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Somepling - CloudLoad EP

Release Date: 20 September 2012
Label: stillmuzik

"Chopping and slicing samples, MPC, beatstrumentals, classy, analog, soulful layers, hip hop music…Here are some of the keywords for Somepling’s new EP called « CloudLoad ». 
You’ll be invited to travel around those 6 tracks, on a jazzy journey, where everything is smooth and peaceful.  Sometimes darker (« Sunday Suite », « Silentolium »), but always midtempo-ish cool-ish, it’s the work of a complete artist. 
Through those smokey joints, « CloudLoad » will leave you far away… 
you’ll go to a place where smoke-clouds equal music, and where communication turns into a poetic-indian-dance. 
We are very proud to make this release at stillMuzik… so we decided to make a limited edition CD, and also a few extra limited vinyl postcards for a beat souvenir to be sent (or not) to someone you appreciate. 
Because classy music needs classy objects, don’t you think?"

All tracks composed on MPC2000XL sampler by Somepling
Digital mastering by Mr Licious
Artwork by Somepling

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