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Various - Label Love Vol. 4

Release Date: 20 June 2012
Label: Label Love

"Label Love is an eclectic yet unified bundle of unique sounds compiled simply for the love of sharing them with the universe - each track plucked and presented by label heads from All City Records, BBE Music, Brownswood Recordings, Daptone Records, Kindred Spirits, Now Again, Record Breakin’, Tokyo Dawn Records, Tru Thoughts Recordings, and Ubiquity Records.

Each label evokes its own signature giving this collection a diversified and interesting flow of genres. Label Love consists of nostalgic classics, unreleased gems, and exclusive selections with the goal of expanding minds to new musical styles.

Artwork by the talented
Roland LeFox

For further information on this compilation contact
Jasmine De La Paz

Various - Future Grooves Vol. 1

Release Date: 29 June 2012

"Future Grooves Vol. 1 [FGX001] is a free bass music compilation and the first release on the Future Grooves net label.

The compilation features previously unfinished or unheard tracks by artists from the UK, Europe, the US and Canada and covers genres such as future garage, dubstep, post-dubstep, juke, autonomic and more. All artists featured on the compilation have under 1000 SoundCloud followers at the time of release and it is hoped that this release will give them some much-deserved exposure.

All tracks are copyright of their respective artists. Do not use or reproduce without artist's permission. Credit artist where used."

Violent Public Disorderaz & Friends - Whiskey Sessions (LP)

Release Date: 28 June 2012

"After 4 years hard work the long expected "Whiskey Sessions" album is finally ready. VPD teamed up with 10 amazing artists from Dusted Wax Kingdom family for an incredible lo-fi samples-based jazz improvisation session."

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Lord Akton - Days

Release Date: 15 June 2012

"GreenShadesMusic(GSM) is a small label located Copenhagen, Denmark. The main focus is to spread the message of good music regardless of genre and to bring that raw feel sound to a world full of overpolished factory music. We try to cross different territories from jazz, funk and hiphop to brokenbeat.

It is with great pleasure that we now present our 10th release. This comes from Lord Akton and is titled ”Days”. Behind the alias we find 27 year old danish producer/dj Jesper Koblauch, known especially for Veteran Cosmic Rocker. He's toured with the group all over Denmark, and even brought the act to Senegal and Gambia last year. Now it's time for his first solo album, which has been in the making in the last couple of years and is inspired by events in this period of his life. The end result is this string of tracks, all with a twist of the future meeting the past, that touch everything from space-jazz to futuristic hip-hop. You will only find two features on ”Days”, but from two of the most talented new acts we have in Denmark at the moment. On ”Move Towards Freedom”, phenomenal mc Verb Ink - and on ”When I Get Ready For Departure”, sublime vocalist Astrid Engberg chips in with some soulfullness. Enjoy!"

Days is recorded, produced, arranged, mixed & mastered by Lord Akton at The Profactory & Jägsteins Cave
Vocals on "Move Towards Freedem" by Verb Ink.
Vocals on "When I Get Ready For..." by Astrid Engberg.
Bass on "D.Y.E.N?" & "Julias Hus" by Jägstein Möhn (VCR)
Guitar on "Bomb Eata" by Åkepontus Järvinen
Cover art by Anthon P. Nymark 

Listen and Download

Various - Beat Stew Vol. 4

Release Date: 19 June 2012

"Proximal Records is a Los Angeles based independent record label with a mission of supporting and promoting vibrant new voices in the local electronic music community. The brain-child of L.A. natives Carl Madison Burgin, better known as Sahy Uhns, and composer/ producer Jeff Elmassian, Proximal provides a home for local artists to connect and collaborate."

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Release Date: 25 June 2012

"MAKO brings his second EP on ABAGA Records with tasteful use of bass: Dark and broody, with dubstep leanings in the opening tracks and an uptempo crunchy sound with the closing track, this EP is a new chapter in this innovative producers' journey."

Superpoze - The Iceland Sound EP

Release Date: 20 June 2012

"I make music with my synths, guitars & my computer.
Here is my new EP including 3 remixes by my friends Zerolex, Samba De La Muerte, & Les Filles Et Les Garçons.  

All tracks composed & mixed by Superpoze
Track 4 arranged by Les Filles Et Les Garçons
Track 5 arranged by Zerolex
Track 6 arranged by Samba De La Muerte"


Nocow & Hmot - Lost In Taiga

Release Date: 01 June 2012

"Origami Sound is an ever growing collective of artists aimed towards introducing the highly subjective concept of quality emotional electronic music with an emphasis on eclecticism.

Spun from a strong friendship and musical connection, this split album brings together Nocow and Hmot,otherwise separated by more than 5000km.

Nocow reaches new heights in terms of novelty and emotional impact while Hmot makes a proper debut after his feature on Dark Clover's OS Volume 1 showcasing an unforeseen blend of haunting and soothing sounds that might as well become his trademark.

The 19-tracks journey comes out (as everything else) on a free/name your price basis June 1st. The video trailer and two official videos will surface in the meantime, keep an eye out for them.
Artwork by Taras Gesh ("

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Mr. Moods & DJ Racy A.J - Istanbul (LP)

Release Date: 25 June 2012

"The well-known dusted wax knights Mr. Moods and DJ Racy A.J teamed up for a collabo album called "Istanbul". Hot big beat and trip-hop joints flavoured with lovely oriental drum patterns and motives bring an amazing exotic summer atmosphere."

Various - Vessels Compilation 001

Release Date: June 2012

"Future Astronauts are proud to present Vessels 001, our first free to download compilation. Featuring atmospheric drum & bass, dubstep, future garage and ambient music from some of the best underground producers around the globe.
With tracks from the likes of Lunova Labs, Atsuko, Shivre, Soular Order, plus many many more, Vessels 001 has turned out to be a blend of diverse music that you need to hear."

1. Atsuko, Stompbox & Shivre - Change
2. Retral & Sangam - Stand High As Your Art, Look Down Upon It
3. Zaika - Rain In Rome
4. Vital & Hubb - Live for Today
5. Emily Underhill - Lost In Me (Splinter's eMotion Pictures Remix)
6. Lunova Labs - La Vie (ft. Olivia Lee)
7. Soular Order - Streetlights
8. Shivre - Pills
9. DJ Scratchin' - Headfirst
10. Future Skyline - Gravity
11. Wolftek - Horizons
12. Jack The Ripper - Stardust
13. DJ Marshall - Elevate
14. Static.Noise - Fourth Dimension
15. Dan Guidance - Close Your Eyes

Crooked I Pslam - 82:V6

Release Date: June 2012

"West Coast veteran and Slaughterhouse emcee Crooked I has released his brand new mixtape, Pslam 82:V6.
The LA Leakers-hosted tape features several Booth-approved cuts, including “Never Forget,” “Nikki,” and “Monsters in My Head.”
Joining Crooked I on Pslam 82:V6 are special guests Bad Lucc, Colin Munroe, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Roc Marciano, Trae The Truth, Twista and more.  Production credits include frequent collaborators Komplex and Tabu, as well as Aktive, Boi-1da, G Rocka, Pitchshifters and Tight Mike.
An untagged, retail digitial version of Pslam 82:V6 is also available for purchase via iTunes. "

01.Psalm 82 v6 Intro
02.Gs Us ft. Roc Marciano
03.GANG Up (Grind And Never Give Up) ft. Medi
04.Monsters ft. Slaughterhouse and Colin Monroe
06.Niggaz Winnin ft. Trae The Truth and Melody Angel
07.Fuck U Pay Me ft. Twista and K-Young
08.And She Dont Even Know ft. Soopafly and Kobe
09.Let the Beat ft. KeAna
10.Ratchet Heauxs
11.Roll Call 2 ft. Bad Lucc Coniyac Locksmith and Mykestro
12.3 The Hard Way ft. Kurupt and Ras Kass
13.Team COB ft. Horseshoe Gang and Iceman
14.Real Niggaz ft. Freeway Rick Ross
15.Never Forget ft. Eddie Fontaine
16.It Feels Good As A MF
17.Praise GOD
18.BBBB ft. Tena Jones

Markets - Dead Magick

Release Date: 25 June 2012

Music by Markets
Artwork by Honks Burry
Mastering at Urban Waves Records

ANTHM - Joy & Pain EP

Release Date: June 2012

"Ethiopian emcee and recent “Outside the Booth” guest ANTHM has come together with our friends at to release his FreEP, Joy & Pain.
The seven track project includes previously-featured stand out cuts “God of Joy” and “Polaris.”
Joining ANTHM on the EP are Booth regulars Blu and Freddie Gibbs, in addition to vocalist newcomer Janelle Kroll."

02.God of Joy
03.Siren's Song
04.Deliverance ft. Janelle Kroll
05.Be Still
06.Polaris ft. Blu
07.Joy and Pain ft. Freddie Gibbs

Jaca- Dalej niż bliżej EP (2012)

Jaca - Dalej niż bliżej [EP] by Jaca
"I tak oto udało się dobrnąć do końca zmagań z materiałem. 3/4 tej płyty powstało w bardzo krótkim czasie. Dzięki dla wszystkich producentów, którzy wsparli mnie moimi podkładami darząc mnie przy okazji szacunkiem, oraz zaufaniem w kwestii wspólnych numerów. Props dla wszystkich zaangażowanych jakoś w ten projekt, oraz dla tych, którzy wierzą we mnie nawet, gdy sam już tracę wiare. Nie będę wypisywał ksywek czy coś, bo mógłbym kogoś pominąć, ale jeśli czujesz, że to o Tobie w tej chwili piszę, to jeszcze raz wielkie dzięki! Do usłyszenia na kolejnych projektach, do zobaczenia na ławce, w parku, pod blokiem, na koncercie, gdziekolwiek. Siema!"

Tracklist :

01. Nie mam sił(prod. KPSN)
02. Noc rozliczeń (prod. Rombek)
03. Kilka słów o czymś spontan (prod. Kuoter)
04. Azyl (prod. adeiLhp)
05. Dorosłość (prod. Kudel)
06. Może (prod. MZG)
07. Hipokryzja (feat. Askez, prod. MZG)
08. Okres przejściowy(Zbylu Instrumental)
09. Co nam zostało? (feat. Kemz)
10. Szkoda (prod. Threone1)  


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UZ-Trap Shit 6/9

Release Date: 21 June 2012
Label: Jeffree's

"We are really excited to announce the release of UZ - Trap Shit 6/9 4 track EP out on Jeffree’s. The mysterious UZ came up on the soundcloud scene about 2 months ago, with the amazing Trap Shit series. While it lit fires with commenters on soundcloud, and was mentioned by DJ’s such as Diplo, Flosstradamus, JWLS, Toddla T, Baauer, and Craze to name a few, somehow only a handful of blogs posted about him. So we decided to properly put out his two greatest tunes to date, Trap Shit v6, and Trap Shit v7 followed by two unheard tunes Trap Shit v8 and Trap Shit v9.
Along with the June 21st release of these we have a few really interesting things in the hopper with UZ that you will hear about really soon."

UZ-Trap Shit 6/9 (JEFF023) by Mad Decent

Matthew Zalesky - Dusted Delivery (LP)

Release Date: 21 June 2012

"The Warsaw based beatsmith Matthew Zalesky drops a special "Dusted Delivery" for the Dusted Wax Kingdom's audience a solid pack filled up with oldschool lo-fi moods, crispy jazzy samples and heavy-weight drum breaks."

Boogie Belgique - Broken Mountain (EP)

Release Date: 19 June 2012

Abstract Hiphop & Electroswing producer/DJ and member of the Dusted Wax Kingdom label.


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Numer Raz, T.D.F, Dj Tuniziano - Numer Stulecia

Release Date: 20 June 2012
Label: Wielkie Joł

"Z okazji 35 Urodzin Numera Raz prezentujemy wyjątkowy mixtape zatytułowany "Numer Stulecia" przygotowany przez Tede i Dj'a Tuniziano.

Muzyka T.D.F Instrumental. Mix Dj Tuniziano. Mastering
Sir Michu. Okładkę zaprojektował Zgrywus."

01. Numer Raz Wkurwiony (intro)
02. Numer Co Ty Robisz Tu
03. Czarny W Międzyczasie Na Kolana
04. Dobra Wjeżdżam
05. Każdy Z Nas.mp3
06. Co Się Stało Z Nimi Wszystkimi
07. Ej Robi Się Przester
08. Marsz Zombie
09. Lepiej Się Czuje W Leniwy Dzień
10. Weź Do Żony Dzwoń
11. Więcej Ruchów I Nie Bądź Tak Sobą
12. Wuwua Tonie W Rapie
13. Piątek W Piątek

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Vytis – Mind Voyage

Release Date: 19 June 2012

A new release on Cold Tear is a Dark Dub Techno album by Vytis. Includes remixes by Giriu Dvasios and John Ov3rblast! 

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Erik Jackson - Rainy Days (LP)

Release Date: 18 June 2012

"American producer and sound maestro Erik Jackson; shares his incredible album "Rainy Days" with the Dusted Wax Kingdom's audience. The release is a unique fusion of light melancholic drum & bass, romantic acid jazz and relaxing downtempo."

Put On A Record (Intro)
It's Time
Now And Then
Tonights Forecast (Interlude)
Rainy Days
Through The Storm
Be Mine
Staying Home Tonight (With You)
It's Getting Late (Interlude)
Dark Skies

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TOTTE - Spending My Days EP

Release Date: 17 June 2012
Label: Cut Music

"TOTTE, Real name Totte Stankovich is a Swedish producer with a very vibrant take on music which is seemingly rooted within garage. His hyper, up-beat take incorporates glittering synths, skipped up beats and vocal clips and snippets that all seems to melt wonderfully in to this delightful take on a genre often more associated with far more moody or melancholy sounds.
Delivering three tracks for Cut, TOTTE has already admitted that these are his three favourite tracks so far and I don't doubt that they will become three favourite tracks for everyone else too."

1. Light Beams
2. Spending My Days
3. Stay

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Various Artists - Dicom EP

Release Date: 15 June 2012

"We are living through hard months, months in which the economic news are punishing the people's spirits. The music is always a way out, a mechanism of escape for the mind. In Cicuta Netlabel we realize this, so we bring you a monthly six tracks to make you have a good time.

We open the EP with the Portuguese Wire Tap and Stig, better known on the international scene as Quantic Spectroscopy. Their dark and forceful style has dazzled many of the labels more active in international techno scene as TMM Records, Heaven To Hell and Shout Records. His latest project has been creating his own label, Reaktivate, with which just released the first reference.

Continue with Irish Adam Kelly, an artist who after going through labels like Labrynth, Induxtriall or NewRythmic comes to Cicuta to offer us fresh techno, moved, very classy.

The next artist that we present is Hadji, young Croatian who has been linked to music since childhood, and that over the years has come to the dark style techno and acid. At 22 years has managed to present his music in prestigious labels such as Labrynth, Armatura or Hardsignal, and surely his upward career has only just begun...

Then we flew to the UK, featuring Adverse Event, an artist who takes us to the techno-90s with the legendary counter-drums that were the delight of most veterans.

Another product of the prolific Spanish quarry is Hecrom, Madrid based artist who has drawn attention for his handling of the atmospheres. His style is somewhat away from the dance floor, but it sure comes to mind of the techno-heads.

Finally, as usual, from Drugstore we present our own work. This time, a track closer to 4x4 than on previous occasions, most techno, tinted arabesques, in short, better to listen...

Relax, listen and enjoy. Welcome, this is Cicuta Netlabel."

01.Quantic Spectroscopy - Complex
02.Adam Kelly - A Fleeting Beating
03.Hadji - Jako Veliki Penis
04.Adverse Event - Labido
05.Hecrom - Amaltea
06.Drugstore - Alcion

Artwork: David Collado
Photography: Remoto

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Vintage Beats - Saturday Night (LP)

Release Date: 14 June 2012

"Here is the debut album from american producer Jeremy Wood (a.k.a. Vintage Beats). "Saturday Night" LP contains 11 extremely enjoyable blunted head-nodders produced with MPC and flavoured with beloved crispy sound from the oldschool hip-hop era."

Quite Nyce - Cautious EP

Release Date: June 2012

"Massachusetts rhymesayer (and RADix member) Quite Nyce has come together with The DJBooth to bring listeners his latest solo street release, the Cautious EP.
The project features five original cuts from the underground spitter who first brought us “This Is My Life” back in summer 2009.
DJ Ronfa makes the set’s sole guest appearance, assisting behind the wheels of steel on “No Mind.” All production comes courtesy of Swiss beat crew The Soulslicers, with whom the artist connected during a recent trip overseas."

01. I’m Feelin’ Myself
02. No Mind (cuts by DJ Ronfa)
03. Cautious
04. Been Here
05. Point ‘Em Out 

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Jesse Futerman - Fuse The Witches EP

Release Date: 04 June 2012

"Second EP from Jesse Futerman on Jus Like Music Records.
As featured exclusively on Okayplayer.

Fuse The Witches features seven distinctive tracks to take the listener into the next chapter of Jesse Futerman's progression, including appearances from DJ Alibi and Milo (from Sibian & Faun) - plus the whole EP was mastered by fellow Canadian, Moonstarr. The cover
art for this release was created by talented French aritst, Alice Dufay - who also created the cover art for Jesse's first EP.

Cat No.: JLMDE009
Artwork: Alice Dufay -"

Listen and Download

Mononome - The Secret Melody (EP)

Release Date: 11 June 2012

"The Greek samples sculptor and beatsmith Mononome drops his second masterful EP for Dusted Wax Kingdom. The tracks are structured completely out of samples and are reminiscent of the amazing jazzy vibes, lo-fi down-pitched drums and powerful moods of the golden early 90s."


Hello, Broken Arrow - Hello, Broken Arrow

Release Date: 05 June 2012

"Written and recorded over the winter of 2008 through the spring of 2009 in various bedrooms and basements in Seattle, with various beers, whiskeys, and wines enjoyed. Finally got around to sharing this in 2012.

All songs written by Brian Cervino and Shenandoah Davis. Additional instrumentation graciously provided by John Benjamin, Sean Bendickson, Kevin Bleich, Adam Borkoski, Andrew Cunningham, Ethan Demarest, Evan Mosher, Jess Rees, Alina To, Gavin Tull-Esterbrook and Todd Urban"

Listen and Download

Karwan - Fabryka Snów

Release Date: 2012

"Swoim "Wielkim Sercem" Karwan sprawił, że uwaga wielu fanów podziemnego rapu skupiła się także na Ostrołęce. Wyjątkowo udanym featuringiem na "Materiale Producenckim" pokazał się jeszcze większej rzeszy słuchaczy i udowodnił, że mimo słyszalnych wciąż warsztatowych braków potencjał ma spory.

W.E.N.A., Ras, Zkibwoy, Lilu, LaikIke1 za mikrofonem czy BobAir, 2Sty, Reno, Kudel lub Quiz na produkcji to lista, która sprawia, że nawet jeśli gospodarz był dla was dotychczas anonimowy to zapewne po przesłuchaniu tego materiału, stan ten ulegnie zmianie. Mixem i masteringiem zajął się Quiz, a okładka to dzieło Hype'a z, którego mogliście poznać już przy "Hipocentrum".

01. Mogę sobie pozwolić + Dj Ace (prod. Rav)
02. Selekcja + Dj Slip (prod. Quiz)
03. Fabryka Snów (prod. OnlyOne)
04. Znam te miejsca + W.E.N.A., DJ Slip, ref. Quiz (prod. Quiz)
05. Lepsze Życie + Dj Slip (prod. Westone)
06. Zawijam stąd + Ras, Dj Slip (prod. Quiz)
07. Na scenie (prod. 2sty)
08. Jak pytasz (prod. Kudel)
09. Kłamstwa + Zkibwoy, Lilu (prod. Reno)
10. Za najlepsze akcje + TłustyKot & Dj Bidi (prod. 2sty)
11. Spostrzeżenia + Dj Ace (prod. Bobair)
12. Coś się kończy + LaikIke1 (prod. Bobair)
13. Outro

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Maed Meva - Figures

Release Date: 09 June 2012
Label: *export

"Export Label proudly presents an EP that is a result of a collaboration between a producer – Maed, and a turntablist - Meva. It is a mix of down tempo compositions and subtle scratching.
After a long break, Maed returns to his musical roots. Over the past few months he’s been preoccupied with his project Deam, where he’s been introducing his own vision of electronic club music to Polish audiences. But now, he’s decided to bring back what he’s best known for – instrumental hip – hop. His first record was released in 2008 by the 16 Verses Label. It was an album inspired by the likes of Madlib, Bonobo and Kero-One, all fused into an original vision of Maed. In this new release, one can hear how much has changed since the first record. Maed has grown, training himself in the post – hop – hop sounds of artists like Flying Lotus or Teebs.
Meva’s scratches are the perfect supplement for Maed’s beats. Meva has been scratching since 2006, when he put down his electric guitar and bought a pair of turntables. He is a veteran of scratch sessions, workshops and battles all around Poland. Meva hails from the new school generation of scratch musicians, but in his recording debut he resisted the temptation to use well – known samples and sentences. His cuts are specially selected sounds that fit perfectly into the melancholic music of Maed.
As a bonus, the listener will get a track called „Atak Robotów” („Aliens Attack”). Maed recorded it with Meva and Lapsky (Polish DJ champion) for a Ukrainian – Polish compilation called “It’s not boring – It’s ambient”.
In „Figures” the listener finds a modest, decently made scratch – music suite. It is not devoid of a jazz feeling, one that is pumping some fresh air into the ever-present, overhyped laptop beats. It is an EP on a juncture, one between electronic music and jazz, turntables and beat machines. Fans of Ricci Rucker or Onra will feel at home."

01 Figure 1
02 Figure 2
03 Figure 3
04 Figure 4
05 Figure 5
06 Figure 6
bonus track
Maed - Atak Kosmitów (feat. Meva & Lapsky)

Various - LiquidFusiion Free Compilation

Release Date: 04 June 2012

Listen and Download

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Radj - Almanac

Release Date: 07 June 2012

"The Canada-based talent Radj debuts on Dusted Wax Kingdom with a fantastic 4 track EP. The release is filled up with addictive jazzy vibes, slow lo-fi rhythms and relaxing background atmosphere."


środa, 6 czerwca 2012

Fanu - “Daylightless” and “Homefree” albums as a free download

"I’m feeling the love!
I’ve been feeling the increasing support and love I’ve been receiving from all my fans lately, and I feel that I want to be giving something back.
I’m giving away two of my first full-length albums, ‘Daylightless’ from 2007 and ‘Homefree’ from 2009 (As some of you may know, so far I’ve put out three albums + a collabo one).
Also, may this serve as something ya’ll can chew on while waiting for the new EP (titled “Coffee Crazy EP”)."

Fanu – ‘Homefree’ album [Lightless 2009] direct download link
Fanu – ‘Daylightless’ album [Lightless 2007] direct download link

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Romo - Listen, Love (Vol. II) EP

Release Date: 04 June 2012

"After the debut "Listen, Love" (EP) here comes a new refreshing dose of chilled beats by US based beatsmith/producer Romo. Incredibly captivating jazzy piano riffs and funky hip-hop rhythms manage to inject amazing summer charm and great relaxing atmosphere."


Munis - Gedankenexperiment

Release Date: 1 June 2012

Music: Munis (Frankie Broccoli)
Artwork: Thomas Wahle

Textural Being - En Ce Moment...

Release Date: 25 May 2012

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P.R - Introspection EP

Release Date: 03 June 2012

Music/Production: P.R
Mixing/Mastering: Rodean Roozbehani
Artwork: Eleni Dreamel
Typography: Anne-Marie Obeid

Zizz ‎- Comfort EP

Release Date: 03 June 2012
Label: Deep In Dub

"Comfort Ep is the development of diverse elements, harnessing the raw power of dub, innovative and fervent synth, a spectrum of percussion, synthesizers and more. What Zizz has managed to accomplish here is not only musically ambitious, but also socially relevant and important in a way that awakens, encourages and inspires."

1) Mind Expansion 10:14
2) One Of The Lost Fragments 6:22
3) Island 7:57 

piątek, 1 czerwca 2012

Weld - Chromosome EP

Release Date: 01 June 2012
Label: Minicromusic

"The ninth Minicromusic's release is a deep journey into the world of atmospheric techno. Weld's "Chromosome" EP is spacious, airy and full of delicate sounds. In our opinion... a wonderful thing.

We hope You'll enjoy this EP,
Minicromusic Crew

1. In Out
2. Chromosome
3. Molecular
4. Organic Meter


Int Company & Teknian - Dirtyboy EP

Release Date: 01 June 2012

NOBUSS036: Int Company & Teknian EP
A. Int Company - Dirtyboy
B. Torqux - Psychopath (Teknian rmx)
Release/catalogue number: NOBUSS036EP 

Int Company & Teknian - Dirtyboy EP (NOBUSS036) by Nocid Business Rec.