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Nye - Jackrabbit Ep

Release Date: 12 November 2012
Label: Yo! Netlabel

"Nye is a California Born Artist who's stylings originate in ambient and r&b coupled with
heavy stylings with synth music and intricate bass lines and heavy hitting riffs.
Originating in The underground electronic scene of Los angeles with albums like "A.M
Transmissions" and "Aquamarine"Nye during his formative years of producing music
had undergone a personal and professional change within his music changing tones
from high hitting bass to low synths and growling bass lines. Currently Nye is
Experimenting with multiple genres and collaborating with Chicago Rapper and
Producer Quays for a new album entitled "Squared" slate for release in early summer
of 2013. Nye draws his inspiration From a variety of Artist including mf DOOM, Flying
lotus and urban jazz classics."

1. Antennas
2. June of 95
3. Ruins
4. Lost signal

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