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V.A. – Gnosis EP

Release Date: 15 November 2013
Label: Cicuta

Welcome to the release number 24 of Cicuta Netlabel. Gnosis is spoken of as a concept to describe the supreme knowledge, as a legacy from the deities to humans. We prefer the concept of “the awakening of consciousness”, something that basically we pursue with this project. The musical awakening of consciousness to open free music channels…

In this release we back to travel around the world. We started our trip in Rome, Italy, where we have the pleasure of meeting with VSK, founder and manager of Consumer Recreation Services Recordings, and with some interesting releases on labels like Fluxus or Sonntag Morgen.

We return to Spain to meet again with an old good friend, Zair, who accompanied us on the reference number 3 and that makes again 21 references after an evolution in their sound, more mature and consistent than ever.

We flew to Berlin to bring you the sound of José Bou, better known as JoyB. He comes to Cicuta Netlabel with his mental and elegant techno, having published some of his work on labels as interesting as Main Concept.

We return to Spain to present to DubReverb, Madrid based artist representing one of our regular “exceptions” in terms of our musical line. From time to time we like to get away a little from harder techno and work of this artist is truly exceptional.

We continue our journey from Russia, featuring Oleg Pw, an artist with a touch eclectic in their productions, common in our experience with the Russian school. A breath of fresh air to the actual scene.

Finally, as usual, we present one of our jobs as Drugstore.

1. Vsk – XXL
2. Zair – Blue Pigments
3. JoyB – Rubik’s Geometry
4. DubReverb – Fiordos
5. Oleg Pw – Tic
6. Drugstore – Kether

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