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Various - Gem Drops Three

Release Date: 16 April 2013
Label: Dropping Gems

Gem Drops Three' is the latest installment of our flagship compilation series, and since we’ve evolved considerably as a crew, it’s only natural that our celebrated collection takes on a new form as well. The Gem Drops series began as a way for us to do two things: connect with artists we love, and then draw lines between each other until we’d encircled everybody enough for our listeners to get the picture. Curated by label founder Aaron Meola, each volume was a snapshot of that time and place for us as musicians and as friends. The reach of those first two editions opened our eyes to the power of our community and the artists we care about. 

We’re now excited to bring Gem Drops to an even wider audience, especially because we are able to offer our release on vinyl for the first time, a dream realized thanks to our new partnership with Seattle’s Fin Records. For this installment we’ve narrowed the focus a bit, selecting just six tracks from the nearest and dearest within DG, most of who are slated to release material for us down the line. These tracks showcase the diversity of styles we’ve become known for, taking the temperature of a crew headed for many new things in 2013. For this particular release we’re covering the following genres: gritty forest beat, maximalist shuttle launch, underground lake narrative, late-night loner keyboard, futuristic hip hop, and emo-juke.

1. DJAO - One 03:51
2. Ghost Feet - Voka 04:06
3. Citymouth - How2hoodryte (Feat. Bone Rock) 03:01
4. Philip Grass - Onit 04:07
5. M. Constant - PerkyPat 03:55
6. Wires for Salu - Overture 02:46

Curated by Aaron Meola 
Photography by Patti Miller 
Designed by Ryan Organ 
Mastered by Sound Masters, London, UK 
Catalog# DGF-014 

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