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Rės ‎– QaumanEq EP

Release Date: 23 February 2014
Label: Jisatsuken

After years of hiatus, rės delivers a 4-track EP entitled “QaumanEq”, which puts the lights on in a room too long locked in darkness, as we managed to extract rės’ promise for unprecedented output in the months coming.

Tx: Two minutes to self-organise, and settle into a no-rush, intricate pattern, clicking around a relentlessly filtered pad chord. Delayed opening, minimalistic treatment, but a true reward to be had, once “Tx” blossoms, before slowly fading away into half-entropy.

Rampjaar: Shimmering arpeggios penetrate the opening cinematic darkness, to form beautiful shapes of meaning. Celebrating duality, the honest “Rampjaar” is a throwback to years past, and simpler, optimistic times. A feeling of unresolvedness lingers on.

Tlnv: Once a tape recorded from TV, lost and found, digitally remastered. Shimmering city lights, tracing parallel lines far and away into  vanishing points left and right of this street corner. Still, against the city’s pretend bustle at dusk, a dream of water and tall trees. Time-lapse. Trust escapism. Everything will be fine.

Ita: The stray harmony of “Ita” finds itself amidst piles of lost chords, spare parts for beats, and still-cycling bass machines. It sets out to rebuild in full, growing more confident by the minute. There is ingenuity here, grace, and a real craving for optimism, lushness marching on, leaving a trail of pulsing particles. This is everything but an end. Press play again.

1. Tx 5:49
2. Rampjaar 6:24
3. Tlnv 5:16
4. Ita 4:58

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