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The Late December – May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness

Release Date: 24 January 2014
Label: Jisatsuken

“May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness” is an ambient release by “The Late December”, his first at Jisatsuken. It is inspired by the recent loss of someone Ryan loved, and with heart full of grief he has put the most beautiful sounds that could decipher his feelings about that person. What will attract you on the very first listen is the purity of emotions laid deep within each track.

“Hold My Hand” is an ethereal and heavenly piece of warm reverberating synths taking you on a journey through heavenly skies.
“End” takes off from there and takes clouds away so you can see majestic mountains and deep valleys on a landscape that could only exist in one’s dreams. Beat is constantly changing its tempo resembling how one’s breathing can vary when experiencing unearthly and surprising beauty.
“May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness, RIP” is one short but intensive ambient piece, where strings and piano bring back warm memories about people that had made their signature deep in your heart and then had gone for good. Cinematic memories arise when you close eyes while listening to this one, and you gain awareness that that particular somebody will also feel your thankfulness and gratitude for sharing their existence on this Earth with you.
“Garden Of Life” is calm and relaxing, inducing the listener to drift away from any worries and distractions and sail deep into their introvert ocean of love and devotion.

1. Whispers 1:48
2. Hold My Hand 1:47
3. End 2:50
4. May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness, R.I.P. 2:13
5. Garden Of Life 2:39

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