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Skaj Da Waidah - Chill The Fuck Out, I Got This (EP)

Release Date: 11 July 2013

The beatmaker & producer from Gracanica (Bosnia & Herzegovina) known as Skaj da Waidah, came up with a special beat tape for Dusted Wax Kingdom. 5 tracks of groovy instrumental hip-hop flowing through ambient, organic electronica, jazz and soul.

Retro Metro
Soft Porn
Google Ghetto
Republic Of TD

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Hary x Funk Monster ‎– Mega

Release Date: July 2013

1. 100% Bawełny (Scratches – DJ Długi)
2. Moje 8 Mil (Featuring [Rap] – Matek, Solar)
3. Gorzko, Gorzko
4. Klisze (Featuring [Rap] – Emen, Quebonafide)
5. I W Lecie Spadnie Śnieg (Featuring [Rap] – 2sty, Scratches – DJ Długi)
6. Dziewięć
7. Jarzeniówki
8. Miszczu
9. Za Trzy (Featuring [Rap] – Białas)
10. Przebiśniegi (Scratches – DJ Długi)

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Rowlf The Dawg - Summer Tape

Release Date: 20 July 2013
Label: Skwer

1. All Of All 02:07
2. Heaven/Hell 04:03
3. Pill 02:17
4. Shinin 03:08
5. Get Dis $$$ 02:17
6. Some1 2 Stay 02:53
7. Giv U Up 01:17
8. Thrd (Grwnp) 02:36
9. The Summa 03:25

All tracks produced and taped by Rowlf The Dawg, except: "Some1 2 Stay" - produced by Rowlf The Dawg, co-produced by synth. 

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Chudini/Dj Te - Lifestyle LP

Release Date: 14 June 2013
Label: High Time

Chudini - Jest raperem i producentem odznaczający się wypracowanym, oryginalnym stylem w nawijaniu tekst i robieniu bitów. Adam urodził się położonym na Pomorzu Starogardzie Gdański w 1985roku. Dorobek Chudiniego jest imponujący,
ludzie śledzący jego poczynania mogą kojarzyć go chociażby z epki w duecie z Mazikiem czy solowych projektów. Podjął współpracę z :
Mielzky, Meluś, Expe, Zioło, Spec, Cruz, Grucha, Boxi, Tyno
Dj Gugatch,Dj Te, Kazzam, Henson, Stempel, Merc, David Gutjar

Dj Te - Jest dj'em i okazjonalnie producentem, który urodził się w 1988 roku i mieszka w Chojnicach. Muzyką zainteresował się mniej więcej w 2000 roku. Swoją niszę w turntablismie odnalazł natomiast krótko po ukończeniu liceum.
Miał okazje udzielać się w utworach obok takich artystów jak Zaber, Łangi, Chudini, Temate, HuczuHucz, Boxi, Cokebeatz czy Stępel.
Swego czasu egzystował jako party-dj na okolicznych imprezach.
Obecnie wraz z Zabrem prowadzi cykliczną imprezę spod szyldu CZW Rap Night.

1.Intro (Chwile)
3.Na pewno
4.Jesteś ze mną (Feat. Boxi)
6.Chmury nad blokami
7.To my (przekrój)
8.Młody (Feat. HuczuHucz)
9.Gramy to
10.Szukałem szczęścia
11.Ważne sprawy
12.Pytasz (Feat. Mielzky)
13.Świat jest mój
14.Rabeko (Feat. Erking)

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Various Artists – Atrio EP

Release Date: 15 July 2013

Welcome to the reference number 21 of Cicuta Netlabel. Summer is coming, and with it the season that many took the opportunity to relax body and mind. There is also the other side, people taking advantage of the summer to burn night and away from it. In this reference, the last of the 2012-2013 season, there are tracks for everyone, both for those who want to relax and those who want party.

We started the EP traveling to Lithuania with Julita Stankevic, better known as Femii, representing the first woman to publish on our label, which we like and we hope that in the future will become commonplace.

We continue our journey by visiting another country for the first time, Greece. There we met Substak, producer who seduced us with his techno with dub airs. After passing through many netlabels like Dark Garden, reaches Cicuta Netlabel to offer its quality.

We jump to the UK to introduce you to Rick Canham, alias InSight, an artist who has surprised us by their commitment to techno and quality.

Another artist who are visiting for the first time is Slovenian Krzho, a whole world wanderer netaudio. He features behind innumerable references in most netlabels worldwide. To cite a few, Clear-Cut-Records, Bump Foot, inoQuo, Bleepsequence,…

We continue traveling to Russia to present our latest discovery, Artem Dultsev. Maybe ist the track whose style is farther than we usually post, but after hear it, we could not pass the opportunity to share with you. Quality and subtlety in abundance.

Last but not worse, we present our latest work as Drugstore. Dark, powerful and focused on the dance floor, as we usually do.

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel.

1. Femii – Cry
2. Substak – No Feedback
3. InSight – Rabbia
4. Krzho – Saxy Night
5. Artem Dultsev – Low Spirits
6. Drugstore – Sekhem

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Hostage - Generous

Release Date: 17 July 2013
Label: Origami Sound

Hostage sidesteps from his usual rave extravaganza to make room for a new harvest of tamer, softer, lighter beats that enrich the healing and slightly haunting house feel of his new 4-track EP, Generous. 

The Scotsman with the tremendous sound takes a well-deserved musical breather befitting the late hours of a summer evening - but as Hostage is tireless, Generous feels like a steady power walk that quickly transforms into a frantic, techno-fueled gallop throughout its 4 tracks. 

His usual crisp yet sultry sound is nevertheless there, in the form of swelling garage grooves and elegant percussion. From the airy laughter of the wind god Zephyrus to the imperative Shine to the nostalgic invocation in Pickle, all the vocal samples are skilfully tailored into trance-inducing repetitions. A moody yet very fresh and danceable feat from Hostage, one to both indulge in and lounge on.

1. Zephyrus 04:28
2. Tuning Haze 03:46
3. Shine 04:09
4. Pickle 03:38

mastered by Hostage 
artwork by Sorina Vazelina (

King Shi - The Asian Wind (LP)

Release Date: 08 July 2013

King Shi is a project of the Russian downtempo producer Vladimir Zhukov, featuring Yury Kazantsev (bass guitar) and Anton Ushakov (accordion). "The Asian Wind" is like a light summer breeze, unwinding the stress of the day and tickling with gentle jazzy vibes, ethereal sounds and smooth basslines.

The Fusion
Stone Garden
Time For You
Feeling Good
Be My Woman
The Sky Above Us
I Hear Voices
Divine Image
Like A Wind

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Pobedia - Polaris

Release Date: 13 July 2013

1. Grey Cloud - Intro 07:47
2. Flex 04:56
3. Immersion 03:52
4. Lunar Orbit 06:40
5. Night 04:48
6. Stratosphere 07:04
7. The Evening Walk 08:00
8. Whisper 08:14
9. Polaris 04:06
10. Heyday 03:32
11. Grey Cloud - Outro 09:14

Earthquake Island - The case of Galastrophy

Release Date: 24 June 2013
Label: Fresh Yo!

The case of Galastrophy is a record that speaks of sweet abandon and physical/spiritual and existential analysis: a journey through the inner galaxies and the deep ancestral spirals that are the focus of the heart. 
Earthquake Island uses sampling as the starting point of every song, the digging is done in a comprehensive way without exclusion of media, wether it is an old vinyl, an Mp3, or a youtube video, every sound source becomes part of his compositional palette, without which detachment would be felt. Everything is finely balanced, organic, crisp, vibrant and alive. 
Songs are composed of overlapping textures, where brush strokes and glazes overlap, chasing each other, leaving the chorus to immediately return to be part of the composition. The result is a record which is different during each listen, full of hidden details and subject to multiple interpretations. 
The language used is filmic and visionary and suggests lunar environments, mystical and mythical where human life is closely linked to the environment, the gods that he believes in and the small dramas of his micro/macro cosmos. 

Sunrise on 
The world is pink / orange, dawn is the new life. Where a moment before there was only darkness, now the strong contrasts of the long shadows peep on the new day. Even the smallest object, for a moment, can seem infinite watching his shadow. 

My moon, my moon 
There is a garden where every night the cherry trees cloaked in pure white cover the ground and tears of light are switched off at the edges of the sky. 
"O my moon, my moon, you're so resonant up there and it's only thanks to you that the tides are getting longer and the night life takes contours better." 

Is there life on another planet ... A fantastic planet. 
Bluish creatures which have the power to merge together into a single wise creature. The harsh and unforgiving terrain hides an abundance of flora and fauna where a couple of dancers fluctuate in soap bubbles. 

Flying Cat 2 
Among the perfect geometries of the desert which go around a lunar creature, elegant and sinuous: in his step lies the beauty of all women, in his eyes all the secrets of the world known to us and his senses show a larger reality of what is accessible to us. 

The lake and the mist 
Sitting on a cold, wet rock on the shore of a lake, contemplating the fog which created the trees. The earth swallowed up by the mist becomes part of the sky. The presence of the lake is the only thing that distracts me from thinking that I'm floating above the clouds. 

Bedding and wheels 
An orgy of vegetation and waterlilies between sheets of impalpable dew and the warm moods of a underground volcano in full activity. 

Super strawberry 
There is a forest where there are trees of strawberries. These Strawberries are special, sentient. If you eat them they will give you super powers. They are super strawberries. 

Tribute to the old science fiction movies. Those films in which creatures from other worlds were made of tin, where laser guns looked like toys and space suits, diving suits out from the imagination of Jules Verne. Those films full of lights and beeping futuristic computers. The only place where you can feel the Galastrophy. 

The record/ film turns momentarily at the end but the ending is as open as the space in which he turns his gaze.

1. Sunrise on 03:02
2. My moon, my moon 02:46
3. Fantastic 03:12
4. Flying cat 2 00:56
5. The lake and the mist 02:20
6. Bedding and wheels 02:56
7. Super strawberry 02:59
8. Galastrophy 02:57

Produced and mixed: Emiliano Ruggiero at Jishin studio 
Mastering: Edoardo "Dado" Fracassi 
Design: Jonathan Calugi 

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J.Nolan - Distinction

Release Date: July 2013
Label: The Manifest Movement

J.Nolan has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest street release, the Distinction mixtape. 

The project packs 16 original jams from the ATL representative, including reader-approved lead single "For You." Yung B Da Producer makes the sole guest appearance on track seven, "What Goes Around," which he also produces. Additional boardwork comes courtesy of AJxBeats, Blizz Cartel, Frontier, INKompleteBeatz, Kev The Sureshot, Levi Watson, NuVintage, OriJanus, Tuelv and zuCYDE. 

Distinction is currently available for stream and free download. If you'd like to support the artist further, you can pre-order the set on iTunes using the "Buy" button above.

01.Made It Out Alive [prod. oriJanus]
02.Raw Deal [prod. AJxBeats]
03.Moving Up [prod. LeVi Watson]
04.100 [prod. Blizz Cartel]
05.Jazz (In Your Jeep) [prod. oriJanus]
06.On That [prod. oriJanus]
07.What Goes Around [prod. Yung B Da Producer]
08.Street Child [prod. Tuelv]
09.Fortified MC [prod. Frontier]
10.For You [prod. zuCYDE]
11.Bright Lights [prod. Kev The Sureshot]
12.City Nights [prod. Tuelv]
13.Growth [prod. INKompleteBeatz and Kev The Sureshot]
14.Cosmic Cruise [prod. NuVintage]
15.Doing Good [prod. oriJanus]
16.AirBorne [prod. Tuelv]

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Ribbonmouthrabbit - Down The Rabbit Hole (EP)

Release Date: 04 July 2013

The Hungarian DJ/producer Ribbonmouthrabbit drops his second release with Dusted Wax Kingdom.
Built upon enchanting jazzy, funky, soul and dub samples layered over phat drums breaks, "Down The Rabbit Hole" brings an incredibly cheerful and relaxing atmosphere. If you missed it, don't forget to check out his debut "Follow The White Rabbit" LP.

Trust Your Instincts (feat. Groove Cereal)
Planets (feat. Kovacs)
Who Is It
Rusty Horse
Memento Mori
Broke And Dying

Rowlf The Dawg - Just Beats, Part 1

Release Date: 08 July 2013

1. A Beat 02:23
2. Cantree 02:30
3. Revust 01:46
4. Moovs 01:51
5. Owd Shooz 01:48
6. Thrap 01:43
7. Heat 01:52
8. Time Then 01:40
9. Swong 02:01
10. Break A Way 02:28

All beats produced and mixed by Rowlf The Dawg except: "Time Then" and "Break A Way" - produced by Rowlf The Dawg, co-produced by synth.

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Ancient Mariner - In Solitude

Release Date: 02 July 2013

1. In Solitude 04:22
2. Acedia 04:07
3. War In My Head 05:22
4. Child Of Wrath 04:32
5. Untitled 06:49

Lyrics by Gabriel Jorgensen 
Music by Gabriel Jorgensen and Matt Wilcox 
Engineered and Produced by Matt Wilcox 
Album Artwork by Luca Venter 
French Connection: Eli Jorgensen 
Guest vocals on War In My Head: Allison Noble

Man Mantis - Sojourn #3 Single

Release Date: 10 July 2013

This track was composed specifically for the "Untitled #58" performance at the Denver Art Museum, featuring the work of visual artist Nick Cave. It was composed in tandem with the Wonderbound Dance Company, who choreographed a piece using Nick Cave's Soundsuit costumes. Also included is a single, "Maybe I Could Have Once."

1. Sojourn #3 06:15
2. Maybe I Could Have Once 03:18

Various - Pure Dopeness vol​.​4

Release Date: 03 July 2013

1. GooMar - Unquiet Serenade (Sinoptic) 02:18
2. Öster - Godzilla Crackling (France) 04:11
3. Ogi feel the Beat - Together (Serbia) 04:17
4. Prozak Morris - Beat of Tha Day (USA) 03:41
5. Keor Meteor - Precise (France) 01:09
6. Dj Hellblazer - Class Differencies (Sinoptic) 02:32
7. Jhas - Suspicious Horns (Sweden) 03:20
8. Dr. Dundiff - That Thing In The Middle (USA) 04:52
9. iLL.Sugi - Jungle Fever (Japan) 01:16
10. Dee La Kream - Smell That Jazz (France) 03:07
11. Radj - Protractor (Canada) 02:29
12. MEDL4 - Crystalline Grid (USA) 04:05
13. JMaxfield - Vohr Mijn Dochter (UK) 03:41
14. Je$u$ - Motherfuckin' Mind (Germany) 02:20
15. loop.holes - Pure Dopeness Exclusive (Norway) 04:08
16. Dr. Drumah - Still Shine! (Brazil) 03:06
17. Blockbaybeats - Behind U (Israel) 02:21
18. Nextwon - Bizarre Ride to The Other Side (USA) 01:00
19. Profound79 - Above and Beyond (USA) 02:04
20. Hpnotic718 - Direct Influence (USA) 02:49

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zoomo - Cousins

Release Date: 15 June 2013

1. Haircuts 01:13
2. fall[4u] 01:03
3. Paws 00:38
4. weakdays 00:57
5. noWay 01:01
6. serch 00:37
7. Tribulations 01:29
8. Gold$ 01:13

wtorek, 9 lipca 2013

yöri - Capsule EP

Release Date: 10 June 2013

1. Shifter 00:42
2. Cavelight 03:16
3. Coma 04:28
4. Jupiter 03:27
5. North (H3X3N Remix) 03:26
6. Aethyr 03:04

Produced and mixed by: Andrew Means // H3X3N 

Shatter Hands - Land Fly EP - The Tape Extras

Release Date: 28 May 2013

We thought you might enjoy this, these are the last tracks of the Land Fly EP project that were only available on the cassette tape up till now. After 6 months of exclusivity we wanted to share these with everyone else. Show that we still love you all. 

All tracks produced and mastered by Shatter Hands in december 2012, except Intro (ŢỤẮMÌÈ Bootleg Remix) which is produced by ŢỤẮMÌÈ. 

1. Singlespeed 03:21
2. Duran Duran's Leadsinger 02:52
3. Antidote Potions 03:45
4. (bonus) Intro (ŢỤẮMÌÈ's Bootleg Remix) 01:31

Covercollage by Claes Otto Jennow (Collage Stories) 
Coverlayout by Jacob Birch (It's All Good) 

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Skitzo Productions - Subliminal Speech (LP)

Release Date: 01 July 2013

The Australian underground beatsmith/producer Skitzo Productions drops a special beat tape for Dusted Wax Kingdom. "Subliminal Speech" contains 16 instrumental hip-hop joints produced in heavyweight boom bap manner with the usage of skilful sampling techniques.

Brain Damage
Brothers In Arms
Red Eyes
Guttar Antics
Pots Of Gold
Visit The Doc
All Day And Night (Mental Marathon)
Counting Close
Mono Speech (Fence Sitter)
Don't Pawn Her (Chess Queen)
Jackin The Weed Stalk
Liquid Inspiration
Noddin On
World Cold (Summer Suicides)

Various - Friends & Family 2

Release Date: 11 May 2013

1. Blazo - End of The World [SIDE A] 03:52
2. Nicholas Cheung - Dat Jazz [SIDE A] 03:40
3. Jenova 7 - Sunrise [SIDE A] 05:53
4. MasterClass & BlendyCello - Still Screaming [SIDE A] 03:54
5. Ljones - Ghosts In The Machine [SIDE A] 04:08
6. Daimyo - Emotions ft. Abgohard (Thomas Prime's Instrumental Dub) [SIDE A] 02:49
7. TwoDaystoAlaska - Beginnings [SIDE A] 05:13
8. Thomas Prime - Two Below [SIDE A] 04:39
9. Ed Lau - Slo Globe [SIDE A] 02:56
10. Yinyues - Memories [SIDE A] 04:39
11. Senpai & Thomas Prime - Battle Scar [SIDE A] 03:26
12. Breezewax - Halo [SIDE A] 02:22
13. Eddie - 10303 [SIDE A] 02:01
14. trog'low - Tokyo [SIDE A] 03:07
15. Marcus D - Soliloquy [SIDE A] 03:58
16. Bakoda - Kings & Samurai Baseball [SIDE A] 04:10
17. DJ Ezasscul - Chill [SIDE A] 04:48
18. P.R - Colours ft. Kondor [SIDE A] 03:55
19. Esbe - Reverie [SIDE A] 04:24
20. BioLogic - Hip Hop Head Count (Prod. MAARTN) [SIDE B] 03:18
21. SoulChef - On & On ft. Landon Wordswell [SIDE B] 02:51
22. KenjiiTheWise - How You Livin (Prod. Joseph Jacobs) [SIDE B] 02:45
23. Marchitect & Dr.Drumah - Got That ft. Jas Mace [SIDE B] 02:46
24. Funky DL - Clock Watchers (Thomas Prime Remix) [SIDE B] 03:52
25. Thomas Prime & Tiff The Gift - LIFE ft. Akin Yai, Awon & Dicap [SIDE B] 04:44
26. Benny Freestyles - Different Kind of High (Prod. Thomas Prime) [SIDE B] 03:04
27. Thomas Prime - The Healing ft. Landon Wordswell [SIDE B] 03:31
28. None Like Joshua - The Only Thing I Know (Prod. Tulpa) [SIDE B] 04:39
29. Daimyo - 1050 ft. Abgohard [SIDE B] 02:04
30. Thirtyseven - Rectangular Businessman (Prod. Daimyo) [SIDE B] 01:28
31. Hump Jones - No Days Off (Prod. Daimyo) [SIDE B] 02:26
32. Witness - Fingers On A Violin (Prod. Emancipator) [SIDE B] 02:15
33. Bein - Papers & Stamps (Thomas Prime Remix) [SIDE B] 03:11
34. Awon - Her (Kameleon Beats Remix) [SIDE B] 04:05
35. Shirosky - Chai Latte ft. Awon, Thomas Prime, White Rain & Mini Lee (Tom's Mix) [SIDE B] 05:01
36. TwoDaystoAlaska - Evergreen (Thomas Prime's Remix ft. Landon Wordswell, Jas Mace & Awon) [SIDE B] 03:57

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Various - Gem Drops Three

Release Date: 16 April 2013
Label: Dropping Gems

Gem Drops Three' is the latest installment of our flagship compilation series, and since we’ve evolved considerably as a crew, it’s only natural that our celebrated collection takes on a new form as well. The Gem Drops series began as a way for us to do two things: connect with artists we love, and then draw lines between each other until we’d encircled everybody enough for our listeners to get the picture. Curated by label founder Aaron Meola, each volume was a snapshot of that time and place for us as musicians and as friends. The reach of those first two editions opened our eyes to the power of our community and the artists we care about. 

We’re now excited to bring Gem Drops to an even wider audience, especially because we are able to offer our release on vinyl for the first time, a dream realized thanks to our new partnership with Seattle’s Fin Records. For this installment we’ve narrowed the focus a bit, selecting just six tracks from the nearest and dearest within DG, most of who are slated to release material for us down the line. These tracks showcase the diversity of styles we’ve become known for, taking the temperature of a crew headed for many new things in 2013. For this particular release we’re covering the following genres: gritty forest beat, maximalist shuttle launch, underground lake narrative, late-night loner keyboard, futuristic hip hop, and emo-juke.

1. DJAO - One 03:51
2. Ghost Feet - Voka 04:06
3. Citymouth - How2hoodryte (Feat. Bone Rock) 03:01
4. Philip Grass - Onit 04:07
5. M. Constant - PerkyPat 03:55
6. Wires for Salu - Overture 02:46

Curated by Aaron Meola 
Photography by Patti Miller 
Designed by Ryan Organ 
Mastered by Sound Masters, London, UK 
Catalog# DGF-014 

wtorek, 2 lipca 2013

EAN - Don't You Know

Release Date: 21 June 2013

EAN is our mastering engineer. Since the birth of Original Cultures Records in the spring of 2012 he's been responsible for making every release sound as good as it can across mediums and listening spaces. He's also an accomplished musician, producer and engineer with a career spanning over ten years including credits and releases on XL Recordings, Brownswood, Cosmic Bridge, Project Mooncircle and many more. We're not just big fans of his work as an engineer, we're also big fans of his music. 

In June 2013 the label side of Original Cultures turns one, and to thank everyone who has supported us so far we wanted to give something back to you, the fans. When the opportunity to make that something a short, four-track EP from EAN arose we felt it was perfect. Culled from a stack of productions spanning the last two years, 'Don't You Know' is a thank you from us as well as a further insight into the creative mind of EAN. 

'Don't You Know' will be followed by a second EP from EAN on Original Cultures, to be released later in 2013 in both digital and a yet to be announced physical format.

1. Don't You Know 03:22
2. Beat 4 03:02
3. Beat 2 01:44
4. Bearface 04:10

All tracks produced by Ian Carter. Mastered by Ian Carter. Artwork by Paper Resistance. Executive Producer Original Cultures.