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Headspace - Tides

Release Date: 19 June 2013

After a two year hiatus from releasing music, Headspace returns with "Tides" his second official project on Jellyfish Recordings. While the gap between his releases is quite large by todays fast paced standards he has been active in his local music community, releasing other artists music and performing regularly in and around his hometown of Vancouver BC. 

Tides is about coming and going, things we love that eventually escape us only to return in a new form. The cycles that keep us awake and lull us to sleep. Originally written on hardware, these tunes made their way from dusty old samplers and drum machines to computer software, a back and forth journey that gives character to the sound. 

1. Simple Sadness 03:08
2. Virtual Spirit 03:41
3. Deep Water 03:09
4. Together 02:19
5. Tides 03:28
6. Clumsy Alligator 02:47
7. Late Bloom 03:18

Produced by Eli Muro 
Additional vocals by Elliot Bell and Francesca Belcourt 
Ukelele on track 6 by Francesca Belcourt 

Album photo by Carla Stewart 
Mastered by Stuntman

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