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Downstate - Night Colour

Release Date: 30 October 2013

Urban Waves Records is proud to bring you the new album by Downstate, probably one of the most emotional albums we delivered as of yet. Night Colour is -as usual- a deep journey into the mind of one of our favourite artists. Full of adventurous sounds and synthaestetic experiments this will give you a taste of what Downstate has been cooking the past few months in a dark room at the other end of the world. 

here's a few words by the artist; 
"These songs are my nocturnal soundtrack to living in a souless city, a city where it is only vaguely peacefull even in its twilight hours, there are no forests or open spaces to wander, only corridors of claustrophobic night colour." 
- Downstate

1. Night Colour 04:00
2. Bodies 03:44
3. Cell 23 / Nothing Left 05:52
4. Get Me Out Of Here 03:47
5. Criminalistic Knowledge 04:29
6. WAIKM 05:18
7. I Know And I Know 03:45
8. The Open 04:30
9. Ten 04:00
10. Breathing Appartatus 04:08

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