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EAN - Don't You Know

Release Date: 21 June 2013

EAN is our mastering engineer. Since the birth of Original Cultures Records in the spring of 2012 he's been responsible for making every release sound as good as it can across mediums and listening spaces. He's also an accomplished musician, producer and engineer with a career spanning over ten years including credits and releases on XL Recordings, Brownswood, Cosmic Bridge, Project Mooncircle and many more. We're not just big fans of his work as an engineer, we're also big fans of his music. 

In June 2013 the label side of Original Cultures turns one, and to thank everyone who has supported us so far we wanted to give something back to you, the fans. When the opportunity to make that something a short, four-track EP from EAN arose we felt it was perfect. Culled from a stack of productions spanning the last two years, 'Don't You Know' is a thank you from us as well as a further insight into the creative mind of EAN. 

'Don't You Know' will be followed by a second EP from EAN on Original Cultures, to be released later in 2013 in both digital and a yet to be announced physical format.

1. Don't You Know 03:22
2. Beat 4 03:02
3. Beat 2 01:44
4. Bearface 04:10

All tracks produced by Ian Carter. Mastered by Ian Carter. Artwork by Paper Resistance. Executive Producer Original Cultures.

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