ARME - Feel It 03:37
6. Borealis - Pewter Sigh 05:23
7. The Reef - Honey Trap Remix 04:52
8. Hostage - Shine 04:09
9. Arapaima - Antlers 04:39
10. Averos - Tom 05:36

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Mentz - Lines

Release Date: 20 November 2013
Label: esc. rec.

Mentz is Stephan Raab, a jazz fanatic and music collector from the Netherlands making (small) musical collages for many years now. With roots in the early days of internet music (member of "tracker scene" groups like tokyodawn records and others), he developed a love for the limited possibilities of sample based music production. This concept is still the foundation for Mentz music. Building layers of found sound, recording other musicians and using these recordings as individual sample resources, he creates strange compositions with a unique warm sound. 

The Lines EP features four dreamy collages mostly produced and recorded in the summer before Mentz moved to Switzerland where he lives now. Main instrument on this EP is the trumpet played by Krisztián Ákos Muhari from Hungary, who studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague where he and Mentz became friends. Other musicians from earlier recording sessions featured on this EP are Wouter Suren (clarinet) and Bart Knol (rhodes).

1. Introduction IIII 01:26
2. Dots 03:57
3. Paper 02:46
4. Sun [out] 02:09

Phil Gerus - Afterhours Sessions 16: Phil Gerus

Release Date: 24 October 2013

In the moments of autumn melancholy, 24-year old Sonar Kollektiv representative, searching his inspiration in early 90s house. In Phil Gerus' interpretation his "cassette pop" doesn't lose signature groove sensitivity when it accelerates. Especially, if these melodies recordin' under starry Tel Aviv sky. 

Night of September, 25 
9.15 PM - 5.00 AM session 
Tel Aviv, Israel

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CloZee - The Poetic Assassin

Release Date: 29 October 2013

Much like a fine wine, the newest EP from French producer CloZee gets better with time; each listen unveils one more layer in her deliberate and memorable productions. "The Poetic Assassin" is five tracks which are simultaneously fresh yet nostalgic, providing what could be a stunning soundtrack to a movie which has not yet been made. Chloé Herry showcases her myriad of musical talents at every turn, from live strings and keys to intricate drum programming and glitched out percussion. The progression through the album could be likened to the ebb and flow of the tides, as stirring melodies fluidly give way to captivating basslines before returning into familiar emotive territory. 

1. Unwritten Pages (feat. The Calm Project) 04:28
2. The Poetic Assassin 05:27
3. Looking For The White Tiger 05:21
4. Earth To Nothingness 04:05
5. Lantern Dance (feat. Swal) 05:01

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V.A. – Gnosis EP

Release Date: 15 November 2013
Label: Cicuta

Welcome to the release number 24 of Cicuta Netlabel. Gnosis is spoken of as a concept to describe the supreme knowledge, as a legacy from the deities to humans. We prefer the concept of “the awakening of consciousness”, something that basically we pursue with this project. The musical awakening of consciousness to open free music channels…

In this release we back to travel around the world. We started our trip in Rome, Italy, where we have the pleasure of meeting with VSK, founder and manager of Consumer Recreation Services Recordings, and with some interesting releases on labels like Fluxus or Sonntag Morgen.

We return to Spain to meet again with an old good friend, Zair, who accompanied us on the reference number 3 and that makes again 21 references after an evolution in their sound, more mature and consistent than ever.

We flew to Berlin to bring you the sound of José Bou, better known as JoyB. He comes to Cicuta Netlabel with his mental and elegant techno, having published some of his work on labels as interesting as Main Concept.

We return to Spain to present to DubReverb, Madrid based artist representing one of our regular “exceptions” in terms of our musical line. From time to time we like to get away a little from harder techno and work of this artist is truly exceptional.

We continue our journey from Russia, featuring Oleg Pw, an artist with a touch eclectic in their productions, common in our experience with the Russian school. A breath of fresh air to the actual scene.

Finally, as usual, we present one of our jobs as Drugstore.

1. Vsk – XXL
2. Zair – Blue Pigments
3. JoyB – Rubik’s Geometry
4. DubReverb – Fiordos
5. Oleg Pw – Tic
6. Drugstore – Kether

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SecondFace - Changes

Release Date: 15 November 2013

SecondFace returns to the label with a 4 track release of Deep Ambient and Dub Ambient with minimal beatwork. It is quite a change in sound from his first release on the label, but is also a very good release. Emotional Changes and Visions highlight this stellar release with minimal beatwork over Deep Dubby sounds.

1. Emotional Changes 06:58
2. Silent Suffering 11:06
3. Visions 09:20
4. Visions [Dome Mix] 09:45

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Efen - Nowe Zmienne

Release Date: 15 November 2013
Label: Vibe2NES

Efen to młody, uzdolniony beatmaker pochodzący z Hajnówki, rocznik '95. Uczęszczał do szkoły muzycznej, czego efektem jest nabycie umiejętności gry na saksofonie, który jest jego kompanem od 5 lat. Produkcją bitów zajarał się już w 2006 roku, a trzy lata później uznał, że chce to robić na poważnie i tak od 2009 roku możemy systematycznie sprawdzać jego poczynania. Sprawdza się zarówno w bangerowej stylistyce, jak i w brudnych brzmieniach.

1.Intro (feat. DJ Simple)
2.Wejście (feat. Junes, DJ Te)
3.Witamy w piekle (feat. Eripe, Golin, DJ Te)
4.Nowe zmienne (feat. LaikIke1, Figovsky, DJ Gugatch) 
5.Sukces (feat. Quebonafide, Emen) 
6.Większy (feat. Oxon, Duchu)
7.Labirynt Karma (feat. Enson, DJ Te)
8.Lalka Voodoo (feat. Wicher x Diament)
9.Jest nas dwóch (feat. Stochu, Rover)
10.Z mocą pióra (feat. Planet ANM, Emen, DJ Te)
11.Teraz i tu (feat. Supran, DJ Kodobeast) 
12.Bonus track: Cheick Kongo (feat. Wicher x Diament)

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Various - Label Love Vol. 6

Release Date: 14 November 2013
Label: Label Love

The sixth installation of Label Love comes at a time in music where genres are cross-pollinating more than ever. Presented by veteran electronic soul label, Tru Thoughts, and delicately curated by the imprint’s US-label manager Jasmine De La Paz, Label Love Vol. 6 showcases 13 free tracks from 9 labels around the world. With each label showcasing a unique and signature sound vibration, the cohesive compilation unites genre-bending tunes in a palatable and striking fashion pulling together nostalgic classics, unreleased gems, and exclusive selections with the goal of expanding minds to new musical styles. 

Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe - each track plucked and presented by label heads from Friends Of Friends, Ghostly International, Innovative Leisure, Pilot Records, Project: Mooncircle, Soulection, Stones Throw, Tru Thoughts and Wax Poetics. 

Exclusive and unreleased tunes come from Lost Midas, Superhumanoids, Submerse, KRTS, Peshay and Ambassadeurs as well as first time giveaways from Dpat, Shigeto, Adrian Younge and Kyson will be available. 

With this bundle of multi-faceted sounds, Label Love continues to build upon its mission to unite music creators and purveyors from around the world to spread the gospel of good music to all. 

1. Lost Midas - Love Undone feat. Taylor O'Donnell (Space Grey Edit) 02:31
2. Superhumanoids - Bad Weather (Scoop Deville Remix) 04:42
3. Dpat - Over 04:02
4. Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics - To Be Your One 03:00
5. Shigeto - Detroit Part 1 04:51
6. Perera Elsewhere - Bizarre (Nautiluss Remix) 06:07
7. KRTS - Berlin Girls 05:14
8. Ambassadeurs - Between 04:01
9. Peshay - Dirty 04:47
10. Submerse - Sayz U 01:58
11. Kyson - Missing Things 04:36
12. Samiyam - Snakes On The Moon 04:14
13. Boardwalk - I'm To Blame 04:34

Telegraphy - Grey Matter

Release Date: November 2013

The mysterious nature of some matter has captivated inquiring minds as long as there has been instruments of micro foresight. Elusive substances make their appearance only to offer conjecture on a theological context, where by attuned idealist can perhaps make a assumption that they exist at all. 

Characterized has being here nor there, the escape artist of the material world evades understanding and discovery. Iono-15 "Grey Matter" by Telegraphy, though mysterious, it can not be understood in the traditional sense. Serving as a barrier of acoustic knowledge, sounds are ether here nor there and at the same instance there nor here. 

Rhythmic guesses of deeply fluctuating vibes coming and going is a scientific hypothesis of how Telegraphy's "Grey Matter" materializes in this reality.

01: Grey Matter Does Matter
02: Grey Loops
03: Grey Beings
04: Unrepeatable Events
05: Noctilucent Thoughts

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Darkside - Buenos Aires Dream (EP)

Release Date: 16 September 2013

The Argentina-based producer Darkside debuts on Dusted Wax Kingdom with his "Buenos Aires Dream" EP. Get yourselves ready for delectable downtempo jazzy beats, bringing chilled atmosphere and hot Argentinean temper.

Come With Me
Sweet Motel
Paul's Soul (Dearest The Shadows)
Play For Me
Critical Madness
Coalicion Bilateral
Buenos Aires Dream

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Kelle - Hibiscus EP

Release Date: 28 October 2013
Label: Broken Bubble

1. Tabula Rasa 01:04
2. Hocus Pocus 05:08
3. Balsam 04:34
4. Hibiscus 05:23
5. New Age 00:35
6. Hocus Pocus (A Sol Mechanic Remix) 02:28
7. Hocus Pocus (Deflon Remix) 03:25
8. Balsam (Gloom Remix) 03:44
9. Hibiscus (Tom64 Remix) 06:29

Written & Produced by Taavi Kelle 
Mastered by Max Peake 
Remixes: David Blazer, Derrick Curtis, Britt Thomas Brady & Tom64 
Artwork by Lucy McArthur

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Jarz - Delicious Fish EP

Release Date: 06 November 2013
Label: Doma Musique

Delicious Fish is the name of the new doma net release by Jarz. 
Noise & micro sound, jazz beats, bass grooves,minimal percs & interference vocal cuts is the work of this fascinating Dutch guy. 
Also includes two bunus remix , one of the French artists Mod 2 & Nino with the great vocalist Marianne "MBP" …and other work by the master chef Andrés Macros who we cooked a special recipe for a delicious fish.. 

1. Jarz - All Alone (Original Mix) 06:54
2. Jarz - Delicious Fish (Original Mix) 07:06
3. Andrés Marcos - Jarz - Delicious Fish (Andres Marcos cookbook Remix) 08:10
4. Jarz - In The Moment (Original Mix) 06:32
5. Jarz - Shes on her own..(Original Mix) 07:02
6. Jarz - Sink (Original Mix) 05:53
7. Mod2 & Nino.feat MBP Remix - Jarz - Sink (Mod2 & Nino.feat MBP Remix) 03:23

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Junes - Nie-EP (Płyta Długogrająca)

Release Date: 08 November 2013
Label: Vibe2NES

01 - Wstęp-nie (prod. Kuoter, cuty DJ Te)
02 - Nie-prawda (prod. Nitro, gitara Bobair)
03 - Nie-śmiałość (prod. Zbylu, cuty DJ Danek)
04 - Sumie-nie (prod. Aruzo)
05 - Nie-czystość (prod. Kuoter, cuty DJ Te)
06 - Nie-ma-mnie (prod. Aruzo, cuty DJ Danek)
07 - Nie-pokój (prod. Kuoter)
08 - To-nie-tak (prod. Kes-a, cuty DJ Pstyk)
09 - Nie-chcę (prod. Kes-a, cuty DJ Pstyk)
10 - Bezdom-nie (prod. Aruzo)
11 - Nie-umarły (prod. Puzzel, cuty DJ Danek)
12 - Nie-nawiść (prod. Soulpete, cuty DJ Te)
13 - Nie-namiętność (prod. Aruzo, cuty DJ Te)
14 - Nie-smak feat. Konik, Enson, Łozo aka Pitahaya (prod. Kuoter, cuty DJ Danek)
15 - Nie-możliwe feat. Te-Tris, Zkibwoy (prod. Jaca, cuty DJ Te)
16 - Zakończe-nie (prod. Kes-a, cuty DJ Pstyk)

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The Jazz Jousters - Calculation

Release Date: 26 October 2013

Millennium Jazz is a label and service provider based in London and home to talent from the UK, France, Africa and Germany. Founded in 2003 with the main focus of providing production, sound engineering for artists and producers and music workshops for young people.

Now with a colourful roster of experienced staff and talent MJM are focusing on releasing material of various styles and genres.

Millennium Jazz is proud to present another Jazz Jousters compilation, which is by our ‘Calculation’ the twenty sixth official session in the series. See what we did there? 

Whilst debating the next project members of the collective repeatedly came up with the name ‘Cal Tjader’, born Callen Radcliffe Tjader Jr. in St Louis, Missouri, USA in 1925. Tjader was best known as a Latin Jazz musician as well as for being skilled in other areas of jazz via the Piano, as a percussionist, or mostly on his main instrument, the Vibraphone. His career spanned over forty years in music. 

This compilation is another 100% instrumental compilation based on some of Tjader’s enormous archive. This album features the works of RickMal, Bones The Beat Head, Jazz Kat, Pawcut, Gadget, FloFliz , SmokedBeat, Stay Classy, Mr. Moods, Slim The Chemist, Oldy Clap Recordz and newcomer Scaley WaleZ. 

1. FloFilz - Nomind 02:06
2. Slim The Chemist - Power of Music 03:20
3. Stay Classy - Puttin' It Together 03:20
4. SmokedBeat - Cal M 02:48
5. Oldy Clap Recordz - Call Me 02:36
6. Jazz Kat - Autumn Sky 02:42
7. Gadget - Garden of Tjader 03:15
8. Bones The Beat Head - Deep Thoughts 02:57
9. Pawcut - Reference 02:06
10. RickMal - Djaded 03:25
11. Oldy Clap Recordz - Next Time 02:52
12. Mr. Moods - Vibrate At Rhythms 03:26
13. Scaley WaleZ - La Brisa De La Isla 03:05

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Insightful - Elsewhere

Release Date: 17 October 2013

1. Tree Level 04:00
2. Liberate Your Luv 03:50
3. Stepping Over Hearts 03:52
4. Translations 04:29
5. Backwords 04:03
6. Feel Ft. Kimberly Lola 05:14
7. Sour 04:20
8. How u Do 04:28
9. I Suck At You 03:35
10. She Swoons Ft. Jessica Cooke 04:48
11. Hindsight 04:32
12. Lips 03:38

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Baaskat - Beat Tape 1 (EP)

Release Date: 09 September 2013

This is a free beat tape brought to you by the Belgian producer BaaskaT, presenting a revised version of tracks produced circa 2012-2013 of delicious samples supplied by Stones Throw Beat Battles.

Dawn Of A New Era
Hung Over
Cat Fever
El Capitan
My Friends
Saturday Night Special
Ron De Las Islas
Wise Words
Freeride (w/ Niels Tjoen)

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DustyCrates - Tafsiri EP

Release Date: 11 October 2013
Label: Duzz Don San

In the spring of 2013 Dusty Crates members Simp & Shawn The Savage Kid (STSK) have put themselves together and started to work on a new release. And here it is, "Tafsiri". The title “Tafsiri” meaning interpretation and/or translation in swahili and gives quite a hint on what Dusty Crates planned to do. The idea is quite simple: take dusty samples from African countries like Ethiopia, Senegal or Namibia, isolate the musical magic and mix it into a hybrid fusion of modern future beats and sloppy rhythms. The outcome is a seven track EP full of diverse sounds and melodies - a mixture of both experimental and conceptual “Post Genre” which tries to preserve the genius of all African musicians sampled on this EP.

1. bati (STSK) 02:37
2. miriam (simp) 03:41
3. de femmes (STSK) 04:06
4. bassekouss (simp) 03:13
5. sigala (STSK) 03:03
6. bella (simp) 03:18
7. konadu (STSK & simp) 02:43

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Da Vosk Docta - Occultism.MP3

Release Date: 01 November 2013
Label: SoFarUnknown

1. Occultism
2. Occultism (Palmer Eldricht Remix)
3. Occultism (Teielte Remix)
4. Oz
5. Theory of Witchcraft

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StylowyTyp ‎– Tęczowy Rollercoaster

Release Date: 27 October 2013

1. Tęczowy Rollercoaster
2. Druga Strona Lustra
3. Midas
4. Bilbord
5. Muzzy i piramidy
6. Papierowa Torba
7. 17 Małp
8. Ostatnie Piętro
9. Las Boomboxów
10. Sims
11. Koniec T.R.asy

Downstate - Night Colour

Release Date: 30 October 2013

Urban Waves Records is proud to bring you the new album by Downstate, probably one of the most emotional albums we delivered as of yet. Night Colour is -as usual- a deep journey into the mind of one of our favourite artists. Full of adventurous sounds and synthaestetic experiments this will give you a taste of what Downstate has been cooking the past few months in a dark room at the other end of the world. 

here's a few words by the artist; 
"These songs are my nocturnal soundtrack to living in a souless city, a city where it is only vaguely peacefull even in its twilight hours, there are no forests or open spaces to wander, only corridors of claustrophobic night colour." 
- Downstate

1. Night Colour 04:00
2. Bodies 03:44
3. Cell 23 / Nothing Left 05:52
4. Get Me Out Of Here 03:47
5. Criminalistic Knowledge 04:29
6. WAIKM 05:18
7. I Know And I Know 03:45
8. The Open 04:30
9. Ten 04:00
10. Breathing Appartatus 04:08