wtorek, 9 lipca 2013

Shatter Hands - Land Fly EP - The Tape Extras

Release Date: 28 May 2013

We thought you might enjoy this, these are the last tracks of the Land Fly EP project that were only available on the cassette tape up till now. After 6 months of exclusivity we wanted to share these with everyone else. Show that we still love you all. 

All tracks produced and mastered by Shatter Hands in december 2012, except Intro (ŢỤẮMÌÈ Bootleg Remix) which is produced by ŢỤẮMÌÈ. 

1. Singlespeed 03:21
2. Duran Duran's Leadsinger 02:52
3. Antidote Potions 03:45
4. (bonus) Intro (ŢỤẮMÌÈ's Bootleg Remix) 01:31

Covercollage by Claes Otto Jennow (Collage Stories) 
Coverlayout by Jacob Birch (It's All Good) 

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