środa, 17 lipca 2013

Hostage - Generous

Release Date: 17 July 2013
Label: Origami Sound

Hostage sidesteps from his usual rave extravaganza to make room for a new harvest of tamer, softer, lighter beats that enrich the healing and slightly haunting house feel of his new 4-track EP, Generous. 

The Scotsman with the tremendous sound takes a well-deserved musical breather befitting the late hours of a summer evening - but as Hostage is tireless, Generous feels like a steady power walk that quickly transforms into a frantic, techno-fueled gallop throughout its 4 tracks. 

His usual crisp yet sultry sound is nevertheless there, in the form of swelling garage grooves and elegant percussion. From the airy laughter of the wind god Zephyrus to the imperative Shine to the nostalgic invocation in Pickle, all the vocal samples are skilfully tailored into trance-inducing repetitions. A moody yet very fresh and danceable feat from Hostage, one to both indulge in and lounge on.

1. Zephyrus 04:28
2. Tuning Haze 03:46
3. Shine 04:09
4. Pickle 03:38

mastered by Hostage 
artwork by Sorina Vazelina (www.vazelina.ro)

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