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B Mus - Side By Side

Release Date: 29 June 2013
Label: Deep In Dub

Hi peoples, B Mus (aka DeceasingChords), is back, this time with a deep house & deep techno wonderful ep,  though fairly simple and uncomplicated, is as deep and entertaining as they get, with it's catchy rhythm,  occasional few piano notes and a couple of right sounds that spike the tracks with some life and bounce,  it's a perfect blend of mellow deepness and that late night dance floor edge. 
This is one of my favorite releases by B Mus until now released, and I'm very proud to have also this sound on label ! because remember that deepindub is not only dubtechno... is everything sound good for my ears ... 
Have a nice summer time & holidays, peoples & entities ... :) We're always at work for you ! 
infinity ... 
Maurizio Miceli 

1. Plunger 05:22
2. Timeslider 05:22
3. Footprints 05:26
4. Forever Closed 08:06
5. Only Inside 06:14

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