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FunkyFlow - Wyjście Z Szafy EP

Release Date: March 2013

01. FunkyFlow - Wyjście z szafy (prod. Szejd)
02. FunkyFlow - Kraken (prod. PaneRR)
03. FunkyFlow ft. Chinka - Zdechły chomik (prod. PaneRR)
04. FunkyFlow ft. DJ Garfield - Grafomania (prod. PaneRR)
05. FunkyFlow ft. Maxim - Danse Macabre (prod. PaneRR)
06. FunkyFlow - Fanatyzm (prod. Szejd)
07. FunkyFlow ft. Cira, DJ Garfield - Klepsydra (prod. PaneRR)
08. FunkyFlow ft. DJ Garfield - Hołd (prod. PaneRR & Dj Garfield)

Boha - Boil (EP)

Release Date: 26 March 2013

Jellyfish Recordings is proud to present ‘Boil’ (EP) from Vancouver electronic musician Boha. A deviation from the usual Jellyfish style, Boha’s debut EP hovers at deep sea level where light is lost, away from the surface, far from normality. 

Overlooked and under appreciated are so many of the vibrations in this world, but it is our perception of these sounds that is out of tune. When one pauses to notice the alleged regularities of life, mystery and enigma reveal themselves. There is infinite detail in these phenomena, enough to fill a lifetime with curiosity. And so, through this curiosity, the sounds of the physical world have been extracted and brought to the surface. Through scavenging, collection, and transformation, the sounds of normality have been brought to the fore as wildly evocative musical and sonic elements. Boil is the space these sounds inhabit, an energy that induces germination. A heat that transforms the regular into the supernatural. Boil is a collection of four pieces that dwell somewhere in the happy medium between song and sound art.

Written, performed, and recorded by
Tjomaz Zpeakman at The Cuddle Dungeon

Cover art by
Lazy Bones

Original image source
Giorgio Magnanensi

Mastered by
Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

wtorek, 19 marca 2013

Mikrokristal – Hidden Way Between Some Rains

Release Date: 18 March 2013

1. Dark Introduction Ends 06:02
2. Steps 05:42
3. Bubbles 04:48
4. Break In The Wall 06:40
5. Iliuzija 06:24
6. Kristaliniai Sapnai 06:30
7. Sukasi Laikas 06:08
8. Pingvinai Vakar 05:50
9. Forest Walk (Updated Vibration Edit by Chandanam) 05:31
10. Simple Dub 06:54
11. Disappointing Ends 05:10
12. Rain Dub (Remake) 05:24

poniedziałek, 18 marca 2013

Godblesscomputers - Lost in downtown (The Beastie Boys re​-​works)

Release Date: 18 February 2013

"On the occasion of the exhibition "Across the movies", a meeting between cinema and music, Godblesscomputers gives us a seven track album, re-working of some classics by the "BEASTIE BOYS".
The songs, originally composed from samples and scratch with their unmistakable old school flavor, have a renewed and unusual appeal.
Where once the roots were raw and tightened by funk/rock, now are born downtempo tunes, evocative, atmospheric, and tinged with a soft and organic "rhythm & blues" feel.
This music producer from Ravenna has not blunted the rhymed edges of the BEASTIE BOYS in the slightest. Indeed, he has wrapped them in a thick metropolitan fog made of dusty rhodes (We got the), abandoned spirituals between the corners of the streets (That's it, that's all / Brr Stick'em), urban tension (Hey fuck you), beer and burritos (Oh word), clubs dripping sweat (Triple trouble), lonely night buses and morning newspapers (3 the hard way), distilling their raps in a "sweet poison" but still always killer."

1. We got the (Godblesscomputers re-work) 02:29
2. 3 the hard way (Godblesscomputers re-work) 02:45
3. That's it, that's all (Godblesscomputers re-work) 03:14
4. Brr stick'em (Godblesscomputers re-work) 03:09
5. Oh word (Godblesscomputers re-work) 01:52
6. Hei fuck you (Godblesscomputers re-work) 03:18
7. Triple trouble (Godblesscomputers re-work) 02:49

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Matias Bagato - Hands EP

Release Date: 04 March 2013

1. "Hands 02" 07:35
2. "Hands 03" 08:42

sobota, 16 marca 2013

Giuliano Rodrigues – Future Lounge EP

Release Date: 11 March 2013
Label: Gleichtakt

1. Future Lounge
2. Problematic Insects
3. Desenvolvimento
4. Nicotina
5. 128 Reasons
6. Universe

piątek, 15 marca 2013

Omegasix - Under Pressure (LP)

Release Date: 11 March 2013

Russian beatmaker and producer Omegasix debuts on Dusted Wax Kingdom with his "Under Pressure" LP.
The release contains 17 head-nodding trip-hop/abstract hip-hop tracks, forged with dusty samples and phat drum breaks.

1 Intro
2 Under Pressure
3 Blues For The Lower Classes
4 Ghost Writer
5 Immersion
6 Glider
7 Step Up
8 It's All About Jazz
9 Jellyfish
10 Noir
11 Omegasoundsystem
12 I Wanna Makeup
13 Conversation
14 The Shining
15 Freefall
16 Sunset
17 See Ya

czwartek, 14 marca 2013

Drop City Yacht Club - Ode To Freshmen Year

Release Date: February 2013

California crew Drop City Yacht Club (formerly known as The Freshmen) have come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners their latest digital release, the Ode To Freshmen Year mixtape. 
The project features eight original jams from A. Wolf, Kristo and THX. Included on the tracklist are reader-approved singles "Dreamin' California," "Imagine," "The Fonz," "Party Crashers," and "Surf's Up." Carlito and THURZ make guest appearances on the set, which is produced entirely by Drop City Yacht Club.

01.The Fonz (ft. Carlito)
02.Pipeline (ft. THURZ)
03.Surf's Up
04.Mister Dean
05.Dreamin' California
06.Party Crashers
07.Imagine (ft. Carlito)
08.Wouldn't It Be Nice (Gangster Summer Remix)

środa, 13 marca 2013

Release Date: 01 February 2013

1. Tenet & Soulstorm - In Time

2. Tenet - Krasnodar (Soulstorm Remix)

Nowik - Remiksuje.

Release Date: 29 January 2013

1. Peja - Szacunek ludzi ulicy (Nowik remix) 04:38
2. Pih - Ulice bez jutra (Nowik remix) 04:19
3. Jot - Uśmiechy i łzy (Nowik remix) 02:31
4. Ortega Cartel - Retrospekcje (Nowik remix) 01:38
5. Solar/Białas - Studenciaku/uliczniku (Nowik remix) 03:25
6. Małpa - Miałem to rzucić (Nowik remix) 02:41
7. Jot - Skille (Nowik remix) 02:27
8. 834 - Efekt motyla (Nowik remix) 03:21
9. DMTR - Szare dni (Nowik remix) 03:00
10. Ortega Cartel - Szare pudło (Nowik remix) 01:04
11. Joterpe/Nowik - Na tych bitach (Nowik remix) 02:22

poniedziałek, 11 marca 2013

Bruks Production - Retransmission (LP)

Release Date: 04 March 2013

Originaly dropped as limited (100 pieces) vinyl release, here come "Retransmission" LP by the Russian producer Bruks.
10 tracks of phat oldschool boom-bap instrumentals with skillful turntable cuts featured by DJ Shipa.

1. Intro (scratch by DJ Shipa)
2. Judgement Day (scratch by DJ Shipa)
3. Retransmission
4. First Copy (scratch by DJ Shipa)
5. Split Mind
6. Instinct Zombies
7. Blind Love
8. Ocean Of Blood
9. Best Day (scratch by DJ Shipa)
10. Be In Style (scratch by DJ Shipa)

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Arski & Koel ‎– Czas Zamarł

Release Date: March 2013

1. Jednym okiem
2. Zapomnij
3. Szubienica (Feat. TrzyBe, Defsu, Dj Pstyk Rmx. Zielichowski)
4. Pierwsza, Szósta, Ósma
5. Zakazany owoc (Feat. HuczuHucz, Dj Klasyk)
6. Skit
7. Wybór
8. Oszukani (Feat. Enson)
9. Idę po sukces
10. Bonus Track (Feat. Majkel)

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Landon Wordswell - The Mourning After Pill

Release Date: 01 March 2013

I've never been so proud of a project before. It's an extremely personal album. Last year was tough for me. This learning experience has been my therapy. I hope you all like it. Thank you everyone who helped out. Thank you everyone who has been supporting my music from the beginning. Thank you Marv Ellis for Recording this album for me & allowing me to learn from you. Thank you Konrad Gogosz for being such a great friend & Contributing to this album so much. Thank you for your continued friendship and patience, brother. Thank you Thomas Prime for being so selfless and patient. For working day in and Day out on this project with me. 
Bob42jh thank you for everything. Thank you for allowing me to grow as an emcee. Thank you for your guidance. 
Thank you Cult Classic Records for pushing me and not allowing me to settle on my vision. 
Artwork done by Masood Tahir. A great and dear friend. Thank you for always being patient and sharing your wonderful Ideas. 
Thank you Lynn O'Brien for working so diligently. Your voice is amazing! I've been a fan for years. I'm honored. Savannah Shea Givens thank you for lending your talents. You've been nothing short of perfect to work with. Abigail Press thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for being so much depth to the album. Thank you Christopher Charles Burns for coming through at the very last second and NAILING the whole concept of the album. You captured the meaning of the album with one song. It's been a blessing to work with you and I can't wait to see what's next for us. Thank you Sketch. We made that song 2 years ago and I'm ready to let it out. Thank you for your patience. Thank you Hansi. I really like our song. It came out of no where and became one of my fav songs. Fub, You are saving me here. Thank you for everything. 

I'm grateful for you all. Thank you for showing me so much patience. 

1.No Love [Intro] (prod. Sketch) 00:31
2.Dinner In Paris ft. DJ Prizewell (prod. Sketch) 02:31
3.Forget Everything (prod. Thomas Prime) 03:34
4.Water Under The Bridge ft. Chris Burns (prod. Kondor) 04:05
5.Clip Those Wings ft. Lamb (prod. Thomas Prime) 03:32
6.Falling In Love [Interlude] (prod. Thomas Prime) 01:04
7.Start Over Feat. Abigail Press (prod. Kondor) 04:14
8.Everything I Did Feat. Shea (prod. Kondor) 03:03
9.Denial [Closer] ft. Andreya Triana (prod. Thomas Prime) 02:44
10.Closer [Interlude] (prod. Thomas Prime) 00:45
11.Can't Complain ft. Lynn O'Brien (prod. Kondor) 03:41
12.Dreamin' [Goodnight] (prod. Kondor) 02:50
13.I Know (prod. Rice Master Yen) 04:01
14.Forget Everything [Chill Mix] (prod. Thomas Prime) 03:14