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CloZee - The Poetic Assassin

Release Date: 29 October 2013

Much like a fine wine, the newest EP from French producer CloZee gets better with time; each listen unveils one more layer in her deliberate and memorable productions. "The Poetic Assassin" is five tracks which are simultaneously fresh yet nostalgic, providing what could be a stunning soundtrack to a movie which has not yet been made. Chloé Herry showcases her myriad of musical talents at every turn, from live strings and keys to intricate drum programming and glitched out percussion. The progression through the album could be likened to the ebb and flow of the tides, as stirring melodies fluidly give way to captivating basslines before returning into familiar emotive territory. 

1. Unwritten Pages (feat. The Calm Project) 04:28
2. The Poetic Assassin 05:27
3. Looking For The White Tiger 05:21
4. Earth To Nothingness 04:05
5. Lantern Dance (feat. Swal) 05:01

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