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Isolation - Things For a Close Room EP

Release Date: 13 November 2013
Label: Doppt Zykkler

The reference number 28 at the expense of Isolation of Andalusia, where it contributes three tracks of music of very soft dance, with brushstrokes Lounge, creaking sounds and hypnotic atmospheres. In this occasion we possess the remixtures of Arkustic and Jocknof from Barcelona. Where they appreciate that the musical textures determine a species of Ceiling, but wing very dance time.

1. Close 06:08
2. Seven Things 06:18
3. Two Rooms 06:56
4. Close (Jocknof Remix) 07:28
5. Close (Arkustic Remix) 05:17
6. Close (Arkustic & Jocknof Chord Remix) 05:14

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