wtorek, 25 czerwca 2013

Groove Cereal - Part Of A Dusted Breakfast (Volume 2) (LP)

Release Date: 24 June 2013

This is the second installment of "Part Of A Dusted Breakfast" series by the downtempo maestro Groove Cereal. 13 amazing chilled trip-hop tracks served with tasty jazzy and groovy ingredients to bring love and delight. If you missed, feel free to check out the debut album "Part Of A Dusted Breakfast (Volume 1)".

A Cold Autumn Night
Space In Stereo (w/ Esbe)
We Could Drive All Night
I'll Never
Beats For The People (w/ Violent Public Disorderaz)
Mio Amore, Mio Cuore
Take Time
Biggs To Basics (Extended Breakfast Remix)
Watching The Dark
Something Sinister (feat. Can.So[u]l[e]d)
Tune In, Weird Out
Syl Johnson - Just My Luck (Groove Cereal Remix)

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