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Paolo Veneziani - 204

Release Date: September 2012
Label: Test Tube

"«test tube proudly presents Paolo Veneziani, an italian sound composer and experimentalist and a well known name in the netaudio scene. He has been releasing royalty free music since 1996 (so far 16 years and going...).

'204' - Paolo's first release since 2008 - is a new collection of tracks where harsh and rhythmic sounds are predominant, but where ambient experimentalism and sinewave modulation also have some room to sprout and thrive.
This is not something for every ear out there, but if you let it grow properly, you will end up loving every second of it. 'Erratic steps' is a true gem.
One of our favorites releases for 2012.»"
- test tube

01 Frenetic indecision
02 Dove
03 Slender
04 Orange drops
05 Serial killer
06 From the past
07 Erratic steps
08 (next life)

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