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The Fucked Up Beat - Insomnie

Release Date: 13 April 2017

Sadly (or not, depends what Brett Zehner and Eddie Palmer will present to us in the future) The Fucked Up Beat project has been terminated. As a goodbye gift, those two gentleman are giving away for free (or for 'name your price' option via bandcamp) this compilation named 'Insomnie'.
I have a physical copy of a 'Hunting A Schizophrenic Wolf' which was released in 2013 and I still listen to it once a few months, I think it would be a good idea to also make a physical version of this compilation (cassette/cd would be nice). I encourage everyone to check it and also to download earlier works of The Fucked Up Beat.

1. 1/4 01:14
2. Come Back To New Orleans 04:18
3. Schizophrenic Wolf A 01:45
4. Night Moves 04:53
5. The War Diary 01:36
6. Junction City Fields 03:45
7. Strange Creatures 02:35
8. Nostalgia 02:09
9. Astral Dunes 02:41
10. Across the U.S. In Dream Auto 02:55
11. Train Whistle Forget Me Nots 04:39
12. The Sound of Snow 03:13
13. The Slow Death Of Irony 05:25
14. Theme From Rust Belt 02:01
15. Sleep 03:33
16. I Should Have Never Left El Paso 01:44
17. Refugees of the Drought 02:52
18. Trapdoor To Escape Floods 03:24
19. You : Coma : Marilyn Monroe 02:30 

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