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Giriu Dvasios – Esu

Release Date: 18 June 2013

““Esu” in lithuanian means “I am”. Why i picked this name? Because while i was working on this album i’ve been researching a lot of esoteric and eastern religious ideas. Although it doesn’t matter how much i know of the ancient philosophy or how much do i understand about the world and the universe, because i still don’t understand it at all. All this information i was absorbing didn’t really help. And my guess is that you have to experience these things, you cannot scientificaly understand it. You can only feel it. Because after all, everything is a vibration and energy, and a feeling is a vibration. So, the only thing i know about the universe, is that I am.

The cover art is somehow related to these things i’m talking about here. It is a 3D fractal generated with Mandelbulb 3D software. Although here we are looking at it from above, so it looks a lot like a 2D fractal, or a mandala. I decided that i want a 3D fractal for my cover art after i saw one by Zzzzra, on a cover art of his own release. So i got into fractals, and i was amazed. I was exploring 3D fractals for some time, and i saw a lot of amazing views. And i realised that there are fractals in our physical world, all around us. My guess is that everything in the world is a fractal or a part of the one enormous fractal.

All the tracks on this album are only my own original productions, no remixes. Special thanks to Miklos Labady for helping me with the cover artwork. I hope you will enjoy this album.”

1. Nakti 04:42
2. Ramu 05:20
3. Gelezinis 04:24
4. Menulis 04:58
5. Pasaka 04:08
6. As Esu 04:34
7. Toli 03:56
8. Troskimas 03:53
9. Budina 04:00
10. Vargas 04:02
11. Lasas 07:18
12. Teka 06:24
13. Greitai 03:52
14. Zemaicio Zodis 05:03

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